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    Zach8920 reacted to Tracker_TD in The Future of SEGA: Grim or glorious?   
    Sonic fans really like to forget that SEGA are responsible for far more than Sonic.
    The Yakuza series is going from strength to strength, they basically have a monopoly on the PC RTS market, Football Manager exists, and if you're really only focused on Sonic, Mania was apparently their strongest title during the recent financial period, with SEGA doubling game sales over this time last year.
    SEGA aren't going anywhere, anytime soon. Even with games like Puyo Tetris unfortunately not doing so well, there's also their Japanese market to consider (KanColle Arcade alone likely made them utter bank last year). Asking about the future of SEGA as a whole just because Forces blows ass is hyperbole at it's greatest - asking about the future of Sonic Team is more sensible. 
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    Zach8920 reacted to FFWF in So we're really in a second "Dark Age" huh??   
    I think you're going to have to wait for the reviews and public reception of release-version Forces before calling this one.  It may yet be that Forces does a good enough job of disguising how terrible its gameplay is to fool casual reviewers and players who don't analyse the mechanics or try to push the boundaries.  The fandom may know better, but fandoms are rarely a good barometer of true public opinion.  Where are the mainstream sites dissecting Forces's mechanics?
    Publicly, Mania and the entertaining social media are doing a good job at putting a positive spin on Sonic.  When the entire world is once again ordering Sonic to die, then we'll be in a true dark age.
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    Zach8920 got a reaction from Waveshocker Sigma in Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)   
    'It was at that moment Goku ever regretted not finishing them off earlier.'

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    Zach8920 got a reaction from Jar Jar Analysis 1138 in The Classic Series vs. The Advance Series   
    Advance series for me, since my 2nd(or third) Sonic game was Advance 3. My first taste of the 2D variety of platforming was pretty enjoyable, but that whole screen crunch thing with the GBA annoyed me.
    I'd KILL, i'd seriously throw some cash at a 3DS port of the Advance series entirely. Never played the first two.
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    Zach8920 reacted to Sparky in Sonic Strength Tiers   
    Considering how when Shadow boosts, all the energy is just projected right out the skates instead of just skating faster, I can conclude that Shadow's speed is innate. If his speed wasn't innate, he wouldn't be Shadow the Hedgehog.

    Putting on skates would only make you faster if your normal running speed is 'normal' or 'average'. If you have superspeed, skating makes no speed difference. Same with riding a board or grinding, your natural speed would translate right into that and you'd still be moving at the same speed you'd be moving at if you were running. Because Super Speed goes far beyond just running faster than normal. Like, for example, if a random person suddenly got powers from the Flash's Speed Force, they wouldn't just be able to do what the Flash usually does, they have the potential to manipulate the flow of time, vibrating and phasing through objects, manipulate molecular movement, centrifugal force manipulation, age manipulation, and so on. Super Speed encompasses all kinds of movement, being able to run at high speeds is just the main/primary/most obvious application. But in reality, you'd be able to do stuff like standing on a moving platform in Planet Wisp, and making it accelerate, or accelerating immensly while grinding on rails, or in mid-air, or even doing something like curling up and suddenly spinning/rolling in place at supersonic/light speeds before dashing off. 

    Shadow's speed has to be innate in order for him to match Sonic. If anything, (and this next part is mostly a theory) Shadow's skates and the rings on his ankles probably convert Shadow's innate superspeed into the energy released from the jets in order to allow him to use his full speed since powers are constantly limited by the inhibitor rings on his wrists. Otherwise, Shadow wouldn't be able to match Sonic at all without taking off his rings, so he uses the rings on his ankles to take the speed that is held back and send it through the skates. This would be why when Shadow boosts, the accumulated Ring Energy is projected right out of the skates rather than him simply skating at faster speeds.
  6. Promotion
    Zach8920 reacted to DonWaffleleven in Sonic fans, I'm curious. Why do you continue to support the Sonic franchise when SEGA struggles to keep the quality consistent? What's keeping you around?   
    Because even when it reaches the peaks of amazing and dives into the valleys of bullshit, there's nothing quite like it in gaming.
