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    Snatcher2047 reacted to Kuzu in My Little Pony's Justice 2 - Official MLP Thread v2   
    I think this is the closest this series will get to actually dealing with death.
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    Snatcher2047 reacted to Kevin in My Little Pony's Justice 2 - Official MLP Thread v2   
    Best. Episode. Of the season. So. Far!
    I don't even know where to begin in praising this episode! Ashleigh ball really killed it in terms of her voice acting and there were so many facial expressions that are just waiting for their memes to come in.
    They did a great job with a continuity from the running of the leaves to the weather factory and that Game of Thrones reference was something I did not see coming!
    Also, the song in this episode was fantastic and goes right up there with Find A Pet! Plus, the background music was top notch and some of the best background music the series has given us! Also, I can't leave out the visuals. They just get better and better!
    But the highlight of the episode by far was having to say goodbye to Tank. We saw MA Larson tweeted an apology about something that was going to happen in this episode and that was it. I have to admit, I teared up when all the ponies cried (save for Twilight and Applejack) on having to say goodbye having gone through the experience myself of saying goodbye to a pet for the last time. I've never seen Rainbow that emotional before, and they really hit a home run with that particular scene!
    Cindy Morrow did some excellent writing for this episode and I can't wait to see more from her! Also,Thanks, MA Larson.
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    Snatcher2047 reacted to Nix in My Little Pony's Justice 2 - Official MLP Thread v2   
    But then she got an idea.  An awful idea.  Rainbow Dash got a wonderful, awful idea!
    To see Rainbow cry so much at the end though... goddamn I felt terrible for her.
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    Snatcher2047 reacted to iDEATH in The Lost Media Topic   
    Almost two thirds of all silent films ever made are now lost or at best, fragmented.
    When sound came along, most studios were of the opinion that silent film was dead, that nobody would ever be interested inthe films again. They destroyed thousands of original negatives and recycled the film to be used for new movies.
    Of the films that survived, many have been lost since because the negatives were improperly stored and have corroded since.
    So yeah, there's a huge ammount of cinema history that was just killed because of short minded studio execs who thought there was no future for them.
    Thankfully, there's been a massive resurgence in recent years of films being discovered and restored, but still, there are thousands of films we'll just never see again. It's a real shame.
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    Snatcher2047 reacted to Nepenthe in What would make you being excited about Sonic 2016?   
    Gosh, such a bad typo on my part. Not the Eggmobile incident, the Egg Carrier incident.
    Basically, we're shown a cutscene where the ship morphs and rearranges itself for a few seconds, while Sonic and Tails are on it, basically with a front row seat to the whole thing. Tails exclaims "Wow! It changed shape! Did you see that?!"

