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  1. Umm..excuse me, but why did my friends get banned? They may have come in a group, but that was just because I told them about how active the server was. They wanted to see it for themselves.

    They're cringy at times, yes, but they didn't have any ill intentions.

    If we're not supposed to discuss bans, I apologize, but I just wanted to know. Thank you.

    1. craw264


      There’s a very good reason, starting with everything they’ve ever posted. And I just got here.

    2. Osmium


      Yeah talking about roughly managing genitalia with the username "My Big Round Hairy Balls" after not reading the rules will get you places. Namely out the door. 

    3. Chip Gaia

      Chip Gaia

      Yes, that one doesn't surprise me, but not all of them said anything particularly wrong.

    4. Osmium


      Besides Blue Waffles spamming in broken English? We actually try to have (relatively) meaningful conversations here, to get serious for a second. 

    5. Chip Gaia

      Chip Gaia

      Ehh, weren't you the one who told her to post more status updates?

      Besides, Insulin Girl Aldith didn't do aaaaaanything. She just asked on some fips and suggestions with her art. That isn't fair to her that she'd get banned over it.

    6. DiamondX


      Not a mod, but I think the first impression counts the most.

      Having two usernames with more...interesting meanings sure isn't making a good one.

    7. Osmium


      It was sarcasm since she was a bloody troll. 

      You all came on with weird as hell usernames and started spamming weird shit at the same time. It doesn't take long to suspect you were all trolls. 

    8. Chip Gaia

      Chip Gaia

      She has that name on Discord too, she wasn't a troll. She's my ladybro, I've known her for almost 2 years now.

      Doesn't it make more sense to wait until all of them legitimately do something, instead of jumping the gun?

    9. Wraith


      You got heart kid. Where ya from

    10. DiamondX


      Having those usernames sure sounds like something a troll would do. At least have a decent name.


      And we don't like trolls and spamming.

    11. Osmium


      Well Mrs. Blue Waffles wasn't a good one to send out first if you wanted us to believe you weren't all trolls. I honestly thought you were all alt accounts. We've been raided before with new members appearing at this speed and most spamming and being weird so I dunno man. 

    12. Chip Gaia

      Chip Gaia

      Huh? I've been here for a little while, but I fell inactive for a bit. The place went off my radar thanks predominantly to school.

      Unless that's a reference, heh.

    13. Osmium


      Also fine if Insulin Girl Aldith wasn't a troll but that's honestly just a strange name man. You don't have a username starting with "Insulin Girl" and expect people to not laugh or question it. 

    14. Chip Gaia

      Chip Gaia

      I didn't send her here, I didn't even think she would join, she didn't tell me she was going to.

      The others, I had anticipated, yes, but if they came off as trolls, I apologize on behalf of them. I've known then for a good long while, they're good people, who've come to my defense countless times. It's only fair that I do the same.

      Insulin Girl, yes, an inside joke, the Aldith part spawns from her love for Aldith from the Pokemon anime.

    15. DiamondX


      At least tell them to use a normal name.

      All of their names were questionable in a way or another. Makes them look like trolls.

    16. Osmium


      Well okay. I still feel a little skeptical of your claims some of them weren't trolls (especially Blue Waffles and Balls dude). I think most people scoff at this but there are guidelines to follow and should be looked at before you join. 

    17. Chip Gaia

      Chip Gaia

      Okay, thank you.

    18. KHCast


      Should we be talking about this? @Chip Gaia if you have a problem with it, you should talk to and ask the mods about it.

    19. Chip Gaia

      Chip Gaia

      I just wanted a general answer, anyone here could answer my question, more than likely.

      But I guess it's over now, so there's no need to inconvenience the moderators.

    20. Kiah


      We’ve been inconvenienced more than enough. As has the entire community for that matter. 

      Anyway, it’s true that this matter isn’t appropriate for the statuses on top of the matter being handled so I’m going to lock this. If you have any additional questions or concerns feel free to contact a Staff member. 

  2. When your ladybro gets triggered over you deciding to make her Rouge.

    1. Insulin Girl Aldith

      Insulin Girl Aldith


      Those birds need to chill.

    2. Insulin Girl Aldith
    3. Chip Gaia
    4. Insulin Girl Aldith

      Insulin Girl Aldith

      *sigh* please help our souls

    5. craw264


      He’s trying to make me Rouge.

      please no

  3. Ugh, I was planning on buying Mania because I thought Big was making a comeback as a playable character...but no...a joke. Well, at least I figured out before I wasted my money.

    1. craw264


      Haha Big the Cat

  4. Well, my birthday is June 21st, 2001. May I please have mine added?
  5. This one isn't Sonic art, but I wanted to show it anyway, I just finished it a few minutes ago. It's called "Hurricane Harvey" And this second drawing is called "It's Flu Season Again, Moonsiders". (The region in which my OCs live is called Moonside for clarification.)
  6. Thank you both so much!
  7. I'm really new to this forum, but thank you for checking out my art, first off. I'm Chip Gaia, and I hope we can be good friends. Any criticism is appreciated, just don't be rude about it, please. I'll start off with just a few. This is the most recent drawing I've finished, and it's meant to pay homage to my closest friends on a different forum, Pokestadium to be specific. (Just for clarification, on there, I'm known as Big the Cat, so Big represents me in this.) This is simply a scene drawing of my OCs (including an aged up Bark the Polar Bear) during Baseball Practice. This drawing is called "Afternoon at the Blue Bull Bar" "Well, Someone's Purrturbed" is a drawing of a fusion between Big and Bubsy. Thank you again for viewing my art.
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