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    It's merely a proof of concept at this phase, but this fangame just might be the perfect way they can follow up Mania. A celebration of SEGA's whole catalog and their characters with Sonic gameplay is a brilliant and pretty logical step up from celebrating early Sonic games, while at the same time looking more original than just the same old levels over and over again. The historical stuff like the parade balloon and the comic boss make for some tasty icing on the cake. If they won't let Sumo make anymore SEGA All Star games, than this would be the perfect alternative.




    My one complaint is that it should've waited longer before the other SEGA villains to appear when Eggman is walking off, it would've better set the "what happens now" tone that builds up to their takeover.


  2. One final thought: The trailer for Redhill's new game involved Fortnite like rabbit mascots running around with guns and riding rockets Looney Tunes style.. and then it turns out to only be on a TV that gets shot and the game is actually another generic FPS.


    I smell a metaphor here.

    1. Milo


      as over-the-top silly as the rabbit shooter game was, that actually looked more interesting that the "real" game they had to show TBH

    2. Bobnik


      I don't mind another tactical FPS, those have become kinda rare lately, with only Rainbow Six Siege and CSGO still being 2 main games. 

      I hope it's good

    3. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      the fact that I couldn't tell it was satire was more alarming to me.

  3. Reggie: The Video Games industry has become bigger than Movies, TV and Music.


    Game Awards: (Does everything in their power to bury his statement by shoving TVs, music and movies everywhere)

  4. These past couple of hours prove only one thing:

    E3 is going nowhere.

    As long as the Game Awards proves to be nothing but wasted time and false advertisment, then E3 still has plenty of reasons to exist. 

  5. https://www.gonintendo.com/stories/348123-smash-bros-ultimate-website-lists-terry-bogard-as-coming-soon A private video had gone up on the Smash Youtube account, so it looks like he is indeed on his way. Asides from update information on the game, Mii outfits and Terri himself, its possible that the final fighter of the wave will be teased and/or they'll properly introduce the second wave of DLC. If the speculations are correct in that Terri does drop tomorrow, I'd say it makes sense to do it on the anniversary of the Smash direct that announced the DLC in the first place.
  6. How much would you say this new look stacks up compared to other live action cartoons that look mostly like their old designs but with hyperrealistic features?



    Image result for woody woodpecker film

    Image result for detective pikachu film

    Is it on par? Mostly better?

    1. Diogenes


      i feel like sonic's original design is more abstract than any of these characters' (maybe borderline on pikachu, but pikachu can pass as some small fuzzy plush toy to compensate), so in general i think it'll always be at a disadvantage when translated into a more realistic one

      that particular shot of woody is, uh...kinda intimidating, though, so maybe sonic's design is better than that one

  7. Look guyz

    We finally brought the real King Boo in and also the old Boo with crown


    Love Me


    1. Ryannumber1Santa


      Oooof, I already bought Bowser when he went up on the store for 3000 coins.

      Well, at the very least, the gold pass trial I got should last long enough for me to get Peachette.

    2. StaticMania


      But why though?

      I guess this is confirmation that they aren't the same character.

      Teresa, man.

    3. Menace2Society


      Why does Lakitu sound like a girl?

  8. Ooh, ooh! I know! How bout this?

    The Freedom Fighters do make their return in IDW...


    But only in a side series of comics...



    That take place in the CLASSIC Universe!!!



  9. &K has the better title and invincibility themes as well

    (Casually walks away)

  10. I wouldn't put it past them if the Fazbear Entertainment and the perils it contains really do end up living on till 5639 at this point. And who's this "C"? Yandere Chica from UCN confirmed?
  11. You people do realize that a Sonic Adventure Mania would require an excuse to fight with Shadow (and Chaos) again, right? 

