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  1. I recently played through Duke Nukem Time to Kill on PS1, and it was pretty dang fun! This is the first I've played of the Duke games, and despite its age it was very smooth to play. The shooting is great; platforming controls were odd at first, but I got used to it. Duke's quips/one-liners and the overall wacky tone were great. (Running around the old West with a flamethrower? Exploring a medieval castle with a jetpack? Fighting dragons in ancient Rome with an alien laser gun? Nothing wrong with that!) Granted the hub levels in the city were a bit difficult at first, with having to find 3 crystals before time traveling to the next area. But all in all, you know its a good game when you want to replay it the second you finished it!
  2. I can definitely see that. But I think in the case of Forces with everything feeling near-hopeless for the good guys, being at their last rope and such, having the world be in a state of disarray while still being controlled by the Eggman Empire makes it all the more dramatic and effective; à la Sonic CD's bad future levels. Eggman just doesn't care about the state of things as long as he's in charge! (But either way, a missed opportunity to add to the long list lol)
  3. I might've believed that if Sonic X didn't do it first with Decoe and Bocoe. (plus Bokkun to AoStH's Coconuts perhaps?) But who's to say? Ugh, don't get me started on that missed opportunity for Forces. Can you imagine the vast amounts of apocalyptic Eggman imagery we could've seen throughout the whole game!? Makes me sad, man...
  4. I don't know if this has been documented at all, but have there ever been comments/discussions by Japanese Sonic fans/developers on the Western redesigns of Eggman to Robotnik? I've always wondered what they thought of these different interpretations of the mustachioed madman. Also there's that SA1 concept art of Eggman that seemed to have some SatAM vibes; so its possible that some at SOJ must've seen these designs at some point. Any dug up or recent info would be appreciated!
  5. Care to explain? I could hardly stomach the "story" of Lost World, Generations was practically non-existent and Forces was a convoluted mess. At its worst Colors' story was harmless fun. At the time it was a breath of fresh air for a Sonic game; with its fun gameplay, imaginative worlds and amazing soundtrack. Its lighthearted, self-referencing story was icing on the cake.
  6. I'm happy to see were getting a new Sonic show so soon after the last. (despite my loathing of Boom) Hopefully its not based on the movie universe. Let the movie's story be told in the movies. Whenever these film franchises get TV/Netflix spin-offs (most of Dreamworks' stuff for instance) it always comes across as a cheap and lazy cash-grab.
  7. Yeah, its terribly overlooked now and many seemed to write it off as "a Smash clone" back when it released. But I recall much younger me having a fun time seeing all the little interactions and such between the actual gameplay. Heck, I remember having just fun running around the map lol.
  8. Agree with many other on here that its not a hindrance, just terribly handled for the longest time. (I wonder if Iizuka even remembers it exists lol.) Something I liked about Sonic Battle on GBA was that the game was pretty chill most of the time, with the world-threatening stuff only happening at the very end. Because of that we got to see characters kind of mill around and go about their daily routines; like Sonic just running around, Tails inventing gadgets, Amy "boxer-cising," Knuckles training with others, Rouge going on missions for the President, etc. etc. Not to mention all the fun character interactions during said chill-period. We got to see characters be more than one dimensional good guys. What a concept! /sarcasm
  9. Probably Lost World. I was pretty hyped for the new gameplay, the return of the more cartoony style, promise of an actual story again, etc. Gameplay was okay, but maybe too easy (its still the only Sonic game I've ever 100 percented.) The overall story really brought down the game for me with its weird writing of the classic characters, the lame new villains, and out-of-nowhere final boss.
  10. Unpopular opinions (maybe): -Sonic 3D Blast is a legit good game. -Sonic comics were more entertaining when they weren't tied down by Sega. -Sonic's english OVA voice is better than Roger Craig Smith. -Eggman's mustache looks better UN-textured. -Sonic Underground is better than Sonic Boom.
  11. I wonder if any behind the scenes of Jim Eggman's final scene will ever surface? (I can imagine him improvising with "Agent Stone" lol)
  12. Anyone else notice a lot of Sonic 4 footage was used for the behind the scenes featurette? Felt kind of odd... (Also the Sonic Forces Eggman image they used in the same featurette was noticeably low-res. Wonder if some of this was a result of the pandemic?)
  13. Something that's been on my mind for awhile is: Why doesn't the TMNT fandom seem to get any negative attention like the Sonic fanbase? Going through the different incarnations we've got: the original comics, '87 cartoon, '90s live action movies, '90s Next Mutation show, 2003 cartoon, 2007 CGI movie, 2012 Nick cartoon, the Michael Bay live-action movies, and currently Rise of the TMNT. (You could also probably count the different comic runs done by Archie and IDW for good measure.) Most if not all have their own devoted sub-fanbases. Some like the darker comics and shows, some like the more light-hearted stuff, others fall more in-between. With all these varying comics/shows/movies differing in designs, tone, writing, etc. why doesn't it seem like the fandom has the kind of problems we Sonic fans so often get accused of? (Like we don't know what we want, we're never happy, etc.) I'd like to know what you guys think!
  14. Yeah, that makes more sense. I didn't catch the number before the 7 in theaters; but the way he's monologuing makes it seem like he hasn't been there that long. Either way, you could sum it up with "he's going loony." (or maybe eating too many of the mushrooms lol)
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