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  1. Paramount bleeding money is precisely why Sonic 2 will have a bigger budget. They will want to let Fowler and the writers go all-in on a PROVEN money maker for them. They are desperate for a franchise. I could see Sonic 1 looking like child's play in comparison
  2. Sequel wishlist: - Sonic & Tails development - Metal Sonic as the physical antagonist - Amy Rose introduction - Death Egg
  3. Amy could be reimagined as a shy girl who just has a slight crush on Sonic. But she can have a character arc - she grows into a badass by Sonic 3 and shares a kiss with Sonic maybe? Or she can be independent from the start and have a relationship with Sonic unlike the games. Let him have a romance
  4. Jeff Fowler himself said they made it Earth-based because of budget. They want to explore more of Sonic's world
  5. The speed would be natural, though. Because it's a byproduct of Sonic's connection to the Emeralds. He was *born with this connection so it is natural. Sonic's power is clearly unique from everybody else's as everybody is after him. He should be the only one who can utilize all seven together I imagine It'll be like the Infinity Gauntlet except Sonic himself is the Gauntlet and his connection to the Emeralds is why they want him. It's also the reason why he's the only one who can become Super Sonic
  6. I don't think it never being done this way neccesarily precludes it from being done. The movie and game universes are separate continuity.. Sonic's speed and the electricity are the same thing, its literally the energy from his speed. Sonic is intrinsically linked to the emeralds and he's the chosen one. He's the only one who can harness the power of the Emeralds and this is why the Echidnas are after him
  7. I wanna know more about Sonic's world and the lore they hinted at. Sonic 2 should have Sonic fighting Eggman in his homeworld imo. I also wouldn't be surprised if the source of Sonic's power is somehow tied to the Chaos Emeralds. Like he's a conduit for it's energy and the only one who can naturally harness it. Robotnik does so using unnatural means and this could be how he builds the Death Egg to take revenge against Earth
  8. There are several versions of Spider-Man, Batman, X-Men, Superman that all exist at the same time right now. Why can't Sonic have multiple versions as well?
  9. I understand but I would've been happy if Jason Griffith stayed in the role. Smith has been Sonic for the past decade and I still feel he isn't a great fit for him. When I think of Sonic, I think of Griffith but I can imagine Ryan Drummond too as well as Jaleel White when I see Classic Sonic. Roger just doesn't feel like Sonic to me. I think the transition to Roger is a bigger departure in voice than the transition to Griffith from Drummond or even White to Drummond. Smith has such a deep, gruff voice naturally when he does Sonic, he sounds like a teenager whose voice has just changed or a grown man still pretending to be one. I wouldn't mind at all if Schwartz took over as Sonic. For many kids, he's gonna be the definitive voice of Sonic anyway because of the wider demographic exposure of the movie franchise
  10. Am I the only one who'd prefer Metal over Shadow? I've seen a lot of Shadow posts but i think Metal has already been set up perfectly. I'm also partial to them mainly taking inspiration from the Genesis era but who knows. I do think we should at least get Tails, Amy and Knuckles in Sonic 2 as they are the OG core 3
  11. I'd argue Jason Griffith is the most iconic voice for Sonic. At least for my generation that grew up in the early to late 2000s. Craig Smith is relatively unremarkable as Sonic and he really sounds like Sonic going through a mid-life crisis trying to sound like a teenager
  12. Huh? I thought it was a 1:1 translation of his concept art. As close as you can get in 3D live action
  13. Sounds good! They played their cards right and now they gotta open up the Sonic universe
  14. Sonic could absolutely work as a PG-13 film. There is nothing more inherently ridiculous about him than Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or the Guardians of the Galaxy
  15. That's what I find contradicting. Maybe they digitally added the shoes into the pre-Tom scenes for the trailers? Marvel does something similar for their trailers (adding and removing characters and elements).
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