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    Zach8920 reacted to CrownSlayer’s Shadow in Sonic Needs a Reboot   
    And I'd bet the exact opposite given that a lot of Shadow fans, as annoying as their worst side can be, can delve far deeper than that as to why they like the character, and there's no doubt his backstory will be one of them. Yes, while there may be a certain conjunction with the series decline (one that is misguided really just simple scapegoating if they think it's because of Shadow and his backstory) that would mainly be the case for ShTH, not for SA2 unless you want to be a revisionist and straight up lie about the perception of the franchise when Shadow was around during the early 2000's.
    While there were no doubt a number of people that didn't like Shadow or the direction of the Adventure titles, those games were successful for their time, and franchise wasn't seen in a massive decline until after Heroes, in which the game afterwards resulted in the very vocal split that we dealing with today--and I would know given that I and at least several people on this very board have lived though that ugly moment and can name specific moments and topics made during that time before everything was erased back in 2009.
    And as far as retooling his backstory goes, there is definitely a way to do so without alienating or ticking of long time fans and bring in new ones at the same time. Not saying this about you, but you'd have to be pretty small minded to think a majority of that has to be chucked in the trash because a vocal group, one that doesn't represent the majority anymore than the other factions of this fandom, hates it. And it even more petty to think just having the character alone is enough to satisfy their original fans--they didn't become fans of Shadow solely because they thought he looked cool.
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    Zach8920 reacted to FFWF in Sonic Needs a Reboot   
    The series has already been soft rebooted a couple of times, quietly tidying away and ignoring large portions of unpopular continuity, and it's worked well enough in-universe.  Out-of-universe, no reboot, no matter how extensive, can protect Sonic from his own reputation, so the action is entirely pointless.
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    Zach8920 reacted to RedFox99 in Sega X Capcom X Atlus Charity Bundle   
    Essentially it seems if you donate a certain amount you can get games for steam
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    Zach8920 got a reaction from Wraith in Sonic Crushes <3   
    Gonna play devil's advocate here: I think crushing is -needed- to retain some form of danger in the level. You've got the whole ring system which is a big 'fuck you I can't die' to any enemies that hit you and whatnot. Just with that you get a LOT more chances at living(or 1 if you can't get your rings back), so crushing serves as that 'bypasser' that instills caution. You get crushed, you get fucked.
    Above poster makes a good point though, I too was guilty of dying by moving too far to the right and getting 'crushed'. Hit detection is wonky, but hopefully the team patch that out along with other things.
    TLDR: Crushing itself doesn't need to go, but collision boxes could be more accurate.
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    Zach8920 reacted to LongcrierCat in New Sonic Forces Zone revealed: Casino Forest   
    What's bothering me is that the level both feels too short and too long at the same time. It's padded out to have more to do but doesn't have much to do still. 
    This is what Sonic Mania illustrated just only a month ago. It's not how long the level is, it's what the level says. You get the level by its use of art direction, its music, its gimmicks and its level design and most importantly: its flow. Classic Sonic wasn't always a skate park of level slopes but what it overall did do was have a flow to its proceedings that connected the game naturally. Now that's a good solid thing to have is flow but there's one more thing that made Sonic work for a long time in even the early 3D outings. 
    This is the evolution of the game's ideas over the course of the game. You build up to the finale naturally via environmental story telling. But here I'm not sure what the storytelling is telling me outside of what's going on in the background scenery. Usually you want this environmental storytelling to mix with the game via a level gimmick. Say if we went with the Native American Casino theme being a work in progress. We could have unstable glass platforms that temporarily make a one use ramp or loop de loop to use like the sand loops in Mirage Saloon Act 2 in Sonic Mania. You could have a construction crew of robots there that act as enemies and provide extra storytelling. You could have the forest be an actual attraction of the level design in its brittle branches being platform challenges or vines helping fling you upwards or causing you to get tangled up in inopportune moments. It's subtle things like this that make a level stand out. 
