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  1. I COME BACK FROM REAL LIFE AND WHAT DO I FIND?! A NEW SONIC FORCES TRAILER?! OMG this is AMAZING! <3 Move over Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon! Sonic Forces is my main priority this November/December! >:OOO

  3. Basically everyone already spoke my thoughts on the matter already! xD I imagine Eggman as a decent ruler to those under his rule. But he'll utterly destroy any "rebel scum" that may try to usurp him! (Funnily enough, that's exactly how I wrote him to be in my Sonic Forces-inspired Roleplay I'm hoping to work on soon!) Loyal citizens who keep their head downs, don't make a fuss, and pay their monthly/yearly tithe/offerings are fine and dandy. I'd even imagine Eggman having Mobian Infantry forces just to create some sort of "patriotism" for the Eggman Empire! Also, lots of casinos, amusement parks, top tier medical facilities, and awesome dental programs! Because happy citizens mean non-rebellious citizens! The Rebels however, are to be hunted down like dogs, or rats, or hedgehogs cause Eggman is the Alpha in this world and he won't have some "pesky hedgehog" ruin his lavish ego trip! D:< So yeah, my thoughts. (I'm sure I can prattle on and on about Egghead's Empire and rule but I rather not sit here writing for two hours...)
  4. @Blue Blood *Stops in the middle of pre-ordering from Amazon to send to you* "...Whoops! ...um... surprise...!?" @sonicdudeatdawn Never had surprise birthday presents from relatives? o3o
  5. @Monkey Destruction Switch @Celestia Sorry! I didn't mean to contribute to the issue! ;w; Back on topic: @sonicdudeatdawn I am too! I hope we get more surprises for the game at Gamescom! :'O
  6. Hrm...... What I want to see from Sonic Forces? Wants ; A consistent storyline that isn't just crammed into two minute long cinematic cutscenes. (Basically you can literally watch the whole plot like a movie if you put all the scenes together!) I want a reason for things to happen! I also want events on things happening outside of our Avatar and the Sonics! Give us insight on the going on's! What's happening at the HQ while the Sonics and Avatar are out bustin' up some badniks!? (I wouldn't mind seeing Team Chaotix and Knuckles playing some Go Fish or something while waiting for a radio update! xD) HUB WORLD WHERE WE CAN DO STUFF AND CONNECT TO LEVELS. It would be EVEN COOLER if the Hub was our "Sonic Underground" base! x3 Maybe have some simple + fun mini games? Idk, something to distract us for a bit cause saving the world gets tiring! Let us at least talk to the Sonic characters outside of Missions! D': It could be a voice clip of Amy saying: "That Eggman closed down all my favorite shops! That jerk!" Or something just as inane I don't care I wanna take photos of my character hanging out with Sonic & Co! Dx EASTER EGGS! LOTS AND LOTS OF EASTER EGGS! <3 Visual progress of us taking back our world! It could be a freaking color coded map for all I care! Just don't make it a simple percentage! REBEL GROUP FINDING! Seriously the whole world can't be on fire and/or living is despair! I'm sure there's brave folks just like the Avatar who would join the Resistance! >:O Needs ; SERIOUSLY WE NEED A HUB WORLD! What's the point of making our Avatars looking snazzy as heck if we're in levels all the time!? More things to do than JUST missions! Some variety would be nice! <3 Fun BOSS FIGHTS. I wanna fight Shadow old school style! Like when at the Jungle level in SA2! And finally... REPLAYABILITY! Give me a reason to believe that "Fun is Infinite!" You can't just make that your game's slogan and NOT make the game replayable! Let us play multiple times to unlock cool stuffs! Give us a New Game +! I don't want to spend 60 USD, beat the game in three hours and then set it aside to collect dust! D': Sega, please!
  7. First of all, it's 4Chan. Second of all, it's 4Chan. But for real, It's 4Chan, I'm 101% it's all just conjecture. If any of it ends up being true it's just a coincidence. Now if ya wanna see some prenatural levels of guesswork then look no further than Kingdom Hearts theorists. That being said, anyone can piece together a plot if they have enough hints! Honestly, I call bullshit on ANYONE but Infinite dying. I think what would be more plausible as a rumor is that the Avatar has some connection to Infinite. Maybe... Infinite is an alternate reality version of the Avatar?! I hope I'm wrong tbh haha!
  8. @Josef Yeah! Gotta go fast! :'D I like speed (tho I absolutely abhor heights...) so the feeling of going "supersonic speeds" in a Sonic game appeals to me more than you can imagine! x) I just hope the controls are too tanky or floaty. Please Sega, make it FUN to control for once! Dx
  9. I agree @Josef ! There's a biiiig difference between being passionate and being downright obsessive. I know people hate hearing this but, if you're so critical and negative about something - then why do you continue reading/watching about it? The thing fandoms need to realize is that they're NOT "entitled" to anything these companies produce. Sega will do what they've done for years, sure maybe they'll listen more to their older fanbase but at the end of the day they don't CARE about how a few people perceive their games. Unless it was something as bad as 06 of course xD Anyway I'm losing track of what I'm trying to say before this rant! What I'm curious about lore-wise is that, is SILVER CANON?! I thought he initially appeared in Sonic 06 which basically wrote itself outta existence at the end??? So does Silver exist canonly? Or is this more of a "hey, people liked this guy around Blaze, let's throw him in here too!"?
  10. I honestly feel that Sonic Forces is less catered towards Classic/Modern fans and more catered to the current demographic + some older fandom desires fulfilled. I mean, at the end of the day no matter what generation a game franchise is made in it always caters towards its core audience - aka the current generation of children. I know I shouldn't make comparisons but, Pokemon is a good example. It's geared towards the current gen just like older fans were once the "current generation". Tho SEGA seems to be balancing the "old fans" and "new fans" a bit better than pokemon is, haha!
  11. The first thing I noticed on the map was the image of this huge tsunami wave heading towards Poni Island.... owo;; Think it'll be a plot point? Or is it just a neat map aesthetic?
  12. lo'! I'm new! Hyped for Sonic Forces! <3 I'm currently reading My Hero Academia manga! I love Kingdom Hearts and the Sonic Adventure games! Nice to meet ya'll! \(o 3 o)/

