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    Snatcher2047 reacted to Dark Qiviut in My Little Pony's Justice 2 - Official MLP Thread v2   
    Flutter Brutter is a complete chore to sit through. Fluttershy and Dash were great. Twilight, Spike, Opal, and Rarity were good in their limited roles. The moral itself about how to stand and confront your fear of failure is very admirable, and I appreciate its mature tone it was trying to relay.   But it screwed up a ton on three major points: Zephyr, the moral, and the "freeloader" implications. Zephyr is a colossal asshole. Stereotypes are one of the show's biggest flaws. Often, when DHX uses them, they're at their own disadvantage, and they RUIN the story, not help it. The only time season six handled a stereotype well was when cartoon shenanigans made a mockery out of Garble; the jokes worked because he deserved them. The stereotypes killed the episode here. Zephyr is a combination of two classic stereotypes: the diva and the freeloader. A diva because he was flamboyant to the point of over-the-top, selfish, and manipulative. As the episode progressed, Zephyr became more and more insufferable. Him not shutting up is a problem already. But when he knowingly destroyed his parents' cloud collection and flowers and not even give a damn, Zeph turned into one of the most hateable characters of the show. I don't give one shit how he "made up" at the end. You don't have the right to destroy anyone's property, prized or not! If he truly cared about his family, he wouldn't dare attempt this garbage!

    But in Act 2, he gets worse. When assigned jobs by Fluttershy and her friends, does Zephyr even bother trying to get any work done? No. And keep in mind, these jobs are very simple in Equestrian standards; any competent pony can accomplish these goals. Zephyr is completely capable of cleaning the windows, dying the cloth, and kicking the clouds. Instead, what does he do? Weasel his lazy ass into duping others to do his work while he watches. When he was threatened if he tried to weasel his way out, he quit! And the episode's telling me he feels completely incapable of doing them? Give me a break! The moral is fantastic and is something all of us feel and experience. One of our biggest fears, if not the biggest, is failure. No one wants to fail. And it can be very devastating when we fail. I don't wish it upon anyone.But FB executes the fear of failure so poorly, because everything that happens up to this point completely contradicts it. Zephyr behaved so terribly to his family, periodically returns to his house to freeload, intentionally destroyed his parents' sentimental possessions, and didn't bother trying to work on the simplests of tasks. He claimed that he was struggling in mane therapy because he feared he'll fail, but given his lackadaisical arrogance throughout the first two acts, then that's not fear of failure. That's laziness.

