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  1. Kreygasm. Also I can only upload ONE megabyte so..RIP gifs. Can't do that scene justice.
  2. 'It was at that moment Goku ever regretted not finishing them off earlier.'
  3. There's quite a bit that annoy's me, but I guess I can go with being classified as a 'x style game play' fan. I like the Advance series, Adventures esque gameplay and whatnot. I talk about it/mention it and boom, some guy tells me 'but oh, THIS part was bad yadd yadda' as if me liking it is some sort've crime. Can't forget the people who also hate a game when they haven't even played it. :/
  4. Advance series for me, since my 2nd(or third) Sonic game was Advance 3. My first taste of the 2D variety of platforming was pretty enjoyable, but that whole screen crunch thing with the GBA annoyed me. I'd KILL, i'd seriously throw some cash at a 3DS port of the Advance series entirely. Never played the first two.
  5. I've never really considered what music would work for a party. Now i'm second-guessing myself..>_>. Edgy rock concert: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kjtn3fvsAo4&t=65s
  6. This stage. Looks. AWESOME. Well maybe not awesome per say, but it's a good feeling to know that there will be new stages.
  7. Chris Thorndyke is a popular character. If I had to choose another, it'd be Mephiles. Infinite=Mephiles theories have been shooting up, and hey Mephiles was a pretty coo villain.
  8. 6.80$ for Sonic Generations and SA2. BOI THAT'S A STEAL.
  9. So basically they can use cool powers & Zik has something akin to Silver's powers? Am confuuuuuused.
  10. Gonna play devil's advocate here: I think crushing is -needed- to retain some form of danger in the level. You've got the whole ring system which is a big 'fuck you I can't die' to any enemies that hit you and whatnot. Just with that you get a LOT more chances at living(or 1 if you can't get your rings back), so crushing serves as that 'bypasser' that instills caution. You get crushed, you get fucked. Above poster makes a good point though, I too was guilty of dying by moving too far to the right and getting 'crushed'. Hit detection is wonky, but hopefully the team patch that out along with other things. TLDR: Crushing itself doesn't need to go, but collision boxes could be more accurate.
  11. Was originally the 3rd best on this stage, but the leaderboards now crash.
  12. http://www.gamestop.com/ps4/games/sonic-forces-bonus-edition/153008 39.99, which is fucking amazing. I have a strong bias against the boost formula given the fact that my first Sonic game was SA2, so i've never been an inherent fan of it. Based on what we've seen so far though, as long as they don't overuse 2D for a 3D Sonic title i'll be more than fine with it.
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