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  1. Watch it still sale about as well as Forces or better.
  2. You know, comparing Miyamoto's habit of retconning to Iizuka's, I notice Miyamoto is more upfront about what he says being retcons than Iizuka is. I mean just compare what Miyamoto says about the Koopalings not being Bowser's blood children (going out of his way to say that them not being blood related is the current story) to whatever Iizuka's been saying for a bunch of years.

    1. SupahBerry


      Iizuka doesn't have the balls to admit that Sonic is not a hedgehog anymore or that he is Big's mother, like Miyamoto did.

      Miyamoto is still guilty of overiding the Paper Mario series to Iizuka-like levels.

    2. VEDJ-F


      The Koopalings retcon reveal is just the Mario equivalent of the Chaotix retcon reveal. 

    3. Strickerx5


      Iizuka, while incompetent in most of his methods, seems to at least somewhat care about what he's saying. He tries to make sense of things the best way he can.

      Miyamoto, on the other hand, never gave a shit to begin with in this area.

    4. Ferno


      "t-the moon is turned to the side"

    5. Josh


      The koopalings being bowser's children in the first place was a localization thing, so Miyamoto was really just correcting what was meant to be the entire time

      If you're to take Iizuka at face value and not just respect that he says weird shit on the spot sometimes and look the other way, he's revealed some dumb illogical retcon every time a sonic game comes out for a while now

    6. Almar


      > The koopalings being bowser's children in the first place was a localization thing

       No it wasn't. SMB3 JP's manual has Bowser call them his children. And Miyamoto bothering to say that them just being Bowser's henchmen is the "current story" instead of the lore he planned the whole time points against what you say.

    7. Josh


       just looked into it and you're right.

      They probably changed it because they like to play up the Bowser/Jr relationship and wanted Jr to have the privilege of being Bowser's son to himself.

    8. Almar


      No doubt there.

  3. Shadow's teleportation

    So where was Two Worlds mentioned in any games before Unleashed? And how does it fit with Echidna Land being in the same world as Station Square?
  4. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    Mario and Luigi: Dream Team wasn't that long ago. And it had talking block men. This was at the point where complaints of the cast were at an all-time high. Not a surprise to keep the cast smaller for what was a quasi-reboot. And the two showed up after 06 anyway. Unlike GUN. You haven't told me what the plan is for GUN in Two Worlds is. I doubt Sonic Team has one. In case you didn't notice, "Two Worlds" is really just an excuse to write out the non-Eggman humans. Most of them besides maybe Shadow don't have protecting whatever planet Sonic Unleashed is on as a job. Knuckles should be guarding the Master Emerald, Rouge jewel hunting, Omega blowing up Eggman's other robots, Chaotix doing detective work. Point is, them not showing up in Unleashed isn't actually all that odd compared to GUN not doing it. He also said Shadow needs Chaos Emeralds to do Chaos Control and that the Super Emeralds were out of the series.
  5. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    Miyamoto has maintained that the Mario characters are like Western cartoon characters (see Popeye, who Miyamoto himself compared to Mario) who are put in different situations. He's never been tyrannical about things like the 7 Koopalings not being Bowser's children the way Sonic Team apparently is on Cream not fighting. When he's talked about such things, he frames it as what HE sees it as. Not holy writ. When you combine it with other findings though. GUN wasn't established in the "Human World." It was established on Earth. They were introduced at a point in the series where Sonic lived on one world (Earth) alongside non-Eggman humans. We are not at that point anymore. Not really the huge stretch you make it out to be to scrap what would be a badly fitting artifact of the Adventure era. Except nothing happened in Unleashed that would make their absence really odd. While a giant monster ripping the planet GUN alledgely lives on apart yet they aren't doing anything about it is really odd. We just got a Mario RPG with beans and playable minions.
  6. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    Overreacting. We didn't see GUN in Unleashed and they are from a polarizing era of Sonic. Them being quietly taken out of the series is less over-the-top than you act like. You say that, and yet from all evidence Miyamoto and Co. not only don't insist on holding the Mario series to rules like Two Worlds, but give 2nd Party developers plenty of leeway to handle the characters.
  7. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    We haven't seen GUN in a main Sonic game since 06. It's not a stretch that it was just secret retconned and isn't in the series any more as far as Iizuka Team cares. And the obvious plan for Two Worlds is to just ignore every game before Unleashed (which was a sorta reboot anyway) beyond the broad strokes. So the Sonic Adventure we played never happened but something happened where Chaos showed up. The Sonic Adventure 2 we have didn't happen but Shadow first met Sonic as an enemy. And so on.
  8. Shadow's teleportation

    Sonic Forces has Shadow warp without any Chaos Emeralds seen in the game. And Sonic X also says Chris singlehandedly got Shadow to remember his promise.
  9. I'm sure the idea is that Silver wouldn't have the gun and Avatar's abilities would be translated into psychic power.
  10. You would have a point if we weren't told Eggman did build the Phantom Ruby. Not dig up. Build. We aren't told otherwise in-game and there's just a comic of dubious canon saying he didn't.
  11. Nobody here has told me if Sonic even has an audience for this movie. DC characters, Transformers, the X-Men are relevant and have appeal to diverse ages or had enough nostalgia to sail on. The Angry Birds are easily one of the big-time games of its generations without being too panned ala Sonic so of course it didn't do too bad. Going from criticial scores and success of games like Sonic 1 Mobile and Sonic Mania if they're playing to nostalgia they would be better served to model the film within the world and tone of the Genesis era. And yet I suspect they wouldn't do that.
  12. Yeah well the comic also says Eggman found the Forces Phantom Ruby in his front yard instead of building it. The second being more in line with what happens in Forces (see the prototypes).
  13. Considering we never see any anthro troops in Eggman's territories besides Jackal/infinite (not even as mechanical slaves), I would figure the "Jackal Squad" would actually be robots Jackal had under his command courtesy of Eggman rather than other anthro mercs. So just robots.
  14. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    Archie!Rouge was written as more of a villain (or at least more gray) than in the games for awhile. Especially since Julie-Su was around and they wouldn't back away from her being Knuckles' soul-mate before she with the rest of the non-Knuckles Echidnas were kicked out of canon. And as someone who's fond of the interpretation that Rouge was playing both Eggman and United Federation government in Sonic Adventure 2, I can't say I have an issue with a more villainous (or at least less of a sure heroine who just acts mean on occasion) Rouge.
  15. Budget I assume. Animation is still more expensive than live-action even for all the progress. And the movie makers just might not be comfortable at doing a movie for a polarizing (at best) brand.

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