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    James Cloud reacted to Polkadi~☆ in Euro Gamer Interview Nakamura on Forces, Mania and the Future of Sonic   
    A target demographic means an audience you are aiming for, not an audience that is the only one who can play the game.
    Meaning, literally anyone can play the game, it doesn't even matter. They just want kids to play it more.
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    James Cloud reacted to Demonic Frenzy Ultima in Sonic Forces Twitter Infos Thread   
    Most likely yes. Even the Modern Green Hill footage showed seemingly alternate routes. I guess these can be achieved for the CAC depending on the Wispon they have?
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    James Cloud reacted to CrystalStorm51 in Sonic Forces Twitter Infos Thread   
    That was what I was thinking. That would make sense. In previous footage, though, why did they not show the Avatar take advantage of these alternate routes? I believed that would have helped things a bit.
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    James Cloud got a reaction from SpongicX in Who/What Are You Going To Make First In Sonic Forces?   
    Either a female Hedgehog or Rabbit I hope there's some great quill styles!
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    James Cloud reacted to MudHunter in Sonic Forces Screenshot and Concept Art thread   
    I think I'm gonna like the character creator
    (I'm not a goth or anything but it really looks like there's lots of customization options)
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    James Cloud reacted to Nicky Nicardo in Positive Things About Forces?   
    For *me* personally, the character customization is the best thing about Forces - it's what got me excited for a Sonic game for the first time in a very, very long time. It's what I DREAM about having in all of my favorite gaming series', and I was so shocked and surprised and elated when it was announced that we could create our own OC in a Sonic game~
    Besides that though, the story actually looks really interesting to me - it's giving me flashbacks to Sonic Adventure 2, which was when I really cared about the story and the characters.
    And the music... the music sounds sooooo good to me! I absolutely can't wait for the soundtrack to be released so I can get all of the songs~
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    James Cloud reacted to RedFox99 in Sonic Forces Digital Comic (Moment of Truth, Stress Test, Looming Shadow, Rise of Infinite)   
    I understand what you mean but at least the comics are free so there's that.
    Maybe Eggman used the Phantom Ruby to create illusions to play with Shadow psychologically.
  8. Promotion
    James Cloud reacted to Jovahexeon Explosive Witch in Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay   
    Oh that's alright. Again, I'm clarifying that I myself feel I can't judge the game with my complete judgement.
    I've judged stuff that I've seen yes, but I'm withholding my final judgement for the actual release. And again, I'm not saying that others can't judge the game differently. I'm just stating how I myself am approaching the situation.
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    James Cloud reacted to Jovahexeon Explosive Witch in Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay   
    Did I even say this was already a good game?
    How should I even know if it's a good game when I haven't seen enough to fully judge?
    If this is truly how Sonikko thinks in tandem with you, then I see the problem. You operate on the idea that anyone who likes what they see in this game as having already judged it to be good. Which is a grave folly to make, and a cheap means of instigating arguments over arguing which view is subjective or objective. Stop coming at people with that mentality and leave them be if you've only got rude stuff to say.
    I don't bother much in these threads, because even with the most well-written out explanation, people are going to just go on a spiel about being "objectively wrong" about there being any good in the game, and I really could care less at this point what people consider to be subjective or objective. But using that to try and make any argument for or against the game seem worthless is wrong.
    Granted, I appreciate the cinematics, what little of Modern Sonic's gameplay I've seen is apparently tighter and more responsive than his Generations gameplay style, the story is enticing, I actually like the avatar's play style,  the bosses like nice from what I've seen so far, and I can't say I'm really bugged by the level design if when I play it, the game feels fun enough, etc.  What I've seen of the game that I've like, which is pretty much most things except for the abundance of boosters in Classic Green Hill Zone, lack of enemies in Casino Forest, and some bits of the game being a bit flat. I was once worried by the bout with the rings, but seeing how they appear to be tied to difficulty, that fear of mine has been taken care of.
    That's how I see it and you're free to feel about the game however you want so long as you don't needle the people who themselves like it.
