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  2. Well, I might as well jump in while it's hot. My defining games are for different reason than one would expect:


    For being the first game I played, though I never actually go through it. I just spend time exploring the castle and all the safe places in the stages.


    First real multiplayer game, I again didn't play the actual game myself. I tend to just go in 2-player VS. and play with two separate controllers. I do loved the times I got to play with my older brother however.


    I actually started in the middle of the game, picking up where my bro left off. There was less worry about me being in danger, as the stronger attacks and defense was unlocked, and I let the A.I. partners do all the dirty work XD

    Super Mario 64 DS Coverart.pngimage.jpeg.1d3afe01ea91b67023b5376ec288783a.jpeg

    Yep. Double feature, one being a repeat of before. These games were a turning point for me, in that I went in without any hand holding or training wheels. The PS2 kinda kickstarted this, but the DS was where I started playing and try to beat the games. Me beating Bowser in NSMB was a very pleasing moment for me (Even if I used the Mega Mushroom for it)


    I bought the other 2 Smashs in preparation for this. It was here I enjoyed mostly casual fights against low difficulty CPU, or occasionally my siblings and classmates. It was when I first entered middle school, so puberty was kicking in. I started to learn about going on the internet to catch updates and info about the game, and it taught how there are many different franchises that exist other than Mario for me to try out.


    There are other games I could mention, but their aspects might've not had as big of an impact on me. So yeah, to this day I remain fairly chill as a gamer, but feel like I've missed out.




    yes I know I listed 5/2 games, f**k da popo

    1. SupahBerry



      When I link to three older statuses, that doesn't mean "Free Status Bumps."

      I'm just calling out on how every Mario-related status degrades into a friggin flame war!!!

    2. Depression Kong

      Depression Kong

      what the fuck man

  3. Sonic Mania: Version 1.04 PS4 Leaks (SPOILERS)

    I don't know why this is put in normal mode; this seems like something that be only done in the Encore mode. This seems like something that could be shown at the end of a potential trailer for the mode, cutting away right before actually revealing the new form. It also reminds me of me of Kirby's had mode boss, especally the "Metal General EX" from KRTD. This may give a good clue on how some of the other bosses could work... Could we actually fight the Death Eggbot instead of it being a autoscrolling wall? Will they bring back the Roshambo Capsule? Could Heavy Magician change into different old enemies? Or maybe the Mean Bean Machine will add the "Offset" rule? It's unlikely, but it be espacally cool if the new final boss for Encore mode will be against Infinite, himself.
  4. Piko Interactive plans to revive Glover IP

    "✪COOL!✪" ...Although I'd be cautious about doing that. Just because 3D platformers in general are surging in popularity again doesn't mean every platformer mascot needs to be revived. Piko has started to do something like this earlier. They held a kickstarter to fund for releasing Forty Winks on Steam, as well as finish it's unreleased N64 version. I kinda find the latter unnecessary, because it's cutscenes will look inferior to the original PSX, which the Steam port will most like be based on. Glover had a PSX version too, but that's the only time I know of that a PSX was worst than it's N64 counterpart. The Steam port of Glover will most likely use the CD-ROM version, which is much closer to the N64 version, but has the PS1's soundtrack (I prefer the N64 tracks) Well, there exists a downloadable prototype for Glover 2, actually: While there are some ideas I feel shows alot of potential, with it ditching the linear "take the ball to the goal" approach, it's also pretty clear that they were throwing some ideas around without giving much thought to it, most notably the blatant Banjo-Kazooie speech. I really think Piko should start from scratch for Glover 2. At least 40 Winks has a fully finished version that they can just take and put in the N64 port. This game's ideas might not all have made it pass the drawing board.
  5. You know, I looked to much into the Bendy games, but I feel liked there's a missed opportunity with it. It's scare seem to mostly come from more realistic looking mutations made out of ink, but I feel it can be a bit more. When your concept is that your being antagonized by cartoon characters brought into the real world, I would've taken full advantage of it's bizarre factor. 

    Lots of people get an uncanny feeling whenever 2D visual aspects and gags are applied into a real 3D space, so why not make a horror game that takes advantage of that? It worked for clowns and animatronics, so I see no problem with this. Can you imagine how you would feel if you meet a man who suddenly drops his jaw onto the floor and pops his huge eyeballs out of their sockets and into your face??? My point is that if I made the Bendy series, I would've focused more on making it blur the line between surreal humor and surreal horror.


