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  1. Two Separate Worlds in the Sonic games

    No they didn't. It's obvious Sonic's game world (instead of the Archie/SatAM/Underground version with Eggman being an invader of an otherwise anthro world) was supposed to be no different from Looney Tunes' (anthro lead characters with humans being foils or background characters) from the Genesis days up until Unleashed. Even Sonic 06 has Silver be from the future of the same world of Elise.
  2. The concept art. The right middle figure has been speculated on 4chan to be Eggman's descendant before Nega was picked to be in the game.
  3. Apparently, there was concept art for an Eggman descendant character that didn't look anything like Nega. Which suggests that Eggman Nega was shoved into the role during development. I'm not really against that since Eggman Nega was always just edgier Eggman anyway. Maybe we'll get Captain Whisker again.
  4. Again, Forces didn't have much plot for how it got hyped. Sonic Team is hardly focusing on plot over the rest of the game. Where's the interactions between Team Eggman (or since they're illusionary, the investigations of them by Team Sonic)? Where's Knuckles being credible? Where's Eggman actually making an impact on the world? Where's Shadow actually being Infinite's archrival?
  5. Even then, he claims Forces rode on Mania's high reception. That suggests it's a fluke.
  6. >Less story Are you serious? Have you seen how underdeveloed or bleh Forces' plot is? >Villains from across the series return only to not only be just illusions there's little to zip investigation of them by Sonic's posse but lots of them are so minor that they might as well have not been there. >Eggman is an underwhelming villain who depends on Infinite and his empire little impact on the world (lack of serious damage to the environment, lack of roboticized antros). >Knuckles is the leader yet is still treated like a fool by his peers and repeatedly screws up or is about to if it wasn't Sonic/Rouge/Avatar >The comic clashing with the game (See Phantom Ruby's origin) >The Master Emerald still being a thing yet nobody on the Resistance figures to use it and/or the Chaos Emeralds >Tails being dissapointing >Shadow being a DLC character while Classic is there from the start despite Classic Sonic being forced while Shadow has his past with Infinite. >Infinite being Mephiles 2.0 If anything, Forces didn't have ENOUGH plot.
  7. Famitsu reveals Forces Development Timeline

    In comparison to other 3D Sonics? And when comparing the parts in the game (Classic Sonic, Avatar, Modern Sonic)? Are we talking about a Sonic Team apologist?
  8. Your Steam link is helpful, but I don't see anything Sonic Forces' American performance. Or am I not looking right?
  9. You know, it's weak that back in Shadow the Hedgehog Dr. Eggman never offered to tell Shadow about his past if he helped him against the Black Arms/GUN/Sonic.

    "Shadow! Help me chase the GUN robots at my theme park and I'll tell you more about your past!"

    They could have even bonded over their shared contempt for GUN and connection to Gerald with Maria. Instead, we got some Android Shadow subplot that really didn't go anywhere.

  10. Sonic has long been a bigger deal in the UK than in America.
  11. Not if we don't get to join Eggman seriously like we didn't last time.
  12. That was never mentioned anywhere before Forces.
  13. The worst part of Tails in Sonic Forces is that he's no longer worthy of his theme song.

    Believe in Myself

    Many friends help me out
    In return I help them
    Certain things I can do, and there's things that only I can do

    Time to get a new more fitting theme song. I'm looking for all suggestions.

    1. Shiguy


      I know just the right one too



    2. Jack the Rookie

      Jack the Rookie

      Help - Beatles.

  14. I'd call there being another planet with humans in Sonic's dimensions the bigger issue. It's like they were having second thoughts about Humans being from another dimension but it was too late to walk away from that so they stuck with it.