    Of course, soon after that comes the part where someone comes in saying I'm either wrong about something, I'm helping make the franchise worse by liking it, I'm supposedly a blind defender, or I'm guilty of some bias. Lather, rinse and repeat.
    So feel free to say you disagree, but don't come at me or anyone else with what's "objectively wrong" unless we're arguing our own opinion to be objective in the first place.
    Bashing the game is annoying enough, but doing so to fans or non-fans that support it so far is despicable.
  10. Nice Smile
    James Cloud reacted to Jovahexeon Explosive Witch in Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay   
    We'll agree to disagree on that, and likely debate it further.
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    James Cloud reacted to RubyEclipse in Sonic Force- 100 ring cap in "Easy Mode"   
    Hi everyone - wanted to jump in and comment here too.
    As you've probably all seen by now, yes, you can collect well over 100 rings in a level, as long as you're not on the easier difficulty. (If you're a longtime Sonic fan, just pick the hardest difficulty you see, and you'll be set!) This has always been a part of the game design.
    I alluded to it in the post referenced, but there's also even more being updated as we get to the launch of the game. We've kept a number of things in the game hidden as we don't want to spoil you on all of it, but after seeing people getting confused on the limit, we wanted to make sure people understood the 100 rings cap wasn't a thing on the harder difficulty.
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    James Cloud reacted to Waveshocker Sigma in Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay   
    Hey, you. Angry dude.
    I'm gonna take you back a couple of years to give you some good advice from our favorite Twitter account itself.
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    James Cloud reacted to Crazy_Diamond in Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay   
    I'm pretty sure it will be an equal amount of stages for each gameplay style. So a Classic stage, a Modern stage, an Avatar stage, and a Tag Team stage for every zone. We've seen Modern Green Hill in the story trailer, Classic Green Hill, Avatar Green Hill (Guardian Rock), and Tag Team Green Hill. We also see Modern Sonic in Casino Forest in the "Enter Infinite" trailer, and they talk about needing a shuttle to catch up to Sonic in the Space Port gameplay. So I wouldn't worry about stage distribution, because it seems like they are trying to make it pretty even.
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    James Cloud reacted to Kiah in Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay   
    So instead of acknowledging that people have opinions and preferences that can and do vary or aren’t to your liking and doing so respectfully you make it a point to be obnoxious, dismissive and insulting. This toxic and mean-spirited behavior is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated. 
    You’re getting a strike as a result. I strongly suggest that you shape up your behavior and express your thoughts be it disagreement or criticism or anything for that matter in a constructive and actual respectful manner. 
  15. Promotion
    James Cloud reacted to Whatever the WhoCares in Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay   
    I've been playing Sonic games since 2001, sir, and I can tell you that when I say I think this game looks good - but not great - I'm not just lying to piss people off. And I'm not fucking senile, either. 
    Frankly, you're the one who comes off as trolling here, as does this article, written for clickbait by an overworked and underpaid game journalist in an over saturated and withering industry. How about you let people enjoy what they like without passing such harsh judgment on them? 
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    James Cloud reacted to Jovahexeon Explosive Witch in Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay   
    You'd think we'd be mature enough not to vehemently throw shade at people like this. If this is a joke it's bad comedy and if it's serious, it's just degrading to your peers, again.
    One problem that's reared it's head and made this place far less bearable to so many people: blacklisting those who have good things to say about Forces or so much as disagree with your opinion on it.
    Is there really any surprise that far less people than usual have been posting here, let alone in the threads directly, if they're going to be tackled with shit like this, pointless and elitist arguments on what pertains "objectivity", lame joke headlines, pokes at those trying to discuss stuff away from the negativity, scoffing at and vilifying any positive impressions from the media, initial "news" with lack of sources lambasting the game, etc?
    Honest to goodness, just what kind of hostile state have these forums come to!? I haven't seen so many people spooked off from discussion in the chat, and that is NOT the game's fault itself. People chose to be those kinds of jerks, with or without Forces, they could've conveyed their points without the unwanted attitude towards others.
