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  1. New Episode of Future-Hen has me so conflicted. It was nice seeing Monaka again, she became one of my favorite child characters from a video game but at the same time the whole episode without spoiling anything just made Absolute Despair Girls irrelevant and there was another lame ending to the episode to get people to keep watching. The entirety of Dangan Ronpa 3 has just been bait and switch cliffhangers with no follow up or pay off. Just want it to end already so v3 can be a clean slate. The Hope and Despair stuff gets old.
  2. Final Fantasy XIV - Doing the Youkai Watch Event, not really much to say, unsubbing when I get what I want and going to resume waiting for 4.0 to fix this garbage game Starbound - Just came out of Early Access playing it with a friend This game is pretty great, it's like Terraria with a sci-fi theme and Metroid 3, forgot how good this game was it's pretty amazing even when I feel lost and don't know what to do there's still heaps to find and stuff to do to stop you from getting bored. I think Zero Mission is just a little bit better because of the less floaty controls
  3. Probably an animation error, like Naegi has been shown to be running quite a few times in these last couple of episodes. I'm very certain it will probably be Chisa who will be a time traveling Junko Enoshima since Kodaka said he wants to bring that into the series since he's a big fan of the franchise, it's headcanon at this point but I mean, this series has jumped the shark so many times before it's not funny, they'll do it again. edit: Never mind just watched Episode 4, I was right a few posts ago, it's of course they can break the rules a bit
  4. This their way of introducing Sega's characters to people? That'd be neat if it was. I voted for NiGHTS to be in the game.
  5. Sonic games have always reused assets though, every game developer does this Sonic CD reuses Sonic 1's base sprite, Sonic Generations model rips from Colors like the buzzbombers and the motobugs Shadow the hedgehog models rips all character models from Sonic Heroes with the exception of the few human characters whose models are completely new The trailer for Sonic 2017 looked pre-rendered anyways, as long as the game is good I don't mind if they reuse models or repurpose stuff from the older 3D games as long as it's not like Final Fantasy XIV were they rip models from XI, XII and XIII and don't even bother to update the textures for half the enemies.
  6. That drop dash mechanic looks amazing, it's a welcome move that I'd like to see in other remasters basically keeps your momentum going even on flat terrain so you never really have to stop moving. I can't see anything wrong with this addition to Sonic's move set. It's basically like the boost from Unleashed, can always keep moving even in 2D no matter the terrain you're on.
  7. Well for one team they certainly do change things up a lot, probably in their board room meetings they go around the table asking who hasn't pitched an idea to use in a Sonic game. I could understand the constant gameplay shifts with different teams, they're certainly ambitious. The other Sonic Team games like Phantasy Star Online, Burning Rangers and Billy Hatcher were obviously made by different mini teams though right? given they're before 1998 and not Sonic games.
  8. Who worked on Sonic Lost World then? Their C team? I've been told Sonic Colours was their B team where as games like Unleashed and Generations were the main team. Sonic 2017 is a combination of both main and B team?
  9. I'm one of those people. Not overly upset about it but it's why I can't get hyped for stuff like Kojima's new game, what's the deal with naked Norman? What's up with the baby and the cord? What am I watching? What sort of game is this going to be? not to go too off topic, sorry, anyways there's not a whole to go on and there's not much discussion to be had (arguably I guess) it'd be nice to know what we're getting into, maybe that was their intention to get fans to speculate, who's to say? But I'm seeing more confusion than hype in a few places. That other Sonic game is getting a lot of buzz because in that 1minute and 50 something trailer there's so much to talk about because a lot was shown visually, that's just how I feel about trailers for any game with no gameplay, I'll be on the hype or disaster train when gameplay is shown.
  10. There's some neat little throwbacks to other Sega games people have found. I'm a sucker for these things, I love sega in general so this game was made for me, the Segasonic popcorn shop, Daytona reference in the studio zone, can't wait to find more.
  11. Should have called it Sonic the Hedgehog 4, the reaction to this game was way more positive compared to that other weird game pretending to be Sonic 4. Is that Hornet Van a reference to Daytona USA btw?
  12. Thanks for clearing that up but still feel bad for those people who have given up on it, like me almost, even more annoyed that we're essentially getting a tech demo for Kingdom Hearts III with 0.2 that should have been the prologue for III (Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes anyone?) and included with III really better impress me. 10 years of waiting can really damage some people's hype.
  13. I hope so, the last Sonic game we got with Sonic on his own was Sonic Lost World and that game was absolutely terrific. I was really thrown off by Classic Sonic too but I'll give it a shot, a sequel to the best recieved modern Sonic game? I'll take it.
  14. Yeah, I don't really get why people are upset over the only modern game in 2010's to actually get a lot of praise over a kinda sequel. Might be Adventure fans wanting their game that's essentially a meme at this point. Would have really liked to see some gameplay though.
  15. Here's my dumb headcanon. Classic Eggman at the end of Sonic Generations knows what his future is going to be like with countless losses on his end so he can now have the advantage against Sonic always being one step ahead of him and Modern Sonic's timeline is changed because of that. Edit: Yay, PC release!
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