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  1. I mean.. yeah, he'd stick out but at the end of the day, I'd still choose the standard design over this thing.
  2. This would've been pretty cool too
  3. Maybe we'll see them in Sonic's World and they'll have their SEGA design, while Sonic will be transformed when he lands on Earth.
  4. Maybe they just showed us a rejected model as a joke, and soon we'll see the real Sonic..?
  5. Dang, man, what else is there to say? This isn't meme time, this is mourning time.
  6. It's all us lousy Westerners' faults
  7. The reaction to the teaser was the last spot of hope for Sonic's design. And then this thing came out. Hm. Like.. does it just look better in motion..?
  8. I don't know how different the silhouette could possibly be from the full design, but I'm.. in doubt about how familiar they are with Sonic's design if they think it's a dead ringer for this:
  9. But then what's with the way it sticks out like that..
  10. Maybe it was some kind of contract thing and they didn't have control over it beyond being consultants? I really did trust them to at least not let something like this happen..
  11. Well, he's always had fingers under his gloves /jk. Unless they're really tight gloves, I can't see where they would begin.
  12. Having a hard time picturing how those beady eyes are gonna look in their true glory.. hope someone draws something at some point.
  13. Even the guy who made the Realistic Sonic doesn't like it
  14. At this point, it could only look worse if it looked like this:
  15. At least they're green though, they got one thing right. ..or at least I think that's his pupil..?

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