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  1. I'd rather blame it on the writing. That's kind of a problem when you write a character that can do pretty much anything by altering reality: now you have to come up with a good way how can the hero overcome such a powerful character. And in Forces, they just pretty much didn't bother with that. Sonic did the same exact things he has been for the past 5 main entries in the franchise..boost and homing attack. When you show me Infinite can just dodge Sonic, I'm not gonna just forget that when their next encounter comes along, I'm gonna ask: why didn't he dodge Sonic that time? And if you don't tell my a good reason for it, I'm gonna call that crap writing.
  2. That's pretty much my point tho. He found a tactic that worked the first time, then never used that tactic again.
  3. The sadest thing is I can totally see that happening.
  4. Well, Sonic was shown being able to use Chaos Control in Sonic Adventure 2, tho it seemed to take a toll on him (at least the first time he used it), so there's that. I would point out tho that usually if there's some brand new magical doohickey Sonic never even knew existed, he has no problem harnessing their power: the World Rings from Secret Rings to transform into sports car Sonic, the 'sacred swords' in Black Knight to transform into 'why the hell is this even a thing' Sonic..I'm surprised he didn't use the Sol Emeralds for something. So yeah, Sonic is way overpowered. At this point it would be a breath of fresh air to see a story where they go "No, Sonic, you can't solve this situation, you'll need someone to help you...someone besides another version of you". Forces kinda tried that but it was just...meh.
  5. Improved how? Sonic didn't do anything to improve, they didn't show him doing anything to improve, so sadly it's still very poor, cheap writing. Also, saying "Sonic is better than Silver" is either admitting they never saw that Silver had no problem defeating Sonic once in Sonic 2006 and only got away due to Amy interfering (one could argue whether that's canon or not, but having to have that argument only confirms that the Sonic timeline/canon/universe is f-ed up beyond repair), or going the typical route of "showing a character being very powerful, but never showing him that powerful again" because reasons. So in short, I just hate the "showing a character being able to do something epic once, then seemingly forget he can do that and never doing it again" kind of writing. Instead of building on the fact that "Okay, this character can do this, how should Sonic be able to overcome it?", they just make the character never use that ability again because it's easier.
  6. Here's something I never really seen others point out: Sonic gets his ass handed to him by Infinite on their first encounter. The logical conclusion to this would be: "Well darn, this Infinite is so powerful, Sonic really needs some kind of help to gain the upper hand." Well, the next encourter rolls around, and from what I remember, Sonic didn't learn anything new, didn't get any item to help him, Infinite hasn't been weakened by anything. Yet, Sonic has no problem defeating Infinite this time for no other than..that's how the writers decided this time...talk about lazy ass writing.
  7. Unpopular opinion I know, but a live-action Sonic movie shouldn't look like anything, because it's a stupid idea IMHO. The kind of style I would like to see a Sonic movie in is something similar to Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron: But of course that would mean going back to an older style, which is of course a big no-no in big budget movies.
  8. A sequel would probably use the same character design as this movie, so we would get a super realistic looking Mobius..and I just don't see a point to that, at all. So far everything regarding this movie only made me think: "Be careful what you wish for."
  9. Either they want to have their cake and eat it too, or want to go with a "please everybody" attempt...which never works.
  10. I feel more and more the decision making only goes as far as "Can we do it? Yes.", but never ask "SHOULD we do it?". Doesn't matter if the art style doesn't suit the movie, gotta make it as realistic as possible, just because now they can.
  11. Everything is weird about this movie.
  12. Sadly this is what I hate: when something is going with what's popular instead of what it used to be known for (tho in Sonic's case, momentum based gameplay wouldn't transfer into a movie anyway). If they do go in that direction then this movie would 1000% be not for me, since I both hate what they do on the official Sonic social media channels, and I wasn't impressed by Deadpool either at all (I felt it was way too overrated, way too silly for my taste).
  13. Would the studio even allow him to say negative things about the movie so much before release? I'm not a movie buff, but usually before release everyone 'has' to praise the upcoming movie to heaven and back, and it's always after the theatrical run that we get the stories of 'Yeah, this movie ran into this and that problem'.
  14. I just find it ironic that the logo is a proper Sonic logo, and not something from the movie.
  15. But were they fast enough to outrun a chasing car/truck and were they able to jump WITH the trays? How well could they maneuver on the trays to avoid cars? =P

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