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  1. So Factor V lives again, and wants to revive and finish rouge squadron rouge leader for switch! Boy how great would it be to have a new rouge squadron on a Nintendo platform!

  2. Well I think my SNES classic’s catalog is well rounded now, perfect just before my trip home for thanksgiving (where I won’t be able to modify it at). Added: Batman Returns, Breath of Fire 2, DKC 2+3, Harvest Moon, Kirby 3, legend of the mystical ninja, marcel super heroes, mega man soccer, sim city, super bomberman 1/3, super Godzilla, super Mario all stars, super Star Wars trilogy, tmnt 4 and fighters, Tetris attack, wild guns and zombies ate my neighbors.... hmmm don’t think I’m missing anything major

  3. For you other switch owners, what games are you considering getting for thanksgiving week? I’m thinking battle Chef Brigade looks like a fun mixup

    1. Red


      Apart from re-buying MK 8, there aren't anymore Switch games I'm getting this year. There's not really any releases that interest me. Pokemon USUM will keep me busy enough until Night in the Woods get's the free DLC in December.

  4. Ok, think I’ve decided on my thanksgiving break game: Battle Chef Bridage. Oh and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is my December game. I’ll have some good time to work on it

  5. So Hulu drops on switch today

    1. JaidynReiman


      That's pretty cool. No Netflix yet?

  6. Reaction Soulcalibur 2 HD gets a physical release for Nintendo Switch includes all 3 guest characters with Link returning

  7. Oddly enough I expect a Nintendo direct at the end of December, rather than January.

  8. Hmmm I kinda want Skyrim switch as a handheld time killer, but I’m gonna wait and try my luck on a black Friday sale since it is an older game 

  9. Oh man, SMO really scratched that adventure game itch I had

  10. Boy, it really stinks how few of the Batman cartoons are on streaming services. I’d love to rewatch the brave and the bold, but only The Batman and TAS are on sites

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      I'm not sure about US, but UK Amazon Instant Video Prime has TAS, The Batman, Justice League, Unlimited, Brave and the Bold, Young Justice, Beware the Batman. Pretty sure the only one that's not on Prime is Beyond.

    2. Mando-Whirl-Wind


      Us amazon only has tas

  11. Most Wanted Bebop and Rocksteady felt like a much better sendoff for TMNT 2012 than the alternate time line event

    1. Forte-Metallix


      How were the '87 cast handled? Better than Turtles Forever?

    2. Mando-Whirl-Wind


      Still goofy, but less incompetent and more like playing to the rules of their universe. ‘87 footbots were surprisingly very effective 

  12. Reaction: Pokemon switch is a reimagining of Pokemon yellow

    1. Red


      It's going to be the start of Generation 8. It won't be a remake. GameFreak don't start Gens with a remake.

    2. TCB


      ew no why debut with remakes, like Red just said

  13. Reaction: when smash finally comes to Switch the first ad starts with a homage to the smash 64 goat ad

  14. Ok, Nintendo marketing for the switch continues to be ridiculously on point

    this new ad is awesome

  15. So Octodad Dadliest catch is coming to switch this month. Looks fun I've never picked it up

  16. Hm, at first I wasn’t sure, but I think I will pick up xenoblade chronicles 2. I’ll be home for the better part of dec/Jan and a meaty jrpg would be a good time killer... even if I still haven’t beaten the first 2 games in the series

  17. Boy the fight between SMO AND LOZBOTW for Goty this year is gonna be intense

    1. Polkadi~☆


      "Stick it up your arse, Nintendo!"

      "Oi, fuck you, Nintendo!"

      "Yeah, Nintendo? We're gonna win this one!"

      "Like fuck you will, Nintendo!"

    2. Shiguy
    3. Dr. Mechano

      Dr. Mechano

      I love both games and think they're amazing examples of both franchises at their best.

      But I'm on Team Mario.

    4. Mando-Whirl-Wind


      Oh I’m Team Mario too, I loved. Both but smo scratched an itch and was a complete joyous wonder, while botw was a solid adventure

    5. ThePrinceOfSaiyans


      That's honestly a toughy. I'm more partial to Zelda as a series, but this Mario game far surpassed what I normally expect from a Mario game. Hmm... Eh, I'm giving this to Zelda. 

  18. Odyssey is so awesome, beat the story Monday (didn’t have any gaming time Sunday) and still quite a bit to do. How many moons you guys at?




    little over 500 moons myself

    1. Inkling Cooper

      Inkling Cooper

      Been a while since I checked, but I think i'm at 152. I've unlocked the Seaside Kingdom.

  19. Hmm, I want Batman fluxx(card game) also target has a buy 2 get 1 free on board games at the moment. Also off to go take my gre

  20. Eh this happens every couple of months

  21. Ok, Nintendo's advertising continues to be on point, here's their close calls trailer for FEW/Skyrim/Xenoblade 2


  22. Of course the demo is switch only, it’s the only secure system so the demo can’t be hacked for spoilers

    1. Wraith


      They'll have an easier time hacking the switch version than the others. Splatoon 2 stages already leaked due to dataminers

    2. KHCast


      Are we really doing "its best for it to be Switch exclusive" despite the Switch being easier to hack?

    3. Clewis


      Wasn't the Switch's OS kernal already dumped? I give it a year before it's cracked wide open like every other Nintendo console.

    4. Mando-Whirl-Wind


      Facepalm, “he said in jest”

  23. So my piano keyboard arrives tomorrow for sure, but got my fingers crossed for today because it’s already in the area and being delivered to the campus post office and not me directly 

  24. Ok amazon you better ship my copy of Super MARIO Oddessey today... although at least I’m near a major shipping hub so that helps!

    1. Strickerx5


      My Switch didn't ship till the night of and still got to me the morning of release. On the other hand, MK8 shipped earlier and didn't get to me till Monday...

      Amazon is pretty damn inconsistent in a lot of cases.

    2. Mando-Whirl-Wind


      I live a half an hour outside of Dallas so not too worried, just annoyed they wait till the last minute. When my switch got shipped at release they randomly sent it to the other side of Wyoming when I lived there and a avalanche made it so I had to wait the better part of a week for it

    3. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      yeah with Amazon, don't expect your game till Monday

    4. Mando-Whirl-Wind


      Actually, I’ve never gotten a game late generally, and I live 2 hours from the local distribution center. I expect it friday

  25. Hm, so my take from this ad is that if you play Fire emblem warriors, an army of medaivel ninjas will try to kill you


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