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  1. I've got a few! I'll use bullets so it's easier. Sonic Generations gameplay for Modern Sonic Tag Team stages using a bit of Heroes style game play with the enemy switches Custom Avatar seems nice! The Music sounds great! Shadow is returning, and playable this time! The level details look fantastic. Returning characters other than Tails, Knuckles, and Amy! The story is looking much more fleshed out, which is what I loved about Adventure-06 Era Games Four game modes rather than just one or two! Sonic not being the only character you can play as. Longer than Generations! Levels that have different designs depending on which game mode you're playing through.
  2. I think it's a little unfair to say that's what he's saying. He doesn't care about the ring cap- what he's been saying has been mostly to help quell the people who have been saying it's a terrible decision. It's like me saying to the people who hate the Oil Ocean Zone in Mania "Well, at least it's only one zone!" when my experience with it has been pleasant.
  3. I apologize to anyone who thinks I'm blindly looking forward to Forces. I try to stay non-bias- Forces is just something I'm looking forward to a lot. Again, I'm sorry if my defending it gets on your nerves.

  4. Yeah, it looks that way, but I think there will be a way to upgrade the ring count. Of course, that may just be me being hopeful, but I doubt they'd say "You can buy upgrades" and then say "But you can't upgrade your wallet size." This game will probably be in the beginning a bit difficult in terms of what we CAN do. We'll probably start with only equiping one wispon, with a low ring cap. I think we'll be able to upgrade though! Let's hope! Maybe Aaron will mention it in the next stream.
  5. Ring recollecting is a thing. Just not for the Avatar, unless your race is Hedgehog.
  6. I don't really know how else to interpret it. Mostly, if Shadow was existing beforehand, Gerald wouldn't have had access to him since he was launched away by Maria. Then again, GUN could've easily seized him upon his arrival to Earth, but I think Shadow would've remembered that... I don't know. (side note, no idea why Shadow would choose to work for the organization that killed Maria)
  7. Okay, I watched the JP version, but it seems to say the same basic thing- Shadow didn't exist until the ARK had already been seized and Maria was dead. But everyone has a very valid point in bringing up Commander Tower. His memories of Shadow, Black Doom, and Maria are what really throw this whole thing in a loop. If anyone could put out a sort of timeline on the events of the ARK that explain how the heck Shadow really came to be and if he actually met Maria, all the stuff about commander Tower, etc. Honestly I just really want answers lol. I mean, it could all be just one big plothole.
  8. Did Shadow actually ever meet Maria, or were those Memories put into Shadow by Gerald? In SA2 (and ShtH) Shadow has memories of meeting and growing with Maria. But according to Geralds Journal, Shadow didn't even exist until Maria was already dead.
  9. PreOrdered Sonic Forces for PC :D

    1. -Justin-


      *insert Enjoy Denuvo comment here*

      Awesome! I might get it on PC, if it'll run good XD

    2. Shard The Gentleman

      Shard The Gentleman

      Denuvo denuvo. Aside from not being able to play offline, everything Denuvo has been accused of doing has been rumors.

    3. Blacklightning



      everything Denuvo has been accused of doing has been rumors.

      Except, you know, when they aren't.

      Come on man, you owed it to yourself to make a cursory peek at Google before saying this.

    4. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic

      They're not rumours.

    5. Stasis


      It'll be cracked before you know it. No biggie.

    6. Shard The Gentleman

      Shard The Gentleman

      I feel like half the things on that list are Steam issues too. Yeah, you lose your steam games if you lose your steam account... that'd happen with any steam game with online compatibility. The rest of this stuff are problems that don't really apply to me. The rumours I'm speaking of  are the ones that are saying things like "But Denuvo literally crashes my harddrive" and stuff.

    7. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic

      The only thing related to Denuvo which has been categorically proven as being untrue is the issue of it killing SSD Drives.

  10. SSMB Stands for Super Super Mario Brothers.

    1. Kiah


      Guess I should resign because I could of sworn I agreed to moderate the Sculptured Sonic Mega Beat forums!

    2. Shard The Gentleman

      Shard The Gentleman

      Ah man, I guess we've both been duped! Apparenly it's "Sick slopes man, brilliant!"

  11. I'm pretty excited for the story of Forces, and the potential for the modding community to mod the heck out of this game, so I'll hopefully be able to buy the game Day One for PC.
  12. It's called Sonic Forces, not Sonic Politely Asks

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Sonic needs to learn about consent.

    2. Shard The Gentleman

      Shard The Gentleman

      Super Sonic Racing from the cops

  13. Hmm, this is looking really good! Like a perfected Sonic 06, or what it was meant to be.
  14. Ah, Sonic R. So many hours of my childhood went into playing this game! It was hard for me when I was younger, but now it takes about 16 minutes to play through... Still, a great find! I'm interested in playing it myself.
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