    So when the episode rushes in the idea that by trying and succeeds in the face of his fears, his triumph lacks any satisfaction. Instead, it gives me the impression that I'm watching two separate ideas merged into one. Rather than flowing through, the story is a mess. There are serious implications in the conflict's delivery, which PuppyKit pointed out here. Fluttershy mandates that he can stay until he finds a job. But because Zephyr's a freeloader stereotype, the episode paints a false impression that everyone who lives with their parents, friends, or roommates is lazy and and takes everything from their parents because they can. It's a complete lie. Were in an economy where living alone has become more and more expensive. Not everyone can live on their own. Parents and adult kids live together all the time, and in cities where rent can cost so much, sometimes they have to. When the child is disabled, then sometimes they have to live with their parents or live off them, for they can't make a living on their own. One of my closest friends is intellectually disabled and relies on his mom to help him. To echo Wind Chaser, if Flutter Brutter didn't pull off such offensive stereotypes and treat the conflict with genuine respect, then Zephyr's fear of failure would feel more genuine. Let's say we see him try and fail and isn't narcissistic. With the efforts, he fails, but each time he fails, it becomes worse to the point where he feels like doing nothing will be more helpful than not helping at all. That way, when he tries and succeeds, then it's rewarding. The TUGS episode handles the fear of failure way better than FB.   It has some highlights, but the bad outweighs the good. Out of all the episodes in this show, Flutter Brutter is personally the most difficult to watch, because I hate Zephyr so damn much. He represents everything I hate about a character and amplifies it. Not even Princess Spike was this difficult.   FIM's supposed to deliver likable characters who we're supposed to root for. Fluttershy is the Mane Eight character here, but this is a Zephyr episode, not Fluttershy episode. How am I supposed to root for him when he's more hateable than villain!Sunset (yet not as hateable as Radiant Hope from IDW's Siege of The Crystal Empire) and doesn't give me any good reason to root for him? In short, a terrible episode.
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    Snatcher2047 reacted to Strickerx5 in My Little Pony's Justice 2 - Official MLP Thread v2   
    Well, this episode has been a long one coming. If I remember correctly, this episode has been tossed around by writers in various panels since like season 4 (second only to that Fluttershy dragon episode that's apparently been a thing since season 3). Fluttershy having a brother has been an idea going around the fandom since the early days and now that it's canonized, I can safely say that this is probably not what anyone was expecting... and that's not a bad thing. Actually, I quite liked this episode because of it.
    I'm going to say this now since I know this character is about to become a love it or hate it part of the show for the fandom. He's literally the MLP equivalent of Kuzco. He's a character that brings the best out of the ones around him and takes an extreme amount of environment force to get him to evolve past what he is. That being said, I loved what they did here with him.
    I absolutely adore Fluttershy in this. Actually, this might be my favorite showing of her to date. The progression this character has made is on full show. Her and her brother have a true sibling relationship. You love them, you'll do close to anything for them, you'll help them when they need it, but damn if you're not their hardest critic. Seeing Fluttershy step up where her parents couldn't (btw a great treat to actually see them now... all that's left is Rainbow's) was amazing to watch.
    Also, I have to add how well the main six were utilized here. The one's who weren't plot important didn't overstay their welcome. It was a nice call back to Fluttershy's and Rainbow's close past to have them work off each other for the most part here. Though, I love how when the situation didn't call for Rainbow, she wasn't there. It gave Fluttershy a true chance to shine here. It's a level of character positioning that I just don't think this show has reached until now.
    Honestly, I just don't think there's anything wrong with this one. I could have said something about Spike's ignorance to what Zephyr was doing but you can really just chalk that one up to him being a kid. Don't get me wrong, him being nothing more than a comedy source is a problem I will always point out. Though, here, it really is understandable.
    Some could point to the ending and say that it's not realistic to think that Zephyr could change his ways that fast but there are two things about that. One, while it's not easily seen, there has been a jump of time between the song and the cut to them back in the house. It's not a stretch at all to assume that it could have easily been a substantial amount of time. Two, there are a lot of times where putting someone to rock bottom and making them see where they should be if they don't change their ways is the catalyst for real change. Plus, we see at the end that he still has a ways to go to a real turnaround so I don't see this as anywhere near as rushed of an ending as this series has become known for.
    I could harp on Fluttershy's parents being complete push overs but it really does make sense given what Fluttershy has been. Plus, Zephyr is their son so there was bound to be some give. I mean, the only thing I really come away with as a negative (and it's more of a nitpick at this point) is the use of the Everfree Forest... again. Seriously though, what has happened to that place? It use to be a setting no one in the show would dare enter back in season 1. Now, for the last few seasons, no one gives it a second thought.
    Overall, I have to say that this is another big win for this season. It's nice to see the world expand with family members coming in. Add in another great moral and I just don't have much negative to say towards this one. Though, again, I think the reactions to this one are going to greatly depend on whether you get the purpose behind Zephyr or not.