    So at the end of the day, what is going on in the level? There's Casino Night tropes mixed with a Silent Forest type of level. But is it a good mix of ideas? What's the story of the level? Can you tell that the Doctor has decided that he wanted to build a Casino over these ruins or does it look like a Casino got blown into the level or that a forest is growing over it? See this is where ideas like the level being a casino in construction would help significantly in trying to sell the stage as a unique story that would be memorable to the player and have them want to revisit it. This is why of all the Genesis games, Sonic 3 and Knuckles was the one that resonated most with people. It had purpose to what it was doing ingame. Same goes for Sonic Mania. Sonic Adventure even connects this all via cutscenes and a hub world though how effective that is is up for debate. It was good at making it felt like each level had a story though. Some of them are really simple. Some of them have complexities to them. But what matters is that the level design and flow of the level combined with the theming helped tell a story. 
    This goes back to Sonic 1. You start off in an Art Deco representation of a natural environment and it slowly gets more artisan to straight being mechanical in its final acts. It's an evolution of ideas that sells that Sonic is traveling through even some art to finally approach someone without a sense of art save for the mechanical. The sloping is no longer full of irregular imperfections by the time you get to Scrap Brain. It's stiff and formulaic in design. You could see this start in Starlight Zone but here it's ever more prevalent. 
    In Sonic Adventure, the themes may not be as straightforward as that but the story moves with them to even have Eggman's ship flying over Red Mountain to indicate that we're going to go confront him soon which is what happens when Sky Chase leads to landing on the ship and carrying into Sky Deck. It's an evolution of ideas.
    We don't have the full game yet, but the stage's storytelling tells me something worrying and that this game might not be sure what its ideas are. And that has me confused and a little worried about the overall quality of the kind of experience we're in for as a game and a story in spite of being invested in the idea of the story but the idea is not the execution. 
    I'm still wanting to get into the game but this level showed me that they are both unsure and possibly not confident in the ideas they have to show. 
    That's a worrying sign of this being more product by committee than product by artistry. 
    As an artist who was helped inspired by this franchise, this bugs me. It bugs me a lot. 
    I'm still wanting to see the game in whole, but I'm not confident in its overall presentation and this level helped solidify that fear. It's best to show more, Sega. I need more evidence to convince me my fears are unfounded. Give us another story trailer even. Something substantial. 
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    Zach8920 reacted to Kuzu in New Sonic Forces Zone revealed: Casino Forest   
    Holy shit, an actual new stage?
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    Zach8920 reacted to Detective Kaito in New Zone revealed in screenshot   
    Goddammit, you got me excited for no reason.
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    Zach8920 reacted to Sgt Nate V in New Zone revealed in screenshot   
    We've seen this screenshot about a million times.
  15. Chuckle
    Zach8920 reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in Sonic Forces file sizes revealed   
    Oh man! So you're telling me Forces has 83 terraflops of gigabuzzies and 32 specks of ram?
    I'm impressed. Cause I totally know what file size numbers are and how they work and what this means just like the rest of you. Of course I do. I'm not stupid. I went to College!
    Yeah. I'm hip.
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    Zach8920 reacted to The-Master-Board in Why is Sonic Heroes considered bad?   
    I find myself asking this question all the time.
    I have to imagine it is because so many fans want different things, but to me Sonic Heroes is my favourite 3D Sonic game of all time and even rates up there with the classics for me.

    Sure it had cheesy dialogue and repetative gameplay, apparent glitches and bad camera angles (none of which I ever experienced/noticed) but it was so damn fun!
    In terms of asthetics I think they NAILED what a 3D Sonic would should be like, bright and colourful and surreal, just like the classics. The music was awesome. The huge cast of characters I loved! But I am biased towards large cast games, or just large casts kinda likt the recent SU#22 comic. It brough back the Chaotix and Metal Sonic back into modern games!! That alone should render it "hold up on our shoulders proud" material.

    I still go and play Sonic Heroes every now and then, or when I am feeling down about the Sonic series sucking, Sonic Heroes always puts me in a good mood.
    I just hope we get another game in the series, Sonic Heroes 2 would be rad!
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    Zach8920 reacted to Waveshocker Sigma in Iizuka: There will not be a Sonic Adventure 3 & what future Sonic titles will be like   
    "It’s not that Iizuka isn’t on the same page, he said. It’s just that Sonic Team isn’t interested in repeating itself."

