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  1. My superior mustache wishes you a happy birthday! 

  2. "Uneventful" is the correct word to use here. This might be the most slice-of-life episode we've gotten in an series full of episodes of the like. At the first commercial break, my response was, "This is an episode?" It wasn't bad or great, it was just... there. And as an AJ fan it was kind of difficult to watch. At least there was some good humor involved and for once Rainbow Dash came across as rather likeable as opposed to her portrayal in some recent episodes (or even EQG movies). Humble Dash is better Dash. This series has been very fortunate to have lasted as long as it has and still produce decent episodes and only a small handful of duds every season like it has, unlike many other current running animated shows. As much as I would hate to see a favorite show end, I'd like for it to go out while it's still respectable. But I'm sure it will keep going as long as it's seen as profitable.
  3. Shows how much I pay attention. I didn't really notice much of a change. Now I remember... she did get split and turned to gems when that happened. I should've known something would've changed there.
  4. I rather enjoyed the new episode and I'm digging Amethyst's (slightly) new look. Amethyst has always been one of the more interesting characters for me, if only because her past seems a little more shrouded in mystery than the other Gems. She always seems so rebellious and yet at the same time desperately seeking the approval of others in some way, shape or form. I'm hoping we get an in-depth flashback/origins story for her someday. I'm also wondering if we'll ever get a Garnet "reformed" episode since Pearl and Amethyst got theirs.
  5. CMC episodes never fail to entertain. I guess it's because they have the most to learn and it's that much more satisfying when they learn the lesson of the day. Also, LUNA! YES. More, please. I loved the dream sequence when everyone talked in Big Mac's voice. Reminded me of that scene when Big Mac talked more and Applejack was the one saying "Yep" and "Nope". Also, glad I wasn't the only one who thought this when it happened: Overall, pretty good episode.
  6. Not rushing the game for a holiday release and the ability to play as other characters again. And a return of character theme songs. Those are a definite must. None of those things might actually make the game better overall, but I know that those are the things that would get me excited for a new game.
  7. I like the new guitar but the whole new look and feel is a real turn off for me. It doesn't help that I got kind of burnt out on music games during the last generation of consoles. If I ever did get either, I'd probably get the new Rock Band, especially since I always preferred that to Guitar Hero.
  8. So, yeah, the Weird Al songs are coming. Glad to get Bats and DIscord's water song out of this one.
  9. I'll jump on the music bandwagon and say that was one of my favorite parts of the game. I love the vocal tracks by Runblebee and, yes, I'm even a fan of the insanely cheesy main theme song. I love how the cut-scenes were handled art style-wise, something that was even improved upon in Black Knight. As far as Navi characters are concerned, Shahra is probably one of my favorites of the series. She never came across as grating to me as some others in the series have been. And the boss battles are pretty good, too. It's a real shame that the storybook series didn't last. They didn't gain a lot of positive attention when they first were released, but looking back, they were actually some of the more fun Sonic games I've played over the last decade.
  10. The episode started poorly for me, once the plot was revealed it was rather obvious where things were going and all I could think was, "What a lame idea for an episode." Thankfully, thanks to some great dialogue and humor, the episode was actually a lot of fun. I also loved that Aloe finally talked... even if her voice was a little weird. And, of course...: (OH) YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAH! I guess they weren't kidding about the background ponies this season.
  11. Today's new episode was great! It made Greg even more so one of my favorite characters. And please tell me we'll get more of Rose in the future. Her relationship with Greg is just adorable to me. The Gems "old" look and more hints of Pearl's feelings towards Rose and Greg were nice touches, too. Now the long wait for the next new episode.
  12. I watched the first episode of The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan and I have to say as a long time Haruhi fan, I rather enjoyed it. It felt like all the previous versions of Haruhi (including the spin-offs) all rolled up into one. I really loved how Kyon still does his little inner monologue thing. That was always one of my favorite parts of Haruhi. Ryoko and Tsuruya were awesome as always and Mikuru was, well... Mikuru. I also liked how Nagato was your stereotypical anime shy-girl, but at the same time wasn't totally spineless in letting others know what she wanted. It should be interesting once Haruhi actually makes her presence known. It was like the show never left all the while being different but the same. Very good start for this series and I really hope Funimation goes the extra mile in getting the original dub cast from Bang Zoom to reprise their roles when they do the eventual English dub. Especially with Kyon doing his inner monolgues... I need my Crispin Freeman fix.
  13. I rather enjoyed the premiere, although I found the climax to be a little... meh. I guess having a sort of open ending will do that. I did like how all the Mane 6 got their moments to shine, with Pinkie and Fluttershy getting some good moments especially. I'm rather interested in seeing just how much of this season will be about the Mane 6 going from place to place to solve problems and how much will be more slice of life stuff.
  14. The episode in a nutshell, basically. The best thing about this is that it actually works to Pearl's character, even if only done for humor purposes here. She is a control freak and any time in the series she hasn't been in control she has shown signs of losing it somewhat. And I just love her (and the other Gems) "I DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS SO WE MUST KILL IT!!!" mentality throughout the whole episode.
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