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  1. After a year of announcing it and then leaving us all in the dark, Hat Kid will finally make her triumphant debut on Switch this October. Complete with all current expansions: Co-op, Seal the Deal and Death Wish mode.
  2. So with the new teaser, Scott also provides as with an update on all upcoming projects-- The AR game is next in line, aiming for the Halloween season. Just what are they trying to prove by making a program that projects these freaks creeping around in my own house? The "[58]" in question refers to this image that appeared on the FNAF World site- For a supposed "AAA" instalment, I'm unfamiliar with this "Universal" guy. The only one I can think of is Vivendi Universal Games, which had long since been absorbed by Activision. They would make more sense for a AAA game dev. But still, the multiplayer aspect is not to be ignored. Is it a coop mode where four nightguards are assigned different task to combat the robots? One player vs several animatronics? Or the long awaited Freddy Battle Royal??? No matter what, we've still a long ways to go. So either this last project or the 58 thing could be what the "Freddy's Supermall" thing could be about.
  3. Remember this?

    Well no thanks to certain recent events, they did it again.


    Like, litterally rehash the first video but with different lines


  4. Place Your Bets-


    How longer or shorter will the download time be for the Hero update compared to Joker's????

    1. Perkilator


      Probably (or hopefully) longer in Japan than overseas.

      Sorry it seemed like I was drunk, I made a typing error.

  5. Seems like it this would've been the canon version of Sonic.EXE. If I were in charge of this, I personally would've done a mechanic where Sonic can jump between Sonic's World and Shadow's World in the same level similar to Sonic CD and an Ordinary Sonic Hack. Other than that, I feel Shadow the Hedgehog did enough to fulfill using Shadow to bring a more edgy and scary side to Sonic. So that makes this seem a tad redundant, especally when ShTH also has gloomy landscapes and demonic enemies. And of course, this was the time we all started complain how Sonic was becoming too serious and Shadow focused, so this game wouldn't have helped at all. And there's no need to worry about making Shadow's lore consistent when we have Blaze and Eggman Nega's two backstories.
  6. So what new content do you think they'll introduce for this update in the other half of this presentation? Going by Joker's showcase, we can expect Mii costume based on Dragon Quest (Most like some of the other heroes the appear in the final smash), and maybe the return of older Mii costumes as with Tails and Knuckles. Maybe new surprise character costumes altogether. Asides from the stage builder, it also showed the video editor, and the ability to share them via the phone app. That video was 15 minutes long, making this seven minutes longer. This means they've got a lot of new content to unveil, or the Hero's showcase section will be even grander than Joker's. And that's a very high pedestal to top.
  7. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-07-26-team-fortress-2-hat-economy-crashes-due-to-crate-bug

    Looks like TF2's microtransaction business is starting to collapse on itself from old age.

  8. So what do you think?

    Confirmation that it's a July release for Hero?

    Or is it just vague, coincidental PR fluff?

    We might just have another Stage Builder leak on our hands...

    1. Thigolf


      I mean, sure, I believe it.

    2. Perkilator


      Hopefully the former. If not, oh well.

  9. maxresdefault.jpg


    Same energy

  10. Now that the smaller model's out of the bag, how long do we have wait for the Switch Heavii?

    1. QuantumEdge


      Hopefully soon, because the better memes will probably come with it.

  11. You wanna get a good idea on how the game industry has run outta ideas?


    Someone already made the PS5.


  12. And now, A Tribute to America 
    -By Joel


  13. On second thought, you can keep your "play with friends online" patch. I forgot who I'm dealing with and why it wouldn't matter.

    1. KHCast


      Why is he being so apologetic of Nintendo’s online? Like...no, it’s not alright, and it’s not something you need to just accept. When the 3DS has better online, or better yet, games like Smash(for the most part) or MK8 show how online can work with Nintendo, and other competitors for years have dominated on this basic feature, you don’t need to give Nintendo a pass because they’re Nintendo. Especially now since they’re charging you for the damn thing 

    2. SupahBerry


      If Microsoft really is planning making its service come to Switch, then please make it happen sooner than later, and just take over Nintendo service duties from now on.

    3. Sean


      Every console's online is all terrible to me since I can play for free on PC

    4. Speederino


      That’s almost as good as Brawl’s online, except this time we’re paying extra for the privilege.