    ...Okay, Iizuka? Seriously, Iizuka?
    SHUT UP.
    You need to just shut up never speak your mind in public ever again because every time you do, you say something so completely bassackwards that all it does it make people question whether or not you actually thought before saying it or why you're even in the position that you are now.
    Because goddamn, "Sonic Team isn't interested in repeating itself"? You don't want to "step the franchise back just to give the fans what they want"?
    Then what the fuck are Mania and Forces supposed to be, you fucking hypocrite?
    I don't get it.
    People say "We want another game like the Classic Genesis titles!" and Sonic Mania is made.
    People say "We want another boost game like Colors and Generations!" and Sonic Forces was made.
    But when people say "We want another 3D game similar in controls and designs to Sonic's speedy platforming portions of the Adventure series!" all they basically get is a pile of excuses that just amounts to:
    "No. I don't care if you want it or how much you'd pay for it. I'm not making it cause I don't wanna."
    Good lord, why don't you just kill off the Boosting series and the entire Modern Sonic line and force the series to being Classic only in gameplay and character/world designs just to fully give me a reason to quit this franchise forever?
    At least it'd guarantee that you'd be in an endless cycle of critical praise and support until/unless people finally get sick of the same thing over and over like what happened to Mega Man and the New Super Mario Bros series.
    Thank god for Sonic Utopia. Even if it'll take awhile for anything else to happen with it, at least it's not only something, but it's something good that Lange and Murasaki care about.
    Goddammit, I hate being a person who started being a fan of this series via Adventure.
    Yes, I am hilariously mad. Confused and mad.
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    Zach8920 reacted to Dr. Mechano in Iizuka: There will not be a Sonic Adventure 3 & what future Sonic titles will be like   
    The Adventure games certainly were not perfect, but they actually had decent platforming. You had to stop and line up your jumps. Enemies were actual threats for you to deal with. The level design was engaging, generally.
    If that's not an "advancement" over the hallway-like design of the boost games, where you just plow through enemies and there's scarcely any actual platforming, then I think it's time for me to give up on the 3D games. I'll stick around for the ineveitable Mania sequels, and will at least keep myself in the loop about the 3D games' cutscenes and characters, but I will not buy another boost game. They aren't fun, they aren't well-designed, and they aren't an "advancement of the series," as Iizuka believes.
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    Zach8920 reacted to Chris Knopps in Where did Dimps go wrong?   
    I'd kind of blame a lack of creative freedom. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't SEGA/ST start meddling more and more in later years with their projects, the most recent case being S4 EP 2 where Iizuka wanted the whole S&T 69 gimmick co-op thing going on instead of letting the characters be separate and all?
    I think they did better when SEGA/ST staff stepped aside more and just let them make exclusive portable games ala the Advance and Rush series. Once the company started making Dimps do handheld versions of console games and started being Mr. Big Boss too much, I feel like that's when they lost their glory.
    I know it's SEGA/ST's property but... Still, people need to breathe. Wings need room to spread. Right?
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    Zach8920 got a reaction from neezTHEhuman in Sonic Crushes <3   
    Gonna play devil's advocate here: I think crushing is -needed- to retain some form of danger in the level. You've got the whole ring system which is a big 'fuck you I can't die' to any enemies that hit you and whatnot. Just with that you get a LOT more chances at living(or 1 if you can't get your rings back), so crushing serves as that 'bypasser' that instills caution. You get crushed, you get fucked.
    Above poster makes a good point though, I too was guilty of dying by moving too far to the right and getting 'crushed'. Hit detection is wonky, but hopefully the team patch that out along with other things.
    TLDR: Crushing itself doesn't need to go, but collision boxes could be more accurate.
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    Zach8920 got a reaction from Monkey Destruction Switch in Sonic Crushes <3   
    Gonna play devil's advocate here: I think crushing is -needed- to retain some form of danger in the level. You've got the whole ring system which is a big 'fuck you I can't die' to any enemies that hit you and whatnot. Just with that you get a LOT more chances at living(or 1 if you can't get your rings back), so crushing serves as that 'bypasser' that instills caution. You get crushed, you get fucked.