    On a side note: This is an episode that also really hit home for me. Being halfway through college and coming home for the summer, you can literally feel the similarities to actual life here. I'll even go as far as to say that this isn't an exaggeration of the situation at all. In the area I'm in, it's all basically an unspoken rule. You will turn heads if you're home and, A: don't have a job and, B: aren't actively trying to make your own way. At that point, while there is always some exceptions of course, the situation can easily be this.
    And damn this post went on a lot longer than I ever planned it to be...
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    Snatcher2047 got a reaction from Ducktor Naldush Repulsa in My Little Pony's Justice 2 - Official MLP Thread v2   
    "Uneventful" is the correct word to use here.  This might be the most slice-of-life episode we've gotten in an series full of episodes of the like.  At the first commercial break, my response was, "This is an episode?"  It wasn't bad or great, it was just... there.  And as an AJ fan it was kind of difficult to watch.  At least there was some good humor involved and for once Rainbow Dash came across as rather likeable as opposed to her portrayal in some recent episodes (or even EQG movies).  Humble Dash is better Dash. 
    This series has been very fortunate to have lasted as long as it has and still produce decent episodes and only a small handful of duds every season like it has, unlike many other current running animated shows.  As much as I would hate to see a favorite show end, I'd like for it to go out while it's still respectable.  But I'm sure it will keep going as long as it's seen as profitable.
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    Snatcher2047 reacted to Strickerx5 in My Little Pony's Justice 2 - Official MLP Thread v2   
    Wow, that was good. Like, really good. Can't remember the last time I enjoyed a Rarity episode so much. I think the one aspect of this episode that really got me is how they actually managed to put in all of the main six in without one of them feeling forced. Sure, some of the issues they were facing could have been easily been left out without the overall episode being too hindered by it but I'm definitely willing to let that pass when the humor surrounding it was top notch.
    This episode also did a series first, if I'm not mistaken,  by starting the episode after the main event already having taken place. This made for some hilarious moments and dialogue (not to mention those faces like wow XD) but also kept from, what would have been, a predictable and by the books story. We already know that everything was going to work out in the end but the path getting there is what we're here to see. It's a common thing in shows and I'm actually surprised it took mlp this long to use it actually.
    Another thing I liked about this episode (and also what season 6 has been doing in general really) is the way past events are casually brought up. Sure, you have some instances where it's purely a plot dump or kind of forced but here, none of it felt like that. It really did just feel like casual dialogue that people who haven't seen that episode won't miss but will be extra sweet for those who did. Also, that Pinkie clone gag was more hilarious to me than it had every right to be and has probably set up a ton of fan talk as we speak.
    Overall, this might be one of the strongest episodes this season. Don't really have anything I didn't like about it really. I mean, the building owner's daughter had hit or miss humor but beyond that... yeah, a great episode in my book.
    So I guess this wraps up Rarity's arc with her being a successful fashion designer in Equestria's biggest cities (from what we can tell). With RD being on the Wonderbolts now and the CMCs having their cutie marks... that sort of wraps up all the big arcs for the main cast at the moment. I mean, Spike still has the Dragon arc that they could easily go somewhere with (I'd personally love to see that happen actually) but as Advent said, this could easily be the final season. With it stretching to the end of this year and DHX supposedly working on the movie, we could see the series ending with the film. This is really all just speculation though and Hasbro could easily say this show is making too much money for the brand for it to end now (which I hope doesn't happen) but 6 seasons and a movie is a goal 99% of shows can never hit. I think I'd be fine with that.
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    Snatcher2047 reacted to Strickerx5 in My Little Pony's Justice 2 - Official MLP Thread v2   
    So that was... an episode, I guess. I can't even call it bad... just, uneventful. It just kept trying to hammer the same moral and running jokes into the ground. You know that one problem some episodes have of trying to do too much in a 22 minute time period? Well, this one had the exact opposite problem of not having enough to fill in the time slot. It's amazing too because apparently (going off of the credits) this episode had more people on it than a normal one. Guess they were probably scrambling to make something out of nothing...
    It could be because I just don't find AJ that interesting of a character to begin with (especially compared to the others in this shows) but nothing she did here was good to me in any sense. I mean, you supposedly have one of the more reasonable members of the main six taking this long to find out that she has a major problem with her work load. The moral of the story (at least from what I saw) was that getting stuck in your ways can blind you from all the wrong you're doing and hinder your progress. Also, that it's much easier to see others problems as well. While this is a great lesson, I just find it ridiculous that AJ would go that long and not question the way she was doing things. Just made her come off as unbelievably thick here as a result. I mean honestly, she wrote that stuff down in steps! There should have been multiple alerts to her that something was off. It seems to be a return to a problem the show had a couple of season back in writing their characters to fit the story, rather than writing a story to fit the characters. You just end up with an off-character mess.
