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  1. Detective Pikachu was a very enjoyable film, and saw similar scores. I'm really pumped. This should be great, and I can see this really helping the franchise find a clear thematic drive for the decade. A great start! (kinda like the last two decades! Oof!)
  2. Looks great. It's a kids film, but beyond the watered-down writing this is pretty much the best case Hollywood scenario alongside detective pikachu.
  3. I actually remember liking how Chun-Li looked in MvCI's gameplay. Only in the cutscenes did something feel off. Since then, I've told myself that I shouldn't be judging a 3D model until I'm seeing it in the intended use and placement. Also, waiting this long to release a trailer is a yikes. It was literally trending for me and it's already dying down.
  4. Again, because it's a debate about what something actually means. You can twist anything to mean anything, I could say this movie is a live adaptation of Sonic X because sonic is from a different planet. People aren't too fond of hearing that it isn't the anthem they argue that it is. Edit: this is an off topic discussion, so this is my last post about it. Please stop asking and google it
  5. Because it's a myth that the song is actually based around what people claim it is. The point being you can make anything mean ANYTHING if you try hard enough.
  6. We actually did. We had a literal internal powerpoint leak JUST like this film. Until we see the results of this project, it would be foolish to write it off based on the "on-paper" descriptions.
  7. They aren't seeing anything. They're seeing early designs and impressions. Wait for the damn trailer 🙄
  8. Billie Jean is a song about a fan claiming MJ knocked her up. Born in the USA is an anti-establishment song that bashes the USA. God Only Knows is a song about wanting to die because you can't live without someone. I feel ya, but 99.9% of people just jam out to most songs. It sucks, but it's about the sound and the vibes in this case.
  9. I spend SO much time over-analyzing everything in my life. I've decided (and I hope many of you do as well) to just try to have fun with this film and get the most out of it. If it's cringe, I'll laugh at it. If it's funny I'll laugh with it. No harm no foul. It's going to make money at the worst.
  10. I'm not a Jim Carrey fan by any measure, but god his optimism about the role really has me excited.A perfect fit for Robotnik.
  11. Just a reminder for the people cringing at the song choice... Of all of the choices made around this film so far, the strategy to use 90's music in the trailers is BY FAR the most positive IMO I mean, come on... Sonic 3 literally sounded like modern pop music at the time. This track is gonna rock the trailer
  12. But... why? It's a person's opinion on JUST the designs. This is the classic Sonic community problem of clinging to impressions like biblical quotes.
  13. I have a tiny drop of optimism for this film. It needs to be REALLY weird to play the "uncanny" card. Really, there were only two directions they could've gone with a live action film... either Sonic is already a normal part of the world, or they play it like X.
  14. SONIC PROJECT S has released for PC and Android!! Download for free today at: Https://projectsgame.com
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