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  1. Sonic Mania and Man of the Year are the best. AoStH is meme magic with Robotnik and his minions being entertaining but the show isn't really much beyond that. SatAM has a dull Robotnik who's only memorable from Jim Cummings' voice work (and even then he's not really expressive enough to take advantage of it until some time in Season Two), Dulcy, an ending so ridiculous that it'd be torn apart if it happened in the modern day. Underground had a more interesting take on Robotnik than SatAM's take (namely that he's portrayed as a legit dictator who tries to appease his non-roboticized subjects or play them against each-other and also against the titular Underground which fits Underground's sorta more cynical setting) but ugh the singing, Sonia. Sonic OVA captured the look of Sonic CD's animated scenes but Sara's designed to be as loathsome as possible. Sonic X introduced the interloper named Chris who stole Tails' role of Sonic's best friend/confidant (which looks to be happening again in Sonic Movie with that cop friend of Sonic's).
  2. I posted this before and I'll say it again: Mario gets away with its large cast compared with Sonic since Mario's games have done more to establish themselves as happening in a proper world despite how little continuity there is. Just by comparing Eggman's robots with all the enemy species in Bowser's Empire shows that there are not only plenty Bowser Minions with personality compared to Eggman's metallic hordes but that there are plenty members of Mario enemy species who are friendly to our mustached hero instead of hostile. Enough of the species for the playable Sonic cast are treated as special in that we hardly or never encounter random NPCs of that species (with the echidnas a neat exception). It's something that expanded universe has long taken care of but not really done in the games until Forces. Mario fans don't ask so much about characters being unnecessary or forced or needing to go away since they accept Mario games happen in a whimsical world filled with wacky characters who don't need to be important but are still handy for flavor.
  3. Shadow the Hedgehog needed an actual Eggman Empire ending. And an actual boss fight with Sonic mono a mono (no Gun Commander).
  4. Both the OP and DabigRG brought up Two Worlds. And I'm pointing out that the Adventure Era games were surely not designed with Two Worlds considered. Talking about a Human World or Mobian/Animal World is inappropriate if we're looking at the lore/setting of the games from Adventure One to about Rivals 2.
  5. I don't see what the Two Worlds retcon is getting brought up here for. Yuji Naka himself said Sonic Adventure 1 happened in the same world as the Genesis era ones with Sonic just leaving their islands for the region where Station Square is at. Not to mention the obvious point that Station Square is in train distance of echidna ruins.
  6. I wonder if the next game could serve as something of an Ultimate Universe for Spyro. Like: -Going with the idea that Spyro being a purple dragon makes him special. -Cynder and/or Malefor coming back. -Hunter having his village in Shadow Legacy (which in many ways came off as a predesccor of the Legend games) and Legend.
  7. So more or less all the important parts of Bowser Junior's Journey have leaked:
  8. I hope the Komodo Bros. race together this time instead of just Joe being there. They might not have had the technology and/or knowledge of how to have a dual-boss but since Nitro Kart came out with its Zam and Zim race the devs would have a model for the Bros. this time.
  9. More or less. Recall that Sonic is LARGELY modeled on the likes of Bugs Bunny and Felix the Cat. You have that Man of the Year short. The Sonic cast should be silly but take the silliness seriously.
  10. They don't really try to have personality though. While Bowser's Minions have been getting characterization since Super Mario RPG at the latest ignoring expanded universe. I mean, it took until Sonic Unleashed to give Eggman a genuine loyal minion having dialogue who Eggman can surely be on the level with after Metal Sonic turned on him (and even then, Orbot lost his sass and became the Scratch to Cubot's Grounder). And it took until Sonic Mania for the Hardboiled Heavies to show up (who also turn on him).
