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  1. 2012- Are you kidding me? A floating star is playable in Tennis before a popular character like Rosalina?! Come on Camelot!

    2015- Are you kidding me? A freakin' Mohjong Tile is playable in Mario Maker before a underrated character like Daisy?! Come on Nintendo!

    2018- Are you kidding me?? A overrated annoying Peach clone is playable in Smash over a spectacular character like Waluigi? Come on Sakurai!!

    2019- Are you serious??? A bullshit overly worshiped filler character gets put in as Smash DLC over a unnoticed hilarious villian like King K. Rool?! Come on Sakurai!

    2037- Really?!?! A stupid fat alligator in a cape and crown is getting more love and attention then such a historical Mario character like Pauline?? Come on Nintendo!!!

    2183- What?! They finally have the urge to bring back Geno to Smash but they don't bother throwing Vivian in as well?! Why does Paper Mario always get shafted like this Nintendo?!?!?!?!

    20XX- Okay Nintendo. Your telling me that Wart and Tatanga fiy make their triumphant return in Mario Kart Ultimate, but Stanley still remains an obscure one-time character?! Screw you, Ninty!


    1. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      Nintendo proceeds to make it so the only character in the Mario franchise from now on is Mario himself and no one else.

    2. Nast


      wait why did we go back in time at the end there

    3. Dejimon11


      >Daisy is overrated

      Bruh what?

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