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  1. They're not going to let him just not acknowledge the classics forever.
  2. They're on the other side of the planet, like how we only see the not-broken side of the moon.
  3. That, and getting the numbers AT got in its prime just isn't possible anymore.
  4. It did ok (ko) for what CN shows usually get these days.
  5. I do think he's going to be right in this case. Movie's still going to be panned because of other factors.
  6. What the hell, I didn't want to know what those things look like on the inside. Especially not with an actual image of someone's insides?
  7. Because he has player character powers. The others are restricted to cutscenes, but he's able to warp reality into one where it's like a track made for him to overcome.
  8. And if Silver could just grab and throw him around when and however he wanted, he'd be OP, and there'd be no game.
  9. Wellll, it would essentially have the exact same effect if Sonic was just ambushed without a fight and sent six months into the future.
  10. No better way to declare your villainy than to take your mom's maiden name.
  11. Any stylization of the design will look better because it isn't attempting to be hyper-realistic, and it's based off an already great design.
  12. When he was Mr. Tinker, he was essentially a different person. It would have been wrong to kill him at the time, but they should've kept a closer eye on him. He's plain old Eggman again, but it's not like Sonic goes out of his way to save him very often. He just escapes or is extremely unreasonably hardy. All he has to do is never be in a similar situation again, and they never have to worry about that question.
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