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  1. I'm sorry. But i laughed. Not trying to be inflammatory, but as a non-american.... honestly... it's just laughable... Really, you need to sort your shit out. The rest of the world is laughing.
  2. the thread is civil and so is my post? I have no idea what's wrong here but whatever... no need for threats.. and yeah you clearly didn't get the reference
  3. I bet my IQ's higher than all of yours... ner ner na ner nerrrrrrr lol... poor americans... thought our government was bad but... wow...
  4. There was a thread on this game recently but it seems to have disappeared? I think it still deserves a thread again, despite how even though I (and from the last thread, it would seem a few of us) have heavy nostalgia for the game, despite how even after replaying it years later there are inevitably flaws in it They don't make them like they used to, eh? I'm not the biggest Sonic fan anyway but i'll chuck it out there... i'd honestly snap up a "Heroes 2" any day.. hehe...
  5. America doing the world proud again i see.. Just curious.. question for the americans here... did anyone of you vote for Trump?
  6. Won't really be in a rush to see it to be honest. I still haven't seen the Ratchet film yet...
  7. All that aside, regardless of who's right or wrong there - I have to agree with Failin anyway... Anyway could talk about this for hours but, lets stay friends, yes?
  8. Alright i give up you seem to have everything reversed and seem to be deliberately ignoring the point.
  9. Not usually a fan of reddit but here. Example of what i mean when i say Failin spoilt me.
  10. Finished the game. Quite enjoyed it, although i would have appreciated the ending a bit more if i hadn't been semi-spoilt on it. Even so, the twist was pretty obvious anyway, although you never really know whether to trust the obvious with Danganronpa. And as much as i really enjoyed the game, it's nothing compared to DR2. Oh well. Sleep time.
  11. ...you really dont get the point. almost finished it now i think.
  12. i think we'll agree to disagree here.
  13. Honestly, I don't care. None of the promotional material i bothered checking gave any hint of this, or other places on the internet i've discussed it with. And googling it now, it seems pretty clear everyone considers it a spoiler except for you two here. Those that get hold of the rumour and ask about it all receive noncommital replies. Given how many people are asking about the game's link to the rest of the series i'd put forwards the idea that not everyone is someone that followed the game's development and watched every japanese press release and every early bit of japanese marketing.. It's only made clear to the few that actually want to know the story before they play it. Disappointing but whatever. Not everyone googles and follows every tiny detail about a game before playing it... and surely, since you have played the game, how can you not see that perhaps it's something people would rather not know? Pretty sure it'd be mentioned on each of the platform's store pages when they sell it to you if it was such a minor detail in the long run. Going to finish the game now anyway.
  14. ..... pretty sure 99% of people can see the logic in how you're dropping huge spoilers for most people that just buy the game and play it, pretty sure i'd get banned off the steam hub if i posted a similar line in a non-spoiler area... I also did some googling and... it would appear people consider it a huge spoiler, but whatever, not going to argue.. just feel bad on anyone who innocently reads this thread.. anyway i haven't quite finished the game so.. i'm going to keep playing, perhaps more things will be revealed..
  15. There's absolutely nothing on the steam store page to indicate that or in the general synopsis for the game....
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