    For the good, well... it's hard because a lot of it just blends in. I liked how Spike wasn't that much of a comedic character this time around. I also liked the varying pony designs in the spa. Plus, I'll give them points for not trying to shoehorn in every one of the main six. Though, I can't say that I recall too much beyond that. I wish we saw Twilight and Spike perform more of those ridiculous task AJ had.
    Overall, while I found the moral to be a pretty great one, the episode surrounding it just ended up being dull. From the slow pace to AJ just being written poorly for the most part, it all just ends up being a pretty forgettable episode. Hell, I'm already starting to forget about it.
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    Snatcher2047 reacted to Dark Qiviut in My Little Pony's Justice 2 - Official MLP Thread v2   
    There's several degrees of mediocre and -20 degrees of awful. Since Wonderbolts Academy, Dash episodes have become Spike episodes. The only difference is Gauntlet of Fire is objectively good. Daring Don't, Rainbow Falls, and Tanks for the Memories are pitiful.
    Newbie Dash easily competes with No Second Prances as season six's worst episode and may be the worst one after this season's done with.
    What went wrong?
    Rainbow Dash's sense of maturity is completely nonexistent. One of her best traits is the ability to put her pride aside in favor of doing the right thing. WA is her best performance, because it put out the best in her from the middle onward. You knew it was about to come. Instead, she's become a very flanderized shell of herself with a monumental ego that has to be pegged time and time again. She marginalized her very own integrity by shooting it off early, embarrassing herself in front of the Wonderbolts, and being incompetent. Simultaneously, who can blame her? The Wonderbolts used a nickname that scarred her, and — what else is new? *eyeroll* — the Wonderbolts themselves were complete assholes! This is the third time that a group that she idolized acted like jerks in which she would want nothing to be a part of, yet she blows it aside. Consider Dash's history of when her confidence shatters. She wants to impress, but the more she gets hit with that insult, the worse her confidence gets, and the more she tries too hard. The dialogue is a mess. So much of it is contrived exposition. Again, when you exposit, you ruin the impact of the message and the overall. Show, don't tell, especially in child-friendly media. Take a good luck at how much the terrible dialogue ruined Rainbow Falls, Trade Ya!, EQG1, and McColts. The humor is a mess. The Spikabuse wasn't funny then and sure as hell isn't funny now. DHX, do the fandom a favor and knock this shit off!
    Pinkie Pie is flanderized again. *thumbs down* She's more than this.
    We're supposed to laugh at Rainbow Dash impersonating her friends, but it really failed. I don't know if the humor was in response to Dash's Twilight impersonation from Griffonstone or not, but whatever the case is, there is a huge difference between 'em. In Griffonstone, the joke worked because Dash was agitated when he impersonated her. In Newbie Dash, she impersonated them because she genuinely wanted to impress them. Consequently, Dash's impersonations in the latter comes across as cringeworthy and stupid, not funny.
    Jesus Christ, the moral. What the hell?! First off, let's talk about hazing, specifically rookie hazing. It's a very common tradition in many fields to "haze" newcomers. Hazing, for that matter, has had so many controversies. Some teams will haze rookies because to them, it's good ol' fun. But not everyone receives hazing very well because what comes across as good ribbing to the veterans can come off as bullying to the rookies. And when you look at the news articles of investigations related to hazing, the resentment is very valid. For several years, hazing has been on the news for really, REALLY bad reasons. People have been bullied, hurt, and killed by people who use these hazing rituals. A lot of the time, hazing deals with abusing someone under the context of "good fun" or "tradition." The abuse ranges from being taped up to a wall or pole to paddling to being raped. There's a movement to ban school hazing and some governments criminalizing hazing. Why? Because to haze is to bully, and it's not okay.
    What made this moral reprehensible is how Newbie Dash tolerates and embraces hazing.
    "Because it's good fun."
    Rainbow Dash has every right to feel insulted and not take "Rainbow Crash" lightly. It doesn't matter if Spitfire or anyone else took their insult in stride. Not everyone does, and they have every right to say no. By being complacent, the episode tells the viewer their feelings towards insults don't matter. Words can hurt, and words can kill. Rather than ignoring it, be aware of it. Just because it's a common thing in the Wonderbolts's culture doesn't mean it's okay. Despicable moral!
    In short, this episode is garbage!
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    Snatcher2047 reacted to Brawler Bear CC14 in My Little Pony's Justice 2 - Official MLP Thread v2   
    Hearing RD's AJ impression was surreal. XD
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    Snatcher2047 reacted to Kevin in My Little Pony's Justice 2 - Official MLP Thread v2   
    I going to be honest, I didn't care for this episode at all. In fact, this might be the lowest point of Season 6 so far.
    All that training and buildup and Rainbow makes a complete fool out of herself to the point where it becomes so cringeworthy and it didn't help that the whole "Rainbow Crash" bit got old fast.
    Yes, it was her first day as an official Wonderbolt, and yes people do make mistakes on their first day, but she's better than this and has shown to be so.
    The episode did have 2 strengths though, Ashleigh Ball's nailed it in her performance and how the episode addressed Rainbow's flaw and the support the Wonderbolts gave in regards to help her overcome it. At least finally Rainbow achieves her ultimate dream of becoming a Wonderbolt.
    But other than that, it was a pretty meh episode for me.
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    Snatcher2047 reacted to Ellipsis-Ultima in Rebecca Sugar's Steven Universe (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)   
    In other news, Steven Universe Vinyl Pop figures are here!

