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  1. Hey, everybody! So, for the last week, as a fun writing exercise, I decided to create an extensive breakdown/proposal for a hypothetical Sonic cartoon, if I was ever allowed to develop one! My goal was to draw from all of my favorite parts of Sonic's history and streamline them into a stylish action-adventure cartoon! It takes heavy inspiration from the '90s Saturday Morning cartoon and Ian Flynn's run on the Archie comics! Overall, I'm really pleased with how it turned out! The pitch document itself is kinda on the big side (it's 37 pages long), so I was only able to attach the first 3 pages of it as a sample. But, posted below is the MediaFire link for the whole thing, if any of you are interested: https://www.mediafire.com/file/93ws0c04qnlouqo/Sonic_the_Animated_Series_(Pitch).pdf/file Would love to hear everyone's thoughts and feedback on it!
  2. My only defenses for Forces are these: - It's at least playable, gameplay-wise, and not an absolutely embarrassing mess, like Shadow, 06, and the Storybook games. Like, the level design is for babies, but at least I'm not slamming my head into a wall out of frustration, because Sonic homing attacked off of a cliff for no reason. - Visually, it's stunning. - It sounds like it may end up having one of the best video game soundtracks in a long time. - The story looks very promising. May shape up to be one of the best in any Sonic game. Will I enjoy myself? Probably. Can SEGA do better, and is this a considerable step down from Generations, gameplay-wise? Yeah, definitely.
  3. Not sure if anyone's brought this up yet, but is there a reason they're not crediting Tee Lopes for the music? Some of it is clearly still his.
  4. *imagines the characters wearing outfits inspired by Sonic and the Black Knight*
  5. Yeah, the placement of that Boost Pad is rather bothersome... But, overall, it's nowhere near enough to turn me off of the whole thing. I haven't seen enough to feel strongly one way or the other yet. All they've literally shown us, of Classic Sonic, is that one Act and a Boss Fight with Eggman. They look fine. They're certainly nothing to write home about. But, they look totally harmless (lightyears better than, say Sonic 4: Episode I, imo). The gameplay I've seen, while lacking ambition, looks decent enough, and I'm hyped for the story. That's about where I'm at, personally. I'll keep that in mind. I was referring to the sentiments I was seeing in general, in the thread, not personally refuting his feelings...
  6. Not really concerned with "being a target" or "improving things for myself"... I'm just talking about Sonic, and how I honestly feel. Wasn't trying to be sarcastic, in that instance.
  7. Modern's looks mostly unchanged too, in relation to the other Hedgehog Engine games.... I'm not seeing the problem.
  8. Eh. If you say so. I'll probably end up enjoying them just fine.
  9. Absolutely. My two big worries, at this point, are the Custom Character's gameplay and the length of the game. Really hoping it's not super short.
  10. Yeah, they do. They look absolutely fine. We've seen about a grand total of, what, like, 3 minutes of footage out of Modern and Classic's stages. There's nothing particularly offensive about them. They just haven't shown us a whole lot.
  11. It was totally fine. It just wasn't accurate to the original Genesis games....
  12. Modern and Classic's stages both look good, and there really hasn't been anything that implies that they aren't... It's more of the same of Generations, and I'm totally fine with that. The only play-type that I'm still kinda weary about is the Custom Character's, if I'm being honest.
  13. I don't get why everyone's so confounded by Classic Sonic being in this story? Clearly Sonic Mania's True Ending is directly linked to this game. Here's what I figure: > After the True Final Boss of Sonic Mania, Classic Sonic and the Phantom Ruby get sucked through the portal that gets created. > This removes Classic Sonic from the timeline, and allows Eggman to take over, fracturing the timeline and creating this new world where Eggman rules. > This explains why Knuckles is in charge. He fills the gap that Sonic left, when he disappeared. > Sensing that something is gravely wrong with the timeline, Silver intervenes and decides to set things right by pulling Modern Sonic out of a different timeline, to enlist his aid. This explains why Silver is involved in the plot. > Meanwhile, Classic Sonic finally arrives on-scene, having been thrust into the future by the Phantom Ruby.
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