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  1. 1 hour ago, Palette said:

    Spoilering this because, well, these might be actual legit spoilers for the movie:

      Reveal hidden contents


    So, someone thought that it'd be a swell idea to look up the copyright records for the film [just checked for myself on the site, it's legit]. And well.. how do I put it.. they discovered a pretty big plot detail?

    There's apparently gonna be a secondary villain in this, and I quote, he's "a lizard warrior who wants to steal Sonic's power and use it to conquer the universe".

    Oh my lord, lol. I'm trying not to burst into laughter after reading that. God, this movie's getting wilder and wilder by the minute.


    That's interesting 

  2. 2 hours ago, Wittymations said:

    While I'd be down, that's just unlikely to happen. Sonic, lately, has been focusing on the rather unfunny comedy stuff, in the cases of the latest titles (bar Forces, maybe? I really didn't bother with it once Infinite was revealed) and they also would probably prefer to step away from the darker stuff due to Shadow and 06 flopping. I mean, it's been over 10 years, and it still feels like they're apologizing. Again, Forces probably tried, but it didn't do well either.

    Plus, comedy is easier to drag your kids to a cinema and watch. I imagine they feel they have a bigger audience there. I mean, keep it animated and kids would watch action adventure all day. But that's probably part of the comedy mindset.

    But let's pretend they'd be willing: As for an Eggman ruled world similar to the Archie setting, I'd love that. Problem is, I don't feel that's best for a movie. Something where Eggman rules the planet would be a looooong story to tell with a lot of fights. Make it a series.

    For a movie, you'd want it closer to SA2 in terms of pace and tone. It's a race for victory, with constant accomplishments and setbacks -- and some twists like "You thought you could trick me with that fake emerald." SA2 had some pretty decent pacing.

    If you wanted to focus more on the protagonist, SA1's example is also decent. It constantly built up Chaos. You could have a build up for Eggman's planning there.

    Getting off subject a tad.

    If this film did well, it'd really just encourage more of the same cliche cartoony character in the real world trope that's been done I have no idea how many times. But this time it has Tails. Personally, I suspect it's going to do about as well as most other live-action/animation hybrids: Enough to make a profit, not enough to be noteworthy.

    Well, you could establish some of that backstory in exposition. But you'd have to make sure the information is relayed to the audience in the least intrusive way possible.  If you're burrowing from Archie then you could streamline some elements of the backstory so make it easier digestible. 


    For instance-- You could start the movie showing Sonic's father  and mother engaged in the Great War (Jules and Bernadette) with hundreds of other Mobians. Seemingly sacrificing their lives for Sonic. Before their death, we see them recording a message for Sonic (about what he is, taking inspiration from the movie, Sonic has special powers). > Cut to black. The movie could then jump ahead to a young Sonic with his uncle Chuck. Playing tag with a young Tails. We establish two things here: We see here that young Sonic is still discovering his power and that Tails is his best friend since early childhood. Heck, you could even make them brothers. Tails being an orphan like Sonic whom Uncle chuck brought in to raise. 


    Maybe Chuck warns Sonic not to go into the forbidden Zone (for good reason) they go being dumb kids and as they are discovered by some guards, we get our second action sequence and our first taste of what Sonic can REALLY do as he accidently goes super sonic speed for the first time in a desperate attempt to escape the Robots (Tails in arms). They barely make it back home, Chuck scolds a crying Sonic and we jump ahead 5 years later to a 15 year old Sonic doing some immature, rebellious thing. Like maybe stealing some rings from a vendor and running from the guards. Something to establish Sonic's personality more firmly and also show the "Before" picture before his character arc...  Mudhoney's 'Touch Me I'm Sick' would be a good tone establisher for this sequence

    To summarize, Chuck is captured, Sonic and Tails are homeless orphans again and they are taken to whatver Mobius' equivalent to a foster care system is where they meet Amy Rose. They escape. We now have introduced Amy and given Sonic his dramatic need in the story -- to rescue Uncle Chuck. This need will eventually turn into needing to save the world from Robotnik as he discovers who he truly is over the course of the movie (We meet his roboticized parents in an emotional revelation to Sonic)

    Just some ideas I had

  3. if I had my way, I'd make a movie that takes inspiration from SATAM and the Archie comics and tell a much more serious story. I feel like Sonic can be so much more than an Alvin and the Chipmunks-esque road trip comedy film. At least in the same league as modern CBMS. 