    TLDR- Instead of this: 



    I'd do this-




  6. Konami properties might get new media from 4K Media

    @Tornado It also makes sense for Konami because only they would be "smart" enough to have a franchises dedicated to sci-fi warfare be stripped of all it's firearms. And this is after they announced that they're turning Bomberman into fanservice trash.
  7. I just know somebody's gonna take one of those purple eggs and smash their Skylanders collection with it...

    1. TCB


      Purple eggs wat

    2. SupahBerry



      It's an April Fools/Easter commotion in promotion of the Spyro Trilogy, presumably 

    3. TCB


      o h

    4. Red


      @SupahBerry The Skylanders mobile game still needs to be destroyed/cancelled first. Once that's done, the series will be dead and buried for good. Then the REAL Spyro can finally make his well deserved return!

    5. Failinhearts


      if you're talking to me, i'm not smashing my prized collection

    6. SupahBerry



      i see nothing wrong with the two co-existing


      @Failinhearts I don't see you getting mailed an egg, anyway. What I do know is that these are people from professional game websites that are getting these. Surely, most have to be Classic Spyro fans; and if combined with one's bias towards his Skylanders portrayal... 


      It ain't gonna be pretty. -_-


    7. Failinhearts


      Makes sense. All I know is I better get the hell out of here before I'm crucified for Skylanders being the only Spyro branch I care about.

      shit, did i say that out loud.

      ...Be on the lookout for Passion of the Failin, kids. It's gonna break box office numbers,

    8. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      @FailinheartsBruh, everyone has known your stance on Skylanders for 5,000 years, you ain't getting crucified now

    9. Kiah


      @Failinhearts in addition to what @Monkey Destruction Switch said we don’t tolerate that in any capacity if you are talking about here.

      Either way just stick to your guns and like what you like and don’t worry about what others think and say as no one should hold that power over you. 

  8. When you post an April Fools joke after April Fools day


    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      April Fool's Day may be over but it's always April Fool's Day to some

      Syke! April fools! I still have 40 minutes left

  9. And now, a message from your friends at Freddy's!


    Nightmare Freddy: He appears suddenly in your office holding an alarm clock. You have only a moment to press the button and activate the alarm. If you press the button in time, you will awaken in your bed for ten seconds before falling back asleep and continuing the night.

    Foxy: He will run into your office when things are looking dire and offer to help you. You can choose one of three ways for him to assist: He can block one door, clear the vents, or add 1% more power to your meter. 

    Phone Guy: He will call into your office at random, creating a lot of noise and momentarily increasing the aggressiveness of the animatronics. He cannot call, however, if Springtrap is in the vents, because he can’t be in two places at the same time.





    The joke is that Scott just blew up three infamous theories:

    "It's all just a dream"

    "Foxy's a good guy"

    "Phone Guy = Purple Guy"


  10. Ow the Edge will always be the best Sonic April Fools joke

  11. Do you ever feel like the early Sonic games are only good by accident?

    And that SEGA just had a major case of Beginer's Luck, and didn't expect to follow up on such breakthrough success??

    1. Fletch


      Not at all. A lot of time, love, and effort were poured into those games. Strictly talking about the original main games, including CD.

    2. SupahBerry


      I'm not trying downplaying the love and care put into those games, or my praise for them.

      It's just that I have a hard time understanding it when the same care just... disappeared.

    3. WittyUsername


      They just had an extremely hard time adapting to 3D. That third axis introduced a lot of problem. Sonic is fast, 3D modeling takes a good amount of time. Time is money. So they fluffed with alternative gameplay styles. While it was accepted, maybe even loved, eventually people started to dislike it. After time, you just kinda lose the love when you're constantly told "you suck."

    4. A crocodile

      A crocodile

      No. Considering how good Sonic 1 was and how all 3 sequels (CD included) brought major improvements, I simply can't see it as just accidents.

    5. SupahBerry


      @WittyUsername You make it sound like they had a hard time adapting Sonic to 3D, when there's plenty of recent evidence to show that their still having trouble with it, and many are questioning if they are even capable of making it work at this point.