    Above poster makes a good point though, I too was guilty of dying by moving too far to the right and getting 'crushed'. Hit detection is wonky, but hopefully the team patch that out along with other things.
    TLDR: Crushing itself doesn't need to go, but collision boxes could be more accurate.
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    Zach8920 reacted to Diogenes in I never cared about game physics.   
    If you don't care about a game's physics, then you don't actually care about games. How the character moves is one of the most important parts of a platformer. SMB wouldn't have been as revolutionary and successful as it was if Mario still controlled like he did in Donkey Kong; the game's expanded and refined physics (in terms of acceleration, momentum, and jump control) made controlling Mario more intuitive and more fun. Likewise Sonic's physics allowed for a kind of gameplay that hadn't been seen before (and rarely since), a combination of high speeds, smooth curves, and pinball-like motion working naturally with more traditional platforming elements. Without those physics, you don't have the same kind of game.
    And this has never been about being line-for-line, pixel-for-pixel identical to the Genesis games, so you can throw that strawman in the trash where it belongs. This is about the underlying concepts; gaining speed downhill and losing it uphill, how the angle of the ground affects your jumps, the continuity of momentum from surface to air to surface again. These mechanics combine to make Sonic's movement fluid, intuitive, rewarding to master, and inherently fun. And this is why Sonic 4 fails, not simply because it isn't identical to the Genesis games. With a halfassed interpretation of the Genesis gameplay and nothing of value to make up for it they ended up with a game that feels sloppy, unfocused, and amateurish, it neither fulfills its goal of being "Sonic 4" nor is it fun to play in general.
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    Zach8920 reacted to Ming Ming Hatsune in Please convince me that "Sonic World" is great, because I don't think it is!   
    My friend actually plays Sonic World. I gave it a go, but I don't know if it's the keyboard controls or the physics just plain suck but I had a difficult time playing the game. My friend gave me a tip, always use a fly character or a have a fly character in your team. That made the game much easier because you can avoid the hard platforming.
    Sonic World is a good fangame, I'll have to give it that. The levels are quite interesting and there hasn't been a comparable game since...'06? But I'll give it a zero out of 10 if Sega/Sonic Team ever does something like this. And I'm an Adventure fangirl. It just feels broken and unfair, especially if you are using a non-fly character.
    Sonic Utopia, I don't understand why people like this? It's an open-world Sonic game I get that, but when I want to just get to goal post I'll get lost easily. There is no sense of "You must go that way" to finish the stage. I don't want to spend 20 minutes on a stage on my first run. I don't mind spending 20 minutes on a stage, after I finished the game and I want to do more exploration and finding unlockables.
  24. Promotion
    Zach8920 reacted to Blacklightning in Please convince me that "Sonic World" is great, because I don't think it is!   
    ...have you considered maybe that 3D fangaming is actually very difficult, and that's why there isn't many completed ones? I know we have dedicated fangame communities and all but 3D development is in a whole other ballpark - 2D games are much simpler to the point that a single person can be (and sometimes have been) made by a single person, thanks in large part to the fact that there are plenty of free, premade assets and engines to rely on, and 3D games have no such luxury. Even Sonic Robo Blast 2, which was created in fucking Doom Legacy, still has a team behind it and has been in active development since, oh... the late 90s? Correct me if I'm wrong about that.
    My point is that it's silly to expect huge 3D projects so readily when the tools and assets just aren't there for it yet, and probably won't be for quite some time. I feel like the closest we've come to a consistent gamemaking tool for 3D sonics is Sonic UDK, and even for that the outcomes have been... mixed, to put it gently.
  25. Nice Smile
    Zach8920 reacted to Diogenes in Please convince me that "Sonic World" is great, because I don't think it is!   
    Yelling isn't going to make finished games just appear out of thin air, dude.
    Fact is that making games is hard, 3D games especially, and the kind of tools necessary for amateurs and hobbyists to make 3D games have only started becoming available relatively recently, so you're just not going to find many finished projects.
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