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  1. Absolutely
    Austroid got a reaction from JustAfooL in Edgy Sonic games were better?   
    I recently saw this vid and it got me thinking. Overall I agree with this.
    Looking back, it was pretty admirable for Sega to try and take a game franchise staring a talking hedgehog in such an unorthodox direction, when "making it more like Mario" would've been the easier route. You could tell from the way cutscenes were written and shot, that they wanted the series to be similar to blockbuster movies, only they just happened to star talking animals. All the stuff you wouldn't normally see in such a series with the religious prophecies, apocalyptic events and government conspiracies just made Sonic so much more unique. Growing up in this era myself, it definitely made the series more appealing to me as it felt more cool and grown up, over those "kiddy Mario games."
    With Sonic Colors to present day, story-wise its just... easier for them to play stuff for laughs, and make light of everything. Memes galore and all that good stuff. Heck, with Lost World and Forces stories, the "dark" stuff even comes across as parody. Right now the series just feels tone deaf trying to appeal to everybody, and in the process appealing to almost nobody.
    What do you guys think?
  2. Thumbs Up
    Austroid got a reaction from lbyrd2 in Sonic Mania Adventures   
    This Mania short was one of the purest, most wholesome things to come out of the franchise! 10/10

    This was probably brought up already, but I loved that Eggman was wearing his "Man of the Year" PJs at the end! I need me some merch of that
  3. Chuckle
    Austroid reacted to Scape in Sonic Mania Adventures   
    How dare you suggest the concept of Sonic and Tails actually treating Amy like a friend and Knuckles taking his job seriously? This series couldn't survive a single game that doesn't wank off S3&K.
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    Austroid got a reaction from Sonictrainer in Sonic Mania Adventures   
    This Mania short was one of the purest, most wholesome things to come out of the franchise! 10/10

    This was probably brought up already, but I loved that Eggman was wearing his "Man of the Year" PJs at the end! I need me some merch of that
  5. Thumbs Up
    Austroid got a reaction from Blueknight V2.0 in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    With that second poster leak, its funny that many are still thinking this isn't the "final" design for Sonic; or that "maybe they'll change it."
    I mean, really now? Is that how they think this works? I'm waiting until a trailer drops before I decide how I really feel about the movie up to this point. But I know I'll see it not matter what, because I'm legitimately interested in how this all goes. 
    (Also I can't pass up seeing Jim freakin' Carrey play one of my all-time favorite characters ever!)
  6. Thumbs Up
    Austroid reacted to PeterPancake in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    ....Is-is that guy serious? I can't believe people are now at the point where they think the Studio fabricated two posters with the same design to trick people. Is this just denial or does he seriously believe what he's saying? I can't...
  7. Fist Bump
    Austroid reacted to UpCDownCLeftCRightC in What are some missed opportunities in the Sonic franchise?   
    Yes! I am 110% convinced that this, in much the same fashion as the Sonic CD opening as @Sonic Fan J mentioned, is the path forward for 3D Sonic. There is a way to design it such that you have primarily open world gameplay but still with goals and contexts that have the classic point A to point B gameplay. I've thought about this for so long, I've got the basic concept essentially sketched out in its entirety. The one thing that honestly truly kills me about this franchise, is that they have forgotten that at one point they really wanted to accomplish this but didnt yet have the technology. In the time leading up to SA1, it is plain that Naka and company envisioned something similar to this, but couldn't do it with 1996 tech.
    They have long since abandoned it and dont seem to even be thinking about it. It's honestly driving me nuts as a lifelong sonic fan. This is the single thing that in my honest to God opinion can almost instantly drive sonic back to great heights and neutralize much of his dark past, if this is accomplished. It would be a huge success, putting 3D sonic in a context that finally works for what he is. It would kill.
    It seriously hurts that neither SEGA or sonic team is seeing this. It's like watching a horror movie scene, over and over again. I think the only thing keeping me around at this point, is curiosity to see if they catch on to this idea, or if someone in the community can convince them of it (Whitehead). Mania has given me hope on some level that a path forward to this is possible. They had no idea that Mania would be successful and had obviously forgotten why it the classic gameplay was appealing at all, until Whitehead reminded them with their own concept. I think someone with a strong enough vision can do this, and then a game like this can be put into the plans. 
    Edit: Just to make a late addition to this post. Isn't it commonly discussed how fun it is in the classic 2D gameplay to use the momentum physics and explore the many different paths in various levels? Everyone who loves the classic games knows how fun it is to experiment with a momentum carrying object like Sonic, scaling through the levels as if you're in a Tony Hawk type game, finding new paths and then perfecting your movements through the landscape. These make the games not only fun but also lasting, high replay value.  
    Well, what do you think would happen if you put this style similarly contextualized in an open 3D environment? Instead of designing narrow, linear paths, design a fully open, 3D environment with many intertwining paths! If you follow his early interviews, Hirokazu Yasuhara thought this way when he designed the original trilogy levels; even though they were limited to a 2D plane, he gathered inspiration by designing them as complete environments, just projected flatly onto the 2D plane (said this himself). Just look the level maps of Sonic 3 and Knuckles. Putting this in a fully 3D context would give you more potential to expand Sonic's gameplay than any other style, bar none. And within this, you still have the opportunity to make the gameplay more linear in parts when you need to.
    Ugh, this is drool inducing. Next bullsh*t game gets released instead, count me out for good (lol, j/k).
  8. Thumbs Up
    Austroid got a reaction from Gumbit in What are some missed opportunities in the Sonic franchise?   
    There's far too many to count lol. But I have a few:
    -For Sonic X: not using the secondary character Helen (the kind-hearted, handicapped girl) as the focus of the show, instead of selfish rich boy Chris was a HUGELY missed opportunity. I can imagine how much more wholesome and just overall better the show would've been with Helen going on adventures with Sonic and friends. Also it would've made tons more sense for Shadow to be reminded of Maria from another blonde, blue-eyed girl than freaking Chris!
    -For Forces: The fact we never saw how the world looked and functioned once Eggman conquered it was straight-up criminal. I was looking forward to all the Egg-propaganda and/or post-apocalyptic, Sonic CD-like atmosphere that the Bad Future levels had.
    -The little things like more of a look into Knuckles' past; being the last of the echidnas and living in isolation for years. Or some more happy flashbacks of Shadow and Maria together on the ARK. Its beyond disappointing that everyone's backstories (or what little they had) have basically been erased since Generations, and all just exist.
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    Austroid got a reaction from UltraGizmo64 in Favorite Eggman Logo?   
    Yeah, the EG is a great symbol. classic-era Eggman liked variety that's for sure! Reminds me that there's an overlooked one: a military badge-like crest on Eggman's Mech and robots in Sonic the Fighters:

