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  1. And Canon Sonic doesn't expect his enemies to change from his sheer niceness/crying or act notably merciful to them (in Erazor's case, condemning him to an eternal prison). If they're repentant then fine, if not then he'll at least beat them until they're just laying there like Metal. As this puts it: Metal Sonic: I shall become the ultimate overlord! Sonic: *cries* Be true to yourself! Metal Sonic: Okay nevermind, I’m good now. — Erazor: Yes, I manipulated and abused Shahra, and I have no remorse for any of it! Sonic: *cries* You’re beautiful! Erazor: Okay nevermind, I’m good now. — Black Doom: I have destroyed a city, and I am literally going to destroy humanity by letting my babies eat them all one by one. Shadow: *cries* I am all of me… Black Doom: Okay nevermind, I’m good now. — Sonic: Shadow!? Metal Sonic!? Zavok!? Chaos!? Infinite: Hello. I’m responsible for helping Eggman reduce this planet to a hellhole, and with my friends here, we’re gonna kill everyone that gets in our way. Sonic: *cries* All of Them: Okay nevermind- Eggman: STOP DOING THAT See also: https://greenyvertekins.tumblr.com/post/90862914314/if-sonic-had-to-kill-someone-to-save-the-world-do https://greenyvertekins.tumblr.com/post/157197588384/is-sonic-a-very-forgiving-character-i-do-think https://greenyvertekins.tumblr.com/post/172452884099/so-whats-the-difference-between-gamesonic https://greenyvertekins.tumblr.com/post/189476247194/yeah-honestly-seeing-sonic-be-merciless-towards It's a suitable conclusion of what Sonic's character is now supposed to be according to IDW. And he's never done such in the games. Be nice to someone like Merlina yeah, since she was repentant and already spent the game helping him (if only to use him as a pawn). Even in the OVA where Sonic tries to save Metal Sonic, Sonic knew that Metal rescued some of Sonic's friends with no prodding from Eggman. Canon Sonic isn't some "FRIENDSHIP FRIENDSHIP EVERYONE CAN CHANGE FORGIVE EVERYONE NO MATTER HOW THEY ACT" character, he's a punk teen who also happens to save the world from a fat scientist. >de-powered He was down for the count. Sonic didn't let him go flying away just so he could change one day whether you admit it or not.
  2. He left Eggman there to get blown up. Not saving him. Don't call them irrelevancies just from how you can't address what I'm saying. That machines like Metal Sonic do not actually "change" willy-nilly. And Metal's never shown such. Read the gallery. You can even see him as a baby: If he was Steven Universe like he's made out to be here now then he wouldn't have been on the offense.
  3. Doesn't matter. He was down and out. Not flying away. And he made no demands for him to change since he's not Steven Universe. How can you get the idea that Canon Sonic is Steven Universe? Omega has never done anything to threaten Sonic, his friends, or the world to a notable amount. That's not what happened with Emerl (his original programming returned so Sonic had to kill him) or Gemerl (had to be beaten down and altered). Sonic doesn't show any demands for him to change either. And has blown him up enough times or let him get blown up enough times. He was much of one as Metal Sonic. His backstory established him as being made as a baby and so he aged, became king, and got corrupted. Sonic still agreed to kill him. He also charged at Merlina when she made no moves to attack him (making her actual attack self-defense).
  4. So? Sonic, in the games, is not yelling that everyone can change or letting obvious villains fly away for it. He's a punk teen hedgehog with attitude, not Jesus of Nazareth. Even in Heroes, he's not yelling that Metal Sonic can change just saying he's welcome to fight him again since he's a thrill seeker who digs a good challenge. Not the goodest good boy who ever gooded.
  5. And Metal Sonic is a killer robot who's shown no problem with both trying to kill Sonic and threatening others (including his friends) while also never showning anything like compassion or pity. Metal Sonic was knocked offline (hence his eyes going dark). Not hard for him to figure that he'd be accounted for one way or another if not by himself. Still didn't just let him fly away even after threatening his friend's home. Gamma needed the Flickie he was built around to reassert his personality/memories and Sonic was still about to finish him before Amy vouched for him. Omega is apparently just carrying out his programming to be the #1 Eggman Bot in an eccentric way. Metal has never been shown to be built around an animal and he's shown nothing like remorse or pity. And again, he's had plenty of time to leave Eggman but hasn't, meaning he either can't or won't. King Arthur. I don't recall Sonic going "EVERYONE CAN CHANGE" against Captain Whisker, Eggman Nega, Black Doom, etc. Name a single example where Sonic let an unrepent villain go (not knocked offline, not beaten and made to see the error of her ways like Merlina was) just so said villain can change one day. In-Character Sonic isn't supposed to be Jesus or Steven Universe.
