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  1. Instead of going through the trouble of making games that are remakes of Colors over and over, why don't we be blunt about it and make a remake/master of Colour.


    Which is coveniant, as I misplaced my original Wii copy long ago

    1. Nathan


      Why colors I want adventure colors is only 11 years old it Doesn’t need a remake like adventure dose 

  2. Well now Summer Game Fest is still going on without being viewed as an E3 replacement like last year. So with the usual EA Play and maybe a Sony State of Play, I guess this could be double the usual game news this June? 


    Or more likely it means dividing the good stuff in half where several announcements are just repeat\follow ups from the previous showcase where they go- five second tease- "tune in the following showcase" - show the full trailer there.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      It very likely just means the same amount of content being spread out between multiple platforms. A solid 99% of E3 always bored me to tears, so the way that things are right now is better for me personally. I can just tune out entire events I don't give a fuck about.

  3. I gotta go too. I was partially thinking about not stealing this guys account again, but I do feel a little better now that I did. Still not completely over losing my best frienemy, so I feel like maybe turning over a new leaf could help out in dealing with my grief.



    I'll see you guys next Ma- ...sniff... Nintendo game that I'll be in. Thanks, and hail to the Koopa Empire.

  4. Well, that's one vacc dosage outta the way! Next appointment in three weeks!


  5. Does symphony orchestra have a place in Sonic music?

    1. PublicEnemy1
    2. Sega DogTagz

      Sega DogTagz

      How is this even a question?



    3. Nathan


      No I don’t think so this is what a sonic soundtrack should be.



    4. Polkadi~☆


      If it can make a hype rendition of the main theme of a game, then hell yeah.

    5. mayday2592


      Nah, give me a mix of the classic Adventure rock and occasional keyboard based bgm.  It always felt out of place for Sonic, and most platformers imo.

    6. Cuz


      I'd ask where Sega's supposed to get the money for a full orchestra, but... really it wouldn't surprise me to hear they've been blowing all the money on the music given they're still consistently knocking that out of the park. 😛

  6. At last, the crossover to surpass infinity war:


  7. It's been also pointing out that As for the prospect of a concert itself, I'd be down for a successor to Smashing Live, but I have my nitpicks for song choices- Any official concert dedicated to celebrating game music beyond the mainstream would be killer in my book. I just don't buy the rumor itself.
  8. That Sonic vs Eggman event in the Forces app, I've a random thought: What if SEGA are pulling a Splatoon, where they use the results to determine the setting of the next or following game?

    1. Polkadi~☆


      These changes in story and setting decided by a multiplayer mobile game?

      We Kingdom Hearts now?

    2. Sega DogTagz

      Sega DogTagz

      Also they run these events like every month.... so..... yeah.


      The last one was Zavok v Zazz. Doubt that leads to anything,.

  9. DarlingPoshCockerspaniel-max-1mb.gif

    Ah, Iove the smell of mediocrity in the morning.

  10. How is it that in the midst of it's creator being ratted out for doing scummy things to his fans and employees, Nickelodeon still has the means to run Fairly Odd Parents to the ground some more?




    Oh yeah, this is Mr. "Let's re-ruin Spongebob now that his creator is dead" we talking about.

    1. PublicEnemy1


      We already had enough terrible live action FOP movies.

