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  1. Sonic sure does love acknowledging anniversaries
  2. He gave him a mouth, so it's invalid. Clearly SEGA copyrighted Australian/British accents.
  3. They've been in two of the three main games that have come out since Generations.
  4. I don't think the "loopholes" were ever quite that serious. Less Ian sneaking things around, more things fitting their standards close enough that they accept it.
  5. Maybe StC was on to something, and Knuckles is an immortal reincarnated through the ages.
  6. His dad walked through a wall of fire. But, an actual wall of fire this time. He's dead.
  7. Apparently they do know their own lore and care about keeping it consistent to an extent. Maybe more general character and setting things than game-to-game stuff.
  8. I mean.. Knuckles being the last one is kind of a thing, so yeah. There's not just going to be walking around with no acknowledgement. He's based off of kitsune. It's a lore thing, how is that abitrary? Should there be 8 Chaos Emeralds just because "screw Sega"?
  9. Maybe have Eggman take over 90% of the planet with the zombots, then Sonic and Tails flee to a village in the Wood Zone with a colorful cast of warriors fighting for independence, like a squirrel, a wolf, a seal, and a half-zombot hare
  10. Better now than #100. Depends on how you'd define a "world". There are locations, there are characters, and characters that live in those locations.
  11. Aaaand good ol' overconfident fool Eggman returns. I know that obviously the villains can't win, but damn it sucks to see a plan so diabolical fail when they start losing brain cells. Guessing Starline won't stick around him very long after this.
  12. Well, it could have just been SoA people.
  13. Which has better meat: a vegetarian sandwich, or a spoiled burger? Of course, no one will judge the sandwich for the quality of its meat.
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