    And Sonic basically give him the "¬_¬" face and ignored the question outright. It's the most intentionally funny joke we've ever had in the games.
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    Snatcher2047 reacted to Strickerx5 in My Little Pony's Justice 2 - Official MLP Thread v2   
    So that was a pretty great episode. Gotta say it threw me for a loop a couple of times as I didn't know what they hell was going on for a good length of it (having never read the description for this one). I think the writers expertly tackled the idea of anxiety and might have even set up some future ideas for the CMCs in the process. What really surprised me was Bab actually getting her cutie mark. Kind of still gives a bit of hope for the other 3 for getting theirs on screen. Also, am I the only one who honestly thought it was Starlight messing with her? Include in the killer animation, hilarious sight gags, and Big Mac talking (seriously though, Peter New should really get more lines as him, he's great XD) and season 5 is off to a fantastic start! Looking forward to next week's episode.
    *Stricker.exe excitement containment unit woona.0030e is overheating*
    OOOOOMG LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNAAAAAA. OMG they finally did it! I mean did you see her?!?! Like omg, she came out of the fucking sky with her moon behind her and it looked all epic as shit and MY GOD her animation was fucking fantastic. Her lines didn't sound forced like before either and Tabitha really hit it home this time with her! She hasn't sounded that good since the Luna Eclipsed episode! OMG OMG OMG SERIOUSLY DHX, what the hell took so long!?! She should be in EVERY EPISODE. Like really, she is so freaking amazing. You had me going there! Going half way into the episode without even a sign of her. I was honestly getting a bit livid as I figured it was a dream episode at around that point and the fact that Luna could of been left out was... EEEEEEEEEEEH, maddening! DHX THIS BETTER NOT BE THE ONLY TIME WE SEE HER THIS SEASON! LIKE SERIOUSLY, I need more! She is the best pony! SHE IS THE NIGHT *starts sobbing happily* THE WAIT WAS SO LONG! MOOOOOOON BUTT IS HERE NOW, I'm SORRY, I just can't right now. I just caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...
    *Stricker.exe stopped working*
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    Snatcher2047 reacted to Nepenthe in ProJared reviews Sonic Adventure 2   
    I think the most interesting bits he brought up was complimenting the Pumpkin Hill level for more catering its design to Knuckles' actual abilities and strengths that were predetermined, as well as his and Rouge's use in the Last Story. And in general, he didn't seem to really have a problem with the idea of treasure hunting so much as the specifics of its implementation, which makes me think he would be willing to have a more nuanced dialogue about different types of goals and gameplay stints that could be added to Sonic without actually superseding the original appeal of them (even though he broad-strokes about the friends at the end there, but whatever; conclusions and all of that.)
    I'm also not sure I'm on board with him entirely complaining about Sonic's pyramid level and its unlock door scheme, at least on the point that the mechanic being something that's not really seen again is an automatic detriment. I feel the introduction of one-time level gimmicks is fair game for design, particularly if you're attempting to define a location's qualities as much through gameplay as its aesthetics. The classic Sonic games did this fairly often anyway, so I'm not sure if this is necessarily a point I'd bring up as a universal negative.

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    Snatcher2047 reacted to Indigo Rush in ProJared reviews Sonic Adventure 2   
    For the record, calling the game out as being terrible is perfectly reasonable if every aspect of the game is considered as a whole of the sum of it's parts. He's not saying that every aspect of the game is trash; he's saying that there isn't enough good to outweigh the bad, therefore, despite the marshmallows, there's still a large chunk of oats that are left uneaten. That doesn't make for a good overall experience. It's bad. There may be good in it, but it's mostly bad.
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    Snatcher2047 reacted to Ratcicle King in New Nintendo console, Does that mean that Sonic, might come back to console?   
    Man I can't wait to see Sonic making his comeback to consoles, I mean, come on, it's been too long, 6 months! Time to make a comeback, baby!
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    Snatcher2047 reacted to Sean in What would make you being excited about Sonic 2016?   
    Fumie Kumatani being confirmed as alive and doing level music along with Kenichi Tokoi

    It's a ridiculous thing to ask for, I know.
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    Snatcher2047 reacted to WhoWhatMan in Guitar Hero Live (PS4, One, PS3, 360, Wii U / Autumn 2015)   
    Why couldn't they just do the same thing without the live action? It look really cheap and bland.
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    Snatcher2047 got a reaction from Forte-Metallix in My Little Pony's Justice 2 - Official MLP Thread v2   
    The episode started poorly for me, once the plot was revealed it was rather obvious where things were going and all I could think was, "What a lame idea for an episode."  Thankfully, thanks to some great dialogue and humor, the episode was actually a lot of fun.  I also loved that Aloe finally talked... even if her voice was a little weird.  And, of course...:

    I guess they weren't kidding about the background ponies this season.
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    Snatcher2047 reacted to Nepenthe in What's your top ten Sonic games?   
    We already have several topics concerning one's favorite Sonic game. On top of that, we don't do list threads. Threads and responding posts are generally required to have written thoughts; at least a few actual sentences. as a general guide and lurk more to see what we look for in posting.
    EDIT: Wait, you're that ban-dodger. lolz bai.
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    Snatcher2047 reacted to Cinematic Speedster CC14 in My Little Pony's Justice 2 - Official MLP Thread v2   
    A new soundtrack, Songs of Harmony, has arrived on iTunes! It finishes up the rest of Season 4's tunes (minus Pinkie Pride for probably Weird Al-related reasons) as well as a Season 2 song that was oddly missing from the previous releases and a new mash-up between Winter Wrap-Up and True True Friend. LE TRACK LIST:

