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  1. No worries, that sounds good to me. Thanks! Here is a new suggestion in place of the CD pick: Sonic Generations - End Credits - Ending Medley (Staff Roll)
  2. I will offer two sets of suggestions, as the first involves requests for extending game slots. The second set of suggestions (contained in spoiler tags at the end of the post) are for games that do not require any extensions, in the case that my extension requests are denied. So please disregard the suggestions in the spoiler tags if my extension requests are approved. Sonic Adventure 2 - Eternal Engine (Tails) - On the Edge Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) - End of the World (Tails, Omega, Knuckles, Silver, Rouge, Amy, Shadow) - End of the World Sonic and the Secret Rings - Night Palace (Sonic) - Unawakening Float Sonic and the Black Knight - Fan Remix - Fight the Knight (Simpsonill Remix) by Simpsonill Alternatively, if my extension requests for Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) are denied, please refer to the following suggestions instead:
  3. I couldn't care less what the critics say about Sonic Forces. Many Sonic games have gotten very poor reviews from "critics" in the past who have clearly demonstrated their lack of ability to do their job. One example would be a reviewer who trashed Sonic Unleashed, but then we found out he barely even touched the game. Many people don't seem to understand that game critics are not some kind of impartial authority that genuinely tries to honestly and accurately rate games based on objective measure of the game's quality. Just like any other business, corporations that publish game reviews are looking to make money. As a result, they're going to do everything they can to maximize those dollar bills. In other words, game reviews have little or nothing to do with a game's quality. Rather, they're going to go with what they think the majority of people will want to hear. If they subscribe to this false notion that Sonic is a bad series, and if they believe the majority of people in their targeted demographics hold that same opinion, then that is the opinion they are going to reflect in their reviews to try to make themselves look better. An easy and cheap way to superficially raise your business's credibility is to try to make yourself look better by comparison: X company says Y game sucks, most of the people with money to spend agree with company X's opinion, therefore company X raises their credibility among said group of people which just further spreads via word of mouth, especially in this age of the internet. I'm not at all saying that all reviewers are this way, or that reviews are always wrong. Rather, this is simply the general model behind companies that participate in this. However, like any company, each individual person can and will make their own decisions to some extent, so I'm sure there are plenty of game reviewers who genuinely try to do an honest and good job. And, there definitely are cases when many people think a game sucks and they're right, because it just sucks. I personally don't think any Sonic game sucks, but that's just me. I am simply saying that reviews are not any kind of impartial or objective source of information about the quality of a game. Every critic has their biases, whether conscious or unconscious, not to mention how most companies will be more than eager to adjust a review score if the price is right. That would explain why so many garbage games get high review scores. So yes, I will absolutely continue to support modern Sonic if Forces is poorly received by the critics. Let them write whatever reviews they want -- I'm just going to enjoy the game series I love, no matter what anyone else has to say about it.
  4. One reason why I love the Sonic series so much is that the franchise offers a great variety of gameplay styles over many different games. As a result, different games will be challenging to people in different ways. What might come naturally for one person might be very challenging for another. Personally, I love the Classic and Modern Sonic games equally -- I don't prefer one over the other. On the contrary, I view each category as a completely different experience that I very much love and enjoy in different ways and for different reasons. That being said, I tend to encounter the most challenge with the Classic games because some of the platforming can become very challenging. It gets easier with practice, but on average I tend to encounter more difficult moments in Classic games. In regard to the Modern era, I typically view Sonic Unleashed as the most difficult in many ways. The Werehog stages can be challenging but overall are not that difficult for me. I primarily encounter challenge with many of the Sonic stages, especially when you get into subsequent optional acts, missions, and DLC. Unleashed provides some of the most difficult Sonic levels I've ever played, but that is one reason why I love Unleashed so much. I feel like it provides the right balance of difficulty. Most of the main/required levels, while often having challenging moments, are not too difficult overall until you get to Eggman Land. I do think the required levels before that point can become very difficult, but not to any kind of extreme. With enough practice I don't feel like they are too challenging. However, the game also offers many optional levels and missions with greatly increased difficulty for anyone who wishes to give that a try. I feel like that's the best way to balance the difficulty in a game. Make the main game challenging but reasonable, and save excessively difficult, convoluted and advanced content for optional levels and missions. Aside from Sonic Unleashed, I've also had some difficulty with Sonic Heroes. I also think Sonic and the Secret Rings can be extremely difficult, but I'm not sure whether or not I would consider it harder overall than Unleashed when counting all of the optional levels available. However, just counting the main required levels, I think Secret Rings is actually harder overall because some of the levels were extremely difficult for me, particularly some of the boss battles. Aside from those three games, while I have definitely encountered some difficulty and challenge in every Sonic game I've played, I haven't experienced too much difficulty overall.
  5. That is an interesting theory, and I definitely think that's plausible. I love Infinite's theme song and have listened to it many times. Throughout that time I've paid increasingly close attention to the lyrics, and I have been wondering about the same lyrics that you mentioned, among other lines from the song as well. There definitely seems to be a lot of references to illusion, time, and space. That combined with certain things I saw in Sonic Mania, which I will omit for the time being in case there are still people who haven't finished playing it yet, makes me inclined to believe that Infinite's abilities do not just involve potentially manipulating time and space, but may also involve some sort of illusory component: I've considered something along the lines of virtual reality simulations, or more internal assaults such as mind control or strong mental suggestions/hallucinations. My primary reasons for thinking along these lines include the nature of the song's lyrics discussing reality/unreality as well as visual anomalies in Sonic Forces trailers/music videos released that remain consistent specifically between Infinite and several other villains. Namely, I've noticed a sort of red distortion appearing around Infinite and Metal Sonic in particular. I've also noticed that Shadow's eyes look unnatural, which implies artificiality of some kind, whether in manipulation or some other form of illusion. Overall, while I can't be sure about specifics until I play the game, I think there's a very high chance that Infinite's most primary distinguishing abilities will involve manipulative illusions and/or mind control in some way, in addition to the ability to alter time and space. In that sense, he becomes a greater threat than previous villains. Previous villains have displayed varying levels of ability to manipulate and/or traverse outside of space and time, so if Infinite also has more power over people on a more abstract psychological level, he becomes a greater threat in many ways due to the increased difficulty with detecting and overcoming that particular brand of assault.
