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  1. This is extremely disappointing. I really liked Shadow in Adventure 2, why have theynmade a pathetic costume? Is this supposed to be a joke, rubbing it into our face that we can't play as Shadow, because that's what it feels like. I'd rather have nothing. If it were disk locked DLC playable Shadow I'd be annoyed anyway on principle, but this is just pitiful.
  2. I thought Mania was challenging, but then that was the first 2D Sonic game I ever played lol. I'm going to use spoiler tages because I have no idea what's a spoiler and what isn't. Um, how do I use spoiler tags, I can't figure it out
  3. Hi all, I'm back lol. I just bought and played through Sonic Mania since you guys said I wouldn't feel overwhelmed playing it and wow, I was overwhelmed! Overwhelmed by how awesome it was! I know this might sound bad, but I honestly didn't think Sonic was supposed to be a very good platformer, all I've heard over the last decade or so is that "Sonic is all about going fast" or that "Sonic was actually never really that good" so I just assumed Sonic was supposed to be a fun, thrill ride with not much depth. And while I do still enjoy Adventure, I have to be honest, Sonic Mania is a way better game. I never realised Sonic was this good in 2D! It has so much platforming and clever little gimmicks and design and I think it's actually faster than Adventure . I'm not going to say much else about the game because I don't want to spoil it for anyone reading, but I loved the way the levels were so massive and you could go all over the place, that was so cool! I actually understand why people criticise Forces for automation now because Mania has such expansive levels that are so fun to explore. Let's be honest, Mania's just a better game lol. I feel really silly now for my past words about automation not being that big a deal. I was so wrong . And I loved the way Knuckles actually had real levels and didn't have to find emerald shards! That was the key thing I didn't like about Adventure, so I loved the way Mania made him play just like Sonic. I know this might be a bit OTT, but I actually think Sonic Mania might be one of the best games I've ever played . Thanks guys for recommending it!
  4. Hello everyone, I hope this isn't a dumb topic. I haven't posted in the other thread because I want to avoid spoilers if I can, I think a game is always best when you know virtually nothing about it going in. I almost always buy games blind. So do you need a knowledge of 2D Sonic to play Mania, since I'm worried I might find the game too hard or I might have no idea what's going on since I've never played Sonic in 2D. I know that it features remixed levels, do you need to have played those levels to understand what to do or how the level works? The only level I know in Mania is Emerald Hill lol. I can actually buy it now on PS4 and it's really cheap, way cheaper than I though it would be. I don't normally play 2D games but I'd be interested to play old style Sonic and see if the automation complaints are valid lol
  5. Thanks for all your lovely comments guys, I really appreciate it. You guys all rock too . I've been thinking over what the anti-Forces guys have said and I can see where they are coming from. Sonic started out as a 2D platformer, and it's probably not great for them to see a platforming series they love turn into what happened to Sonic after Adventure, where platforming took a backseat to speed, reflex-based challenges and setpieces. It kind of turned into a different game. Thing is, I've never played anything other than Adventure and Adventure 2, so I'm not #1 Sonic fan lol. But I do think the gameplay in Adventure and Forces has its own appeal and place. You can argue that it is overly automated, and you are probably right, but just because something is linear and hand-holdy doesn't mean it is objectively bad. There isn't much player interaction in numerous games I love, particularly narrative based games, but I still think those games are legitimately good. And while Sonic is obviously not narrative focused in that sense, I think the spectacle and speed of the game shouldn't just be called outright bad. No other game provides the fast-paced, flowing speed and setpieces of 3D Sonic, and while you could (rightly) say it's too automated, I think that's still a point in its favour. And there are obviously things I would change about Forces if I could, I would like to play as characters such as Shadow and I would like to see more open levels like in Adventure, Forces seems a bit too corridory. But even with those faults, I like what I'm seeing and I love all the Adventure fannods, it brings me right back to my teenage years. TLDR, I understand and respect why people don't like Forces, and maybe you guys are right that Sonic should become less automated in the future. I wouldn't be opposed to that, you guys know more about Sonic than me lol. But I also think 3D Sonic is enjoyable and a unique experience, even if it is too automated.
  6. I didn't say the control is bad, only that it's bad when you have to make really precise jumps. The fact you can sling yourself all over the place is reflective of how awkward it is to jump really precisely. And I also think the engine is really cool, but being able to jump around into areas you are not supposed to go to and utterly break the game so easily isn't actually good design, you aren't supposed to do that. It's not a shortcut, it's breaking the game . I get it, it's fun man, but we have to accept what it is.
