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  1. I like to think that a bigger game than Forces is in development, and Forces was just a test for some things. I've seen others think this too. 

    I really want more HD ports of some older games, like Heroes, Shadow, and the first two Riders games! Maybe that rumored Sonic racing game will happen, and this'll tide us over till the next main game comes. Hopefully we'll get a game tie-in to the movie! That'd be pretty awesome :D

  2. It’s really good. We haven’t had any vocal tracks in stages for a long time, and I definitely enjoyed every second of these tunes. Modern’s music is good too, it’s just that the synth should have been toned down. Other than that, the music reminded me of the Adventure era. Classic’s music is imo is just as good as Mania’s soundtrack. Ghost Town is one of my favorite songs in the game :D The only thing is the instrument choice is a bit odd for some songs.

  3. I’m sure the comics are gonna be just fine. I’m actually really excited about this apparent Forces continuation! I just hope the stories don’t get dragged on longer than they need to be. I was so tired of the Archie series to the point where I still have some issues left in the plastic wrap, for this very reason. 

  4. I’d want something with Adventure-style gameplay with Adventure 1/2/Heroes/06 styled levels. To add replay value, there could be missions like the Adventure games had. For the story, I’d like to see something like Forces did, but with events better explained more. Forces just kinda jumped from place to place with little explanation of what was going on at that point of time. I’m kinda torn about this, but Boost could be added in a Mach Speed section, like in 06... but I know most of us are tired of this kind of gameplay. Oh, and more playable characters would be cool too.

  5. 48 minutes ago, Blue Knight/Bluestreak said:

    Sly Cooper and Ratchet & Clank, along with Spyro are what I'm looking forward to the most at PSX 2017. Sly Cooper could make a comeback at PSX because Sanzaru has 2 projects right now, one being Marvel while the other is a secret project. So, I recommend checking these videos by Youtuber VTNVIVI.


    Sweet! Yeah, I’m subscribed to Vivi, but I’ve only watched a few of his videos!

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