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  1. To this day I'm impressed by how terrible of a character Eggman Nega is.

    "Sonic Team Member A: Okay, we finished designing our new lead character who's another dimension answer to Sonic. She's a firey ballerina to Sonic's windy track star. Dutiful where he's a wanderer doing what he will. The Prince to his Michael Jackson."

    "Sonic Team Member A: She needs a nemesis. Her own Eggman."

    "Sonic Team Member B: How about we make her nemesis... Eggman, but edgier!"

    "Sonic Team Member A: Top-notch idea!"

    And it was downwards from there.

    1. NegaMetallix


      This is why I think that Captain Whisker just works better as a main villain for Blaze.

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