    Sure, Shadow can still be playable and all, but the rivalry between him and Sonic is, like, the defining aspect of Adventure 2 as Metal was in CD. I guess if we're making it a "Mania" game, we just bring in the Phantom Ruby and have Sonic fight illusions of Shadow and Chaos (Consolation for not being fought in Forces) For bonus points, Shadow takes on an illusion Sonic in his playthrough. The illusions could also serve as a way to get both Sonic and Shadow in trouble with the GUN patrol (unless they're Ruby illusions themselves)


    That could kind of work, but.... The fight with Sonic and Shadow wouldn't feel as powerful if we know one of them is not the real one. Besides, I know consistent continuity ain't something SEGA prioritizes enough, but seeing Sonic or Shadow be fooled by the Ruby's effects is strange after their encounter with it in Forces.

    1. Jango


      I don't why he would have to. Mania only used familiar locations, but the story is original. Chaos is gone, Shadow is good. The story of a Sonic Adventu-Mania could simply use locations from SA, SA2 and perhaps even Heroes, but adding some twists like Mania did. BTW, DID YOU READ MY SCRIPT?

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Impressive stuff


    Well these dreaded things are out in the wild now. I wonder how many of these were made before they started the model overhaul, cause collectors and scalpers might have a field day with these.


    (Woe to those who'd really want to scalp this stuff)

  13. Sounds more like like Spagonia Square to me

  14. Here are the traitors, Moderators!

  15. - Mario Kart Tour's second wave of racers and tracks arrives

    - Includes Rosalina, Wario and all the Koopalings

    - Still no Luigi in sight



    "Month of Luigi" MY ASS

    1. dbzfan7


      Man I could make a smash analogy like right here. 

  16. Our almighty savior officailly confirmed to be vocally educated


  17. If there's one thing that makes me wish SEGA hadn't blown their whole load early on and were successful first party console franchise, it's definitely so that they'd be an actual rival for Nintendo. I believe they could've done that by serving as a middle ground between them and the other two AAA consoles.


    The main issue taken on how Nintendo's hardware specs are years behind the competition is because they established themselves not part of the competition in first place. They choose only to focus on material for younger audiences and tech novelties, which no one else does to Nintendo's degree. But SEGA could've thrived by going a similar direction as Nintendo's, but rather than to the point of being an outright Nintendo clone, they'll take more precautions into account for the hardcore audience.

    Now, SEGA has about as many game series as Nintendo games, so the way I see it would be if SEGA would promote most of those series equally in their console lineups, compared to the more third party dominate PS and Xbox. There'd be plenty of games for kids like Sonic, NIGHTs and Monkey Ball, but then they give just as much attention to older gamers with stuff like Yakuza, HotD and Shenmue. I will say SEGA should still try out things like touch and motion controls, along with more wacky stuff like what they did with the Pico. But, they overall should be slightly more spec focused than novelty focused with proper online and stuff.


    Thus, SEGA becomes the "smarter" alternative to Nintendo, and presumably the "cheaper" and/or "better appealing for kids" alternative to Sony and Microsoft. On top of that, they can still always throw cheap shots in Nintendon'ts direction with their specs, which will practically force them to try hard with dialing back on making their specs more up to par.

  18. Guys, we're getting a Zelda 64 sequel 

    Looks way creepier than the first one


  19. medium_sonicgoestospace.jpg

    - Not going to Saturn


    You had one job

  20. Does anyone else feel like Mario's oversaturation is starting to catch up to him, not just from the RPGs?

    Sure, he still has great games recently like Odyssey, SMM2, MK8D, Tennis Aces and even the Rabbids game ended up being way better than it had any right to be. Luigi's Mansion 3 looks to knock it outta the park too. (If you over look the paid DLC for the multiplayer modes) Now, let's look at the flip side:

    • Mario Kart's last real new installment, as stellar as it is, was five and half years ago. And right now, we got a mediocre mobile app no thanks Nintendo being forced to pander to the mobile market, where players can blindly roll for all of the baby charcters from the start, but not Luigi.


    • 2D Mario still ain't getting the proper attention and tuneup it needs. Besides Maker and Run, the only "New" Super Mario Bros right now is a Wii U port with an added Rule 63 influencing Easy Mode. It surprising that an actual New SMB for Switch hasn't even been annouced at this point. Then again, do we even want another anyway?


