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  1. Unleashed only had a 2-3 year development cycle and it was such a grand game and still is to this day. Forces, on the other hand, took 4 years to develop and was not only marketed as a huge AAA game. It was also marketed as the most ambitious boost title but shockingly ended up being complete crap. Why? Note: (This is just something I wanted to get off my chest recently because it bothers me so much how this game was advertized)
  2. At the end of the day it doesn't matter whether or not forces has an identity and it is about the gameplay. I have never read any review bashing a game that comes off as a mess. They only care about gameplay. I am afraid critics might pan forces if sega keeps up this style of marketing. Remember marketing plays a huge role in how a game is percieved. And tbh sega has done a really bad job revealing this game. I mean they never should have shown off green hill because fans were under the impression that this was an "original" experience and blatently lying about it is going to cause some back lash. They have not done a great job advertizing this game in terms of gamelay. I we have waited over a year and all we got were 2 stages that did not have great level design. The E3 trailer wasn't that good imo because 90 percent of it was stuff we have allready seen and we only got 20 seconds of new footage. This 2 year news drout is obviously going to drain the hype for the fans. Mania has had far better marketing than forces. We have seen like 5 stages during its pre-release. I do not think it is to late for sega to raise the hype and reception for forces. I would suggest for them to release a trailer during the famitsu live stream this thursday that is at least 2 minutes long with fully brand new footage. Modern sonic should be the main focus of this trailer. The other characters should be teased a bit but not too much. This trailer should tease fully new levels and location for like 5 seconds. I think some cutscenes should also be showcased as well. And the release date should be revealed at the very end of the trailer. It should be set up similarly to how the unleashed E3 trailer was set up. Now that is how to market a game properly. Back in 2008 people believed unleashed was going to be a good game and that should be the same impressions fan should have. BTW I am very excited for forces and I am not hating unlike other fans.
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