    What you've done there is no less disgusting an action than the last gazillion times it's been done by you or someone else on these forums in particular.
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    James Cloud reacted to DiamondX in Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay   
    This is why this place gets a bad reputation on Reddit and why mods are getting more tired.
    You're attacking people for liking a game. This game isn't even Sonic 06/Boom tiers of bad.
    And I like this game. And I'm not lying. And no, I got in this franchise 10 years ago. 
    And I don't care if you see me like an idiot but don't insult others.
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    James Cloud reacted to Razule in Sonic Forces - Rental Hero Gameplay   
    No, it means your character is even better-er than Sonic
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    James Cloud reacted to JosepHenry in Sonic Force- 100 ring cap in "Easy Mode"   
    With the 100 ring cap in easy mode, is gonna be way harder to buy things for the closet I suppose.
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    James Cloud reacted to -Justin- in Sonic Force- 100 ring cap in "Easy Mode"   
    THANK YOU. I'm glad you get it.
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    James Cloud reacted to -Justin- in Sonic Force- 100 ring cap in "Easy Mode"   
    Can we just at least wait until the game comes out before saying stuff like this? Come on now, guys.
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    James Cloud reacted to SonicLegends in Sonic Forces - Rental Hero Gameplay   
    Also Infinite not reacting fast enough could just be seen as the avatar having some effect on him because he doesn't really want to hurt the avatar.
    I mean in the cutscene we saw in the story trailer he warps into the avatar's personal space more so to instill fear. Granted the scene ended there but if Infinite hasn't attacked the avatar there when we get the complete cutscene then it may be proof he's having a hard time wanting to bring physical harm to the avatar. This is why it's being speculated that the avatar has more of a chance of defeating Infinite as opposed to Sonic out of the fact he's having a psychological affect on him.
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    James Cloud reacted to soniclegender in Sonic Forces Me To Look Ahead: Where does (3D) Sonic go from here after Forces/2017?   
    Am I the only one here who really likes 3D/2.5D Sonic? I know the games have problems, but I hope I'm not the only one who finds them really enjoyable.
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    James Cloud reacted to Waveshocker Sigma in Sonic Forces: Infinite Unmasked (SPOILERS/Speculation)   
    Yes, it's her "thing" but we don't know "why" it's her thing. Same for her Tarot Card thing that hardly ever gets brought up. Also like how Vector can spit fire and can spit out explosive bubblegum at any time, regardless of whether he's actually chewing any or not, and then use it as a balloon right after as well. Or how Chaos powers work for Sonic in general. I mean specifically Sonic on that.
    "Thing" or not, it's not explained and it doesn't need to be. It's not important.
    Besides, considering that Iizuka himself said that Infinite used to be a normal civilian like the Avatar, that means he didn't have powers like Sonic and the gang before. How do you fight against things like Eggman's robots and all the other junk in Sonic's world when you're just a normal dude with no powers? You either train to get super strong somehow or you use a weapon. A very sharp sword usually being one of the best options in fiction. If he still has that sword later after being corrupted into Infinite, then it's a carry-over from his past life. Nothing wrong with it.
    And honestly, why not have a sword as well? No logical reason to stick to only the awesome power of glowing geometry when you can also have a sword to fall back on for an additional edge in close-quarters combat should all else fail.
    Sorry, but you and I simply can't agree on the whole "powers list" thing you keep constantly bringing up as I have absolutely no issue with it and just find it silly.
    Especially considering that his powers list is still FAR smaller than the full collective list of Sonic's, Shadow's, Knuckles' and Silver's (especially) if we look at absolutely every game they're in. And that's only to name a few.
    So, agree to disagree.
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    James Cloud reacted to DiamondX in Sonic Forces: Infinite Unmasked (SPOILERS/Speculation)   
    The sword is definelty before he gets the Ruby. You can see it in Eggman's hand and also Infinite is unmasked.
    Maybe Eggman tries to force Infinite to join him but he refuses and fights back?
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