  6. SCS

    Lego Elves

    This show looks very interesting. I love the art style and the fantasy setting. I would definitely want to check this show out at some point. I'm particularly interested by how much creative freedom the show incorporates around the fundamental Lego brand behind the franchise. Tentatively, this reminds me of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, because that show is a wonderful example of a series that wanted to have genuine substance and meaning beyond serving as a marketing tool. From what I understand, they wanted the show to have genuine quality and substance, and to in essence become its own entity beyond the My Little Pony toy brand and marketing endeavors. Lego Elves may be taking a similar approach, by offering a substantial and unique presentation going notably beyond its marking purposes advanced by corporate entities. I will be interested to check in on this show over time and see what kind of content it ends up producing over the long-term.
  7. Hey, I'm new here. I've browsed this site many times in the past as a guest, but just recently decided to register an account. I love both the classic and modern styles of Sonic games. I don't prefer one over the other. Rather, I love and enjoy both equally, albeit in different ways because both offer very different experiences. For me, the classic games offer a quite uniquely magical experience that is very hard to recreate, yet Sonic Mania did so excellently. I enjoy the 2D side-scrolling nature of those games, as well as the mixture of action/speed gameplay and platforming. I particularly enjoy the aesthetic of the classic games, their mysterious and nostalgic art style, worlds, and overall content. I equally love and enjoy the modern 3D Sonic games. I very much enjoy their often epic scope, interconnected storytelling and varied gameplay. I particularly love Sonic's friends and the dynamics of their interaction with Sonic and with each other. The dialog, storytelling and character interaction found in many modern Sonic games brings more depth, personality, and heart to Sonic's world that I very much love. I've played the vast majority of classic and modern Sonic games, and I love almost all of them. I'm not able to choose a particular favorite, because I feel that each game offers a different experience. Just to offer a handful of examples, I particularly love worlds such as the Aquatic Ruin Zone, Marble Garden Zone and Star Light Zone from classic era as these offer a mysterious and in some cases ancient aesthetic that I enjoy. I dearly love the Adventure games and their interconnecting storylines and varied gameplay style, the Chao gardens and associated gameplay, and the world and character designs and interactions. I love the epic scope of Unleashed and 06, as well as the varied gameplay options offered in each game, particularly 06 with its abundance of playable characters and Adventure-style separate but interconnecting storylines. I love Sonic and the Secret Rings as well as Sonic and the Black Knight -- I've always been a fan of literature, so seeing Sonic being explored in such a context was really fun and interesting. They also offer more unique gameplay styles and settings to help add additional variety to the franchise. I very much love Sonic Generations and its variety of snapshots representing different eras of the Sonic franchise. I was also very impressed by how robust and comprehensive the levels were. The only Sonic game that I don't like that much is Sonic Colors, but there are still several aspects of that game that I very much enjoy. Overall, I dislike Sonic Colors mainly due to the poor writing, self-defeating humor and very flawed depictions of Sonic and Tails. I also don't particularly enjoy Wisp-based gameplay, but I like it much more in what we've seen so far of Forces gameplay so I'm open-minded about their utilization in other games. That aside, I love the art and most of the music in Sonic Colors. The worlds are very beautiful, imaginative, and creative, and I really appreciate and enjoy the high levels of visual detail found in most of the worlds. I also thought most of the music was fantastic. Recently, I finished playing Sonic Mania and I love it enormously. Its many clever references were touching and entertaining, and the levels had tremendous creativity, passion, and ingenuity. They were long and just the right level of challenging. The boss battles were amazing, and the game overall was just a fantastic experience. I'm also extremely excited for Sonic Forces and I love almost everything I've seen of it so far, but I can't say for sure how I will feel about the game until I play it. I know I'll love it, though, unless it somehow ends up doing anything I would take serious issue with, which is extremely unlikely, given the fact that I still loved Sonic Colors in some ways despite my many concerns with its writing and game design choices. I don't have a single favorite Sonic character, but overall, I'm happiest with a Sonic game when it involves Sonic's friends in some way. I most prefer when they are playable, which has been regrettably lacking in some recent games, but I at least want to see them play a role in the story and the cutscenes even if they aren't playable. I'm very happy to see so many of them appear in Forces, and I loved that Mania offered the selection of multiple playable characters that Sonic 3 & Knuckles did. Sonic the Hedgehog is about so much more than going fast, or platforming. I've seen some attempt to reduce Sonic to his core gameplay attributes, which is really missing so much. I wouldn't love Sonic anywhere near as much as I do if all there was to it was going fast and platforming. Many Sonic games offer interesting worlds, lovable characters, intriguing storylines and so many other wonderful attributes. Sonic is always at his best when he is surrounded by his friends, playable or not. The gameplay is a ton of fun, but that is only the surface aspect. The world, the story and the characters are what make the franchise dear to me, and what makes me want to stick with it always.
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