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  1. So what you're saying is.. Cartoon Network/Disney Channel/Disney XD crossover confirmed
  2. The State of Sonic Team

    Are you implying Lost World is worse than 06 and Shadow the Hedgehog
  3. The cover's being all action-packed seems like false advertising, but the translated Channel comics would be nice. I wonder if they're canon..
  4. The State of Sonic Team

    Generally you'll find that "good game" equals "good sales". 2D Sonic probably wouldn't carry the franchises alone, but we've seen what happens when they prioritize quantity over quality. I'm sure they'd love to push out five games a year and squeeze out as much money as they can, but that would be a bad idea.
  5. The State of Sonic Team

    Maybe the next rushed game being a game based off of a CGI/live-action movie would be fitting in a way
  6. The State of Sonic Team

    That would imply it's connected to Sonic 4. Sonic Mania doesn't need to be a numbered sequel to be a sequel.
  7. Establishing worlds and Consistency

    I.. find it hard to believe they had that in mine during the Adventure era, so I'll just assume the latter.
  8. With Mega Man 11 being announced and how it looks...

    Like Boom, I have a feeling they wouldn't be allowed to give them new backstories even in the "classic dimension". Everyone already knows each other, how did they meet, I dunno but Shadow's really cool
  9. Establishing worlds and Consistency

    Nah, I agree with you. Stories shouldn't have to rely on fan headcanon to make sense. Honestly I just never really thought about it, I think their intention was just "levels from the past" and that's it. Generations as a whole just doesn't make sense. Didn't make much sense then, makes even less now.
  10. Establishing worlds and Consistency

    I mean.. I actually don't think it's that complicated in Generations. It's a literal white void with different locations from the past. The past of another dimension is still the past.
  11. Establishing worlds and Consistency

    I.. honestly feel that the canon of the Sonic the Hedgehog should not and should never have been complicated enough to need an actual book to explain things. A series bible to know who's who and what's what and what's up, but not an encyclopedia.
  12. Establishing worlds and Consistency

    Actually.. what if they have been sticking to the Unleashed world? What if Two Worlds was just a thing back then too? Unleashed was supposedly a soft reboot of sorts, and we've been on the Animal Planet since Colors.
  13. With Mega Man 11 being announced and how it looks...

    They can't just appear without explanation then. They'd still need about as much explanation as a Classic Cream and Classic Shadow. Especially Cream. Shadow is just an enigma, and if Boom Shadow is what a Shadow without a backstory looks like..
  14. Establishing worlds and Consistency

    They don't want to be tied down to any one world setting. Which is why the globe changes from game to game. Which is.. fair honestly. Think about it, how much could do with the Unleashed real world-esque setting besides real places? Yeah, there could just be a variety of different locations on one planet but then.. that isn't really the "Unleashed established world" is it?