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  1. Expected reaction from this board shocker not.... don't care I like what I see I don't have to explain myself because I'm not negative bye.
  2. I definitely like the JP version over the English one I felt more deep tone and serious feel compare to the English one which felt more casual I did like the "this invincible instrument of destruction" which further confirms Infinite IS artificially made but oh well I can change the audio to my preference.
  3. Sonic Forces TGS interview

    Actually 48 days to release
  4. "Over ten" stages so atm its 10+ until further confirmation.
  5. It had a checkpoint right off the bat don't get why some don't clearly see this.....
  6. They confirmed in description its a work in progress not the complete thing cool.
  7. Sonic Forces Screenshot and Concept Art thread

    Looks like we got the best answer!
  8. Glad Im always hyped for this games every news is like sweets for me its paying off!
  9. Can't wait lets freaking go gonna be good stuff for me!!!
  10. I won't believe rumors until actual proof surfaces in the meantime its just only that.
  11. Can I not get any more hype from today?!
  12. New Sonic Forces Gameplay in Nintendo Direct

    Exactly never expected anything tomorrow we'll likely get more news.EDIT NEVERMIND NEW VIDEO!!!!
  13. Emergency Communication From The Resistance Forces

    Knuckles being leader is awesome! can't wait to see his relevance in the story!
  14. I hope for CaC in this as well would be neat and add even more personal touch.