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  1. Also currently trying to acquire an Electric Organ(Late 1960's Hammond, first model with a Leslie speaker!), so I can learn how to play it, who knows if I get good enough, perhaps I can do some silent movie accompaniment!

    1. Hyp3hat


      Or plug a guitar into the Leslie and get all Pet Sounds up in it.

      A 60's Hammond with the Leslie will probably cost a small fortune, sadly - a quick ebay scan shows up that you're looking at $1000 minimum for even a fixer upper. 

      Cheaper suggestion would be to get a regular keyboard (Like, a semi decent one, with decent key action) with a jack output, then get a chorus pedal and a tremolo pedal. - you'll be able to muck around with those to approximate the Leslie sound, putting it all through an external amp. Much more versatile, too!

      Def drop into a music shop and ask what they recommend too, if there's one in your town

    2. Mando-Whirl-Wind


      Built in Leslie, J200 series. Found it at a local music shop. It's on consignment, and the asking price is 200 but it's been sitting a while

    3. Hyp3hat


      Oh nice! Sod Ebay then, that's a great price. Have you been able to give it a play, make sure all the stops work and all that?

    4. Mando-Whirl-Wind


      also @Hyp3hat, only found one online at 400. with the integrated speaker and smaller key boards, 2/3 of pedals, and a drum peedal, it's a great training organ, it's got the right sound. it's a perfect way for me to learn, and at some point if I get any good I'd pick up a modern one. Seems to all work, but I'm going to have my mom(who's a pianist) check it before I buy it, although it all seemed to work for me. That and it's a great way for me to get back my keyboard fingering(learned piano 3 times). It's also no bigger than an Electric keyboard with a wooden stand, well  not by much.

    5. Hyp3hat


      Yeah, they had one at my uni when I sneaked around the music rooms, although I spent much more time on their Fender Rhodes - that's my dream keyboard right there...

      It's a slick bit of kit for sure, hope it finally sticks - I taught myself piano way back in the day by learning as many Beach Boys and Beatles songs as possible, rather than formal lessons. If your residual technique is still hanging around, this will probably sound dope on a Hammond.

      Really simple, but v dramatic changes in it. 

    6. Mando-Whirl-Wind


      I've always had great song memory, and that may be a fun way to do it... and I do enjoy some Beatles, although there's another band from that era I like that had some sick rock organ: The Monkees! the original Believer in particular. And there's always Sousa's March(the circus theme), or any number of Sousa's other marches. Thanks for the idea, that may work better, although there are a couple of teachers in my area. Wouldn't mind getting back to keyboard either, but the instrument I'd really like to learn other than the organ would be Bass guitar(although upright would be even cooler than the acoustic I have access too).

      For reference my mom's a pianist, and singer, and all 3 of my sisters sing(2 on a semi-pro level), and I'm not half bad myself. I'm fine on the technical side of music, I can read sheet music, and I'm great at tunes. only real reason keyboard fell through was because I traveled too often. Nice thing with the Organ is I can put it in my lobby, and I'm in Wyoming for the winter and by November I'll have plenty of free time.

      For reference


      Also the Hammond style I'm looking at each keyboard only has 3 octaves of keys(and 2 sets). Although growing up I had a friend who's family had one of the big ones with the separate speaker.... they may actually still have it for all I know, but this small one's a good test to see if I can pull through

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