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            Well hello there and welcome to my profile page. How about I tell you a little bit about myself then. My name is Lordmetallix, but you can call me LordMetal or Metallix if you prefer.
         I first got into the Sonic series at a very young age about, oh I'd say 4 years old when my sister let me play her Sega Game Gear which had a game inside of it: Sonic 1. So from then on I wanted to play games featuring that speedy blue hedgehog, but my sisters consoles only consisted of Nintendo consoles outside of the Game Gear so I was not able to play more of the series until 1999 which was when we moved to where we currently live and for a birthday present I got a computer. On this said computer I got my first real taste of the Sonic series in 16-bit, Sonic 3 PC collection. Soon after it became my favorite game in the series at that moment and then I was hooked, and thanks to my middle schools librarian having a Sega Dreamcast as a reward for being ahead in classes, I got to play Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 which made this series my favorite game series of all time and still to this day.
     The Sonic series isn't the only game series I enjoy of course I also enjoy many of Nintendo's and Sony's franchises ranging from Mario and Metroid to Ratchet and Clank. So at the very least my gaming tastes are very varied. 
      I am currently attending Community College with no earthly idea of what I really want to do with my life. I want to try a number or things ranging from Astrophysics to Game Design to Computer engineering, but I haven't got a set goal in the mind at the moment.
Some random facts about me:
Name: TJ
Location: The Southeast US, or as I like to call it : Hootin and Hollerin Redneckland, or at least that's what it's like around where I live. >.>
Interests: Astrophysics and Astronomy, Computer tech,Star Wars, Gaming, Web design, and random trinket collecting ranging from statues to gemstones.
And now LISTS


5 Favorite game series


5. MegaMan 

4. Legend of Zelda

3. Metroid

2. Super Mario 

1. Sonic the Hedgehog


5 Favorite 3D Sonic games


5. Sonic Heroes

4. Sonic Unleashed

3. Sonic Colors

2. Sonic Adventure

1. Sonic Generations


5 Favorite 2D Sonic games


5. Sonic Rush Adventure

4. Sonic Advance

3. Sonic CD (2012 Taxman Edition)

2. Sonic 2

1. Sonic 3 & Knuckles


5 Favorite all time Sonic games


5. Sonic Unleashed

4. Sonic 2

3. Sonic Adventure

2. Sonic Generations

1. Sonic 3 & Knuckles



Here's some of my different usernames and whatnot: (Tell me who you are when you're adding me)


Xbox 360: Dragonblaze324

Nintendo Network ID: LordMetallix

3DS Friend Code: 0946-3387-8318


I also stream on Twitch TV on occasion, so if you'd like to check that out then just click here.





I don't have any sort of witty Skype quotes and whatnot so......



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