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  1. I hope Forces being yet another disappointment makes Sonic Team realize that no, they don't have to bring back every character and can get by with only 2-3 of Sonic's posse showing up a game.

    1. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      Lost World.

      It’s not about who or how many appear, it’s how they’re handled.

    2. Almar


      You raise Lost World and I raise you Colors.

    3. RedFox99


      And don't forgot that the characters who do appear should be vital to the plot.

    4. Almar


      Also, I neglected to mention that spinoffs like the Olympics games or obvious fanservice games like Sonic Generations are exceptions.

    5. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic

      The number of characters in this game is the least of it's problems.

    6. Almar


      When you make a big a deal about a Resistance formed from Sonic's mighty crew only for them to amount to cheerleaders and/or follow the Zapp Brannigan Book of Warfare, it's a sign you're not really needed.

      It's obvious that the game was designed around Sonic and the OC. That could have worked except they also tried to be a sorta Sonic Generations 2, hence the Resistance and Infinite making illusions of past non-Eggman villains. It's part of a wider problem with the game suffering from the Too Many Chefs Ruin A Meal situation.

    7. RedFox99


      Exactly. Forces seemed to ambitious about doing many things at once.

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