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  1. I've said it once and I'll say it until the end of time: Helen should've been the main human character. A handicapped girl being able to go on adventures and see the world with Sonic and friends is just an infinitely better premise. I can just imagine all the wholesome goodness that would come with it! Also how much more sense would it of been for her to remind Shadow of Maria instead of Chris? Its such a shame she was hardly in the show and only got one episode focused on her. Though in that episode the chemistry with Sonic and Helen was much more real and believable; I never got the vibe that Sonic truly liked being with Chris despite the show trying to tell the contrary. So yeah, even though I liked X overall, Helen being a main character would've been a HUGE step up for the show. (Also I always loved that she seemed to wear the pants in her relationship with Chris when they got older, and that she was a better driver than him too lol)
  2. There was that episode Hedgehog Hunt, where he threatens Team Sonic and the Chaotix about a Metarex fleet surrounding the planet they're hiding on. Only to use his own Egg Crimson disguised as the Blue Typhoon to take the fall for them. This even gets his lackeys frustrated; why does he want to both destroy and protect Sonic? He never even brings this up in future episodes to wipe in their faces or anything. Who does that? The Eggman does. (It always bugged me how Sonic AND Vector kind of knew about this, but never told anyone else; unless it was a dub thing.)
  3. I think I remember reading somewhere that SoA didn't think Classic Eggman looked evil and/or ugly enough for a Western audience. So that's where the AoStH and SatAM designs came in. The "West-ification" of the Classic design always gave me Yosemite Sam vibes: Whether it be rabbits or hedgehogs, they're always out to get 'em! Personally, I would've been fine with just this look during Eggman's early years in the West; as opposed to the AoStH and SatAM designs.
  4. I've got a bunch of Knuckles stuff, courtesy of Archie: Evidently Knuckles has balloon hands. I forgot how mature the comics got lol. (I love Axer's work for the record) Well to be fair for Knux, he IS alone on an island most of the time. Also here's that Knuckles shower scene you never knew you needed!
  5. If "Jim Eggman" throws back his head angrily screaming "HEDGEHOOOOOOOGGG!" at any point, I'll be happy lol
  6. I should've clarified that the exaggerated expressions were what gave off a Ren & Stimpy vibe for me. Particularly how he smiles after "meow?", when he's screaming, and after he faints. That's definitely not a style we'd ever see Sega roll with in modern stuff.
  7. I was going to see if his vid was mentioned here. Yeah his animation is good technically speaking; but the way he did it for Sonic is way too Ren & Stimpy. Yours is much more in line with how Sonic actually expresses emotions. Also why does every popular Youtuber have to hammer in that they're "most definitely not/never been Sonic fans" when they probably are. Seriously its like the one taboo for them. :/
  8. Calling him a "meathead" or "idiot" is an extreme simplification in of itself. Why would one call him either of those when "Buff-ckles" exists? If anything "Buff-ckles" only further drove the misconception that Knuckles has always been that way.
  9. I've always thought using "idiot" to describe Knuckles' personality was too broad and harsh. Sure he can be naïve when judging others, and gung-ho when it comes to fighting; but he's not an idiot. You can't just write off his personality as dumb when he's also shown levelheadedness in other things such as being well-versed in the ancient, long forgotten elements that Sonic and others have come to rely on him for. When I think of an "idiot" character I think of Boom Knuckles or Cubot.
  10. Very fun episode overall, with plenty of goodies for fans to look for! I had some problems with how cocksure Sonic was here, and I wish we could put the "Knuckles is an idiot" trope behind us. The numerous remarks regarding Eggman really had me wishing he appeared here alongside Boxman; it would've added a lot more imo. Also I kind of expected it to be longer due to how it was being built up at SDCC and stuff. That being said, I'd be lying if I said I didn't really, really want a new Sonic cartoon at this point between this and all the Mania/TSR shorts! I wonder how many takes Ian Jones-Quartey did doing Scratch's laugh, and of Jim Cummings saying "Prrromotions are in order!" lol
  11. OK K.O. is such a great show! I rarely get interested in modern CN shows, but K.O. is a love letter to gamers, animation lovers, 90s kids, etc. Highly recommend for those who haven't watched it! Also I was probably just hearing things, but Sonic's grunt after he lands reminded me of when you select Super Sonic in SA1. Could it be possible for Mr. Drummond to return even for this one ep?? Probably not, but stranger things have happened...