    For one, a story with darker implications. Like totalitarianism and the loss of free will from Roboticization. Man vs. Nature. The value of liberty and the need to never stop moving no matter what. Sonic represents the spirit that drives life, the will to live and be free (from tyranny) while Robotnik represents control and man's corrupting of natural life through industrialism and pollution..


    Sigh... Maybe one day..


    I'm not getting the movie I wanted either but I hope at least that this movie can do some good for the Sonic franchise and give him the boost he needs in modern pop culture. I'm ready for a return to the Adventure-era of story-driven games myself. Forces I don't count

  4. 4 hours ago, Blue Blood said:

    That's not untrue, but I really don't think that's it's much of a factor at all. The amount of people who are Sonic fans (meaning that they have more than just a passing interest in some aspect of the series), will be teeny-tiny when protected against the rest of the general public who could potentially see the movie.

    As far as Paramount is concerned: If existing Sonic fans pay to see the movie, good. And if they don't, it doesn't matter because they'll have hardly any influence on the profits compared to what they're expecting from the average Joe.

    EDIT: And actually, part of it will be the idea of distancing Sonic the Movie from everything else Sonic. Paramount will essentially have been trying to reinvent Sonic and maintain as much of a hold over the franchise as possible. That requires a fair bit of disassociation.

    And this is what I've been trying to communicate all along. It's crazy how Paramount's rationale is EXACTLY what I've been saying it would be for the past 2 years.


    This movie was made to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. The average schmoe who played Sonic when he was younger and the kids and family audiences are the main demographics and they are the ones who will carry the box-office. Sonic fans make up such a tiny percentage of whom is going to see the movie and Paramount was under the impression that most of them would see it regardless. What happened though, waa that the targeted demographic rejected Sonics design so forcefully that it spooked the execs into bringing him back to the little blue furball that we all know and love. 


    This Is what they do, this is how their minds work. They wanted to appeal to the general audience, they rejected the movie forcing them to change 

  5. 6 hours ago, Tangled Jack said:

    I actually agree with Peter. Jim Carrey's Robotnik is getting criticism for being different, but in reality he simply gradually becomes Eggman from the games, we know that from the end of the first trailer, that hasn't changed. So why not Sonic too? He can gradually become Sonic, as part of his origin story, I liked that idea, the owl, being raised on Earth alone, misguided and lonely, not-confident until he finds purpose, a friend and becomes more like Sonic from the games, it was a new thing, not perfect but still something different, and I do love origin stories, it has never been done before with Sonic. I'm just a bit disappointed, because the actual movie plot will be lacking if they drop the character arc, and even power-ups like gloves and shoes he was supposed to get later. Eh. I wanted this to be a prequel to the games, it was interesting as an idea.

    Precisely this. It's a fresh take on existing material. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the writers expressing creative liberty and crafting their own version of the character as long as the key traits are present, which they were. And it was supposed to be an origin, we were supposed to see an evolution in the story; to see how he evolves into something more familiar to us. That, to me, is much more exciting from a story prospect because it's been a very long time since Sonic has had any sort of growth or emotional depth. It sounds like they were trying to craft a well-rounded, emotional journey for him to go on (I heard his powers were even tied to his emotions) and it would be a shame to lose that in the name of being closer to an inconsistent canon that doesn't even agree with itself (The Two-worlds concept). 


    Accuracy to the source material should never impede on the merits of great storytelling. A good movie is what's gonna be the deciding factor for most people, not whether Sonic grew up on Mobius(?) Instead of Earth.

