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  1. Where'd they say it be an hour long? It does sound reasonable that a fair portion of it could be spent on one thing, and Animal Crossing or Pokemon would be a good fit. It's also interesting how each Switch era direct is slightly longer than the last one, and I look forward to seeing what the faster paced style of recent directs can do with a whole hour. I sure Nintendo is already implementing those basic functions in as we speak. ...And only implementing them for their newer higher spec Switch model. ...Which they won't even talk about in this E3 Direct.
  2. For clarification, only major FNAF names got to try the game out early. The public release date has been delayed to the 28th.
  3. So what do you "Dodonpa is Classic Eggman in disguise" theorists have to say now?

  4. You know, I would be much more forgiving of Disney live action remakes if they were all less of a remake of the animated film they've already made, and more of a retelling that is closer to the original stories they adapted from with the songs and a few other references to the film.


    For instance, I'd be way more on board of the inevitable remake of the Hunchback of Notre Dame if it was a word by word copy of the La Jolla Playhouse/Paper Mills musical. (Guess what: It won't) It adapts the original novel more closely all while keeping the songs from the movie and still fit in. It's the perfect compromise between both versions (keeping its tragedy ending fits it better than if they did the same with Little Mermaid) and I find it a wasted opportunity that other Disney retellings don't follow this.
    (This video goes more in depth on why I admire this musical:)




    Keep deluding yourself that you can own everything in the universe Disney. These are not your stories. (Except with things like L&S and C&D RR, which should not be remade period)

    People have already complained about the changes the cartoons made to the books. You've been around for nearly a century. I think you're more than capable of making a more accurate adaptation if you'd just bothered to do your homework. Also, you insist that you want people to see your new remake versions as more than kids movies, because the animated films apparently didn't do that already. How about instead of pandering to your fans that grown up with your movies, you actually remind the world, including but not limited to yourself, what the original stories really are and make something more faithful to what you’ve adapted in the first place and still be a Disney movie in doing so???


    Also, don't worry so much about making new songs or plot details in your remakes. You've made several successful musicals of your films that extended on their stories enough already. It puzzles how you keep ignoring them.

  5. What if TSR ends up getting better reviews than CTR at this point????

    1. Strickerx5


      Let's not get ahead of ourselves man

    2. TCB
    3. Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Eh. If it happens, it happens. Simple as that.

    4. Ellipsis-Ultima


      Doubt that...

