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  1. I think this takes the cake for weird sonic stuff. I would've loved to see the design process for this bag, if there even was one lmao
  2. Very unpopular opinion here, but I think the first Sonic is better than the original Super Mario Bros. I never enjoyed the original Mario Bros as much as I did with Sonic, it just felt too boring and samey to me. (not to say it's a bad game by any means!) Maybe it's because I didn't grow up with Mario games or maybe I just have awful taste, I dunno. That's what a good majority of people o the Internet would lead me to believe. Sonic though had great varied visuals, fun momentum based gameplay and less linear level design. Sonic appealed to me as a character more than Mario ever did too.
  3. Aww, one of the only conventions I'd actually be interested in going to in the UK and I'm all the way in Huddersfield. I have such a soft spot for the Fleetway comics and nobody talks about them anymore. Really sucks being a poor student.
  4. Calling it now, the plot will be your typical fish out of water story, a more condensed Sonic X probably. Shenanigans ensue. Honestly, I'm not sure who was really asking for this. The Sonic OVA is perfectly serviceable, I know it's technically not a film per se but it flows like one, pretty good too, most likely better than this movie will ever be. I wouldn't be too fussed but the Sonic name has been tarnished so many times that a mediocre to bad CGI-hybrid movie akin to the Smurfs is really the last thing it needs right now. They hit it out of the park with Sonic Mania, don't knock down the poor hedgehog again just as he was getting back up on his feet. But what can I really say. We have barely anything to go off about this film yet. We'll have to wait and see, and I'm sure as hell booking tickets to see which way it goes.
  5. Not introducing unnecessary gimmicks!! People like the classic Sonic games how they are and we like how they play. No need to change much really other than adding new levels. I'd like to see online features such as races, that'd be pretty cool I think .
  6. The game gear games, especially Sonic 2 gave me quite a bit of trouble and I was stuck on the first zone for a long while. I'm pretty rubbish at Sonic Spinball too, I've come close to but have never beaten the first level :C My skills in Sonic 1 and 2 came from a lot of trial and error as well as developing game sense, as I learned when I played Sonic 3&K for the first time proper last year and had a rough first play through.
  7. Simpsons hit and run for me. When I was a kid it blew my mind with how massive the world seemed, and I remember exploring it for hours finding all the cards and secrets. Now though it's absolutely nothing in comparison to games like GTA V and when I played it again recently it surprised me with how small it actually was and the fact that the game wasn't really open world in the first place kinda ruined it for me lol.
  8. Hey guys! I'm new to the forums but I'm a veteran Sonic fan. I figured what better way to introduce myself than show you some of my arty stuff. I drew these on my 3DS using an eshop program called Colours 3D, and I'd love to hear some opinions from other artists and how I can improve because I don't find Sonic characters easy to draw.
  9. 1. Sonic 2 - Easily my favorite, soundtrack wise as well as level design wise. I could just be biased since I grew up with this game and know it pretty well, but I'd say that doesn't take away from it being one of my top 10 games ever honestly. I do agree with the special stages though, they really suck... Or maybe I just really suck at them. 2. Sonic 3&K- Not a big fan of stages such as Carnival night which brings it down a bit but overall it's the core game I love with more stuff added. Love the elemental shields as well as the insta-shield and of course good ol' Knuckles. 3. Sonic 1 - Also grew up with this game and have completed it god knows how many times. I love the majority of it but after all this time I still struggle with the Labyrinth zone boss, but it isn't too big of a deal really, I don't mind the rest of Labyrinth zone unlike a lot of people. The game is very slow in some areas but it really doesn't bother me too much. No invincibility after touching spikes is just brutal though and coming back to this game after taking abilities such as the spin dash for granted in later games is just cumbersome. 4. Sonic CD - I think this is a solid sonic game, the past/future mechanic is interesting and I honestly really like it. 2nd boss fight was an absolute pain and made me hate bumpers and the pinball mechanic for a while. The soundtrack is an absolute beast though. --Mania- I've not actually played it yet! I'm a bit hesitant on buying at the moment with the addition of DRM for the PC port but I will hopefully have my hands on it soon.
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