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    Snatcher2047 reacted to Dr. Mechano in Rebecca Sugar's Steven Universe (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)   
    Speaking only for myself, I've always liked hammy, over-the-top villains that can make me laugh. I've also always liked redeemable villains who can grow and change over the course of the story. Peridot is both of these things.
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    Snatcher2047 reacted to Ice Vec in We Bare Bears   
    I liked the latest episode Jean Jacket. And according to their official Tumblr, that jacket actually exists and has an owner, that being Grizz's VA Eric Edelstein

    Here's the link to the Tumblr page, it's worth looking http://wedrawbears.tumblr.com/
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    Snatcher2047 reacted to Kevin in We Bare Bears   
    After watching some more episodes, this show is starting to grow on me. I like the animation, I especially love Panda, and it's both a lot of fun and has some good funny moments. I have to agree with AdventChild on We Bare Bears giving some Regular Show vibes.
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    Snatcher2047 reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in Teen Titans Go! (New 2013 Animated Series)   
    Truly, this is the kind of thought process you'd like from producers of a show.

    So much for trying to make witty jokes.
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    Snatcher2047 reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in Teen Titans Go! (New 2013 Animated Series)   
    Honestly, as I've mentioned, the biggest reason I hate this show is the entire cast of characters are for the most part now either total idiots, or total assholes, or in the case of Beast Boy and Cyborg, both. Before anyone goes off on a huge rant about how we should look at it as it's own thing and how not to relate it to the original show, that's exactly what I've done, and the characters are still idiotic and assholes.
    Say what you want but the big thing these writers have to do is make these characters likeable. I need to actually like the characters and want to actually see them in these antics. I shouldn't be thinking throughout the entire thing ''wow, these characters are just a bunch of assholes''. Forget the fact their superheroes, forget the fact it's tied to the original show, even in appearance, soundtrack, voice actors etc, and looking at the characters themselves, they are still just idiots and assholes. Especially Cyborg and Beast Boy. 
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    Snatcher2047 reacted to Your Vest Friend in My Little Pony's Justice 2 - Official MLP Thread v2   
    Did someone say Metal Gear?

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    Snatcher2047 got a reaction from Milo in Rebecca Sugar's Steven Universe (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)   
    The episode in a nutshell, basically.  The best thing about this is that it actually works to Pearl's character, even if only done for humor purposes here.  She is a control freak and any time in the series she hasn't been in control she has shown signs of losing it somewhat.  And I just love her (and the other Gems) "I DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS SO WE MUST KILL IT!!!" mentality throughout the whole episode.
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    Snatcher2047 reacted to Big Panda in The Worst TV Series Episodes (Warning: Please place any videos/pictures of disgusting or cringe worthy scenes in spoiler tags)   
    Speaking of empathy for characters: I don't really consider it a bad episode, but the Regular Show episode "The Best Burger in the World" greatly damaged any empathy I had for Benson.
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    Snatcher2047 reacted to Nepenthe in Rebecca Sugar's Steven Universe (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)   
    The new episode Reformed just premiered. It was overall amusing, what with Amethyst's constant regenerations and the surprise of what each one would look like. It was also particularly surprising seeing Amethyst continually try Garnet's patience; I don't remember them ever really butting heads, particularly since Garnet tends to casually go along with Steven's plans, and in a way I can't help but feel that Amethyst tends to be unnecessarily argumentative and uncooperative in a way that can work the nerves. Granted, I may be looking at the material with a rather surface-level interpretation.
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    Snatcher2047 reacted to Badnik Mechanic in 2015 Baltimore Riots   
    We should also include this.
    Mum sat at home watching the news footage of the riots/protestors.
    Mum spots her son rioting and throwing rocks at police.
    Mum goes to the riot/protest.
    Mum beats her son over the head and tells him to go home.
    Whole incident broadcast on live TV.

    "Treat your mother right" ---- Mr T.
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    Snatcher2047 reacted to Solkia in 2015 Baltimore Riots   
    I feel I should mention not to group the rioters with the protestors. If you've being ignoring sensationalist jounalism and been paying attention to social media you see tons of people trying to prevent rioting.
    It's so surreal to see all this. My town is so quiet and I basically went 20 whole years thinking this shit died in the 60's
    It's depressing.
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    Snatcher2047 reacted to Celestia in My Little Pony's Justice 2 - Official MLP Thread v2   
    I'm in love with the backgrounds this season. Can't wait to see how other establishing shots have been upgraded, though I imagine some will only get minor touch ups. (The CMC's clubhouse, for example, looked pretty much the same as far as I could tell.)
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    Snatcher2047 reacted to Gregzilla in The Worst TV Series Episodes (Warning: Please place any videos/pictures of disgusting or cringe worthy scenes in spoiler tags)   
    Considering this topic is about worst EPISODES and not worst SHOWS, I'll go with an episode from a show that's otherwise pretty damn good.
    "Things Change" from Teen Titans.