    • Super Mario Party has been stuck with the same four tiny board maps for a whole year, yet there's no sign of DLC for it anywhere. It can go back to the old gameplay but still can hardy scratch what the Hudson era games had; even the first Mario Party had more content than this


    • Mario & Luigi faces getting discontinued if the bankrupcy falls through and no one else steps in to take control of the series.


    • Paper Mario these days is dreaded more than impatiently anticipated. Where it will go next is uncertain.


    • Any other Mario sports game not made by Camelot or SEGA have not yet been greenlit for a Switch installment.


    • And the Mini Mario Vs DK. series needs to burn in a dumpster fire and never come back.


            Plus, if we count character spinoffs:

    • Donkey Kong tooks his best game, put it on a better console and gave it a Funky Mode. Retro Studio was barely heard from untill they were brought in to work on MP4, so the series is now left in the dark. (This could change with the company opening up new job positions.)


    • Yoshi's Crafted World wasn't called as good as Wooley World, so it's possible they can't rely on Good-Feel doing the games forever.

    I'll make it clear that none of this is at the scale Sonic is in. It's not really a dire situation by any strech, but it does look kinda bumpy in general quality. For people who complain there are too many Mario games releasing, their opinion holds a bit more weight now. Not that I think any Mario spinoff shouldn't get a second chance, but I wonder if Nintendo is thinking about slowing down on Mario releases.

    (Somewhat expecting to eat those words on that last part when 2020 gets more Mario than ever)

    1. Wraith


      Your own post highlights how they've slowed down in the past 5 year or so so I'm not sure what point you're making.

    2. Soniman


      Mario pumped our WAY more games in the mid-late 00s so it's not big deal really 

    3. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      I guess I shoudn't say they're "thinking" about it, rather they already are easing up on Mario games, meaning they've already taken those complaints to heart.


      I guess that's a good thing... It might just feel odd for me who got so use to seeing Mario everywhere.

    4. Sega DogTagz

      Sega DogTagz

      Wasn't the Tennis game thrashed for not being up to par at release?

    5. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      @Sega DogTagz

      Sure, some may not've talked favorably on the adventure mode, lack of multiplayer options at launch and bad online, but is generally seen as a massive improvment over Ultra Smash.

    6. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone



      - Mario Kart 8 was done by Bandai Namco who probably finishing up Smash Bros and they have various things going at the moment. I don't know if they worked on Mario Kart Tour... Looking at it, probably not.

      - The Mario RPGs are probably as done as dead now... Mario & Luigi died with Alpha Dream and Intelligent Systems are too busy focused on their mobile cash cow. Even IS have been having problems due to partially outsourcing Fire Emblem 3 Houses to Koei and don't forget Tokyo Mirage Sessions where both them and Atlus had problems moving to HD development.

      I don't know how well Color Splash did so Paper Mario is currently um... 

      If we are going to get any Mario RPGs expect a different company to take in charge and to do a new take on them. Question is who?

      - We are most likely going to get a Super Mario Party 2 instead of DLC or even an update for the Switch Lite since the original did well for Nintendo. Don't be surprised if a Nintendo Direct in the future will talk about this, probably next year.

      - The sports games are also not sure outside of Tokyo Olympics (even then have doubts whether there will be more on that series in 4 years time). We might get a Mario Golf on the Switch, Mario Sports Superstars did decently enough to might get another multisport game but any other Mario sports games are likely not coming back.

      - Since Mario vs. DK has been declining for years, chances are that there isn't much left in that series and the last game was a throwaway Amiibo thing that doubt many people played. Mario Maker replaced the idea of creating levels and Captain Toad had puzzle exploration, both that NST worked on ports. Unless we get a reboot closer to the first game and I wouldn't mind that.

      It's probably ever since the new boss at Nintendo took over and focusing more on mega hits or ones that are profitable. Less quirky games that they have been bringing out and can see this hitting some of the smaller studios.


  21. Mr. Krabs and his big, meaty,




  22. How does it feel now that Google's hopping on the Booze Cruise?

    1. Jingilator


      I'm sorry, what?!

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry


      As in, now being 21 years old (Old enough to drink booze)



      (somehow, i knew this wouldn't get across)

    3. Jingilator


      Oh. Sorry.

  23. Spider Man: The Real Homecoming

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