    1.The Perfect Stallion
    2. Generosity
    3. Bats
    4. Flim Flam Miracle Curative Tonic
    5. You'll Play Your Part
    6. Glass of Water
    7. Music in the Treetops
    8. Find the Music in You
    9. Let the Rainbow Remind You
    10. True True Friend Winter Wrap-Up

    Always nice to see more official music releases. A bit bummed that Pinkie's Lament was left out, but hey, they're probably planning on a special release of all of Pinkie Pride's songs in one album once they work out a deal with Weird Al, so I'll be patient. Definitely interested in getting high quality versions of Generosity and Bats, though.
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    Snatcher2047 reacted to gato in My Little Pony's Justice 2 - Official MLP Thread v2   
    That moment gave me some serious Ren & Stimpy flashbacks, only the TV-Y rating stopped Bulk from carrying Spike with his buttcheecks :U
    Anyway, I really enjoyed that episode, as I mentioned before the only negative thing I have to say is what I mentioned in the previous post but besides that the humor and the characters were on top form as far as I'm aware (albeit a little carried on the moment as soon as Twi told them they'd know what she likes).
    Some special points I'd like to talk about, first of all lets give some props to the DHX team for the animation on this series, just check the jump from...
    Season 1

    To Season 5:

    Kudos to Grieffon at Derpi for pointing this out.
    Another thing I kinda liked about this episode is how Rarara was the one who knew what she was doing (it's kinda her job after all) and while not on Twilight's taste, you got to admit that this...

    ... Looks pretty good, shame her attempt to decor the main room had to be mixed up with the others... But this DOES make me curious about what the rest of the cast did on the other rooms, I really want to see the Apple kitchen and the stuffed animals, I can only hope we'll get to see them at some point. (as well as some random party cannon going off at some point)
    Another thing I liked about this episode was Twilight, Twi was barely there in season 4 and I'm so glad this episode gave me so many fun moments with her, I really hope this keeps going. Pinkie was another character I loved here, the voice delivery makes such a difference between the moments I love her and the ones I don't, Andrea hit almost all the right notes here, also this moment had me laughing for a while.
    Speaking about purple smarts, a lot of fans pointed out as a flaw that none of her friends thought of making anything book themed or related for her, but there is a good counterpoint for this (albeit not very well elaborated on the episode)...
    1) The library is not only Twilight's home, but also Spike's. The whole scene with the scorched remains of Golden Oaks pointed this to us and the final present the 5 friends did for Twily also counts as a present for the dragon as a plus since the memories of the place is a treasure that both can appreciate (unlike books, which Spike isn't as much as a fan of as purple smart).
    2) Speaking of the books. Twi already has those, she has a library, it was shown to us on Rainbow Rocks and was mentioned on this episode as well and to be honest whatever their friends could pick as a story for her might not be on her interest (unless ti's a fiction which seems more than one of the mane 7 share that liking)
    3) There was this episode on Season 4 called "Trade Ya!" that used this topic as well, Twi was supposed to get rid of a lot of books but after Pinkie reminded her about all the good memories that were attached to them the alicorn decided to keep them with her (and might have developed a bit of a hoarder mentality at the same moment >_>), this little detail was also another reason as to why the destruction of Golden Oaks hits so hard since it came after this realization. So once again, restoring those memories and bring them to Twi's new place sounds like a very awesome present to me.
    To add to all of this, I'm starting to think that this memory roots are going to be the new Letters/Book thingy to deliver aesops, I really hope I'm right on this one.
    So to conclude, I liked this one, it made me laugh, it made me feel (Happy feels mind you, not the ones I expected to have but there were feels none the less) and Rara is still best pone.