    Its hard to make out next to his head, but it looks like it has EGM underneath the pattern designed like his shirt. I'd love to have a rip of that symbol!
    I assumed it was the exact same as the modern one before a quick search. But it did actually have a slight difference: no goggles!

    I would say this was before the design was settled with the modern logo; but I'm not sure what exact game it showed up in...
  10. Way Past Cool
    Austroid reacted to Your Vest Friend in How do you preceive Eggman as a character ? what the best and worst portrayals for him ?   
    He's a typical mad scientist character (at least in the biome of series I follow) and I have very little interest in his character. I'd rather see the antics of the Animals. 
  11. Thumbs Up
    Austroid got a reaction from Cuz in How do you preceive Eggman as a character ? what the best and worst portrayals for him ?   
    I've viewed Eggman as a [more] sadistic Willy Wonka in recent years. Whimsical and odd, yet also unassuming and potentially dangerous.

                                                                                                             Separated at birth?
    Much like Wonka, Eggman has a very theatrical way of presenting himself. Whether it be a grand reveal of the Death Egg from underground, or a worldwide broadcast warning the earth of the ARK's power by blasting the moon; he's a showman who enjoys being in the spotlight. (One has to wonder what kind of crazy candy Eggman would come up with lol)
    -As for best portrayal I'd still say SA2. He was at his most menacing, but you could still see his goofy side through things like the altered Egyptian statues in his pyramid base.
    -Worst (not counting the US cartoons) I'd have to say is Boom, if only because its just a lackluster portrayal overall. I don't like the idea of "normalizing" a villain for cheap laughs.
  12. Thumbs Up
    Austroid got a reaction from Cuz in What Archie comics had the best artwork?   
    I was a bit saddened when the comics had all the characters be drawn more on-model. Likely Sega's doing but still...
    Having its own depiction of the cast, depending on the artist, made it more unique and really feel like a different world from the games. Opening #146 and seeing Eggman drawn like this was so badass:

  13. Thumbs Up
    Austroid got a reaction from Cuz in What Archie comics had the best artwork?   
    I jumped into the comics at #118, so I'm very partial to Steven Butler's art from that time. A bit of semi-realism combined with manga.

