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  1. Ok mainthoughts

    1. If Capcom and Konami now have 2 reps, they BETTER fucking add another Sonic rep, even if it's just Shadow as an echo

    2. If Castlevania gets 34 remixed tracks, there BETTER be more fucking Sonic remixes. Sonic's music representation is actually disgusting.

    3. Only major disappointment is Classic mode AGAIN have fixed opponents, which completely ruins the repeatability.

    4. Looking at how different Chrom looks despite being an echo fighter actually makes me more hopeful to see more, especially if Shadow is a fighter


  2. cdf31c005aa8081e7231426d308172a2.jpg

    No it's not an alternate universe Webber. So sorry. You can't just excuse every little inconsistency as an alternate universe, or just because you feel like it. Canonicity is not a multiple choice question. You just have bad writers. It's seriously getting on my nerves how much Sonic Team seems to care about "explaining" canon inconsistency (or what they've deluded themselves into thinking is inconsistency), while not actually writing consistently in the first place.

    Classic Sonic in Forces is Classic Sonic in Mania is Classic Sonic in Generations is the same universe as modern Sonic, end of fucking story.

  3. 52 minutes ago, VEDJ-F said:

    They've been going since at least 2007. 

    Problem I find is that the character prioritising still feels like it's based on 2007 instead of a decade later. 

    You mean character relevance feels like it's based on 2007 instead of a decade later?

  4. 1 minute ago, E-122-Psi said:

    In both the Spyro and Crash remakes it's like they're too hard to rectify the villain decay that befallen the bad guys and going a bit far into the opposite route. I wouldn't be surprised if they direct Gregg Burger to sound much more sinister and creepy like they did with Lex Lang, despite the original roles still being goofy and hammy, just more subdued about it.

    They'd have to try really hard and be completely tone deaf to make Ripto's dialogue sound sinister.

  5. This is actually really surreal to look at. It looks completely different from the original to the point of looking like a completely new game. Aside from the direct comparisons, I literally couldn't recognize a single level besides the Beast Makes world. On one hand I'm curious and a little disheartened that it's not going for that 1:1 look that Crash had, but at the same time, I can't say I'm not interested in seeing these worlds in a new light. In particular, Magic Crafter worlds actually look like an improvement over the original.

    As for the soundtrack.... I'll keep an open mind, but I'd be more comfortable if there was an option to use the original soundtrack.

  6. 48 minutes ago, Blue Knight/Bluestreak said:

    Turns out they moved tonight's stream to tomorrow night, Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy will be played during the stream. So that's interesting that they will play Crash when there's supposed to be a Spyro the Dragon remaster announcement, again when you have one you get the other. Plus the live stream starts I think the same time it would've started today. Disappointed we have to wait another day, but we waited this long.

    It's a ruse. They're gonna fiddle around at the title screen for a bit before activating the Spyro Trilogy demo on stream, then announcing a patch for N. Sane trilogy that adds the old cheat code to unlock the Spyro demo for everyone. The game will be formally announced at the announcement stream.

    Hear me now quote me later

  7. I'm guessing it's mostly likely a port since it's coming this year, and that's kinda the theme with Switch this year. Best case scenario it's like Hyrule Warriors, a Definitive version with both 3DS and Wii U content mashed together into one package plus (hopefully) DLC included.

    On one hand it feels too soon for a new Smash, but at the same time, it's the perfect time for a new Smash since the Switch is doing so well.

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