    1. Boomer


      Save yourself.

    2. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      *insert Michael Jackson's popcorn gif here*

      *pulls up chair*

      Dis gunna be good

    3. Strickerx5


      Well welcome! I'll tell you right now that one of those things is going to give you a tough time around these parts but the rest you'll fit right in with.

    4. TailsTellsTales
    5. Roxas


      e-eh...?! owo;;; It's too late for me tho! I long ago descended into Sonic Hell when I started shipping Shadow x Amy as a kid (; ~;)

      I've heard some horrid things about the Sonic community but I won't believe em until I see it myself. /optimistic 

    6. TailsTellsTales


      Tails Doll and Amy forever!!!

    7. Roxas


      Nooooooooo! Tails Doll is OBVIOUSLY in a relationship with his Waifu, Satan H. Lucifer! D;

    8. TailsTellsTales


      Oh no. Tails Doll and Amy love each other. Amy even said "I knew it was love when Tails Doll stole my soul, and with it, he stole my heart!".

    9. Failinhearts


      Howdy! Hope you have a pleasant stay here!

    10. Tatters


      Hello Roxas!

      I myself am excited for Sonic Forces too. Enjoy your time here~

    11. JosepHenry


      Hello! :D

      Hope you enjoy your time!

    12. Zaysho



      If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask staff. And, uh, try not to get scared off by the Forces talk on this board lol

    13. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      Real talk 

      Welcome and enjoy yourself. Dont stress if you see people not liking forces.

      When I first started I would get mad that people didnt like gens 3ds. 

    14. Roxas


      Thanks! I'll take people's views on SF with a grain of salt then! Thanks! <3

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