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  1. I know this is only a possibility, but if the game were to be that early in development and it presumably comes out next year when it'll have been four years since Forces released, and they just said that the longer gaps was because they would be putting more time into the games, then what would that mean they've been doing this whole time? That sounds like a similar situation to Forces.
  2. How hard could it have been to just say that Mania and any other future classic games took place after *whatever they consider the last canon classic game* and before Adventure? IT's not like there's a defined amount of time between the classic and modern eras.
  3. Meant more the specific number. He could've been anywhere from 14 to 19 and there'd be no difference.
  4. He has a miraculous condition that's caused him to have the same birthday each year for the past three decades. He's an immortal cartoon character that could really be any age, but 15 is the one they arbitrarily chose to give him 20 years ago, and that is what they've stuck with since.
  5. I think it was assumed to have something to do with licensing costs?
  6. Not games that aren't exclusive. Or.. aren't on consoles
  7. The closest thing to something like this existing officially was probably the rebooted Archie continuity, with the games, SatAM, and kind of AoStH. I think it'd be easier to headcanon broad strokes of stuff in other continuities happened in some form, because they are there's just too much that'd be way to complicated to reconcile.
  8. Got me for a few second until I remembered the date
  9. Couldn't they release online at least?
  10. Wouldn't it make more sense if they were on fire to trick us into thinking it's Blaze, and then it turns out it's actually Sonic, wrapped in flames because he's been transported by the Sol Emeralds?
  11. It's Sonic's alternate self from Blaze's world, Pyronic the Hedgehog.
  12. He was sent to the Dragon Ball universe and learned Kaio-Ken.
  13. Actually, he does. At the end of Shadow's Crisis City, he and Rouge see Omega inactive. All he does is look inside of some kind of back compartment to confirm that he's in stand-by mode though.
  14. Then it's settled, just make Tails and Knuckles power-ups. Heck, all of the extended cast. Tails Flight, Knuckles Climb, Shadow Chaos Control.. etc.
  15. Maybe the Chaos Emeralds gave everyone their powers at birth, because of mutation or something.
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