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  1. I would rather see Ninty handle it. The physics in Odyssey have me buggin for a Sonic game like that.
  2. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    I guess i see that then. But look at Odyssey... 8 hour story and like 200 hours of extra exploration with almost completely redesigned HUGE levels... 3 hour story with about 2 hours of gameplay and 4 bosses looks... meh
  3. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    I guess i should clarify: im not trying to say 06 has no glitches and is coded well... i'm just saying that it was actually fun imo and even when it was a mess i was still not bored like i was with forces
  4. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    I don't feel this way at all. I had fun with 06 and it didn't feel broken like everybody says, just incomplete. Similarly with Lost World, I was able to 100% that game and enjoy myself for most of it. I'm not sure if anyone has gotten 100% in this game yet, but I feel that it would be close to Impossible with the awful gameplay and controls offered here. Like I said I had fun with 06 and I really had no fun at all with this game. 06 had big sprawling levels to explore with decent designs and amazing music. The physics were all screwed up, but not in an irritating way in my opinion. It was wrong but it felt right. This game is not like that at all, it's no fun, irritating to play because of the controls and physics, and the levels are boring straight and short to the point of being one minute in some cases. 06 gets a bad rap because it's a meme, but it really isn't anywhere nearly as bad as this game
  5. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    People saying it takes 10 to 12 hours to beat this game... How is that possible? I played on hard and beat the game in like 3 hours and I did side missions as I went.
  6. Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    Wow. HAHAHA to think I tried to tell people to give this game a shot. I apologize. Credits are rolling on my TV now (cant skip) and... holy Christ... how awful could they mess this up? The game is like, they messed with variables in the engine and made movement, gravity, control, everything... just.... OFF. The levels, with 2 exceptions (Sonic's chemical plant and jungle) were forgettable and short. The music was decent in some cases but I had to try to like it. The story was wayyyy too quick and wayyyy too jumpy between characters, plots, and "twists". Overall, this is actually as bad as 06 for me. Maybe worse. 06 had great music and HONESTLY a better story execution (really? yes!) EDIT: actually, screw it, it is worse than 06 to me. I had fun with 06 despite it's flaws. This was like pulling teeth I've always been an Adventure fan, so even Mania was only great to me as a quality product, the nostalgia wasn't there in the same way it would be for many of you. At least there I could feel the love, care, and skill that made the game what it is: quality and a classic. This... it almost feels worse than a mobile game. It's like going to a barbecue restaurant and ordering a salad. It's not satisfying, it was cheap and low cal so you don't feel as burnt, but you keep regretting that you didn't order anything worthwhile or special.
  7. Reaction to Forces: Public Discourse

    I personally find Adventure to be the perfect 3D Sonic formula. Not 2, but 1. Large open levels to mess around with the physics (which are janky, but in a fun cartoony way). Simple goals, a nice speed that is still under control but requires good momentum and skill to achieve. A good tone between serious but still slapstick (Robotnik's Sleeping Gas...) I don't think they can top Adventure, even Adventure 2 moved away from those ideas towards *shiver* Heroes. Keep in mind, I grew up with Adventure so I have a severe bias, but I know why I like it and can defend it to the end of the earth.
  8. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    Just out of curiosity, the tssz review mentions 30 base levels... Does this mean the game can be beaten without playing any of the bonus content? And if so isn't that leaving out half the game? Just wondering because this is the only review to bring it up so far and sometimes post-game content is significantly better than the actual game content
  9. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    I really like Colors and Unleashed. Reviewers hated one and loved the other. You're on the money here, Forces defenders will likely still like the game regardless of what they are told.
  10. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    As expected the guy with the Danganronpa GIF in his sig has to be the voice of reason. (one of the best girls btw, but I gotta go with Chiaki) Personally, I'm drained from reading all this negativity. Christ, it's a new Sonic game... I know it probably will suck, cool, but do we REALLY need to get excited about it's failure because we don't like the direction it's going? Not everyone is, but some of you guys are really hoping for the death of Sonic Team... and you must be misguided because check out MvCI-- funding leaves when sales drop, changes aren't always made.
  11. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    Right, that's my point. There was no reason to say "reviews don't matter" when mania came out. That's what I'm trying to say, re: people on twitter and such claiming that we are just now claiming reviews dont matter
  12. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    Wasn't hurt by it's reviews because they were universally positive. So there was no reason to claim that reviews don't matter, since the reviews wouldn't have any negative effect anyway
  13. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    Anyway, on a different topic. People are claiming that saying "reviews don't matter" now but not with Mania is trying to defend this game. That's.... not really a valid way to approach the situation. Mania wasn't going to be hurt by it's reviews, they are meaningless to everyone... no harm no foul. No reason to say they don't matter because they literally don't. In this case, the game will be hurt dramatically by reviews.
  14. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    Okay, well my point here isn't to conspire against Polygon, I just don't think they should 1. be reviewing a product they shouldn't even have yet. 2. vaguely bashing the game while showing no sign that they actually played it
  15. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    EDIT: Nope nope nope Edit: also, wanna point out that I have been making fun of this game online for months, I'm not blindly defending it