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  1. Meh.. I was/am ready for someone else to take over
  2. I guess we'll see if takes/took the role. Not a bad choice at all I'm curious to see who voices Tails. I have a feeling Colleen isn't coming back. Part of me hopes they go with someone like Finn Wolfhard
  3. I thought Momoa passed on the role? Either way, Soulja would make a killer song for the movie
  4. I hope they nab Tyrese for Knuckles or Soulja Boy
  5. I hope everything is (closer) to normal next year so Sonic can open big. Already got my two doses
  6. I love that Knuckles is taller and beefier than Sonic while not going full Boom
  7. Maybe Robotinik has a Planet Fitness membership?
  8. Not a fan of that. I want to see Sonic grow up and have meaningful character development. It was the most refreshing aspect of the movie-- Sonic is treated as a 3D character with wants, goals and dreams as opposed to the never-changing archetype he is in the games Let Sonic grow up
  9. So then Robotnik has to pass away in the third film? I'm also not sure see Jim sticking around for 4 and 5. But I think Sonic 4 will be a palate cleanser and the beginning of a new chapter I hope we get some version of the Death Egg in Sonic 3. Maybe it can be the Space Colony Ark substitute with Robotnik destroying the moon
  10. Ofc it won't stop at a trilogy. But since the writers are following 3 act structure, part 3 will be the wrap up/closing of the themes and story that started in Sonic 1 Transformers 3 also wrapped things up in that sense. We got an all-new cast in TF4. I wouldn't be surprised if Tom sacrifices himself or is killed by Shadow
  11. Either we get Metal in this film or Shadow closes out the trilogy in Sonic 3 me guesses
  12. I'd focus on the story. World building and character development take full priority
  13. I'd be very happy with a reboot. I'd love for Sonic to get the Lara Croft reinvention treatment. I mean, what do they got to lose at this point? There's barely amy continuity in the games, the boost formula has grown stale, Sonic Team has seemingly lost enthusiasm. Why not a reinvention? It would certainly be the most interesting thing this franchise has done in nearly a decade since Generations. It would get me back in, that's for sure.
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