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  1. Y'know, I actually don't mind a Ring cap. I'm sure you'll be able to upgrade it during the course of the game.

    1. KHCast


      We now have to upgrade something that's been a established thing in the series. Makes sense 

    2. -Justin-


      If we have to buy new equipment for the Avatar with Rings, yes it does make sense. It'd be too easy if we didn't have a cap.

    3. PaddyFancy


      inb4 Sonic games get loot crates or microtransactions.

    4. KHCast


      As if the game wasn't already super easy looking, upgrades to a already op looking character to make the game easier 

      Unless it's just cosmetic stuff.

    5. -Justin-


      I'm sure the whole game won't be "super easy looking", we've only seen a few levels. Plus, I bet you'll have to upgrade the Wispons. Surely they won't be OP from the beginning to the end...

    6. Shard The Gentleman

      Shard The Gentleman

      How does one complain about the ring cap, and then complain about the game being too easy?

      If you want a harder game, just... don't upgrade the ring cap.

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