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  1. Damn. That sucks I think it was real. They used mockup images as a "proof of concept" type thing. But the Sonic design was probably early concept art and could have been from 2015 when Sony had the project. Paramount wanted an edgier design in vein of Bayturtles and well, the rest is history. I'm glad we got the design we got now, though.
  2. If Tails and Amy were in this movie and the robots were Badniks, I think it would have went over a lot better with fans. This is what I would have done: - Build the story around Sonic and friends (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy) having accidentally teleported to Earth (from Mobius) through Chaos control. They crash land on Earth in a random dirt road which happens to be near a military zone. They are captured by the Government & taken to Area 51. They escape but the Government still has the Chaos Emeralds and are doing experiments with them (lead by Dr. Ivo Robotnik). Sonic and the gang find a hideout to reside in (Underground railroad station) as they plan out what to do and how they are going to get the Chaos Emeralds back so they can use them to go home. Sonic gets impatient and wants to explore this new world so after a confrontation with Knuckles, he does. Cue scene of Sonic running around San Francisco. Running into cars, running up buildings, being frightened by his new surroundings, causing all sorts of mischief all the while freaking people out. Eventually, the police get involved and this leads to an intense chase action sequence all up and down a highway. One of the cops is Tom. Sonic sneaks into the backseat of his car to lose the cops. Tom doesn't know this. The chase is over as they can't find Sonic and the lieutenant officer calls it in. Tom drives home and as he's parking in his garage, Sonic pops out. Cue the funny scene where Tom freaks out. Eventually, Sonic explains how he got here, how the chase was a misunderstanding, he also tells Tom (and his wife who is a veterinarian) about his friends. Meanwhile, Robotnik and co are experimenting with the emeralds. An accident ensues as Robotnik accidently taps into the Master emerald and he's blasted by a huge wave of energy. Act break- enter Act 2: Summarization:in - Sonic takes Tom and Anna to his friends and they become their human allies. They let them stay at their house - Robotnik wakes up in the Hospital. is driven insane by the blast and starts building Badniks in secret. All Badniks are powered by the energy of the Chaos Emeralds and modeled after bugs/animals - Sonic and friends become social media sensations after they go public - Amy develops a relationship with Anna & she takes her shopping. Tails and Sonic grow closer as they build the Tornado together as part of their plan - Scene of Sonic running In a canyon to really test his speed & Robotnik sends some proto Buzz Bombers after him. Action sequence - Robotnik becoming more and more obsessed with Sonic
  3. My guess is Puma and the studio didn't want the design to be interrupted. They wanted them to be recognizable Pumas. I agree, shoe brand deals are an obvious brand tie in for a Sonic movie and I agree that they could have went for a more recognizable design but I understand the logic behind what we got. And if Mystic is right, Sonic would have went to a more recognizable shoe in the climax. I really like that idea too becuz it shows the writer were concerned with character development on Sonic. Something we haven't gotten on him since the Adventure series (+ Unleashed)
  4. They had a deal with Puma. Sonic's shoes were meant to be custom version of their brand.
  5. Glad the redesign is real. Looks great so far. Closer to what I was originally imagining they'd do
  6. I'm glad they listened to fans. This type of thing is unprecedented in Hollywood.
  7. That is sad. That shouldn't be how you get publicity for your movie -- deliberately making your product look as bad as possible to get people talking, so you could "fix it" later on
  8. Honestly, with everything that has happened, my excitement has gone up and down. The constant negativity and even Paramount conceding has all made me less hyped for the movie It's still gonna be nice to see Sonic in the big screen
  9. What I meant was a Nolan-esque darker take, like the one that was rumored back in 2013. If they wanted a much more grim take on Sonic where they lean into the whole alien thing a lot more with R-Rated violence. Like imagine seeing a gruesome
  10. That fan redesign on the last page. That look would be well-suited to an R-rated adaptation aimed at adults
  11. Yea, that's disappointing. But that's what happens when they decided to go the kids movie route. They don't have deep arcs or any substantial character growth in these Alvin-type movies. I just hope they at least make a fun movie that families can enjoy. At least bring Sonic back into the limelight in a positive way. Because the design didn't do them any favors
  12. At the end of the day, they failed when designing Sonic. Hopefully they will make something aesthetically pleasing
  13. So... Then what does Paramount do to promote the real Sonic? They're probably changing the shoes too. The licensing deal with Puma is going out the window. The thing is, changing the design is not a decision made in a box. It has a ripple effect that affects many of the cards set in place. They also have to renegotiate their agreement with USPS as well, which they were definitely going to use to promote the movie. Since the Sonic in that pre-rendered spot is not going to be the same in the subsequent trailers or the movie itself. I'm interested in seeing how this all plays out. Because the design being as bad as it is, I'm not sure they'd want that representing their product to children and consumers
  14. Sonic has gloves. They're going to be making some major changes.. What happens to merchandising now? The designs are going to be completely different
  15. I hope they ditch the Boost formula and return to the Adventure style of gameplay. The boost formula is extremely limiting
  16. Well, as long as most kids enjoy, that's what ultimately counts I guess. Like Myst said, the movie is for a new generation of fans so if they succeed in bringing kids who dont know Sonic in, I guess Paramount will be happy.
  17. I saw the trailer at my showing for Detective Pikachu and the kids seem to enjoy it quite a bit. I was in a packed theater
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