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  1. That is sad. That shouldn't be how you get publicity for your movie -- deliberately making your product look as bad as possible to get people talking, so you could "fix it" later on
  2. Honestly, with everything that has happened, my excitement has gone up and down. The constant negativity and even Paramount conceding has all made me less hyped for the movie It's still gonna be nice to see Sonic in the big screen
  3. What I meant was a Nolan-esque darker take, like the one that was rumored back in 2013. If they wanted a much more grim take on Sonic where they lean into the whole alien thing a lot more with R-Rated violence. Like imagine seeing a gruesome
  4. That fan redesign on the last page. That look would be well-suited to an R-rated adaptation aimed at adults
  5. Yea, that's disappointing. But that's what happens when they decided to go the kids movie route. They don't have deep arcs or any substantial character growth in these Alvin-type movies. I just hope they at least make a fun movie that families can enjoy. At least bring Sonic back into the limelight in a positive way. Because the design didn't do them any favors
  6. At the end of the day, they failed when designing Sonic. Hopefully they will make something aesthetically pleasing
  7. So... Then what does Paramount do to promote the real Sonic? They're probably changing the shoes too. The licensing deal with Puma is going out the window. The thing is, changing the design is not a decision made in a box. It has a ripple effect that affects many of the cards set in place. They also have to renegotiate their agreement with USPS as well, which they were definitely going to use to promote the movie. Since the Sonic in that pre-rendered spot is not going to be the same in the subsequent trailers or the movie itself. I'm interested in seeing how this all plays out. Because the design being as bad as it is, I'm not sure they'd want that representing their product to children and consumers
  8. Sonic has gloves. They're going to be making some major changes.. What happens to merchandising now? The designs are going to be completely different
  9. I hope they ditch the Boost formula and return to the Adventure style of gameplay. The boost formula is extremely limiting
  10. Well, as long as most kids enjoy, that's what ultimately counts I guess. Like Myst said, the movie is for a new generation of fans so if they succeed in bringing kids who dont know Sonic in, I guess Paramount will be happy.
  11. I saw the trailer at my showing for Detective Pikachu and the kids seem to enjoy it quite a bit. I was in a packed theater
  12. Anybody remember this? Haha, oh man. That's what I imagine Sonic would have looked like had this movie come out in the 80s
  13. Maybe it would have been better if Eggman was from Sonic's world too? This would explain the egg-like shapes and other non-human features in comparison to humans on Earth. Maybe like the Archie comics, humans on Sonic's world are deformed. This also allows the fantastical, zany robots that Eggman is known for without the constraints of Earth technology. I think this where they are going either way with Robotnik ending up on an alien planet at some point
  14. Yes, but those are his own designs. The B.A.D.N.I.K. could have been one of Robotnik's unique, signature patents. The animal robots could have worked considering they are bringing him in from his own devices, so whatever he brings to the table would be what the Government needs to capture Sonic. It doesn't have to make sense to Government officials, it makes sense to Robotnik and they could have him say something about his brain being superior to theirs if the question comes up. He's the wild card they bring in to solve this problem, animal robots are just an extension of his odd flamboyance and Intellect that others do not understand. I don't know, I feel like the animal inspired machines are a classic Sonic staple and they could have been that extra element to give this movie a unique aesthetic/forge it's own visual identity that's still rooted in the lore of the franchise. They seem to be going for Sonic 1, so it would have made sense to have that connection. Imagine a highway chase scene between Sonic and a group of Moto Bugs and Buzz Bombers. It could have been epic.
  15. I don't get why they didnt use the Badniks. They could have made them look much scarier and less silly looking since since what Miller is going with. I would have been fine with a reimagined take on the Badniks that hewed closer to Bayformers The robots they went with aren't even robots. They're just drones with guns. Lot of misses potential here.
  16. How are they going to do a full redesign in 6 months? What about the merchandise? What about the tie-in products? What about licensing agreements? I'm worried for those teams too
  17. The mouth is much wider and closer to the proto design. He has two spines on his back instead of 6. The shoes are Nike with a different design. And he has a less lanky physique with shorter limbs
  18. This one's proportions are perfect. I love how heroic Sonic looks. Also the face is better
  19. I mean, there are Nike shoes that resemble the classic Michael Jackson/Buckle shoes that Sonic usually has and they considered an agreement with Nike early on They could have went with custom Nike shoes like those. Even Puma Changing the color of the arms will be pretty easy considering they don't have to alter the rig. But they should add gloves. If they don't want the cartoon gloves, they could just give him custom Puma pro gloves i.e And Sonic drifts so it makes sense that he'd want to protect his hands.
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