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  1. When your ladybro gets triggered over you deciding to make her Rouge.

    1. Insulin Girl Aldith

      Insulin Girl Aldith


      Those birds need to chill.

    2. Insulin Girl Aldith
    3. Chip Gaia
    4. Insulin Girl Aldith

      Insulin Girl Aldith

      *sigh* please help our souls

    5. craw264


      He’s trying to make me Rouge.

      please no

  2. Ugh, I was planning on buying Mania because I thought Big was making a comeback as a playable character...but no...a joke. Well, at least I figured out before I wasted my money.

    1. craw264


      Haha Big the Cat

  3. Well, my birthday is June 21st, 2001. May I please have mine added?
  4. Thank you both so much!
  5. I'm really new to this forum, but thank you for checking out my art, first off. I'm Chip Gaia, and I hope we can be good friends. Any criticism is appreciated, just don't be rude about it, please. I'll start off with just a few. This is the most recent drawing I've finished, and it's meant to pay homage to my closest friends on a different forum, Pokestadium to be specific. (Just for clarification, on there, I'm known as Big the Cat, so Big represents me in this.) This is simply a scene drawing of my OCs (including an aged up Bark the Polar Bear) during Baseball Practice. This drawing is called "Afternoon at the Blue Bull Bar" "Well, Someone's Purrturbed" is a drawing of a fusion between Big and Bubsy. Thank you again for viewing my art.
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