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  1. Wow. I can definitely see why they turned down this early draft for Spider-Verse.


  2. I am spending literally hours playing in Ultimate's training mode

  3. Long post-



    You know, when I first pick up with Smash Bros Brawl, the one thing I grew to love about the series is how it serves as a gateway to many other franchises I would have othewise had no intrest in. When people say they think a character slot had been "wasted" over someone that has no history with Nintendo (Translation: From a franchise I don't care about), while I understand that point of view, I don't share that opinion at all.

    For me, Smash Bros is not about whether it celebrates Nintendo alone or video games in general. Sakurai's goal has been to create something that can bring fans of many different franchise together, and end up broading their horizons in the vareity of games out their. The fact that people want Smash to only be represented by just Nintendo games somewhat limits that goal, in my book.

    I came into Smash as a Mario fan only. If I kept saying I only want more Mario characters in Smash, my list would've been full of things like Pirahnia Plant. But I didn't. I wanted to learn more about these different series; I wanted to know what other people played thats not Mario. And I route for game characters whos fans cheered the loudest from them to be in Smash. And I usually never even played those games.

    Which is why I'm glad for Joker fans. Even though my personal picks include Crash or Banjo, I go into these annouments beliving they won't become playable. I'll just be glad that they're letting me as a Smash player that there's another series out there that could catch my eye. I'm gladly looking forward to the other four characters.


    TLDR- I won't get made if none of the characters I like make it, I like to learn about other game series

    Until then...


  4. Wow. That's a pretty big step for the Furry community. I'm proud of you all.

  5. And away we goooooooo

  6. Well... It's finally come to this.









    ... Wait a minute




    Uh, guys??? You're fighting over the wrong Smash Ball?

    1. Red


      Because the "smash ball" is actually an Orb from FEH

  8. Diablo Immortal, Fallout 76, PS1 Classic, Tumblers Anti-NSFW purge...

    Last year also gave EA's Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Sonic Forces


    I guess its a fad now to perform embarrassing company catastrophes late in every year now?

    1. Blacklightning


      "Late" usually mean "rushed so we don't miss the christmas rush", but it's still kind of amusing that this can happen to games that aren't even out yet.

    2. jingleblurs98



  9.                           B E H O L D

  10. SupahBerry

    Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr's Journey (3DS)

    The real lost here is the implication that they're not bringing back Bowser's "I Rule!" clip, since its replaced here when scoring an Excellent. If you're gonna bother bringing back most all the old voices from the original, could you at least not have them played out of order???
  11. https://www.gonintendo.com/stories/323542-smash-bros-ultimate-info-why-kirby-was-chosen-to-survive-day


    Sakurai confesses of his crime of creator bias at last

    Also, Day 1 patch confirmed for physical releases

  12. SupahBerry

    Ah, once again...

    At the end of the trailer, we pan to Luigi unconsious underwater. The camera pans up to his mouth and in through his throat. It reaches his stomach, where Baby Mario is shown to be enclosed inside of. The baby turns to the camera and makes this sound:
  13. I'm so excited for Mario Odyessy, guys


    1. Adamabba



    2. Jingilator


      Wow, that new Smash Bros. DLC looks great in Odyssey!

  14. maxresdefault.jpg

    - Large post below


    Damn, Nickeloden's been having it so tough these days. Sure some could say Nick's shows have been garbage for a long while, but that's really nothing to despair about. To actually lose so many of Nick's biggest pioneers, I'd say it's justified if you can't look at your childhood shows the same way.

    Hillenburg at least lived his whole life as a generous, honest, pure-hearted creator, who we can still look up to long after his show and characters were taken out his control. He even spent the near end of his life returning to Spongbob to help redeem him in the eyes of long time fans, when he really didn't need to. 

    My favorite childhood show had been Fairly Odd Parents, even up to the Poof/Pre-Sparky era, but I absolutly loved watching Spongbob too. (I admit it was always the superior show) While Butch Hartman may be a mediocre writer, he's a great artist and enjoys drawing fanart as tribute to other media. So you can tell I was extremely ashamed of him upon learning of his attempts to force his Christian beliefs onto children, ontop of many distasteful acts. Then there's John Kricfalusi. Considered one of the founding fathers of 90s toons with deranged animation and adult gags, his aggresive behaivor has always rubbed me the wrong way. And upon learning of his pedophilic acts back then has assured me that he won't be coming back anytime soon.

    I never watched any Dan Schneider shows; I just heard they kept letting more and more stupid. But it wasn't till now it came to my attention that there was much more to these kidcoms then that. Same goes Chris Savino, though at least Loud House can continue in peace without him.

    Its such a shock to see so many big tolls on Nickloden's business. They do at least appear to try and be a better network by reviving their older IPs for instance, chances at success pending. And it was nice to see Spongebob get his old knack back. Sure it might not match the first three seasons, and gave us that Ink Lemonade incident, but hearing postive things from newer Spongebob episodes is thrilling. But now that Hillenburg's gone, I know it'll be too good to last.


    I don't watch TV anymore, but I pay my deepest respects to Hilldenburg for creating one of the best shows of all time.

  15. On SSBU's music leak



    How dare they give terrible representation to the two characters that come from two Nintendo's business rivals! In a Nintendo game!



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