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  1. Very unlikely not gonna happen no matter how most of this board wants it they pretty much is on this direction now. Plus reviews are definitely have to wait and see (excluding that leak on 40 early reviewers)
  2. Does anyone know what the Mega Wispon does IF anyone here will reply
  3. Uh....excuse me really?! lol that's pretty funny
  4. Also be careful don't want it taken down need muh spoils!
  5. Anyone know the rest of the Avatar category of customization screen?
  6. It was getting really GOOD can't prevent leaks Aaron it'll take over lol
  7. Again someone WILL get the game if this guy got it that easy probably happened now.
  8. Well not that it matters with this now someone's definitely getting it and gonna leak it really soon! Edit: but this guy talking about the contents is perfectly fine too.
  9. What I want to see: Hedgehog Avatar(both genders) Stage count New Wispons not shown Length time Final boss w/ending
  10. Its because it was for Japan in mind which they can tolerate the restrictions and wasn't intended for outsiders to get this it was more for them.
  11. I just want to add I enjoyed the demo for what it was and all 3 characters felt great and graphics look great. I played it a bunch of times to get use to the controls yeah the 1 min time limit sucks but I feel this is getting out of hand announcing doom and gloom because of this demo with a locked restriction (which I agree wasn't a good idea) especially on a few videos (again that's my personal opinion don't attack me please ssmb just giving my reasonable thoughts) I'm still hype for this game but if some here aren't even now oh well that's unfortunate for you I'm hoping for the best.
  12. That was quick was expecting it next week the English version will probably be up soon.
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