    Fuck this episode.
    Aside from Trouble in Tokyo, the TV movie that acted as the show's finale, this was the last main episode of the series.  And it is the complete embodiment of unnecessary.  Not only was the previous episode a big climactic mashup of a ton of heroes and villains from the series that could have been a good way to bow out, this episode actively shits on a previously established (and COMPLETE) story arc.
    The basic gist of the episode is that Beast Boy meets a girl that he's convinced is his friend Terra, but she has no memory of him and a completely different life.  So he tries to rekindle their friendship while the girl is just confused.  In the end she tells BB that things change, that the past he remembers about her didn't happen, and she leaves.
    Where the hell do I begin?
    First off, Terra's arc was a really good story.  It was exciting, fun, and dramatic when it needed to be.  And her story was conclusive, so pretty much ANY attempt to put her back in the story would have been questionable unless handled very well.  And it wasn't.  This whole episode is very vague with its plot points.  The girl looks exactly like Terra and sounds exactly like Terra, but doesn't act like her.  The entire episode has BB laboring under the impression that she is Terra, and one of the biggest problems is that SHE NEVER SAYS WHAT HER NAME IS.  So BB keeps calling her Terra, she says he has the wrong girl, but doesn't tell him her actual name?  Since that is the case, we're expected to assume she's Terra, aren't we?
    But the way it's handled, no matter what the actual answer is, the story is sloppy either way.  If she isn't Terra, why does she look and sound just like her but not state her name?  And if she IS Terra, then

     Another bit (that I had to look up because I actually haven't seen this episode since it aired) is that BB encounters Slade, who tells him that Terra "chooses not to remember."  And IF that's the case.....why?  Why bring Terra in this one time and then have this all be a complete downer for no reason?  Why add unneeded questions and negativity to an already well-done story arc?  And if they were going to do this, why didn't they set time for a new story arc with more answers instead of a crappy one-off?
    I just found this highly disrespectful to a good character.  This episode has no reason to exist, and it especially shouldn't have been the last one.
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    Snatcher2047 reacted to Carbo in Five Nights at Freddy's - Help Wanted in Virtual Reality   
    Round of applause for Scott Cawthon and his ingenious marketing ploy for announcing that he's giving his fans the horror game they want the very day Konami cancels the horror game that their fans want
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    Snatcher2047 reacted to Legosi (Tani Coyote) in Five Nights at Freddy's - Help Wanted in Virtual Reality   
    Oh, well darn.

    I guess it makes sense though; Scott's post indicated the next one would be at Fredbear's, way before Springtrap was relevant.

    While I'm here... look what the artist who did the images for MandoPony's fan song trilogy did:

    If business continues to look up for me... you might just get your wish.
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    Snatcher2047 reacted to Celestia in My Little Pony's Justice 2 - Official MLP Thread v2   
    Actually, based on some of his tweets today, I believe he was referring to the Game of Thrones reference.
    This episode's title clearly should've been How the Dashie Stole Winter.
    Silliness aside, pretty sweet episode. Playing on RD's fear of being alone (established way back in S2) without outright stating it was nice to see, and even when she was being silly and then messing things up for everyone, I couldn't help but feel bad for her, especially as it became more and more clear that her plan wasn't going to work--I mean, obviously wacky shenanigans like that won't work, but still.
    There were some good character moments with the others too. Pinkie's continued to actually be portrayed well this season (thank god), and the "crying on the inside" bit with Applejack was amusing. Flutters was the highlight for me aside from RD herself. Come to think of it, that whole scene in Rainbow's room was good for the mane six overall, haha.
    I think my favourite joke was the "who's on first?" routine but with those pegasi names. I wonder how often stuff like that happens in this show's world.
    Oh, and I think Cloudsdale got a similar upgrade in visuals ala Fluttershy's cottage back in Castle Sweet Castle, haven't seen any high quality screens yet to compare though.
    On another note, Rainbow clearly should have gone with the most logical and simple solution to her dilemma.

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