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    Snatcher2047 got a reaction from Applejack1973 in My Little Pony's Justice 2 - Official MLP Thread v2   
    The episode started poorly for me, once the plot was revealed it was rather obvious where things were going and all I could think was, "What a lame idea for an episode."  Thankfully, thanks to some great dialogue and humor, the episode was actually a lot of fun.  I also loved that Aloe finally talked... even if her voice was a little weird.  And, of course...:

    I guess they weren't kidding about the background ponies this season.
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    Snatcher2047 got a reaction from gato in My Little Pony's Justice 2 - Official MLP Thread v2   
    The episode started poorly for me, once the plot was revealed it was rather obvious where things were going and all I could think was, "What a lame idea for an episode."  Thankfully, thanks to some great dialogue and humor, the episode was actually a lot of fun.  I also loved that Aloe finally talked... even if her voice was a little weird.  And, of course...:

    I guess they weren't kidding about the background ponies this season.
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    Snatcher2047 reacted to Gabz Girl in Things you liked about Secret Rings   
    The music in Secret Rings is awesome and is probably the catchiest in the franchise. I really like the Arabic influences. The only song I don't like though is the main theme Seven Rings in Hand, not only because the song is played WAY too often, but the lyrics are super lame.

    The other thing I like about the game is its story, in particular the characters in said story. Eraser Djinn was s lame villain but I really like Shahra and how Tails, Knuckles and Eggnan were Arabian Nights characters. It was cute.
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    Snatcher2047 reacted to Sapphire in Rebecca Sugar's Steven Universe (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)   
    I reeeally want to see more of Rose in future episodes. She's such a great character, and the buildup throughout the series made actually seeing her so much better. I couldn't help but smile like a dweeb every time young Greg and Rose interacted. I also loved seeing how the Gems interacted with Rose. They seemed a lot more carefree when Rose was around, but that could just be me. 
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    Snatcher2047 reacted to . . in Official Anime/Manga Thread   
    Last night I watched the first episode of The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan. And, as a fan of the original series this spin-off is based on, I was a tad iffy about watching it. In fact, I had to force myself to watch it. But! I ended up enjoying it a lot more than I thought. The first thing that stuck out were the character designs. I was put off by them at first but as the episode went on, I found myself liking them more than the original ones. Seriously, I went back to watch an episode of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and was like "Woah... those eyes are humongous. Kinda.. gross even." I even liked how they had "chibi" moments in the show. It really made it a lot more fun to watch!
    The plot so far is rather.. non-existent. I mean, it's playing out as a normal slice of life show. Though since this is still a Haruhi Suzumiya series, I hope there will be some sort of action or mystery going on. Heck, Haruhi is in the show. She just made a one second appearance but I can assume she'll become a part of the crew sooner or later.
    Character interactions were also really well done and every character was still like their normal counterparts aside from Yuki (obviously because this is a "what if.." about her). And really, the writing style actually surprised me because it felt like something Nagaru Tanigawa wrote. And if I'm not mistaken, this spin-off was originally written by someone completely different (part of the reason I didn't want to read it in the first place). Kyon is still the best character in my eyes. All his reactions and thoughts are exactly what you'd expect of Kyon. He's just the average Joe that doesn't want to cause trouble or get into nasty shenanigans. And the new art style really emphasizes on that with his reactions.
    With that said, this is yet another anime I will be following this season. I expect some great stuff to be delivered by this show and I hope it doesn't disappoint. If anyone is a fan of the original Haruhi Suzumiya series and is on the fence, I'd say give the first episode a go. As I had previously mentioned, I was iffy about it when I saw the promotional art and heard the concept but I'm now rather enjoying it. So yeah, don't knock it 'till you've tried it.
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    Snatcher2047 got a reaction from LongcrierCat in Rebecca Sugar's Steven Universe (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)   
    "Don't worry kid... none of this is canon." - Uncle Grandpa.
    And all worry was gone.
    That was the best thing ever.  All the fouth wall breaking jokes had me dying laughing.  I absolutely loved Pearl losing her damn mind over all the insanity ("THIS IS OUR NEW HOME!" LOL).  The only low point was the brief time spent in Uncle Grandpa world, but even that was alright.  It got a little preachy at the end but at least the message was good.  And the last joke was great.  Makes you wonder if any other crossover episodes are in the works.  Easily one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time.
    RIP Pizza Steve.
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    Snatcher2047 reacted to gato in My Little Pony's Justice 2 - Official MLP Thread v2   
    I interrupt my murder of this thread to post this!