  6. I love how Super Mario Maker 2's Mii Customization menu never mention the "Miitm" name at all in the direct.

  7. This might baffle you, but I actually don't like ranking different subjects at all. Which is certainly a big problem when you come on here to express a negative sounding critique on how a certain subject had similar flaws. I thought TV shows had strict deadlines too, but otherwise, this reasonable. I got the whole "shouldn't need to watch a show or read a book for this thing to be properly explained" idea from people like RedLetterMedia. "And don’t any of you f*****s tell me that it was explained more in the novelization of some Star Wars book. What matters is the movie. I ain’t never read one of them Star Wars books, or any books in general for that matter, and I ain’t about to start. Don’t talk about them stupid video games, or, or novels… comic books or any of that f*****g crap. " - Mr. Plinkett on Phantom Menace I'll admit his stance on that movie may be dated now, (I always found it being exaggerated for parody as much as critique) but he does raise another point. Some people just don't have the patience to read or watch one thing that gives vital information for another, especially when they felt like it should've been explain by the later to begin with. While I personally don't agree on those thoughts, I will admit that I haven't really watch any Star Wars TV show either, and I don't watch TV in general. But I would love to watch all the way through those shows, as I've enjoyed the first few episodes of Clone Wars and Rebels, but I never give myself the time to do that even when I have all the time in the world. You're right on that account too. I honestly don't have as big of an issue on any of them as I make it out to be. I did this as to show how there were more villains than just Kylo that had ended up like total jokes. (TBF, unlike Kylo, they're at least clearly more competent than he is before they went do) Plus, I found it amusing in how they all seemly shared the same issue, and seemed surprised that no one else has made that connection. That's likely it isn't that big of a convenience in the first place. This is what I meant by shooting my mouth off. I go and start making an argument on how every villain ends up going down like wimps just like Kylo, yet I do that and then realize I could be missing out on a fact or just plain getting them all wrong. Whether it's because I've procrastinated on catching up with an outside story that redeems what happens in the movies themselves. I probably shouldn't have made this out like a legitimate analysis and just admit it was more of my just throwing out what's been in my head with little real reason to do so. So I apologize if I have wasted your time. I might've wasted mine too. Well for a start, every Star Wars villain at least fit the Star Wars world, and have proper motivation on why they're evil. Sonic villains might do something to get their jobs done, but each one that isn't Eggman are usually this heartless beast, who may or may not be under Eggman's initial control, that wants to obliterate the whole world just because they're vessel of darkness, and they can.
  8. On the subject on villains and who was better than what, IMHO, most every Star Wars villain in the films that isn't Darth Vader or even Sheev all had the same issue where they were all seemed hyped up before and then go out with a whimper. Boba Fett: Hyped in one (two as of ANH's special edition) film despite doing no fighting - gets killed right as he finally gets the chance to. Darth Maul: First Sith lord seen by the Jedi for a while, has a double edge saber, kills Obi-Wan's mentor, nearly kills him - spends too much time silently gloating instead of pushing Obi Wan off already, giving him the chance to jump back up. Jango Fett: Did better than his son. First battle- Narrowly escaped a Jedi. Second battle- Cool dubstep bombs, came close to destroying Obi Wan's ship. Third battle- Shoots one Jedi to defend Dooku, gets run over by a space rhino, beheaded by a more professional Jedi. Count Dooku: Can also shoot lightning, defeated two Jedi in combat, escaped from another tougher Jedi - Beheaded in the first act of the next movie. General Grievous: Original Clone Wars- Slaughtered several Jedi within his first appearance alone. ROTS- COUGH, HACK, HACK, GENERAL KENOBI, gets shot in the heart and blew up. Captain Phasma: Hyped as the next Boba Fett- Did no fighting and is quickly disposed of in TFA, Show up late in TLJ to do some fighting with Finn, then dies for real moments later. Snoke: Hyped up as the next Darth Sidious, turned Ben to the Dark, Speculated to be Darth Plague and/or the greater evil than Palpatine - Gets chopped in half by his own trainee, Hijacked by Ganon Kylo and Palpatine. This is the part where you come to me and say "Well, (X) was made a lot better in the TV Shows/Novels/Games!" And there's the thing. Theses villians needing to rely on media outside the films to make them look good again. Because the movies by themselves don't matter, right? Why do you think they make Darth Maul to actually be not dead and a part robot, get a brother, turn against Sidious, and somehow manage to live for so long he actually stuck around for even the Empire Age? Because the fans wanted to see more Maul, that's why! And all that could've mostly been avoided if he had just been written better in the film in the first place. I apologize if I'm just shooting my mouth off here. In Star War's defense, most of their villains are still way better than every Sonic villain that's not Eggman or Metal.
  9. In theaters for more Endgame. Here we go again!

    1. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      You just had to go and stare at America's Ass again huh?


    1. SpinSlash165


      That reminds me, I really should get around to trying out OoT and Majora sometime like I did Super Mario SixtyFUCK-

  11. On a lesser note, it'd be amusing that we'd have two Ryus along with two Roys. (Unless they pronounce with "Riyu" instead of "Reeyu," which I mostly doubt)
  12. For any Fullmetal Alchemist fans (I never seen the show) on this site, this one's for you.

    Proceed with caution.





    1. Diogenes



    2. Sapphirine Wind

      Sapphirine Wind

      Jesus Christ

  13. Well, that's how it goes when one franchise is a live action series that requires human actors to play the characters. The other is video game series that stars immortal, ageless cartoon characters. They can switch out as many actors as they want, and they'll stick around no matter how long it goes on for.
  14. First came JonTron, now Projared as well. PBG is under fire too if I'm not mistakened.


    It's a very bad time for Normal Boots.

    1. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Jon wormed his way out of it, don't think Jared can.

    2. Teoskaven


      Who's even left? Jirard had fallen out of my radar a long time ago, the squabble he had with Greg did not helped.
      DYKG is still a thing, i guess.
      Never followed Satchbag or Continue?, so i have no idea how they're doing.

    3. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      PBG is still about, he's a bit stale now but ok. Though he's defending Jirard so will probably be hit by this too.

  15. The unsung hero of Sonic fangames and savior of the franchise



    1. Strickerx5


      I admittedly chuckled a bit when I remembered that this is literally just a linear racing game.

      Still looks fun though.

    2. Kuzu the Boloedge

      Kuzu the Boloedge

      Still better physics than most modern games

    3. TCB


      I literally been saying this for years and no one pays any attention to me

      Par the course honestly

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