  12. I'm happy to see its coming along nicely! Graphic-wise it looks like an interactive animated movie! Definitely a game that'll push me to finally save for a Switch. Its just weird how in the US we'll of had: -Luigi's Mansion -Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon -Luigi's Mansion 3 ...Why did they change LM2 to Dark Moon again? It's just like what happened with the original Jurassic Park movies. lol
  13. I've been watching a lot of AoStH recently, and got me to realize that I actually like Tails as a character for once! Don't get me wrong I understand his importance in the franchise's history and all, but something about him in the post Adventure games (as well as most of Sonic X) just never clicked with me. I think that mostly has to do with the "kid-genius" trope that's really all modern Tails is about anymore. With AoStH (and SatAM for that matter) Tails is an eager, good-hearted kid who genuinely wants to be like his hero and do good for others; not gloat about "building a dishwasher with toothpicks" or whatever he said in Lost World. Also his AoStH voice is nothing short of adorable! But yeah, AoStH of all things reminded me that I could warm-up to a long-time character lol.
  14. I wasn't entirely sure where to post this... but I just wanted to know if anybody would be kind enough to rip and/or make a HD vector of the Eggman symbol from Hidden base?
  15. Found this funny and wondered if anyone else noticed: He became that which he mocked! :O
  16. It would be a nice easter egg (lol) for him to be Kintobor. If the leaks are true about him getting more and more crazy/obsessed with catching Sonic, (and I'm sure they are) then we'll very likely get a "Who's Kintobor? I am now... Robotnik!" *maniacal laughter* by the end.
  17. It's weird that they didn't namedrop "Eggman" or "Robotnik" when they introduced Carrey; he just kind of shows up... kind of a lame reveal actually. It could've gone something like: "You're not suggesting who I think your suggesting..." "Yes... Dr. Eggman. (or Robotnik) He is the world's leading expert in technology. He has the resources to help us figure out what exactly we're dealing with." *cue Eggman reveal shot*
  18. Seriously one of the most hilarious yet horrifying thumbnails I've ever seen on Youtube.
  19. I was honestly grinning ear-to-ear every second Carrey was on screen! His costume(s) also aren't too bad either! More than likely he'll be this movie's saving grace. (P.S. Sonic's face will definitely be in my nightmares...)
  20. Probably my favorite short yet! Loved all the genuinely funny moments with Knux and others. Sega would be crazy to not keep making these! Also Eggman death count: 2 (the first being at the end of the original Mania short)
  21. What's your ideal Sonic voice cast if you could bring back any older ones, or keep them as they are and why? If you need to jog your memory this place is pretty handy-> https://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/voice-compare/Sonic-the-Hedgehog/ Sonic: Ryan Drummond overall, with Jason Griffith being a close second. Both really encapsulate what Sonic sounds like. Special mention to Martin Burke (OVA) as there's a certain charm to his take on Sonic. Tails: If I had to pick it would be Connor Bringas (SA2) but I'm not too picky on his voice. Knuckles: Dan Green without a doubt. I just loved that more gruff voice he brought to the role; it fitted Knux perfectly! Amy: Preferred Lisa Ortiz, but Jennifer Douillard (SA1) was great as well. Eggman: This is kind of bittersweet, because I love Mike Pollock and how long he's been doing the role; but I really miss Deem Bristow's booming voice. Edwin Neal (OVA) is pretty underrated I feel, it would've been pretty neat to of had him in Generations or something. Shadow: David Humphrey all the way, but Kirk Thornton kind of grew on me in Forces. Rouge: Lani Minella (SA2) was overall the most balanced to me. Not too "try-hard sultry" like the others. With everyone else, I don't really have a preference.
  22. Its not terrible... but he kind of looks like a reject from those Skylanders games. This just makes me all the more anxious to see how dear old Jim Carrey looks as our favorite egg-obsessed madman. The suspense is killing me!
  23. On the infamous slap page of #134 she goes on about how her heart was broken believing he was dead, watching him get beat up by Mecha brought it all back to her, and that she refused to have her heart broken again. All after calling him selfish for wanting to risk his life fighting, over ruling the kingdom alongside her. Like... wow.
  24. I always thought Elias Acorn was a neat and likable character. Going from a conflicted prince who runs away from his responsibilities, marries and starts a family with a commoner, eventually his wife convinces him to return to Knothole where he stops Sally from marrying Antoine's evil doppelganger, and becomes the new king; often going out on the front lines with the Freedom Fighters. At least his arc made sense compared to his sister's, whom I'll never really get why she's such a fan favorite; she made Sonic's apparent death after #125 about HER for pete's sake...
  25. I went through a flurry of emotions watching the video once it popped up in my subscription. Prime 4 was the reason I was waiting on getting a Switch (bundles and all that good stuff). I'm really surprised they weren't working with Retro already. (though I'm aware they aren't the same studio now compared to when the trilogy was made) I do appreciate their honesty about the situation, instead of leaving fans hanging for the next 2 E3s or however long it takes to get some actual footage out... Some wishful thinking: perhaps another handheld entry is being considered, or even made in the meantime?
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