  6. 1 hour ago, Ryannumber1gamer said:

    Sonic growing up on his world, or Sonic growing up as a weird baby raised by a mama owl out of nowhere on Earth makes not one lick of difference to Sonic's current arc as shown in this trailer, and I have no idea how him being from his world and coming to Earth suddenly makes him "fully formed". Either he comes from his world to avoid people stealing his powers, and is already a loner before the movie begins, or he grows up on Earth and is a loner trying to avoid having his power stolen.

    The only difference is one is weird and completely different from what a lot of people would like to see in a Sonic movie, and the other shows off the world people might actually be interested in seeing via Sonic's zones fully realised with a high budget. 

    The trailer explicitly states the following - Sonic was on his world for a period of time. Unknown villains tried to steal his speed, and Sonic got sick of this. Sonic supposedly hasn't met any of his friends at this point, hence why he moved to Earth to get away from the people attempting to steal his powers. He then finds himself even more lonely on Earth, and has tricked himself into believing he is in fact living a great life.

    No matter if this is trailer narration or not, this is here for a reason, this is Sonic setting up the setting and backstory that he is following. If the original baby to a owl origin was still in effect, Sonic would not be introducing this backstory to the audience because it would be misleading and false. It being an ending narration does not make sense because Sonic points out that he's lonely, and "living his best life", so this is before meeting Tom, and he outright states he travelled to Earth from his world, not the other way around. Therefore Sonic grew up on his own planet, escaped after people tried to steal his powers, and remained on Earth after that.

    And the end of that is it still doesn't change anything from Sonic's "character arc" because it doesn't change either way. The only difference is one is accurate to the games and allows for more fan service that isn't divisive, and the other is just different for the hell of it, and completely cuts Sonic's ties off entirely with his home world, and with the rest of the Sonic characters people might care about.  

    What this changes is that Sonic already has pre-existing history that happened off-screen. If he comes out talking about how "people are always after my powers" it means that he has already discovered his powers. In the original version, he was discovering his powers for the first time and becoming a hero for the first time. 


    For me, story is more important  and should take priority over being accurate to the game's canon. All good stories are about change. I'm interested in seeing a Sonic go on a journey and if that means he doesn't have the same exact 1:1 origin as the games, well-- that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make for good storytelling 

  7. @Ryannumber1gamerThe origin story of Sonic did not need to be changed. It's a new interpretation of the games; a seperate continuity.. Just because Sonic grew up in his world in the source material does not mean it has to apply to what is essentially a new adaptation of existing material. I want Sonic to have an actual character arc in this movie with actual growth. There is no journey if he starts the movie already fully formed. 

    Sonic says that he came to Earth to save his planet in the International trailer so hopefully they didn't cut out all of Sonic's development 

  8. 44 minutes ago, Blacklightning said:

    IIRC at least one of the trailers has shown Sonic taking a portal to earth at more or less their current age - so guessing they either scrapped that as a concept or it was never a thing to begin with? Admittedly my memory's a little hazy on the original source of that suggestion.

    Uhhh that would suck :( I really liked the concept of Sonic being sent to Earth by his parents as a baby to escape whatever terrible conditions are happening in his home world. It adds depth and emotional resonance to his backstory.. It reminded me of Superman's origin and the Archie comics 


    36 minutes ago, Stasis said:

    It's confusing. The beginning of the trailer in Green Hill is clearly the 'Gotta go fast' scene' from the first trailer, and when Sonic does the slide in Green Hill it's the same as the one in Egypt. In one trailer he says he leaves as people are after his powers, in the UK trailer he says he comes to Earth to save his own world? 

    I noticed that too 


  9. If Tails and Amy were in this movie and the robots were Badniks, I think it would have went over a lot better with fans.


    This is what I would have done:

    - Build the story around Sonic and friends (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy) having accidentally teleported to Earth (from Mobius) through Chaos control. They crash land on Earth in a random dirt road which happens to be near a military zone. They are captured by the Government & taken to Area 51. They escape but the Government still has the Chaos Emeralds and are doing experiments with them (lead by Dr. Ivo Robotnik). 