  11. Reminding viewers how JRPG and Anime are ruining "his" Nintendo, I see. I hardly care for that stuff either and agree it's not the best thing to come back to after over 500 days, but there were more mature ways he could've handled that than venting his bias again. I got the hint he despises that stuff first few times, and to post trailer reactions focused around rubbing that in for daring to dash his expectations feels petty to me. Vinny was let down too but he didn't let it get to him like Dunkey did. While he admits anime ain't his favorite thing either, at least any potshots he makes are clearly tongue-in-cheek and holds no ill will or anything (this isn't getting into his real enjoyment in several JRPGS). Where as Dunkey lets his genuine distain towards them drive his disapproval, with little regard for those who'd like Pyra and the other stuff, including Sakurai himself, who loved Xenoblade Chronicles 2. There's nothing about a new direct in a long time that tells you to fully expect the majority of new announcements to be appealing to you.
  12. Piranha Plant would've been the perfect cap off in that event
  13. While I for one have stopped caring about who'll get announced anymore, I been thinking about when the last fighter will. Frankly, no matter who it's gonna be, I've started feeling bad about it, and the developers who're working on it. The final outcome is destined to cause dissapointment in some capacity, if only if because it's has the "honor" of being "the last slot". Maybe if the next fighter before it gets a better reponse I won't feel as bad, but I'm concerned for now. I didn't feel this way back with Bayonetta, cause knowing she won the ballot made her inclusion "fair-and-square" in my eyes, and no such fan ballot exists this time AFAIK. People will take for granted they're "saving the best for last" and expect a big new IP, only for it to be Pokemon, a swordsman, an anime human, an addon to a prexisting IP, etc. And even it isn't any of that, there'll still be for the one franchise fanbase that gets thrown a bone, ten more fanbases are inevitably left in dust. Cause after that, it's over. Their "boy" has no chance to get in now, and then comes the finger pointing on who "rigged" the ballot and how whoever robbed them of a "totally deserved" character. Any character could have most logical, intresting reasoning on why they should get a spot, but Nintendo will still say "sorry, we're picking someone else". Then I think back to what Sakurai and company are going through. He likely knew the mixed reception Pyra and Mytrha were gonna get, the price he's gotta pay for making something he'd wanna make over something they would want, despite maybe not being nearly as aquainted to something like Crash or Doom for instance. I'd dread the moment it was time to announce the last fighter if I were him, especally if it ain't what people would expect for the last one ever. He might've just ignored the complaints and not let'em get to him, but what about the fighter programmers? All the struggling through the years to get each elaboratly made character to work the way they should, and to see some people just slap their effort aside because it's not who they wanted must sting for at least one of them. With Sakurai saying this is gonna be the last DLC, where does everyone go after it's over? I admit its sad to have no more support for Ultimate, especally if the characters you'd want will never get fight with Mario, Sonic and other big icons, but I'll suck it up and just move on. It's been fun, but it's the staff deserve a pat on the back for all they've done, and maybe find something less stress enducing to work on. But maybe Nintendo will make the call for more fighters. Sure, they'd be glad to oblige and it's nothing they wouldn't handle, but it's still another long cycle of making fighters and getting fan fuss in return, all until they cater to each and every one of the most highly requested fighter's fans. Of course there's always just waiting till the next Smash; every new console means a new Smash bros. But why make a new one when they can just take Ultimate's and keep bulding from there? Well there are those who don't want new fighters or a big roster and instead want them to remake the older characters to be less outdated, more balanced, feel less like echo fighters even when they're not, and have more game-references in their moves. (Sigh..., so much debating) I know to get all of that would be take forever anyway, but if all Smash is ever going to become is the game where every video game character that matters has to be in it, I won't blame Sakurai if he wants it all to stop after Ultimate. Maybe if he gave a speech at the end saying "we still care for all of you" that'd make me feel better.
  14. Regardless of this one's quality, now that there was a new direct at all, I just hope that means their sticking to it and we get one more before E3. Shadowing dropping new announments is fine, partner and indie showcases work too. Any big bombshells they have, they should at least put two for the next direct, that would suffice for me. Then good all in with E3 like last time.

    And if they manage to squeeze in a Direct mini with first party content on top of all that? Fantastic. I'd almost prefer them to big ones anyhow- a twenty minute borefest is better than double that.

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Also, this is a spicier take, but I'd prefer that Smash fighter reveals were their own thing instead of wasted on general Direct. Finding out who they'll be is may be a surprise, but the announcment itself just isn't. I'd rather look at what next for Nintendo that's not just Smash, like Splatoon 3, but I understand that Pyrra/Mythra still need more development before Sakurai could present them in a fully presentable state.

      In a perfect world, if all they said was a rough deadline for when the next Sakurai Presents would be, that would be enough to hype me up.

  15. Over a year without a Direct

    Image result for upgrade button

    Waifu swordsmen in Smash

    Image result for fuck go back

    Animu RPGS, EA, no gameplay trailers and filler

    Image result for i said go back









    Image result for ok key

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