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  1. I am full of sandvic- err stuffing!

  2. Mom tries to cook dinner while other people are around her. Shit hits the fan fast. Happy Thanksgiving. =|

  3. Egg Fu Yung > Tacos. And for ME, that's like saying it's better than Chuck Norris Christ Superstar. I WILL learn how to make it!

  4. Oh god FLAPJACK?! Jeezus, I wonder how many kids developed a chronic fear of cats after seeing that.

  5. *scrolls through posts*


    *sees YoshiUnity's sig*


    *never sleeps again*

  6. Daw! Thanks for noticing! ^_^

  7. http://www.random-image.net/

    You need to make an account though.

  8. Well I'd say we're even. ^_-

  9. *sees avatar*

    .......Thanks Indy, now I need to change my pants! =|

  10. What? What are you talking about?

  11. Cool..... I don't actually listen to the radio.... like.... at all so...... yay anyways. :3

  12. Typos can create unfortunate implications. XD

  13. That, I never knew! But Staraptor still looks cool though.

  14. Really? Pretty encouraging to know that some people are harnessing Pidgeot's power effectively.

  15. Better design no doubt, but Staraptor's attack stat makes Pidgeot look like a joke. Not to mention it learns Close Combat.

    Competitively, there's no contest, but in-game, I believe Pidgeot can hold it's own if you've got the right moveset on it. Just takes some dedication to really make some of the less powerful Pokemon really shine, and I hope to make that happen wit...

  16. Yeah, Yamega can be pretty fearsome, but he's more of a glass cannon; quite a few common weaknesses, can take a few turns to set up.

    Though, soon enough I hope to show the TRUE potential of Pidgeot.

  17. I can for see this country evolving and creating new and interesting breeds of countries.

  18. Your avatar has me in stitches.

  19. a) What a coincidence

    B) Oh noes! =(

  20. Hey, you guys making a PKMN trainer team? I wanna join!

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