  14. Thinking bout' Banjo in Smash Ultimate again and getting aroused 

    1. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog


    2. Pelvic WOO! engine

      Pelvic WOO! engine

      Does it make your banjo go kazooie?

  15. Well, most people here agree that Sonic having greater, deeper stories is one of the biggest traits that make Sonic the Anti-Mario. Though many would say that Sonic is too extreme on that end, many others say its what make Sonic the superior and more interesting series over many of Nintendo's own games. People gush about Mario cause of how he's what you'd come to expect from a kiddy cartoon mascot platformer. As a result, many can't seem to grasp the idea of a swift blue antro-rodent slaying gods of destruction, getting a rival who swears and wield realistic firearms, or interacting with humans who look like they've come from a different game entirely. Of course, the fact that Sonic handled quite a few of his plots poorly doesn't help his case at all. Nor when Sonic Team started trying and copying Mario success in simple stories from Colors onward since many fans feel the stories declined in quality since then. Now Mario's no stranger to deep plots either. From the aliens who destroyed a village that was just celebrating Christmas in Partners in Time, to a villain that reads a book to call forth the universal apocalypse all because of forbidden love in Super Paper Mario, to a storybook of how a child who became the princess of the cosmos had to come to terms with leaving her mother behind in Galaxy 1. It's just that those are so rare compared to what comes in between that it's not the thing everyone who plays Mario looks back on. Mario could have his image just barely tainted by the samey NSMBs series, the lackluster recent efforts from the Mario RPGs, and maybe his own share of mediocre characters that have no reason to exist. Complain as much as you'd like, but Mario has it way easier than Sonic. His biggest lows are nowhere near as catastrophic as Sonic's lows. Critically and financially.
  16. With the release being merely hours away, it's a given that some places would break it's street date one way or another. So people looked in and found a few more little surprises going through the game. Of course there's a supposed embargo on showing off this hidden content and others until the actual release, but let's face it. Most big spoiling Youtubers on there are practically immune to that stuff at this. So I'll just go ahead and post the supposed "offending" videos since they don't appear to be going anywhere before the game releases soon. Take a peak if you'd like- Edit- Now with Gamexplain's videos now that it's out
  17. I'll go ahead and bring out my take on this: This'll not actually be about the two diffrent frachises fighting each other. In "Return of Slade" style, it'll only start out like that in the first act. The rest of the movie is about the two teaming up to defeat the gritty Live Action Titans show. The movie ends with both groups singing this. I demand full payment for writting the story for you.
  18. Word to the Wise:

    We are about to enter the 2020s.

    We really, really shouldn't be getting games where actual gameplay looks maginally weaker than the cutscenes/artwork.


    Y'all know when you played games back in the 80s-90s and wonder what they would look like if they looked just like the cover art and/or FMVs? After having that mostly fulfilled by now, we really should be long past this.

    Not to put this game's ingame artstyle down by itself, but this intro stays much more true to the original's doesn't help it at all.

    1. Diogenes


      i don't see what the problem is supposed to be

    2. SupahBerry


      For people who dislike the chibi claymation look, the might at the more realistically drawn scene of Link in the storm and complain why the game doesn't look like that.

    3. Diogenes


      well, that's their own fault for having bad taste

      seriously though, I get that people have different tastes and this claymation/figurine kind of style isn't going to appeal to everyone, but...nothing's going to appeal to everyone, there's always going to be people who would rather a thing look like something else. setting aside personal taste, what we're getting is a style that is visually appealing, very faithful to the original's graphics, and thematically fitting on top of that, so i can hardly see reason to complain.

  19. Toy Story Fun Fact: Remember when when Wheezy got his squeaker fixed at the end of 2? 

    He said that Mr. Shark from the first film look inside the chest and found him an extra one.


    ...Except toy squeakers aren't just left lying around inside a toy box.



    ...And then think about how Mr. Shark was never heard from again after that.





    1. SupahBerry


      If you think about it-




      That's kind of the same thing Woody did to help Gabby



    2. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      Eh, you’d be surprised what kinda crap you can find lying around.

    3. Ferno



  20. 970956afdef4b0034fc6719151fc6095.jpg

    He Will Come Back.


    He Always Does.


    We Have A Place For Him.



