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  1. It's so exciting we're six more new fighters in the next pass, I can see them now:


    Lloyd Irving


    Agnès Oblige


    Kazuma Kiryu



    Reimu Hakurei

    1. PublicEnemy1


      I'd actually like that.

  2. What I'm making is another sword fighter.


    I know that it's another swords fighter.




    But I'm making it anyway.

  3. Well, after five long years since they'd announced it, Universal and Nintendo are finally breaking the silence. We're looking to take our first visit to the real life Mushroom Kingdom in Osaka, this Summer: You've played all their games, but what if you could step straight into the world inside the game? Through the use of the Super Nintendo World smartphone app and special Power-Up Bands, the park intends to energize tourists and make them feel part of the game world. Guests can use the wristbands and app to interact with park area via collecting digital coins, clearing challenges and competing with other park goers. Debuting rides include Yoshi Adventure and Mario Kart, also including a dining area, Toadstool Cafe. No sign of the supposed Donkey Kong area, so that expansion might come later. Information on any potential connectivity with the Switch will be discussed at a later date. Yeah, it's all basically Mario stuff at the start of it all, but it's been said that they are considering bringing in more IPs as the park grows after launch. I figured now would be a good time to share some of these rumored images and concept art that were supposedly leaked over the years. You might be familiar with this model overview of the park- Some original early concepts that may not reflect the current direction: And rumored details on the ride layouts- So it's great to know that this park will make it right on schedule before the 2020 Olympics. But for those who may be yearning for any info on the state of the US Nintendo Worlds, dismay not! It's apparently possilble that the Nintendo World in Orlando might not be taking up an old zone's spot in the original park after all. It seems to have been moved to a brand new home all to itself in the long awaited third new Orlando park: Universal's Epic Universe.
  4. "Hey, Nintendo? Can you make a theme park that has all of your best IPs mix in it and not just Mario everywhere?"


    Nintendo: tumblr_omeupbaHt21uonep4o1_500.jpg


    1. Strickerx5


      Wow... I am just dead inside with this. Like, I’m not even surprised nor disappointed... I just have nothing.

      They’re not even pulling from some of the more interesting Mario elements.

    2. Dejimon11


      shocking the sonic forum being the one disappointed 

    3. Ryannumber1gamer


      I very heavily doubt this trailer is anything representing of what the park actually looks like. The Mario focus is really weird, but I’d be more concerned over the issue that the trailer just shows a CG game world instead of like, the actual park. 

    4. Strickerx5


      Why did they even call it “Super Nintendo World”

    5. Kittea


      I'll take any excuse to visit Japan again honestly.

    6. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      I feel much more annoyed by the implacations that they're just gonna cheat with all the good stuff by just using AR and CG tech vs pratical FX. I guess it's unavoidable when "video game" can be basically defined as "virtual."

  5. Yeah, I'll admit the scene is what's starting to tick me off now looking back. That was a glimpse of what we should've goten looking again. If they really wanted to tend towards fans nostalgia with the old trilogy, maybe we'd be better off if it started just after ROTJ instead of the skipping straght to the timeskip thing. That way they could be allowed to spend more time letting the old characters do new things, instead of wasting time making new characters that do old things. You wouldn't get with rehasing the original films as easily, when your new saga already stars the old heroes that went through two superweapon plots already. And then with each passing we could skip ahead gradually and slowly add in some of the newer stuff, and by the end of the 9th episode it'll have a more proper passing the torch moment for the new characters. You know how people been making edits to the prequels to make them just one film? The same could be said for the sequels; just have the imaginary tenth episode just put all the stuff that did work in the new films into one. But I'll still come to terms with the reality here. For me, it won't matter to much whether they make this a one off film or a 12 episode TV series. Just once, I'd like to see the old rebel band have one more adventure together- like an ultra loose adaptation of the Thrawn trilogy and others, while squeezing in a few inevitable setups to the new trilogy we have with Ben and such. That's all it'll really take me to feel fully happy with the saga we have and carry on. But I'll assume this is too heavy of request for now, and I'll still carry on peacefully. You do know people were weirded out when they deepfaked Peter Cushing and Carrie Fisher's likenesses into Rogue One, right?
  6. Ah yes. The best possible way to bring Mephiles back:

    Where I can sit on his face.

    Image result for sitting on skateboard

  7. So what do you believe the New Roaring 20s will bring? Mostly on an entertaiment end?

    1. Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Hopefully better Star Wars movies.

    2. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      Disney+ get more on a role

  8. On one hand, this is hardly any different from the Direct drought the year before. For four years straight, the last regular Direct of that year occurred in September and going by last year at least, there won't be a new one to February. Yet to be fair, at least this game's launch hype was more than enough to tide us over till then, and before, the gap in between was covered by one or two game centered Directs. This year's gap merely gave us a showcase on a single (yet perfectly beefy) new character of one game. A January direct of any sort would be good for a "kickoff-the-new-decade" event, but I don't expect that to be in Nintendo's humble nature for now.
  9. Welp, 'zat time again.


    For 53 years I put up with this now. 


    (No really, the cartoon is 53 now)

  10. america.jpg



    You thought for a second that the finale to Star Wars or Game of Thrones stood a ghost of a chance.

  11. This franchise must be dead by now.

    Now I will watch'em destroy what's left of them.

    1. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      This is where the Mandalorian and the Obi Wan show jump out of the smoke, fighting back the backlash.

  12. Reminder: Dective Pikachu has a higher RT score than Ep. 9 and all four Live Action Disney films this year.



    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Yes it required an hour of laughter.

      I guess Disney couldn't catch Pikachu!


    It's merely a proof of concept at this phase, but this fangame just might be the perfect way they can follow up Mania. A celebration of SEGA's whole catalog and their characters with Sonic gameplay is a brilliant and pretty logical step up from celebrating early Sonic games, while at the same time looking more original than just the same old levels over and over again. The historical stuff like the parade balloon and the comic boss make for some tasty icing on the cake. If they won't let Sumo make anymore SEGA All Star games, than this would be the perfect alternative.




    My one complaint is that it should've waited longer before the other SEGA villains to appear when Eggman is walking off, it would've better set the "what happens now" tone that builds up to their takeover.


  14. One final thought: The trailer for Redhill's new game involved Fortnite like rabbit mascots running around with guns and riding rockets Looney Tunes style.. and then it turns out to only be on a TV that gets shot and the game is actually another generic FPS.


    I smell a metaphor here.

    1. Milo


      as over-the-top silly as the rabbit shooter game was, that actually looked more interesting that the "real" game they had to show TBH

    2. Bobnik


      I don't mind another tactical FPS, those have become kinda rare lately, with only Rainbow Six Siege and CSGO still being 2 main games. 

      I hope it's good

    3. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      the fact that I couldn't tell it was satire was more alarming to me.

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