    Anyway I'd also like to comment about this scene of the premier:

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    Snatcher2047 reacted to Dark Qiviut in My Little Pony's Justice 2 - Official MLP Thread v2   
    This was from a little while ago. Now I'll get a little deeper into The Cutie Map.

    Even though I was a critic of various executions of Season 4, one of the bigger pluses is how much they approached maturer and grayer morals. Rarity Takes Manhattan talked about how you shouldn't quit your most positive qualities because someone took advantage of you. Pinkie Pride delved into the very mature theme of jealousy over an individual who can not only do the same talent you love and work on, but are also better at it. Some people know how much I praise Testing Testing's excellently executed moral and approach to it.

    Season Five commenced it with one of the most mature conflicts of not just the entire show, but family TV altogether. It's an entire episode where the conflict between how two ponies approach what friendship is about. Is friendship supposed to be about agreeing with one another? Or is friendship about where despite having serious disagreements, you can still be friends? Can friendship work under the philosophy that conformity trumps all?

    Yesterday, I mentioned how The Cutie Map had a very eerie similarity of George Orwell's Animal Farm, a storybook criticizing the way the Soviet Union was governed and politicized. Starlight Glimmer's goals run through very similar propaganda. She continued to spread the idea that in order to be true friends, you must be equal. Give up what makes you you. The song, In Our Town, is revealed by Ingram himself to be heavily inspired by WWII propaganda music. This is a really bold direction that hones in the criticism of how strict communist countries had or currently run such as the USSR and especially North Korea. The fact that they explicitly describe the area it's located as "East Equestria" (an implied allegory of the old Eastern Bloc) confirms this powerful message further.

    One of the cleverest directions Sonneborn, Larson, et al. induced this skewed opinion of friendship equating conformity is how the show never told the audience the name of the town. If you give this town a name, you risk breaking apart the theme of conformity and how the only way to thrive is to be like everypony else in Equestria. The lack of name retains that mystery behind the history of the town. More importantly, it reinforces Starlight Glimmer's skewed opinions of how the only way to actually be friends is to not conform to the rest of society. Keeping it nameless makes this drab village very inviting by teasing about how despite its dinky appearances, it could be one of the best places you'll ever run across. It's a very tiny thing quantitatively, but it really established credibility in Glimmer's propaganda.

    Undoubtedly, Starlight Glimmer's a fraud. By not conforming to the very same messages she claims to celebrate (not sacrificing her cutie mark while forcing everyone else to do so), she becomes a major hypocrite. However, don't let that mean her beliefs lack any level of sincerity. As a character, she's incredibly sharp with a sense of how she can be one step ahead of the others. With the ReMane Five locked up, she manipulated FS into trying to out her accomplices. Even more, Starlight doesn't act like some magical being who reigned in terror æons ago. She's a unicorn with very strong magical powers, and we have no idea what her past is. There's no doubt that her lack of past is intentional; it makes her feel both relatable and real.

    Unlike the other villains, she does believe in the magic of friendship, but not the MoF that the others believe. Instead, she sees the concept of individuality as a hindrance of both growth and triumph. Her idea of the cutie mark doesn't translate to being someone of equal potential, but how you must conform to Equestrian matriarchy/patriarchy. By telling everyone to give it up, force them, and hammer it in, she's making them believe that her totalitarian opinions will lead to an eventual Equestrian revolution. Not "revolution" as in warfare, but "revolution" as in how a new ideal of Equestria can be legitimately established. Even after she was revealed to be a hypocrite, she never relented that belief. Consequently, this further legitimizes her gray opinions on Equestrian society.