    I also enjoyed James Fry's art a lot. (before he drastically changed it in the Flynn-era) I really loved his exaggerated style when it came to Eggman!  

    Butler and Fry, along with many other artists of the day helped me find my art style when it came to Sonic characters. I still gloss through those old issues to this day!
  14. Thumbs Up
    Austroid reacted to shdowhunt60 in What game are you currently playing?   
    OG Resident Evil is a game that suffers from telegraph issues. It's one of those games though that definitely gets better on subsequent playthroughs, and Chris's game all of a sudden means much more when you're having to factor small keys and inventory into route optimization.
    Personally it's one of those reasons why I consider the original Resident Evil trilogy to be rather misunderstood, and something that took time for me to really figure out when I first tried the games out a few years back.
  15. Thumbs Up
    Austroid got a reaction from FFWF in What game are you currently playing?   
    I got the Resident Evil remake Wii port the other day, and went in head first as Chris; not realizing he made the game artificially tougher. Hours later I rage quit, then found out Jill has more pros for beginners. The only other RE game I played is 4 so I'm trying to get out of the "shoot everything" mentality lol. It definitely a different experience so far compared to RE4.
    Also got Codename S.T.E.A.M. at Gamestop a few weeks ago for a measly 5 bucks! I haven't started playing yet but it'll happen eventually lol.
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    Austroid reacted to StaticMania in Popular and unpopular Sonic opinions you agree and disagree with!   
    Despite the weirdly exaggeratedness of the expressions, the Dreamcast models do look nicer in that field.
    But when does Sonic ever use that sad looking look?
  17. Thumbs Up
    Austroid reacted to A person, that exists in What If Dr. Eggman Teamed Up With These Villains?   
    It would be cringy fanfiction a-la the Archie comics, I'm telling ya.
  18. Thumbs Up
    Austroid reacted to Sean in Nostalgia Critic review of Sonic 1999 OVA   
    Unless someone can prove to me otherwise, I’m absolutely unconvinced that the OVA was ever edited in any capacity. There is no evidence or screencaps of this being the case on the internet. I rented the original VHS copy numerous times, own the original DVD print, and have even seen footage of the Japanese VHS versions (where they have Japanese credits and are split into two episodes). All of them are identical to each other in terms of the scenes commonly cited as being censored (Sonic’s finger, the breastfeeding, Tails groping Sera, etc.). I’m aware that literally every wiki mentions the censorship and that some people even report possibly seeing instances of censorship, but until I get some hard evidence of this - and believe me, I’ve searched high and low for it - I generally dismiss it as an urban legend that nobody has bothered to prove or disprove.
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    Austroid reacted to JingleBoy in Help Me Understand The Love For Mighty   
    cause from my point of view, he sucks lol
    Sonic Mania+ has brought Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel back into the limelight and even if it turns out to only be their last 5-seconds of fame in the long run, it's a welcome return and farewell in my books. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that he sucks to play as in Mania or anything like that, this is mainly about the masses of people that worship and stan this character like he's jesus or something.
    Even before Mania+, I've always seen so many people rally behind this character and I really just don't understand what's so good about him. In Knuckles Chaotix he's just a Sonic stand-in, with no defining characteristics right?
    People give Shadow so much flack, but at least he has a personality and back-story to define him as a character.
    On that note, what even is Mighty's personality?? Even watching Mania Adventures (great series) I get the impression they were sort of struggling to find anything interesting to do with him purely because he has little to no interesting character traits. They did a great job with portraying Ray as a funny goofball kid, but I get none of that from Mighty. Is Mighty supposed to be cocky and arrogant? Then he's basically just Sonic, right? Is he supposed to be strong but short-tempered? Then he's basically just Knuckles, right?
    I groaned when Mighty and Ray were announced as playable characters for Mania+ cause I (and a lot of others) really wanted to see a fully playable classic Amy and I think it sucks that her only appearance in the game was relegated to a joke that kind of mocks her as a character (I chuckled though ngl). My 9 year old cousin was disappointed at the lack of Amy I'll tell you that much lol, but how can I explain to her that "oh uuh she couldn't be in the game cause modern sonic and classic sonic are for some reason now in alternate dimensions and as a result this puts a limit on what they can and can't do with the franchise and since she really only became playable in modern-onwards it's unlikely that she'll be in the game but hey uuhh i could be proven wrong i'll get back to you on that one kiddo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯".