    Neon Genesis Devangelion




    1. Tornado


      To be fair the Sonic X stuff was done before 4Kids even got their hands on it.

    2. Tatters


      RIP Sushi.

    3. Jacky


      The Eva stuff is actually not Netflix's fault, they just paid to have it on their service,  it's literally Studio Khara (the studio that owns the rights to Eva, lead by Eva's creator Anno) doing. They had a full control on the localization this time around and pretty much steered the dub/sub script to be 100 percent accurate to the original, which def is a detriment 

    4. SupahBerry



      So what your saying is despite the creative liberties and changes from the original JP script they did, the ADV dub is considered superior because of them?

      Ala Pokemon Post-4Kids?



      (And yes, I never even watched this show- why did I even post this status)

  21. I would like to give a big congraduations to Peach for her promotion, and for everybody else for passing their medical exams.

    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      "That looks dangerous"

      no shit it looks dangerous there's explosives inside the body

  22. Hero's Classic will easily be about facing all the RPG characters (If that wasn't covered already). Expect Cloud, Ness and Lucas, the FE gang, the Paper Mario stage and maybe a few references to throwaway RPG spinoffs like Sonic Chronicles. The boss is Rathelos as seen in the trailer, and there will also be fights with Bowser, Charizard and Ridely. It's Dragon Quest y'know. Banjo of course has got to have a Kong reunion of course, maybe a Duck Hunt fight. Maybe the rest of the battles can all be platformer mascot themed. There's gotta be a "Grunty" battle at the end, who's played Robin, or maybe Bayonetta (Influnced by her young chick form from the Game Over sequence). Another Master Hand fight would be fine as it can act as Banjo "proving himself" worthy as a Microsoft rep to be immortalized with the rest of the Smash fighters and what not.
  23. Here's some coverage on an early demo people got to try out behind closed doors. https://www.starwarsnewsnet.com/2019/06/lego-skywalker-saga-open-world.html https://www.pcmag.com/news/368940/lego-star-wars-the-skywalker-saga-is-a-massive-open-world https://www.tomshardware.com/news/lego-star-wars-skywalker-saga-e3_demo,39642.html So with this being a milestone for LEGO Star Wars and LEGO licensed games in general, Traveler's Tales plans on making this game the start of a bold, brand new generation for LEGO games. Every episode, including 7, have all been created from the ground up to best fit with the new gameplay changes. You are now allowed to start on any episode you want, so whether you want to go chronological or release date order, it's all up to you. Skywalker Saga appears to be far more of an open world experience, where you can launch straight into space and travel to around 20 different planets in the galaxy, and bump into the frequent space battle along the way. The camera is now given full 360 movement at all times, bringing greater depth to the various locations you visit. I might not be seeing a huge jump in the graphics from TFA, but they did say many of the ships would modeled brick-by-brick from real life models made from LEGO. The combat has also received a major overhaul to make it more complex and exciting. The enemies are now given a full blown heath meter over their heads, and will take different amounts of damage depending on how or where you hit them in. Shooting weapons is now done in an over-the-shoulder view that lets you take better aim at the opponents. And Jedi now have a more dynamic way on how they can swing their sabers and use the Force on various objects. The demo shown took place at the beginning of Return of the Jedi. The Falcon is approaching Tatooine when it is suddenly ambushed by a (Super) Star Destroyer. After narrowly escaping and landing on the sand planet, the map as is appeared to be vast and filled with several points of interest, from Jabba's Palace and Luke's old moisture farm. As with previous titles, asides from the main missions, the are several characters roaming around that provide sidequests. So this sounds really impressive, especially since they been developing at least long enough to put some of into a playable closed demo.
  24. 5ncfyC79Rqn9Eh2NNyfqde-480-80.jpg

    ...Oh heeeeeeeeeeeeey.

    That guy is baack! Wooooow! That's sooooo good to hear!! 

    Like, this is a interesting situation! Heh... heh heh heh....





    ......Run for it


    1. Milo


      i mean, it's cool banjo has been revived for smash, but that doesn't immediately equate to a new banjo game in development

      and that's assuming it's a traditional one like the first two, instead of nuts and bolts

  25. "Finally, my message comes through. The internet (in this hotel) is very slow" Nintendo Treehouse's Dan, LM3's local 4-player mode, Live during E3

    1. Perkilator



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