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  1. Spoilers are okay with me, Haha. I read the Reddit stuff and I think this movie sounds really great. I always spoil movies for myself, Endgame right now is the only time I've actively avoided spoilers
  2. No it's not. The trailer was received mostly positive. The loudest complaints are about the design which do no make or break a movie
  3. DM me please. I need to know if possible
  4. Random guy on the internet trying to start drama over the movie by making people believe they're in "panic mode" or whatever. What else is new. I don't get why they want there to be something wrong with this movie so bad lol
  5. Hope we get a trailer soon
  6. That's like saying "why bank so hard on the Avengers" when the movie is not 1:1 adaptation made solely for fans of the core property. Fans are less than 4% of the movie going populace. They aren't to push this movie over 100 million dollars, the general audience will. The movie is being made with a wider audience because the producers want to make money off their product. It's that simple
  7. Hahahaha. Reminds me of Sonic CD and Sonic R
  8. I mean, even if it is PG-13, It could still be attached to Pikachu. I saw the Pikachu trailer with Shazam and that was also aimed at families
  9. It will probably be Pikachu
  10. They can wait until June to release the trailer and it would still be perfectly reasonable time frame to start marketing. Seriously, I don't understand the insistence that they have to release a trailer NOW otherwise it means Paramount Is making a mistake or.. Hiding the movie? 😕 Paramount didn't release a trailer for Bayturtles until the movie was 5 months away
  11. Just look at Tomb Raider for instance. That movie made a DECENT profit but MGM are hungry for franchises so they've greenlit another one. The truth is, we do not know how this movie is going to perform. But I can make an educated guess and say that there is a good chance this movie is at least a moderate success.
  12. I'd be happy if this happened, ironically. Sonic would still have to be from another planet but he could exist in the MCU on his own world. They'd still have to change his design but it could be a lot closer to the traditional I'm 100% serious
  13. There will be a sequel And we'll get a whole franchise
  14. The only thing off about the movie is the lack of Sonic's friends. But everything else is pretty much what this movie was always going to be. A Sonic X adaptation more than anything
  15. I wonder if the sequel will mostly be set in Sonics planet. Maybe they're doing Metal Sonic, Amy and Tails for part 2

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