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  1. I never liked when the Archie comics would give Sonic's shoes actual treads. The over-detailing clashed with his simple design.
  2. Man, just the synopsis alone is getting me hyped. 2022 is going to be great movie year! Fellow Knuckles fans starved of his non-existent characterization in the 2010s: "Finally some good effing food!"
  3. Granted I've only seen a handful of his cartoon shorts, but they always come across as mean-spirited towards Sonic and/or other series as a whole. There's just something about his stuff that feels disingenuous. I did just find out about some drama regarding a video he did with Sonic meeting a female version of himself being taken down. He seems to be a popular Sonic youtuber, so I'm curious as to what other think of him here?
  4. Crossing my fingers for an Eggmobile toy, complete with "firing missile action" and a "pilot Eggman" figure!
  5. I'm a bit saddened that it looks like Carrey won't be wearing a fat suit, and his new costume is all black again from the looks of it.
  6. Wow so much news popping up now! I'm nothing less than hyped! I'm loving Knuckles' design so far; he's got a bit of bulk to him, but not too much like Boom. Plus it helps from everyone having the same body type. Also I like how his shoes look similar to hiking boots; a nice nod to his lone adventurer/treasure hunting roots. Now where's that hat? Jim Eggman's first leaked shot's got me confused with his levitating state lol. Also wondering why he's back to all black as opposed to the teased red? Maybe this is how they want to differentiate his movie look from other Eggmen by being clad in all black? Either way I'm happy Jim's going to be back for this and hopefully more sequels to come!
  7. Yeah, definitely! I always wondered if planet Freedom was intended to be a post-apocalyptic earth, and new islands formed over it somehow. Are "Warp zones" just a common way for people to travel, if so where'd they come from? Was the portal to the Land of Darkness created by someone or something to seal away its impurities? Why does Eggman want to live in such a depressing hellhole? So many thing to explore!
  8. While the Sonic OVA proper is a charming and entertaining take on the series (that deserved to continue), there are some things that could be tweaked to arguably make it even better: -I always felt that Amy should've been in place of Sera; to both further the game connections with our heroes, Metal, etc. (and to also get rid of the [imo creepy ] Eggman romance scenes with Sera) Have Amy be visiting the president because she saw something bad/ominous in her tarot cards about the planet [a near forgotten trait of hers] or something, and THAT'S where Eggman comes in to hold them hostage. -Introduce and/or mention Knuckles a bit earlier as opposed to him quite literally popping into the story with no real explanation. Something like a throwaway line where Tails asks Sonic if he's heard from Knuckles since he left to go treasure hunting X days ago. -Don't reveal that Eggman's piloting Metal Robotnik the whole time until after he's beaten. It always seemed weird that we never saw any scenes inside the mech with him and Sera. Like, did he trick her into thinking they were playing a simulation or something? I always wondered what was going on in there during all the fighting. Feel free to add your suggestions!
  9. I want to see Sonic and Knuckles fight again. Its nice that they're bros and all, but seeing them get into heated fisticuffs is a part of their relationship too!
  10. Like other have said, his core 3D gameplay is fine; but a little more polish wouldn't hurt. Make attacking enemies be more strategic besides just mashing B; like having to find openings to land a hit and whatnot. Having optional upgrades (better shovel claws, a more advanced radar, hats!) for combat and/or treasure hunting would be cool too!
  11. I recently played through Duke Nukem Time to Kill on PS1, and it was pretty dang fun! This is the first I've played of the Duke games, and despite its age it was very smooth to play. The shooting is great; platforming controls were odd at first, but I got used to it. Duke's quips/one-liners and the overall wacky tone were great. (Running around the old West with a flamethrower? Exploring a medieval castle with a jetpack? Fighting dragons in ancient Rome with an alien laser gun? Nothing wrong with that!) Granted the hub levels in the city were a bit difficult at first, with having to find 3 crystals before time traveling to the next area. But all in all, you know its a good game when you want to replay it the second you finished it!
  12. I can definitely see that. But I think in the case of Forces with everything feeling near-hopeless for the good guys, being at their last rope and such, having the world be in a state of disarray while still being controlled by the Eggman Empire makes it all the more dramatic and effective; à la Sonic CD's bad future levels. Eggman just doesn't care about the state of things as long as he's in charge! (But either way, a missed opportunity to add to the long list lol)
  13. I might've believed that if Sonic X didn't do it first with Decoe and Bocoe. (plus Bokkun to AoStH's Coconuts perhaps?) But who's to say? Ugh, don't get me started on that missed opportunity for Forces. Can you imagine the vast amounts of apocalyptic Eggman imagery we could've seen throughout the whole game!? Makes me sad, man...
  14. I don't know if this has been documented at all, but have there ever been comments/discussions by Japanese Sonic fans/developers on the Western redesigns of Eggman to Robotnik? I've always wondered what they thought of these different interpretations of the mustachioed madman. Also there's that SA1 concept art of Eggman that seemed to have some SatAM vibes; so its possible that some at SOJ must've seen these designs at some point. Any dug up or recent info would be appreciated!
  15. Care to explain? I could hardly stomach the "story" of Lost World, Generations was practically non-existent and Forces was a convoluted mess. At its worst Colors' story was harmless fun. At the time it was a breath of fresh air for a Sonic game; with its fun gameplay, imaginative worlds and amazing soundtrack. Its lighthearted, self-referencing story was icing on the cake.
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