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  1. Amy wouldn't be the sole major character who's intended vision is at odds with how Sonic's current handlers apparently see the character now. I posted plenty in the movie thread on how the blue boy himself as envisioned by the trio and as depicted in Adventure or OVA doesn't really look to fit how they want Sonic to be anymore going from both Classic Sonic in Forces and the already mentioned movie.
  2. It's just a cut above Knuckles being in charge of anyone since she actually something resembling a record of being responsible for others instead of a loner or tag along. More or less. We're in the position as of Sonic Forces where the cast is way bigger than Sonic Team is willing to do anything proper with (note how largely irrelevant the Resistance is). Knuckles is forced into the Resistance's leader since they ruined Tails so that he could be Sonic's Luigi, don't want to use Vector or Rouge since they aren't "pillars", and segregated G.U.N. Commander to Planet Human/retconned G.U.N. Commander out of the series. Amy is treated how she is as of Forces since they don't give a damn about Blaze anymore outside of giving Silver a girlfriend and filling the roster up in spinoffs and Rouge coasts by on being a well-received Adventure Era character (that said, I'll admit she and Silver were the MVPs of the non-Sonic and non-Buddy Resistance).
  3. No it wasn't. But I guess nothing is too appropriate for Sonic know (see the movie also). Where have you been? Amy was loudly hated on for her appearances in the Adventure era. She's a good example of someone trotted out as an example of the "Sonic's Shitty Friends Problem." I find it hard to believe the direction her character has taken from Lost World and Sonic Boom upward had nothing to do wtih the vocal words about it.
  4. The problem with Amy becoming some "mature leader" is it's not really an appropriate direction for her character when look at both her overall history and foundation. It's again just overreacting to backlash. It might've worked in Sonic Boom since the show's just an animated sitcom with Sonic characters based on a failed reboot but this is not Sonic Boom.
  5. He only became commander from being one of the "core characters" (Sonic, Tails, himself, Eggman) who are demanded to always be around in some way. With the comic providing a rather forced excuse for such. He's a loner who has no real experience making decisions for others. Vector or Rouge or Blaze or even G.U.N. Commander if Two-Worlds never happened would've fit better.
  6. I don't care if it is taking her character in a new direction, Amy being some pencil pusher is weak and comes off as an overreaction to the backlash against her portrayals in games like Heroes and also rooted in the "no other characters just Sonic Final Destination" crowd. It's no better than how Knuckles was forced into the Resistance's commander where he just sits there.
  7. You have to rework Adventure 1 and Adventure 2 with the other Adventure Era games to fit with Two-Worlds or anything using it like Sonic X (which happened in that show anway). Adventure One has echidna ruins be within train distance of Station Square and more or less has Knuckles' heritage be the Sonic world's answer to Mesoamerica. Adventure 2 has Gerald at least knowing about Angel Island enough to model the Biolizard's container after the emerald alter. Shadow the Hedgehog talks about the Black Arms being on Earth millenniums ago and has the president hold a photo with Sonic and Shadow. Sonic 06 has Silver live in a post-apocalyptic verson of Elise's kingdom while the Rivals games have him and Eggman Nega come from one future (complete with Nega dragging a future Angel Island back with him). You're showing how little proper thought went into the decision.
  8. Except Two-Worlds only happened to begin with as a way to write-out human characters besides Eggman aka GUN (itself an attempt to pander to complaints on characters like Elise and the "ugh humans don't belong in Sonic except Eggman since he doesn't count we need planet of the furries") and to get away with the visual and/or tonal shifts across the series without actually making any serious attempts to address how radically at odds with past lore said retcon is (namely when it comes to Shadow's past and Knuckles' heritage). Since I don't expect the movie to be notably successful by current standards, I doubt it'll lead to any serious changes to the status quo.
  9. We already established Sonic isn't doing so hot nowadays. And the upcoming movie Sonic doesn't look to be anymore particularly well-done as a character than in whatever else Iizuka and Co. are doing with him. What part of "creator intent which served to make Sonic a hit" are you missing? Sonic Team already tried pandering to the "I hate all humans except Eggman, need muh planet of furries, muh robotnik" crowd (hence Two-Worlds). Don't know what we need the movie makers to do it too for. His personality there was really the same as it was in Adventure One (insulting Knuckles for falling for Eggman's trick, shrugging when Tails crashes, ignoring him when he's going on about how cool the Egg Carrier).
  10. It's weird how you act like the proper series (so not like SatAM or something) when Sonic was actually a worthy rival of Mario (as in the Genesis Era games and Adventure) and expanded universe that actually had notable influence from Genesis Sonic's makers are irrelevant or one-offs rather than something that should define the character.
  11. Sonic was already described in pre-release talk as an off-the-wall character. Aka the Sonic we actually see.
  12. It's not just him lounging around. It's him telling Tails to shut up for making a ruckus when he's relaxing, flipping the bird, ignoring Tails when he's gushing over the Egg Carrier transformation, even him giving the player a nasty look for taking too long.
  13. Just an attempt to make Sonic into a poor man's superhero. Not really, unless you subscribe to the George Lucas Rule of prequel making. Not every part of Sonic as a character needs a dark mysterious past to address. He may just be like that. How is showing how Sonic got his shoes not just cheap fanservice? They're shoes. Men buy shoes. And his shoes are a Michael Jackson reference to begin with. Also: >comes to Earth Notice the problem with that. Also, I'll point out that if anything Sonic's backstory in this movie would fit his intended personality by Naka and Co. better than what it's actually doing. What with him lounging around when not seeking fun, telling Tails to shut up for annoying him, etc.
  14. There's more to what's wrong with this movie than a design of Sonic. At the end of the day, he just doesn't act like the Sonic who became an icon. More of some weird composite of Meme Sonic and the already mentioned superheroes
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