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    James Cloud reacted to Polkadi~☆ in Sonic Forces PS4 Trophies to be Leaked   
    The Avatar saves his friend from Eggman's powers. An innocent citizen and a good friend, turned into a superpower the Avatar must stop. It's the power of friendship over infinite power.
    I mean, come on, they'd totally do that.
  2. Thumbs Up
    James Cloud reacted to JosepHenry in Sonic Forces PS4 Trophies to be Leaked   
    Please don't be "Yay Sonic and Avatar worked together to beat the sh*t out of Infinite YAAAAA"
    And please be "Avatar saved his friend by the power of friendship!"
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    James Cloud reacted to Wonderworld Ultima in Sonic Forces Twitter Infos Thread   
    The Avatar's move is called the Wire Attack.
    Wire Attack is avatar 's high maneuver action. If you hit the jump button again while jumping, you can fire the wire to the enemy who locked on and attack it, you can hook into the gimmick and fly through the air. Let's master it quickly and become a one-time resistance!
  4. Nice Smile
    James Cloud reacted to JezMM in Sonic Forces Switch - "30 FPS graphics with 60 FPS controls"   
    Zelda Breath of the Wild is considered one of the greatest games of the decade regardless of what format it was played in, and anyone doing so on Wii U or handheld Switch was doing so at 720p at 30 FPS.  It's not a dealbreaker.
    Regardless of how the actual game's content turns out, the fact that they put the effort in to give a version for Nintendo fans and/or those that simply prefer to play their games on the go, was very cool of them because clearly it was a very uncertain task at the start.
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    James Cloud reacted to The Deleter in Forces story revealed?   
    Well, since no one has posted it yet:
    This mean's part of Larry's information is wrong, or something changed in development, ala Sonic Wars becoming Sonic Forces, or Buddy becoming Partner/Rookie, but...

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    James Cloud got a reaction from Bridge-Moon Entertainment in Sonic Forces Twitter Infos Thread   
    Its called "Google translate"
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    James Cloud reacted to -Justin- in Sonic Forces OST- Sunset Heights   
    Oh man, this sounds so cool! I can tell this game is gonna be the best (in my opinion) in terms of gameplay, music, and story!
  8. Nice Smile
    James Cloud got a reaction from Meta77 in Are You Going to Buy Sonic Forces?   
    YES! plain and simple to the point already preorder since it came up plus it got discounted for me so it won't cost much and I'm excited for it!
  9. Promotion
    James Cloud reacted to Kiah in Are You Going to Buy Sonic Forces?   
    This is the exact obnoxiousness Staff has warned against and will warrant strikes at the very least if it continues. Please don't do this again. 
    Can you please be more tactful with your thoughts? This tone is against the OP's request to be civil, which should be a given when it comes to expressing oneself here at the SSMB as well as conveying your criticism in a constructive and respectful manner. 
    As for the topic at hand-yes, I plan on buying Sonic Forces but I am in absolutely no rush to get it. Being the big Sonic fan that I am I make it a point to buy all Sonic games I have the means to play and Forces is no exception to that despite me not being impressed with this game at all so far bar the story having me interested.
    And I'm sure my niece and nephews will get a kick out of the Avatar character and have a blast with that at the very least so if my stance on the game doesn't change then the prospect of them enjoying it will make it not feel like I wasted my money. 
  10. Promotion
    James Cloud reacted to -Justin- in Sonic Forces New Famitsu interview   
    How exciting! You can tell a lot of hard work was put into this game, and I can’t wait to see how things are gonna turn out!
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    James Cloud reacted to Woun in Sonic Forces New Famitsu interview   
    They wrong with it. 悪ではありません means "He's not an evil"
    Our translation still looks right:
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    James Cloud got a reaction from GuyWithThePie in Forces story revealed?   
    called it so bad I'm so excited to see this characters backstory on why he changed and the motives for it!
  13. Promotion
    James Cloud reacted to Nina Cortex Jovahexeon in Forces story revealed?   
    This is where we come to the ever famous "You can't please everyone" phase. Oh well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    James Cloud reacted to Crazy_Diamond in Forces story revealed?   
    I doubt that Eggman just used the Phantom Ruby on it's own. Look at the Story trailer, specifically what Eggman says at the beginning.
    And then right after that we are shown this. The scene of Sonic beating beaten by Infinite.

