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  1. Almar

    Sonic Forces - Early 2016 Script Leaked

    It's already been pointed out that Eggman finding the Phantom Ruby doesn't fit in with what Forces says about how he got it by making it. What with the prototypes. So yeah, I do buy elements of the plot concerning the PR and Infinite being sloppily rewritten.
  2. Nobody has given much of a case for not just doing Sonic 1 Expanded: >Sonic 1 Plot >Eccentric super mega billionaire Eggman hunts down Chaos Emeralds since they're remnants of the Angel Island civilization (here home to both humans and Echidnas like in the Genesis days, back in the past I mean), so he makes robots to search for them all over South Island. He also plans to exploit the island's resources for his own purposes (might or not be rebuilding the world in his vision). >The robots use critters as an energy source. Eggman abducts and enslaves (complete with raiding villages for slaves, you can even allude to deaths if you want to be edgy) critters. >Sonic then catches wind of this and travels around saving all the captured critters. >Eggman sends his subordinates (Orbot and Cubot I guess) to seize the emeralds and stop the pesky blue beast. >They all fight. Eggman loses but retreats with his few robots to plot anew. There it is. It's really simple enough. No unwanted characters like Shadow, Amy, Blaze, etc (I kid). Has a sure focus on Sonic, Eggman, and their battle over South Island. Keeps to the "Industrialization VS The Wild" theme of Genesis without being too on the nose about it.
  3. You'd figure from the years of failure to dissapointment from the Edge Era and Sonic Force that MAYBE the public does not see Sonic as a "SERIOUS" series.
  4. >Every attempt to focus on humans in Sonic has been bleh to meh >Does it in the movie Okay.
  5. We've heard this talk before Forces came out Here's something absolutely no one said here. What's been said is that over focus on human OC = bad movie. Meanwhile, Ow the Edge and Sonic Fantasy are both meme games. With humans not just present but prominent in the plots. And the Adventures' reputation kinda went down over the years. If you ignore Chris maybe. He's never been presented in his core games as being anything less than heroic even with rebelliousness (which shows in fighting a tyrant like Eggman, not murdering cops and doing drugs). Your suggestion really comes off as the thinking that got us Ow the Edge and Donte May Cry. It's more like Sonic Team has so little confidence in the source material so they went and gave the okay to the movie makers to try and make Sonic into Tony Stark. The world won't end from saying a shameless cash-in won't be much good. It'll be lucky to be Street Fighter movie level. And I see no Raul Julia.
  6. What did the Sonic Movie do to earn such trust?
  7. There's no narrative point to Tails in light of Sonic's claimed character arc unless they retool their dynamic (well, maybe again). Not only is Tom presented as Sonic's confidant but also his source of justice. His Maria/Gerald Robotnik more or less. I still wouldn't be surprised if they still put in Tails but just pull a Forces with him.
  8. They make a mean chili dog. And yeah, this movie is shaping up to be a meme. Not helping it is how it's apparently releasing in 2019's November. Since the following: -Wonder Woman 2 -James Bond -Margie Claus (the actual competition since it comes out on the same day.) -Terminator 6 -Marvel/Fox movie -Frozen 2 Expecting a laughingstock like Sonic to compete with Disney/Pixar?
  9. I'm telling you, it'll be Sonic X done by Michael Bay (complete with gross-out humor and racial stereotypes). We have Sonic get transported to Earth somehow (possibly with Eggman's help if they make him already established on Planet Furry) where he runs around around a city until he meets Tom. They hit it all off and for the rest of the movie are buddy cops. They wouldn't hire a current big name like Marsden if humans besides Eggman wouldn't going to be prominent.
  10. Almar

    Classic Sonic: World and Lore

    Marble Garden Zone and Wacky Workbench also had evidence of humanity (those faces firing projectiles and an angel statue from WW's past).
  11. Almar

    Classic Sonic: World and Lore

    I don't know where you've been looking but quite a bit of attacks on Shadow the Hedgehog's plot do bring up the Gun Commander and his ridiculous motivations (GUN killed my family so I'll serve them and blame some hedgehog).
  12. Almar

    Classic Sonic: World and Lore

    Overreacting to backlash and taking the wrong lessons. Fans hated Elise with Gun Commander and a backlash against the Adventure games with their more grounded worlds with humans grew, so Iizuka just figured to dump all of it into another world.
  13. Almar

    Classic Sonic: World and Lore

    Sonic and Knuckles showed humans lived on Angel Island (hieroglyphics in Sandoplis), implying that the area wasn't exclusively Echidna (and that the Echidnas from all evidence weren't meant to be Mesoamerican back then).
  14. It's embarassingly obvious that the decision to seperate Classic from Modern was just Iizuka and Co. overreacting to backlash. Same goes for there being two worlds with one furry and the other human.
  15. So that's:





    What's with Sonic Team and trying to replace Tails as Sonic's closest confidant?

    1. SupahBerry


      Don't forget Luigi Sonic. (Gens, Forces)

    2. Ashwalking Bat

      Ashwalking Bat

      Sonic Team must have a prejudice bias against Tails!

    3. Pelvic WOO! engine
    4. Almar


      The lead non-Eggman human for the Sonic movie.

    5. Celestia


      Excuse me.

      His full name is Tom the Cop.

      (Also aside from maybe Chris none of these characters "replaced" Tails. Chip least of all, unless Tails had a method of activating the temples and all that.)

    6. Almar


      All except for Cop were presented as the one who Sonic confided in and had his back the most. And Mr. Cop's movie hasn't come out yet but it's obvious it'll more or less be Sonic X with him as an adult Christ (audience surrogate). That's the point.

    7. Pelvic WOO! engine

      Pelvic WOO! engine

      What? Man, i am behind on some news. When did they give information about the sonic movie out?

    8. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      So uh why do they all have C in their names?

    9. Almar
    10. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      Apparently Sonic Team created Chris.


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