    Starlight Glimmer is a very credible, three-dimensional villain. She has very legitimate motives that back up continuity from not just the whole series, but also Magical Mystery Cure. One big problem from that finale is how it conveniently changes the whole definition of the cutie mark from being something you innately like and look forward to for the rest of your life to how it's forced on you. Starlight Glimmer — and the two-parter's theme itself — openly critiques the very structure and magic of the cutie mark. Surprisingly, SG's political assessments and critiques of the cutie mark system not only opens up further discussion and history of the cutie mark, but it also closes the continuity gap that Magical Mystery Cure opened. Her angst over the cutie mark isn't plucked out of thin air. It's an ongoing discussion in the fandom, including Pinkie Pride itself. There's legitimate backing to it, and she has very good reasons to tell passersby to abandon the practice. By being a very slick motivational speaker, Starlight Glimmer becomes both imposing and very threatening.

    A common problem in two-parters is the lack of naturality in the dialogue. Only Return of Harmony had much conviction in the dialogue. The Cutie Map's dialogue is incredibly believable. Sure, there's some repetition in Rarity's "divine" comments, but that's me being a little picky. Pinkie Pie was incredibly on point throughout; if you're a very big brony of her, you will like her here. She retains that same zaniness that we grew to know and love, but she's not a random idiot. Her comedy has purpose, and her obliviousness isn't exaggerated. She was acutely aware of how forced the ponies were acting, and it creeped her out. When she wasn't liking how Fluttershy bobbed to the propaganda, her glare snapped her out of it.

    Honestly, the disagreement the Mane Six had with their impressions over the town was awesome! Pinkie Pie was extremely apprehensive over the town, Starlight Glimmer, and the townsponies. However, Fluttershy had a completely opposite opinion of the town. Despite Glimmer's scary predisposition, FS wasn't willing to quit on the town and believe there were some good intentions behind everything here. In Bats!, FS's skewed opinions of how to handle the bats was completely wrong, yet treated as in the right despite Applejack having more justification to get rid of the vampire fruit bats. Here, both FS and PP had very solid opposing opinions of the town. This establishes not just the gray morale in this whole episode, but also Starlight Glimmer's politics. They were a driving force in the conflict, but neither side was one-hundred-percent right. Each of the Mane Six had strong, solid, differing convictions of the town. None of them were right nor wrong.

    There's one bugaboo that I must talk about: "The Staff of Sameness." Not the staff itself, but the naming. It's extremely blunt and very anticlimactic. It gives off that feeling of evil before SG confronted them. While the rest of the episode had extremely clever writing, the name of the staff comes off as extremely convenient. If there was more cleverness in the name, like "equalibrium," "The Gate to Freedom," or something else (if you can give me other names in the comments, feel free to), it would make SG's morale even greyer. Fortunately, Sonneborn and Larson were able to overcome this stilt and deliver a story that was extremely solid from top to bottom.
    The MLP Forums's (and fellow friend of mine) LZRD WZRD mentioned this in his analysis, and I'll do it here. "In Our Town" is an accurate, yet creepy, tribute to WWII propaganda songs. There's a sick stench of utopian creepiness that will make you shiver down your spine. But one meter really hones in Glimmer's justified philosophies: "You can't have a nightmare if you never dream." What makes it scary is how there's truth into this line. It turns the idea that dreams are an inherent nightmare; in order to have a true good night's sleep, how about giving up the ability to dream? It's a scary question to ask, but the way the song's written and how it's delivered makes the concept one of the best ideas out there. The line tackles internal conflict and offers implications on how you can tackle it. (I'm thinking of breaking down the entire some in a future analysis, and you can read the other two here.)

    I'll do more at a later date, but for now, it's safe to say that this episode ranks as one of the best at this point. There are very good reasons why The Cutie Map has so much intrigue in this fandom. The conflict concept is bold and fantastic. But what it did was tackle this dark theme, merge the concept of the cutie mark in both MMC and the rest of the show, and approach it very naturally. It's extremely believable, and its execution is utterly fantastic. A very bold direction like this is extremely needed, and to have it done and done well in TV-Y programming is revolutionary.
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