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  1. 55 minutes ago, Dee Dude said:


    Asui, Yaoyorozu, and Kaminari confirmed!

    Welp, I think Kirishima is pretty much a safe bet now, though I’m still pulling for the rest of 1-A.

    I’m expecting like all but 3 of class 1a, only ones I think are on the bubble are invisible girl and navel laser.

    im more curious about who we’ll get outside of class 1a, I’d say the sports tourney final 16 other than the brainwashed are likely which means Vine girl and support girl. That and Eraser Head is my other most wanted. Hoping we get a 30 character roster out of this. Can’t wait to grab it on switch

  2. 1 hour ago, JovahexeonXMAS Tron Bonne said:

     So Ultra Street Fighter 2 really has no purpose outside of Capcom setting a BS test for Switch support nowadays. 

    I mean it’s still a console exclusive rebalance of the game, and it’s likely the reason we’re getting this collection. So there’s that


     but yeah we now have the ultimate 2 player anywhere option for the 2D legacy of the franchise so that’s awesome!

  3. 7 minutes ago, Teoskaven said:

    I'm confident she'll stay the same; besides, while not yet rated officialy (the closest thing we have is a "may have inappropriate content for children" of the ESRB on the trailers) the game is aimed at an audience of 14/16+, and i think she counts as partial nudity.
    And this is not for a Nintendo console, so we can be sure there will be no meddling of that type.

    Nintendo doesn’t censor third party I mean look at the smt series

  4. 19 minutes ago, LunarEdge said:

    I heard about the possible time extension, but the fact that the feature is still tied to specific software (if the dev adds it or not) still kinda irks me. I feel you shoulda had the option for more than 30 secs if you had a sd card in or anything along the lines of extending the on-board memory. The other day I was playing Sonic Mania on my Switch and I did something and I was like "ooo, let me record that!" to hold down the capture button to be told the software doesn't support it. Was it all that upsetting? No. But it was just a reminder on how underpowered and simple the console is, which is entirely a negative

    With current market ready tech the switch is as powerful as it can be for the price factor, and it’ll be a few years before you could make anything more powerful. Well unless you want it to start melting your fingers off

  5. 1 hour ago, Blacklightning said:

    The Hedgehog Engine was made for a very specific purpose - to render Global Illumination at very high speeds. And it's still debatable whether they even did that right (case in point, Jungle Joyride) or whether Forces's Hedgehog Engine 2 improves in that area, but either way it's still overspecialized as all hell. Unless your game happens to have several square miles of level design that your character is going to blaze through in a matter of minutes, you might as well just use UE4 because it's practically guaranteed to do every other thing better than it.

    So besides obligatory boost games, that basically narrows it down to racing games and certain kinds of sandbox games?

    Afterburner would benefit

  6. 42 minutes ago, Night on Balding Mountain said:

    I know wishing that Dead Space would've come and dismissed 3 as some sort of prophetic dream and steer the series toward greatness was a long shot. But I had hope. Was it so wrong to hope.

    Fuck EA They're Galactus, Pyron, The Anti-Monitor and Unicron all rolled into a single entity devouring creativity, and jobs.

    Galactus is a life giver now so you can leave him out. Also this was an internal studio not an acquired one fyi

  7. Dracula is the villain of the new mode and more deets


    The Grand Prix mode allows teams of up to three players to compete against each other head to head on. These strategic battles will have new rule-sets, unique new stages, new characters and special skills.

    The two teams will battle it out to see who can collect the most crystals strewn around the stage. Make your opponents drop their crystals and then steal them! You have to work together, teamwork is a must!

    - if you’re defeated, the crystal scatters, so you or opponent need to take it back 
    - whoever has most crystals on each team shows the crown icon over their head 
    - this mode will be part of the next update due in Nov. 
    - seems more updates will be coming in the future as well, but specifics were not given

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