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  1. Wow, I just stumbled upon this thread. I’m glad you all had memories — good and bad — of my site! That was quite the time sucker back in the day! I used to spend hours upon hours chatting with various members, crafting different themes for the site, and generating plenty of drama. It honestly shaped much of my childhood. I was in high school back then and holy shit I’m 30 now! I learned so much from working on those sites that I’m now making a living as a mindless drone working in tech! :-P Part of me really regrets selling the site because I don’t even know where the money went (I was a stupid irresponsible high school kid back then) and the person I sold it to destroyed all the hard work I put into the site. Especially obvious since I tried — and failed — to revive the site many times! It was a huge hit of nostalgia to see all those usernames again! Thank you all so much for the memories!
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