    Sonic and the gang find a hideout to reside in (Underground railroad station) as they plan out what to do and how they are going to get the Chaos Emeralds back so they can use them to go home. Sonic gets impatient and wants to explore this new world so after a confrontation with Knuckles, he does. 


    Cue scene of Sonic running around San Francisco. Running into cars, running up buildings, being frightened by his new surroundings, causing all sorts of mischief all the while freaking people out. Eventually, the police get involved and this leads to an intense chase action sequence all up and down a highway. One of the cops is Tom. Sonic sneaks into the backseat of his car to lose the cops. Tom doesn't know this. The chase is over as they can't find Sonic and the lieutenant officer calls it in. 


    Tom drives home and as he's parking in his garage, Sonic pops out. Cue the funny scene where Tom freaks out. Eventually, Sonic explains how he got here, how the chase was a misunderstanding, he also tells Tom (and his wife who is a veterinarian) about his friends. 


    Meanwhile, Robotnik and co are experimenting with the emeralds. An accident ensues as Robotnik accidently taps into the Master emerald and he's blasted by a huge wave of energy.  


    Act break- enter Act 2:




    - Sonic takes Tom and Anna to his friends and they become their human allies. They let them stay at their house

    - Robotnik wakes up in the Hospital. is driven insane by the blast and starts building Badniks in secret. All Badniks are powered by the energy of the Chaos Emeralds and modeled after bugs/animals

    - Sonic and friends become social media sensations after they go public

    - Amy develops a relationship with Anna & she takes her shopping. Tails and Sonic grow closer as they build the Tornado together as part of their plan 

    - Scene of Sonic running In a canyon to really test his speed & Robotnik sends some proto Buzz Bombers after him. Action sequence

    - Robotnik becoming more and more obsessed with Sonic


  10. 11 minutes ago, Blue Blood said:

    That doesn't explain anything though. Puma and the studio could have agreed on a more faithful interpretation of Sonic's shoes or... now hear me out on this cause it's a really wild idea... maybe they could have foregone the licensing agreement on Sonic's shoes if it meant that they had to forgo on of the most iconic pieces of clothing in video game history? Literally all they had to do to make his shoes look recognisable in the original design was add in the white stripe.

    But for some bizarre reason, they thought this was better:


    Fortunately someone managed to convince them early on to give him socks, but it wasn't enough and the new shoe design looks so much better in every way. 

    Also, I'm going to be really surprised if the shoes that he wears now aren't Pumas. This is Sonic the fucking Hedgehog. Licensed recreations on his shoes would still brilliantly, especially when a movie is involved.

    My guess is Puma and the studio didn't want the design to be interrupted. They wanted them to be recognizable Pumas. 


    I agree, shoe brand deals are an obvious brand tie in for a Sonic movie and I agree that they could have went for a more recognizable design but I understand the logic behind what we got. And if Mystic is right, Sonic would have went to a more recognizable shoe in the climax. I really like that idea too becuz it shows the writer were concerned with character development on Sonic. Something we haven't gotten on him since the Adventure series (+ Unleashed)

  11. On 10/27/2019 at 8:33 AM, Jango said:

    That's what I'm saying! The fact that didn't got the SHOES right on the first time is... fuck, you know what? Maybe I am wrong. Wrong for expecting a Sonic movie made by a Hollywood studio to be more than passable. I've wasted too much words on this thread already.

    They had a deal with Puma. Sonic's shoes were meant to be custom version of their brand. 

  12. 1 hour ago, Dr Ryan said:

    Hell no it wouldn't! I'm 34 and that shit is nightmare fuel! 😛

    Talented guy with a great portfolio, but that design would never appeal to anyone.

    What I meant was a Nolan-esque darker take, like the one that was rumored back in 2013. If they wanted a much more grim take on Sonic where they lean into the whole alien thing a lot more with R-Rated violence. 


    Like imagine seeing a gruesome 

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