  11. I say a big difference between Mario and Sonic that helps let the plumber get away with his cast size is that Mario ended up with a more solid world than Sonic does. More worldbuilding if you will. For example, koopas are treated as one species with plenty of members in the background as civilians instead of just serving Bower or Peach. Same goes for other Mario species. The closest Sonic has to a species as characterized from its diversity is the echidnas. Enough other anthro characters in a Sonic game are treated as one-of-a-kind or at most have another who's connected to them (like Sonic with Amy as his fangirl and Shadow as his doppelganger, don't know what's up with Silver). Miyamoto might not demand plot but he has let 2nd parties do a bit with the characters and world while still expecting Mario to keep to a solid direction. Sonic Team does the opposite (makes demands on how outsiders handle the world/characters yet refuse to hold them to a solid direction). Ian Flynn even talked about how his writing has been hamstrung by Sonic Team's rules on how to handle the characters (like how Cream can't take part in fighting anymore). As odd as might be to say this, I wonder if Sonic's cast size would have worked out better if the games bothered to have more normie animal NPCs before Forces.
  12. Tails also suffers from how he more or less got the Luigi Treatment (that is, show him as more obviously flawed compared to his brother/surrogate brother) as of Lost World, but they really have solid plan to do this hence Tails' shifting personality (arrogant brat to coward).
  13. Sonic Team just tries to be like Nintendo in that it tries to make Sonic a series where the characters are just actors playing parts but they also pretend that it's really a series with continuity (see Chaos in Sonic Forces). They flop at this. Show that once again Sonic has no solid direction.
  14. Yeah well Iizuka also said the games happen across two planets and yet we see plenty of evidence otherwise (Echidna Civilization in train distance of a human city, Silver growing up in the burnt leftovers of a human ruled kingdom, hieroglyphics in Sandoplis).
  15. They were too busy shilling Infinite as their edgy new villain to remember to have his threat level be suitable for the world.
  16. We already saw Shadow Chaos Controlling with no emerald in his game.
  17. Orbit and Cubot's just an attempt to stick a Scratch and Grounder into Game!Sonic.
  18. Takashi Yuda, the man who came up with Knuckles, said he didn't plan for him to be more than a supporting character. It's not hard to guess he was seen as a character for Sonic 3 that became adored by the fans so he got to stick around. REALLY stick around. I'm talking becoming one of the "Big 4." More or less. Knuckles, Blaze, Shadow, Chaotix. All can easily be heroes with their own stories. They did this in the comics with Knuckles being put with the Chaotix in their own slice of the world set in Angel Island. I mean, Luigi has already gotten his own games and games where he's more strongly shown as Mario's co-star. Toad and Toadette were always just sidekicks/helpers. Let's not forget how Donkey Kong, Wario, Peach, and even Bowser have been the protagonists of their own games (or at least a co-protagonist in Bowser's case).
  19. They forced a connection between Infinite and Shadow but insisted on making Sonic and Buddy be the hope for Planet Furry. There wasn't a place for Shadow since he didn't really fit in the story. Frankly, most of the Resistance wasn't needed and could have been cut from the game.
  20. He had a neat dynamic with Robotnik, Sleet, and Dingo as their Coconuts more or less (that is, a 3rd minion who more obviously than the other two minions has his own agenda of looking out for #1). I'll say that it looks like the showrunners weren't really sure if they wanted him to be a villain or not.
  21. Not letting you join Eggman in Shadow the Hedgehog and meaning it. Also, going through the trouble of having a sorta-Legion of Doom for Sonic Forces yet have little actual mystery over it. Sonic Team tries to have their cake and eat it too. Bring in characters like Chaos and allude to past events for fanservice but also do what Mario does where the characters are "actors" (as Miyamoto put it). Introduce ridiculous retcons for the past games (hello Two-Worlds) instead of just outright saying they're rebooting the series (actually, I suspect Sonic Unleashed was considered to be a reboot considering the minimal cast, new world, different tone).
  22. It was an obvious sign that the makers were getting tired of doing Crash. You saw that in Spyro the Dragon as well. And unlike Sonic Team they had the foresight to just make new IPs instead of forcing Spyro to drive hummers and wield guns or whatever happens if Sonic Team was in charge.
  23. Too long didn't read Sonic is a speshul snowflake that shouldn't have standards and a solid direction. We tried it TC's way. And that got us Sonic going from Mario's greatest rival to a meme.
  24. Silver's problem is the same one that Knuckles and Blaze has in that he's rooted in one element of the Sonic universe (time travel/future) as opposed to being rootless like Sonic and so can be easily inserted into many situations. Silver's presence in Forces only getting a sloppy throwaway line in the comic about him protecting the future just shows that how he's not really suited to be like Tails or the Chaotix.
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