    I've since learned to love Ray and tolerate Mighty. Ray has personality and charm as a character that I think really sets him apart from everyone else; like I said, he's a lovable goofball kid. 
    I don't get an ounce of personality from Mighty and I think that's part of the reason why Sonic Team chose not to bring him back. He's the classic equivalent of Silver the Hedgehog, prove me wrong.
  20. Fist Bump
    Austroid reacted to Bobnik in Characters that never grew on you (Games only)   
    Orbot and Cubot - while Orbot wasn't as bad in Unleashed as everywhere else, I never liked that character, and in pair with Cubot as Eggman lackeys they just made me sad. They're literally just there for comedic relief, especially Cubot. They don't add anything to anything and overall just make me go "ew, no"
    Deadly Six (all of them) - when they were first shown off before Lost World's release, I said "wow, they're going to be boring one-note stereotypes, aren't they". I wasn't wrong, that's for sure. Not only that, the designs just didn't fit what's been established in the Modern-verse at all. Hell, I feel like even in Classic-verse they wouldn't fit, they look like they're from other planet... Which makes sense I guess. But still, I just didn't like the overly cartoony designs they had, and their personalities were non-existent.
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    Austroid reacted to Red in Sonic Mania Adventures   
    Did anyone notice the OVA callback with Tails? Tails used a handheld thing to try and get the upperhand over Metal Sonic once before.
  22. Thumbs Up
    Austroid reacted to Ryannumber1Santa in Sonic Mania Adventures   
    I mean to be fair, I wouldn't exactly class Knuckles as an "idiot". Naive, yeah. Absolutely, he grew up alone on a floating island with on a brief idea of his ancestry, the guy isn't going to be a people person, but he was able to consistently and constantly abuse all of Angel Island's various zones to his advantage to constantly mess with Sonic and impede his progress. 
    That's partially the reason why I dislike "dumb" Knuckles. He shouldn't be a completely hopeless fool because I don't believe that's what he even was to begin with. He was a naive hot-head who misunderstood situations, not a complete idiot. 
    Mania Adventures and by extension Mega Drive if anything has been one of the most accurate portrayals I think. He's got his egotistical and tricky side from S3&K, he's still an effective bruiser, and Mania Adventures as previously said actually gave him actual reason to blame Sonic this time, because Eggman actually did a good job framing him. A lot of his comedy and goofiness can come from the fact he's hot-headed, nowhere near a people person (I.E trying to throw Ray away from the Master Emerald), and overly paranoid.
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    Austroid reacted to Skull Leader in Sonic Mania Adventures   
    The same can also be said for Ray, who is essentially Tails. IMO neither of them really bring anything interesting, either as characters nor gameplay-wise.
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    Austroid reacted to DanJ86 in Bashed By Some, Praised By You   
    Sonic Battle:
    Oh, I'm in agreement with some here. I enjoyed Sonic Battle. It had simple controls and was easy to pick up and play, it brought back Gamma and Chaos, it had a deep and engaging story, a new and cool looking art style. Also it had some rockin' music, who can forget this jazzy number?
    Sonic and the Black Knight:
    Yes, Sonic and the Black Knight also has a special place in my heart and it's not only because I was one of the artists featured in the European fan art collection. I also loved the story, (And the fact you could change from English to Japanese voice actors.) it had cool music from past Sonic games, the story was fantastic and I understood the motivation behind the antagonists actions, it also had a new art style for the cut scenes and it almost goes without saying that the music was awesome. Who can forget this jazzy number?
    Sonic 3d Flickies' Island (PAL) Blast (NTSC) Sega Saturn:
    Only two major differences exist compared to the Saturn version and the Megadrive (Genesis) version, if I'm remembering correctly. The visuals and the music. The visuals made a big impact on me. The increased feeling of creepiness at Rusty Ruins. The heightened sense of heat and cold you get from Volcano Vally and Diamond Dust respectively. I also loved the fast paced music and visuals that came from the version specific Special Stages. Yep, the music was still cool....who can forget this jazzy number?
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    Austroid reacted to jgcatindig in Bashed By Some, Praised By You   
    @Austroid I still have Battle on mobile😉😉😉 via emulator. (ClassicBoy is my main weapon of choice)
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