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  1. I don’t think anyone is advocating copying Sonic Advnture like for like. I think, in the main, people would be ok with just Sonic and Tails with adventure 1 style gameplay, updated for the modern day. It’s more emulating the style of how Sonic played in those games that people are getting at. I realise 06 and Shadow killed that style for them initially but we all know they were a hot mess for lots of reasons. It’s now 12 years old and it’s ok for them to have a go at it again. Gameplay wise, they just need to keep the ideas streamlined, the levels interesting (possibly similar to adventure 1 but with more pathways), controls like adventure 1 but tweaked for the modern era, and not to rush stuff out.
  2. BIt harsh. Sonic 2 had multiple pathways in nearly all the levels didn't it?
  3. I'll try Wine. I was hoping there was a Mac version knocking around somewhere so I wouldn't have to bother using any cross platform software, but if that's the only way, I'll try it.
  4. I've been thinking hard about it and I was wondering where everyone would like to see the series go now. I was very disappointed with Forces after the success of Mania. It was faaaaar too easy for me. I like the boost formula but I don't think it's a good idea for Sonic Team to keep going with it at the moment. I like Unleashed (the day stages anyway), colours and generations but I think making Sonic zip along at that speed must make it difficult to create Sonic levels, otherwise they wouldn't either make the levels really short and easy or plug the gaps in the game with non-sonic gameplay to make it longer. I think Forces shows they are either running out of steam or they just don't care enough. Honestly, I think the best plan right now would be to get some old school Adventure series fan developers to have a go in the same way they did for the classic games with Mania. In my view, Mania was amazing - it was made by fan devs and it's opened the door to more from the same guys. That's really positive. It's the most fun I've had in a Sonic game for years, from beginning to end. The main reason it plays like this is because it comes across that the devs REALLY CARED about it. That didn't come across in Forces to me. If they could improve upon the style of Sonic level gameplay from Adventure 1 using some fan devs who care more about the franchise, I think 3D Sonic would be much more consistent and good. Just a thought. Where would you all like to see the 3D series go?
  5. I think my question is pretty self explanatory from the title - I want to experience the Sonic Utopia demo but I only have a Macbook. Is this possible? If so, how do I do it?
  6. It's a stretch to call Mania challenging if you got NO game overs and you hit a little road block at ONE boss. I think we may differ in our conception of challenging. i have no idea how people find S1, S2 S3&k, Sonic CD or even 3D blast hard - they just aren't at all. The handheld ones aren't difficult except for finding the chaos emeralds (with the exception of GG Sonic 2 which is legitimately hard on your first go). Sonic 06 is only hard in places because it's broken. Equally, Heroes because it has ice physics. Shadow was just boring rather than hard. It's just a chore. sonic adventure 1 or 2 hard? haha. Think the rest you listed are probably a matter of skill level, but i personally only found the 4 I listed in the OP in any way hard on my first run through.
  7. I recently went back to Castlevania. I have played the majority now. I think I'd still have to say symphony of the night is the best by a whisper. All the DS games are awesome as well though - Order of Eccesia, Dawn of Sorrow and Portrait of Ruin are all equally amazing I think. Obvious Aria of Sorrow for the GBA is top quality too (not better than symphony though) But I wouldn't say the worst is Simon's Quest as some people think. In fact, I quite enjoyed it. The classics are pretty good despite their difficulty - love Rondo of Blood in particular (Oh my God the music). Castlevania 64 is a bad game... that's fairly clear. It's probably the worst one. However, I know it's not a popular opinion but I also really didn't like the Lords of Shadow games - I think because it's a reboot the story kind of annoys me because it messes with established characters. I wasn't even that keen on mirror of fate. Anyway, what are your favourites and least favourites and why?
  8. Yeah, but there hasn't been a popular 2D sonic game like Mania for ages. It's confirmation for people that Sonic only works in 2D. I don't agree with that BTW, but it's not how non fans will see it.
  9. See above post In which I explained that. It's a discussion that's all. The reviewer doesn't pan all modern sonic games so he isn't your typical mainstream reviewer - that worries me.
  10. I just happened upon it and wanted to see what everyone thought. I am worried about how it will be received myself because I don't want to see an end to modern sonic completely. If it gets panned too much and Mania gets praised too much - bye bye modern sonic. I'm sure as Sonic fans we all want good games of both types.
  11. It's just a question of making it exactly like Sonic Mania but with all new levels. I don't think that style will get stale for the next installment at least. I'm sure with the current Sonic Mania team it would be pretty epic. Classic sonic is not needed in the modern style games now. That void has been filled.
  12. It's probably 8 bit Sonic 2. Was the first level called underground zone with minecarts and stuff? It's the boss on that level with the bouncing metal balls with no rings and a squashed screen. edit: just realised it could be triple trouble. Surely not though - that game was much easier than Sonic 2 8 bit
  13. What are you classing as 'Nintendo hard'? No Sonic games come close to some NES games like Castlevania, Battletoads, or mega man. Are you thinking of games that Nintendo produced themselves like Mario?
  14. Did you like it? You should go back and play the classics now!
  15. Hmmm, I can maybe get on board with the difficulty of getting the chaos emeralds in the advance games, but not the actual levels. 1, 2, 3 and CD aren't really hard at all, not even on your first try. Some people struggled with the end bosses on Sonic 1 and 2 because of the no rings thing I guess, but the rest I believe most people could do fairly comfortably. The master system Sonic 1 definitely isn't hard. I distinctly remember beating that first time when was about 8 so it can't be hard.
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