    And right after that, we are shown this

    It's spelled out as clear as day that Sonic disappears or falls right in that scene. I don't get how someone can get something else from that. 
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    James Cloud reacted to Whatever the WhoCares in Forces story revealed?   
    What's wrong with it?
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    James Cloud reacted to Sega DogTagz in Forces story revealed?   
    Even if Forces is being played as more serious, it would be completely in character for Eggman to also harbor a desire to keep Sonic around for a least a little bit longer, so that he can gloat about his latest and greatest.
    If he did manage to capture Sonic - or temperately remove him from the equation - he sure as heck wouldn't kill him off without taking a little time to rub his nose in it. Even in SA2 when he was quick to pull that trigger, he didn't do so until Sonic understood the situation he was in. That he had been beaten.
  17. Promotion
    James Cloud reacted to A wild west steam engine in Forces story revealed?   
    Yeah, since he took over the world, why not just go ahead and kill sonic off? 
    He probably knows that he can beat the resistance, so it wouldn't be as much a challenge.
    This is the same guy that rescued sonic from a pit of scalding lava.
    Heck, he did it twice if you count lost world.
    He's a complicated guy.
  18. Promotion
    James Cloud reacted to Blue Wisp in Forces story revealed?   
    This is the same guy that sneaked into Sonic's house while Sonic was sleeping, and changed his shoes with another pair that makes him slow.
  19. Thumbs Up
    James Cloud reacted to Jango in Forces story revealed?   
    It's true. The avatar is the first character you'll play as, according to my source, although I'm pretty sure this was already confirmed long ago. Secondly is Classic Sonic in Green Hill. The resistance has "spot" Sonic running there, and Tails decides to go check it out, this is when both meet. Eggman goes there too. They fight, Eggman threatens them, nabs the Phantom Ruby, goes back to lab, and "creates" Infinite.
    Modern Sonic is rescued early on, not mid game.
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    James Cloud reacted to FFWF in Forces story revealed?   
    This came straight from early translations of the recent Famitsu, I think.
  21. Thumbs Up
    James Cloud reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in Sonic Forces Twitter Infos Thread   
    Oh I'm definitely not mad at any of this.
    It's pretty clear by now that the opinions on Forces have been well set for a number of people here already. It's pointless to continue actively playing the waiting game and pretending that you're withholding your final judgement on what it's going to be at this point if you're someone who's participated in those gigantic fights that happen every time a new piece of info comes out.
    Nakamura seems like a nice guy. 
  22. Promotion
    James Cloud reacted to Operationgamer17 in Sonic Forces Impressions   
    Another positive impressions article.
  23. Thumbs Up
    James Cloud reacted to Jack out of the comics! in Sonic Forces Impressions   
    Basically, they said it looks ambitious, they need to balance the 3 characters, and they haven't been so excited for a 3D Sonic since Adventure.
    Oh, and  they think Casino Forest is inspired by Sonic Spinball, lol.
  24. Promotion
    James Cloud reacted to Jack out of the comics! in Sonic Forces - Chemical Plant is back   
    I'm gonna grab some pop corn.
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    James Cloud reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in Sonic Forces Twitter Infos Thread   
    No, it's definitely much harder. Generations could easily just be edited to say "Oh no, it's not time. It mixed the two dimensions or whatever."
    But the idea that they're traveling between two worlds? The whole time? Trying to map out when that's happening and for which games? For what? What reason could they have for actively making things that needlessly complicated? Why in the world should people have to go into each new game wondering which world this one takes place on, especially if the narrative doesn't have any desire to tell us.
    Like, apparently, in the Shadow DLC for Forces, they lost contact with Omega and Shadow and Rouge were sent on a mission to find him. So are they with G.U.N? Is this a game that takes place in the human world? Can't be. We saw the animal people there in the trailer. Are we meant to believe G.U.N just sent Shadow and Rouge on a mission from the human world to the animal world? Why?! How?! Who?! What?!
    In Sonic X it worked relatively well because the show established this as being the case for it's own continuity. However, I'm sorry to Mr. Webber, it's absolutely not like Sonic X. There was no hint or talk of the humans and animals living in separate worlds before this in the games. That's not something that was alluded to or referenced. 
    What kind of sloppy direction is this? Why would Iizuka seriously expect his audience to play the most frustrating game of Jeopardy with each new game that came out? "Hey kids! Guess which world THIS game takes place in for no reason!"
    Just have the humans and animals co-exist. This is not something that needed to be explained. Iizuka trying to explain it is only making things worse.
    I'm only on board for the separation of the Classic and Modern continuities. This nonsense about a human world and an animal world can sit and spin.
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