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  1. Precisely this, man. I was one of the people excited for Boom, championing it as the next step and fresh start that the franchise needed. I was hoping that game/show could be what this movie has the potential to be. Obviously I was disappointed. But you nailed it. All I want is for Sonic to become a multi-media icon again.
  2. @Ryannumber1gamer It's completely fine if you want to disregard the writing and performances and only focus on the creative decisions. That's your prerogative. But there's a fine line between deeming this movie a horrible interpretation of Sonic and being a horrible movie. And I know that these two factors will overlap for many people (maybe even myself to an extent) but all I'm saying is that this is not how the general populace will judge the movie. If the script is tightly knitted and strong, the character arcs have satisfying conclusion and the movie succeeds in communicating it's thematical messages about friendship, it will click with film journalists/critics. I can EASILY see a scenario where this movie is a hit in being a fun popcorn blockbuster, crowd pleaser like the Fast and Furious films.
  3. Maybe you're right or maybe this movie is hiding a lot of stuff under it's sleeves. Maybe everything is not as it seems? We won't know until November. But even if the movie is a terrible adaptation of the franchise, that doesn't prelude them from bringing the movie universe closer to the games in subsequent sequels. Sonic's design for instance could be tweaked a bit to bring him closer to the games. That's what they did on Out of the Shadow
  4. A bad Sonic adaptation does not equate a bad movie. That's not how critics nor audiences will judge this movie. How faithful the movie is will not be the deciding factor for anybody outside of US. We need to stop equating the two as if that spells OBJECTIVE doom for this project.
  5. I want something good too. I have enough faith in the people behind this movie to believe the movie will be WELL-MADE objectively. Now whether it will be a good *Sonic movie* is going to be subjective. Worldwide. As long as the marketing budget is not over 60m -- 300m+ will be considered a success. 400m and a sequel will be greenlit the week after its 4th week like TMNT
  6. Watch this movie make over 300m at the Box-office and spawn a franchise.
  7. Well, when you deconstruct the song like that, yeah - you have a point. Still, it could be a play on the movie being a parody of the "Buddy cop" trope. I think it works and gives the movie a unique flavor. These are the guys that made Deadpool after all
  8. It's not that far off from the Knuckles stuff from the Adventure games lmao
  9. @Myst is right. It makes sense for the movie to be a parody of itself. It's not going to be self-serious, it's poking fun at the concept. In that context, the song fits really well. And now I can easily imagine the tone of this movie being something like this
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  11. Diamond Select got the Sonic license? Sweet! Hope they make an articulated modern Sonic
  12. ....Didn't they say they would reveal the full line at Toy Fair? What the heck Edit: They totally did https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20190213005007/en/SEGA-America-Taps-JAKKS-Pacific-Global-Toy I'm guessing they're still going to show some stuff. The We already knew about the Pinball set
  13. Right, through a licensed Halloween costume aka merchandising. Same deal as toys basically
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.

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