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  1. Definitely getting magical drop 2 for my switch next week. With the long delay on yooka laylee I am seriously consider shovel Knight to hold me over... should I get it

  2. As much as I'm tempted by Ever Oasis, I'm resisting because I still need to finish my 3DS backlog, which is proving to be challenging with focus

  3. So switch Boxart Also we get some additional details not gonna cover the mall but a big one is the switch version will not include all the DLC however it will include Goku black which is apparently coming up or something. I'm on my tablet if someone wants to go grab the full details feel free also I want to say it's confirmed for September in Japan
  4. So, the Dragon Ball Fighters for Switch petition is at over 10000 supporters now, and the Twitter campaign has nearly 20000, and the support of Vegeta's voice actor

  5. So Arms manage to outsell street fighter 5 and Tekken 7s week one sales in Japan, and was a mere 74 short of beating the combined total... physically, without throwing in digital sales which are unknown . Well that's quite the accomplishment for a new ip

  6. So Nomura Is designing some of the antagonists in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 

  7. 9 squared
  8. hmm, if Yooka-Laylee doesn't come soon, I may finally give into Shovel Knight(got a two week period coming up where I'll only have access to my switch, and maybe one other system

  9. Considering picking up a Star Wars tabletop RPG for this winter... although Imperial Assault tempts too

  10. Forgot how much I love the simplicity of the original smash bros... say how do you unlock the bonus characters again?

    1. Blacklightning


      You unlock Ness by beating classic mode on Normal with 3 lives

      Falcon you get by beating it quickly

      I forget the other two but they're honestly not that hard, I remember that much.

    2. MegasonicZX


      I think jigglypuff is just gotten from beating classic mode and luigi was unlocked from...actually I forget how you unlock him in this one.

    3. TCB
  11. "shrugs" I never really believed it, and I'd love to get the game.... cept I only have a switch
  12. Just had an internship interview, felt like it went really well

    1. MegasonicZX


      Congrats man, hope you land the internship.


    2. Mando-Whirl-Wind


      I'm starting my Master's in history with thesis track this fall, and this internship would look really good on my resume. I'm planning to become a college history professor, and the internship is at a foundation/museum on US history, and involves studying a number of historic documents, and several related talks

  13. Rocket league switch will have split screen multiplayer 4 docked and 2 tabletop 

  14. Well, too late for Xenoblade today, will have to get back to it tomorrow. then again I should have time

  15. So know how Bandai listens to fan demand? and how arc said that Dragon Ball Fighters could come to switch if there is demand? well there's now a petition and it's already got over 1100 supporters(over 700 from today alone, it started about 2 days ago pre-announcement)

    1. Mando-Whirl-Wind


      correction, the petitions been around for a week or so, but the announcement today has accelerated things