      Infact, the beginner's luck thing kinda applies to 3d Sonic as well, since Adventure 1 is highly regarded, at least around here.

    6. Josh


      The staff at Sonic Team didnt stay the same for 20 years. It's the opposite really. People were coming and going every few years.

    7. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy

      3D is already difficult to adapt to, on top of that a lot of the time-saving and money-saving tricks that work in 2D don't in 3D and stuff like, say, splitting Sonic 3 into two cartridges to buy extra time was much more acceptable in the 90s than it is now.

      Its not really so much lack of love or care-- at least any lack where it counts the most, as I'm sure Sonic Team employees value their jobs and wouldn't have pursued their jobs for no reason and without training of some kind, even if they aren't necessarily interested in the Sonic franchise proper. Its more just... developing video games in 3D is hard, developing fast ones without ridiculous lag or becoming Mach Speed Section esque disasters especially so. Those are not excuses for problems or anything like that... its just, well, if all 3D Sonic needed to recapture the Genesis days (which I personally think isn't actually necessary for them to be good or have merit, but that's another thing altogether) was care and love, the fandom would be blossoming with 3D fangames instead of it being possible to count on one hand how many 3D fangames are adequate let alone actually really good.

      If anything, I find with Sonic its very, very easy to get distracted and caught up in features. Passion is awesome, but getting so excited with ideas that you wind up bloating the game with more gameplay styles, details, etc. than you can handle working on and/or that the game needs or benefits from really isn't. In that sense, the memory limitations of the old consoles were blessings in disguise, in that they forced people to frequently assess what ideas were actually needed and would benefit the game instead of not doing the necessary assessments until its too late to completely eliminate or change the ideas. As they say in film, if you love it, let it go. Which means that sacrificing some of your favorite parts during editing is painful, but a must if said parts get in the way of maintaining cohesiveness and/or distract from the rest of the film. Same goes for video games.

      So I guess in short, its mostly that 2D games are just plain easier to make, and a bit of the limitations of the old consoles inherently preventing distractions in a way new consoles don't.

    8. WittyUsername



      3D is already difficult to adapt to, on top of that a lot of the time-saving and money-saving tricks that work in 2D don't in 3D and stuff like, say, splitting Sonic 3 into two cartridges to buy extra time was much more acceptable in the 90s than it is now.

      I feel like this depends. While I agree with you, it was acceptable -- I think it's also because back then it wasn't practiced very often. But today, it's become a bit more regular and acceptance depends on implementation. Two examples of it being acceptable are Life is Strange and the latest Hitman game (the latter I haven't had experience with, but read good things.) If a title released in episodic format can give each episode a "complete" feeling while releasing the episodes at a small price point, it might pass. Sonic 3 felt complete, Sonic and Knuckles also felt complete, and locked on, it gave more goodies.

      It's perhaps a moot point for Sonic, however, since there's the problem of the 3D games needing so much work to even make a short game feel complete.

  12. How good are you with dealing with inconsistency, and in what aspects? Whether it involes continuity details, characterization, animation, or actual story plotholes? Do you tolerate these inconsistencies if they are done for the Rule of Funny/Scary/Cool???

  13. How different would Sonic be to you if they didn't go down the "fan pandering" root between Black Knight and 4/Colors? 

    Sonic 4 was created from all the fan input from wanting a game like the classic titles, and Colors humor plot was made because people were getting sick of dark Sonic plots. Consider how those two things are seen today, do you think this would've been an improvement?

    And do you think SEGA should've always stick to their plans and never follow fan input?

    1. Diogenes


      honestly can't imagine things would be any better. the games were already going to shit and i don't think not listening to fans would change that.

    2. Balding Spider

      Balding Spider

      Honestly I would've gone on to still not care about Sonic since it was 4 that brought me back and when that went up in flames it was Colors.

      And as for the fan input that's tough to say really. On one hand I think taking from fandoms is asking for trouble especially such a scattered one as this, then on the other Sonic team has done such bewildering job mishandling their mascot character. So I'm unsure on that.


      And Sonic 4 was created as a nostalgic cash grab, not a response to fans wanting a classic style game. The proof is in the effort put into the game, and from music to animation to physics to level design it was all half-assed & half hearted.


    3. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      I don't think the attempt at Sonic 4 was half-assed or half-hearted at all.

      I think they really were just that bad at making it. lol


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