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  1. They're about to be the one element from the games besides Sonic, Eggman, and the rings.
  2. "You ever read that really old comic? Sonic the Hedgehog?" - Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange, M.D., Ph.D
  3. Kinda like the second one better, the goo has more of a techno look.
  4. What's with the Spider-Man hands
  5. Bald men with glasses, red jackets, and large mustaches are unrealistic. It wouldn't have fit their Vision™.
  6. It's like he gets worse and worse by the day. Not to mention sexuality or lack thereof isn't an "attitude" one can just.. choose to take. There's more to life than kids, it's not like most people spend a very high amount of time thinking mechanically about how they're going to continue the species, straight or otherwise.
  7. Most characters either have their backstory explained in their first game, or don't have backstories at all.
  8. Yeah, that nails a coffin in that theory if he was locked up shortly after Iblis was released.
  9. Welll, there's Shadow's immortality.
  10. Who needs other characters when Sonic and Baby Sonic are going to fly off the shelves?
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