  7. That's fine dude, I just haven't been here very long and haven't played any Sonic game other than Adventure 1 or 2. I guess you wouldn't like those games either. I'm definitely not a Sonic expert lol. Maybe they will translate Sonic 2 into 3D one day, I hope that happens so you get a Sonic game that you enjoy . With Mania SEGA seems to be targeting fans of the old Sonic's, so maybe this will be another step down the road if there's enough fan demand.
  8. He's saying that you could easily get to out of bound places you were not supposed to go to and utterly break the game because the game's jumping was so fast. It's a statement of how poor Sonic's precision platforming is in 3D. And going out of bounds is cool in Adventure, but probably something you shouldn't be able to do so easily
  9. I do understand the point you guys are making with automation now, but do you then also dislike the best levels in Adventure and Adventure 2, like Emerald Coast, Speed Highway, Radical Highway, Twinkle Park etc? Those levels are all just as automated. All of these levels were at their best when the game guides you around the level like a rollercoaster and has you speeding through the stage. There really isn't much platforming involved in these levels, which is why they are so fun. It's a unique experience that no other game provides. I guess if you dislike automation in 3D Sonic then you would have to fundamentally overhaul Sonic's 3D design.
  10. Oh, I hadn't thought of it like that before, maybe removing the game's challenge and guaranteeing movement isn't the best design decision. It's still fun to boost through levels and focus less on platforming though isn't it? City Escape is a really popular level for example, and that has hardly any platforming in it.
  11. The Forces gameplay doesn't have much automation. Ring dashing isn't automation, homing attack chains aren't automation, they are actions which are triggered by pressing buttons. They are game mechanics, they are just as legitimate as jumping. The only difference is that they are actually intuitive and don't slow the game down, while precision platforming as Sonic in 3D just doesn't work for the reasons I've given above. Automation is when you press nothing and the game plays along like a cutscene. I'll admit the rail grinding is automated, but that's only done in short bursts. It's very different gameplay to 2D platforming, I admit that, but just because it's different it doesn't mean it's bad.
  12. No need to be rude Sonikko, I respect your opinion and I kindly ask you respect mine and criticise without making fun of me. I don't claim to be a Sonic expert.
  13. 'Automation' actually isn't a problem, Sonic's never been good at 3D platforming, at least not in my experience. Sonic Adventure was fun because no other game replicates that fast, exhilirating experience of speeding through fantastical environments. The flaw of Adventure was the lack of flow, where fast and fun environments were broken up with slow, unwieldy precision platforming. It just doesn't work, Sonic goes too fast to make precise Mario like jumps. The only way to make Sonic a precision platformer is to massively slow the game down or introduce a 'run' button, which I think is against the whole spirit of Sonic. Otherwise his default jump either overshoots or undershoots the platform, it's unwieldy making something as fast as Sonic jump on platforms like mario. Forces has improved these platforming sections by keeping the flow going in tandem with Sonic's speedy abilities rather than encouraging awkward precision platforming that just doesn't work with Sonic's speed. The only downside I have seen is lack of variety, as the pyramid had three light dashes in a row. If it did three different things, like a light dash, a homing attack and then something entirely new (parkour off the cogs or something) then it would be even more impressive. But it's still fast, looks cool and doesn't bog down the game's flow.
  14. Sonic isn't a precision platformer, so even if his shadow wasn't clearly visible, I don't think it matters. Besides, Sonic is really about going really fast more than it is tight platforming. At least Adventure was, I remember that the only precision platforming sections were frustrating because it was hard to control him in the air because he's so fast. And Forces seems to understand this, as the game mostly focuses on boosting and jumping aroung large terrain where it's not easy to fall to your death. And when there are bottomless pits, there are homing attack enemies and ring dashes in place to help you and keep the game flowing. So I don't think this'll be a problem. They thought of everything .
  15. Dude this looks awesome, I never expected them to bring Coop into a Sonic game, I'm not even sure if that's ever been done before in Sonic. I certainly couldn't get Sonic and Shadow to team up in Adventure. And when the two boost together it sounds like something just out of Adventure 2 lol. I really like how Emerald Hill turns into a pyramid at the end of the level. I've seen Emerald Hill in Sonic Mania trailers but it hasn't been remixed quite to this extensive extent. I know some people are a bit fatigued by the level, but they've gone to huge stretches to make it new and fresh. Mania's awesome and Forces is awesome too! Really cool to see those mechanical cogs and the open 3D environment inside the pyramid, if that's the design of the levels going forward then this is really going to be a cool game, it looks like Pyramid Cave in Adventure 2, which is an awesome level. And what is that really cool robot Sonic? He looks badass, is he an old character? His music theme in this is absolutely amazing, so sinister.
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