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  1. Chameleons are cool. Ninja are cool. Espio is cool.
  2. Maybe this ends with the planet being completely taken over (becoming like it is in Silver's time), and Sonic and friends along with any remaining Sonic's Worldians escaping on Angel Island to the Human World. This was all a way to restore the pre-Two Worlds setting.
  3. I think they'd stick to a mobile game. If there was going to be a console game based off the movie it'd be coming out close to it.
  4. Maybe Movie Sonic's design just has a more "grittier" feeling than Modern.
  5. It'd be another "attempt to appease fans by making things more confusing" retcon, like Two Worlds and the Classic Dimension. "Didn't like that Shadow came back in Heroes, but also still want him around? He was dead the whole time, Shadow Android is actually canon. This has totally been the case the whole time, why'd you think the only confirmation that he was the original was if you spent like 9 minutes on the final boss?"
  6. Organic flesh and fur, like Terminators.
  7. Welp, that explains the Green Hill scene, he really has been on Earth for 10 years. Too bad he doesn't look more like Classic Sonic
  8. The ones we have a vague awareness of then.
  9. There isn't a "no sad things" mandate, nothing in this issue touches the ones we know about.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if IDW avoids showing it for the same reason as Silver's future. The moment SEGA does anything with it (as unlikely as that it is) they'd have to rectify the differences.
  11. Maybe he's using the Chaos Emeralds.
  12. Didn't the original leak mention his parents sending him there like Superman?
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