  6. Since when did Sonic care about helping Metal Sonic or want him to change? Metal Sonic has had plenty of time to stop serving Eggman if he could but hasn't unless you count Heroes as that. Meaning he won't or can't. Again, in-character Sonic isn't some "FRIENDSHIP SOLVES EVERYTHING EVERYONE CAN CHANGE SO IMA LET THE JOKER BREAK OUTTA GOTHAM TO EAT A KINDERGARTEN" parody you'd seen in Sonic Shorts. Even in Heroes he left Metal Sonic in Team Dark's custody and just said he could challenge him again. Show me in Heroes where Sonic just Metal Sonic fly away after he threatened one of his friend's home just so he could "Change" somehow (even though he's a machine, not a living being with free will). And Sonic repeatedly didn't show mercy to villains like Erazor and only acted how he did with Merlina since: A. He already befriended her. B. She was sincerely trying to do good. C. WAS REPENTANT. See: https://greenyvertekins.tumblr.com/post/616109239961812992/re-idw-sonic-i-think-the-big-problem-with-his https://greenyvertekins.tumblr.com/post/190041175329/it-shows-sonics-level-of-compassion-but-i-find https://greenyvertekins.tumblr.com/post/189476247194/yeah-honestly-seeing-sonic-be-merciless-towards https://greenyvertekins.tumblr.com/post/90862914314/if-sonic-had-to-kill-someone-to-save-the-world-do
  7. Mr. Tinker wasn't the problem. Letting Metal Sonic (a dangerous machine who's loyal to Eggman) go is the problem. I don't even know where Flynn got the impression Sonic acting in-character would do that. What with him sealing Erazor away forever, blowing up Eggman in Sonic CD's ending, agreeing to kill Arthur and attacking Merlina when she made no moves to harm him, etc. Even something like healing Chaos' heart had plenty of practicality to it (he can't be killed and sealing him away won't fix the problem).
  8. He "forgave" the likes of Shadow since they either never did anything notably bad to begin with or worked to atone or were corrupted like Chaos or in Merlina's case were trying to do good. He's not especially forgiving to his enemies within the games, not to the point of how IDW spins him (see him blowing up Eggman in Sonic CD's ending, letting Eggman get blown up in Mania Adventures, sealing Erazor away forever, agreeing to kill Arthur and attacking Merlina when she hadn't attacked him yet).
  9. Sonic wasn't intended to be "lonely" though. He was meant to be a "cheerful loner" as they call it who digs his friends but is fine being alone. As for Eggman, he's meant to be a manchild who's not really "bad" and doesn't realize how much harm he's committing or is too much of a manchild to notice.
  10. Take it up with Sonic the Hedgehog Technical Files.
  11. He wasn't designed to be that way. Sonic 3 also repeatedly showed him getting the better of Sonic. As for Adventure, the situation was that Knuckles had no way to tell at a distance the difference between a ME piece and a Chaos Emerald, Eggman telling him words to set up a fight, and Knuckles being hot-blooded (which is also a trait he has in that same JP lore source). Short version is that Knuckles is meant to be clever and in-tune with his environment but hot-blooded and reckless.
  12. Knuckles' own bio in JP lore sources says he's supposed to be clever just naive and ignorant.
  13. Eggman's bio in Sonic Jam's guide says that he doesn't realize the great harm in what he's doing, is not a "bad" man, and wants to mechanize the world.
  14. Nega is just Eggman without any affable bits. Compared to Blaze (Nega Sonic) and Marine (Nega Tails), he's hilariously lagging behind since he's not actually different from Eggman where it counts and/or does it in a way that's bland and undermines Eggman as a villain. Erazor is a magic being instead of another villainous scientist, is muscular rather than obese, is grim and sneering rather than grinning and hoppy. He wasn't intended as such but that speaks well on how they did the laziest job they could've done when making Eggman Nega.
  15. Erazor is the best of the "serious" non-Eggman big villains. And frankly, he'd be a better Nega Eggman than Eggman Nega himself.
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