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  1. Sr101


    SONIC PROJECT S has released for PC and Android!! Download for free today at: Https://projectsgame.com
  2. We've got a logo. https://twitter.com/KnightGambit/status/989302699588964352 Interesting setting for the background... it seems the other logos are using all the space for art, so that must be tied to the film. I eagerly await more info!
  3. Can't really see why people are disappointed with this. I would bet a hefty chunk of change that Mighty and Ray both have interesting new mechanics. Hell, I could see Ray playing almost like Cape Mario. Would be so fun to try to maintain air momentum with timing your arcs. We'll see, but color me excited. PRE-ORDERED on switch and PS4. (5 copies now.)
  4. Not to take the bait, but I'd never 100%ed a 2D Sonic game and Mania was my first. It wasn't even that hard, since you can get all the Emeralds on the first level.
  5. Sr101


    Thanks to everyone who has commented. The kind words and likes go a long way Big new reveal! We're coming to mobile at release!
  6. Hey all! I'm making a Sonic music game called: SONIC PROJECT S The goal of the project is to make a simple rhythm game featuring Sonic-styled gimmicks and music from the community. I currently have about 10 artists signed on to "donate" some tracks. Keep in mind this is obviously going to be a free game, and they will all be credited big time! So, how does it play? Simple. 4 Notes. Left = Yellow = Combo Hits. These extend combo and act as the "glue" that holds the groove. Red = Down = Spin Hits. Enemies are inbound! Time to spindash! Miss these and lose all your rings. Blue = Right = Ring Hits. Hit these to collect some rings. Up = Green = Item Hits. Hitting these grants you one of several items from an item box. Speed Get a 50 hit combo to gain some speed! I'm considering having a "boost meter" on screen to show progress? What do you think? Speed helps you make it through tracks faster. Replaying songs over and over? The better you get the faster you can get through. Of course, there are going to be modes where this is not the goal. Faster times give you a bigger speed bonus! Art I'm going for a GBA aesthetic. I think the Adventure era designs were very well adapted to 2D in this style. As such, I'm sticking with the native aspect ratio. This makes it a bit stretched on a bigger screen, but it looks quite crisp this way. The character art is going to be done by the super talented @RegK1tty! Here's an example of the amazing style she's got. Dev Details I'm designing the game in GM:Studio 1.4. I have almost 10 years experience with GM, but I've never worked on a project like this all on my own. I'm a college student studying Computer Science (3rd Year!). As such, please keep your expectations at a safe level I currently have an engine I created 100% from scratch to write and record notes for songs with somewhat minimal effort. I don't expect the game to take very long to complete. My goal at this point is to focus on adding a good amount of content while keeping in mind I am ONE guy, so I need to be realistic! Songs I made some tracks as well! Here's one, called "Green Hill Harrier" https://soundcloud.com/user-340354028/green-hill-harrier Who else will be featured? For now, I'll say a few, but I want to keep some nice secrets! Vic McKnight @Xacxon ‏ will be contributing some tracks along with @SquigglyDigg ‏ Luan @LuanRemixes ‏will also be on board! and finally (for now...) Lil Boulder @LilBoulder ‏is gonna kill it in the game! Of course, they are only some of the many artists I already have planned! Which of their songs will make it in? Hmmm.... I'm planning a good number of tracks, that I won't give away. Every main Sonic game will have at least a track, if not 2. Side games will be represented if I can find a great remix to represent them. Videos Latest Update Video (as of posting) So, are you ready to try out the game? Welp, not yet... but I promise that soon I will be able to get something playable out there. I don't want to taint the game with a messy beta launch. Expect a good amount of content by the first release. I also have a huge surprise to share once my twitter reaches 100 followers. Trust me, it separates the men from the boys as far as fangames go. It's one of the reasons I decided to go with GM Thanks for reading! Hope you like what I've got here. I've put easily 60 hours AT LEAST into what is currently finished... I expect to double that number. Consider this a thanks to the fans and series who made me love music the way I do! Sr101 - Mike - @SONIC_PROJECT_S
  7. This was the last straw on internet pre orders for me. I wanted this more than anything, and waited with all the info ready... and wasn't able to get one. I can't stand this system of pre orders. My internet is garbage but that shouldn't decide if I can get one or not.
  8. Sr101

    Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    I think the tone of the game would have been fine if there was actual substance to back it up. Nothing really happened, I've seen jokes about how little Classic Sonic plays into the plot... But in reality the only character that does anything other than be captured is the avatar! There's no consequence in Sonic games anymore... It's a sad truth
  9. I would rather see Ninty handle it. The physics in Odyssey have me buggin for a Sonic game like that.
  10. Sr101

    Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    I guess i see that then. But look at Odyssey... 8 hour story and like 200 hours of extra exploration with almost completely redesigned HUGE levels... 3 hour story with about 2 hours of gameplay and 4 bosses looks... meh
  11. Sr101

    Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    I guess i should clarify: im not trying to say 06 has no glitches and is coded well... i'm just saying that it was actually fun imo and even when it was a mess i was still not bored like i was with forces
  12. Sr101

    Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    I don't feel this way at all. I had fun with 06 and it didn't feel broken like everybody says, just incomplete. Similarly with Lost World, I was able to 100% that game and enjoy myself for most of it. I'm not sure if anyone has gotten 100% in this game yet, but I feel that it would be close to Impossible with the awful gameplay and controls offered here. Like I said I had fun with 06 and I really had no fun at all with this game. 06 had big sprawling levels to explore with decent designs and amazing music. The physics were all screwed up, but not in an irritating way in my opinion. It was wrong but it felt right. This game is not like that at all, it's no fun, irritating to play because of the controls and physics, and the levels are boring straight and short to the point of being one minute in some cases. 06 gets a bad rap because it's a meme, but it really isn't anywhere nearly as bad as this game
  13. Sr101

    Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    People saying it takes 10 to 12 hours to beat this game... How is that possible? I played on hard and beat the game in like 3 hours and I did side missions as I went.
  14. Sr101

    Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    Wow. HAHAHA to think I tried to tell people to give this game a shot. I apologize. Credits are rolling on my TV now (cant skip) and... holy Christ... how awful could they mess this up? The game is like, they messed with variables in the engine and made movement, gravity, control, everything... just.... OFF. The levels, with 2 exceptions (Sonic's chemical plant and jungle) were forgettable and short. The music was decent in some cases but I had to try to like it. The story was wayyyy too quick and wayyyy too jumpy between characters, plots, and "twists". Overall, this is actually as bad as 06 for me. Maybe worse. 06 had great music and HONESTLY a better story execution (really? yes!) EDIT: actually, screw it, it is worse than 06 to me. I had fun with 06 despite it's flaws. This was like pulling teeth I've always been an Adventure fan, so even Mania was only great to me as a quality product, the nostalgia wasn't there in the same way it would be for many of you. At least there I could feel the love, care, and skill that made the game what it is: quality and a classic. This... it almost feels worse than a mobile game. It's like going to a barbecue restaurant and ordering a salad. It's not satisfying, it was cheap and low cal so you don't feel as burnt, but you keep regretting that you didn't order anything worthwhile or special.
  15. Sr101

    Reaction to Forces: Public Discourse

    I personally find Adventure to be the perfect 3D Sonic formula. Not 2, but 1. Large open levels to mess around with the physics (which are janky, but in a fun cartoony way). Simple goals, a nice speed that is still under control but requires good momentum and skill to achieve. A good tone between serious but still slapstick (Robotnik's Sleeping Gas...) I don't think they can top Adventure, even Adventure 2 moved away from those ideas towards *shiver* Heroes. Keep in mind, I grew up with Adventure so I have a severe bias, but I know why I like it and can defend it to the end of the earth.

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