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  1. The tester did say he spent 20 minutes in the open world. I feel like the Boost would've been mentioned more often than as a special stage if they were the main part of the game.
  2. The trailer was datamined and it was in an official press release.
  3. Also about the circle, do all current and next gen consoles have some kind of touchpad, because I don't totally understand how this will be implemented.
  4. If it's activated by manually drawing a circle, it seems like the move would be something the game does itself. Like the light-speed dash.
  5. An element of the game. A power, an organization, a place, etc.
  6. And they'll have had even more time when it releases in a year. It must have been extremely early.
  7. Or the cyberspace stages are the real stages and the open world stuff is the hub you run around to unlock stuff to access them.
  8. Would they want two big Sonic release to happen around the same time though? I know the marketing would be handled by two different teams, but they'd still have to be pushing both at the time. If it released in the summer it'd be close to the 31st anniversary.
  9. This has been crazy. A few hours ago (and 20 minutes ago, when I read the thread) I was completely sure it was just going to be another Boost game with a fancy gimmick, but nope, we're going experimental again. I don't know if what's next will be good, but it does look interesting. They're actually trying to innovate Sonic again. Which is a weird thing to say when the last time they tried was the game before the most recent one, but somehow, that was nearly a decade ago. Christ. I was just starting high school.. Time's arrow marching forward aside, I'm looking forward to this.
  10. I don't know if it would sell it, but to really tease the open-world aspect it should've at least shown Sonic in a more open area.
  11. I don't think it'd be possible to say less about the game, but if the purpose of the teaser was to hype it up, the leak does it better. I hope more will be revealed at E3.
  12. Lol, I can't believe we got more exciting information out of a half-year old leak no one believed than the reveal teaser that came out Well, I can believe it, but it is funny.
  13. *The date is January 6, 2021* Oh. Oh my goodness. Um. Huh. This is looking like it might be very real. I knew it had something to do with a virtual reality. If the cyberspace levels are "Generations" style, then I'm guessing the place in the teaser is one of those levels?
  14. It's the symbol of whoever the rangers are.
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