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  1. Bet if they'd talked too much, people would complain about that. And I wonder how many people stopped on every stage to hear the stage specific lines the characters say while idle.
  2. Not really a surprise. The one and only time (if I recall) when they scrambled to get out a Sonic game for the next generation of consoles was Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast.
  3. Even if the Dreamcast mini rumor turns out to be true (which I doubt it will), I couldn't care less. I see no value in recieving the same thing I already had for 20 years in a different package.

    If they made it online-enabled with included online multiplayer games, there would be something interesting about it, but I don't see that happening.

    1. Ferno


      inb4 "sa1" only its just SADX minus the bonus missions

    2. Tarnish


      @Ferno God I hope they include the worst possible port of SA1 that exists.

  4. We should just get the 'Sonic 4' equivalent attempt at making a sequel for the classic 3D games out of the way already, so that they can later get an indie studio to make them look less of an ass (or more of an ass, depending how you look at it).
  5. I don't think a patch big enough to fix all the issues with that game was possible back then.
  6. When you think about it, the "fuck the customer base, we'll do whatever we want" mentality is what actually leads to fragmented fanbases. You have to have a "screw whatever defined the franchise until this point, let's deviate big time" approach to get the games we got in the Sonic franchise. - You liked momentum based physics and gameplay? Well screw that, BOOST TO WIN! - You liked rolling and spindash? Well screw that, BOOST TO WIN! - You liked multiple playable characters? Well screw that, it's SONIC ONLY! - You liked strories that were somewhat serious and played straight? Well screw that, it's all jokes and cringe now! - You liked actually controlling your character? Well screw that, it's all on rails now! This tactic might expand the fanbase when you look at the overall big picture, but probably not the way you hoped for. Now you have new fans who like the new thing you introduced/the new vision for the franchise, but don't give a damn and never will give a damn about what came before. And you have fans who likes what came before but doesn't give a damn about the new thing you introduced/the new vision for the franchise. And of course you have a few who genuinely like both, and the fanboys who'll buy even a soaked piece of cardboard if you put a Sonic label on it. So now that you fragmented your fanbase, you can attempt to do this juggling act of trying to please every section of your fanbase (which can't happen with a single product because to do so you'd constantly run into contradictions, like trying to have a Sonic only + multiple playable characters game), or try to cut the fat you tacked on and actually try to move forward with whatever you think works best.
  7. I personally use something called 'Reloaded Mod Loader' to get it working on a Win 10 64-bit PC.
  8. What if they wanted to release the other half using LOCK-ON technology but dropped the idea due to the lukewarm reception? *Conspiracy intensifies*
  9. I only played Generations and its Unleashed mod, and I gotta say I found the drift move basically unusable in it due to how unresponsive it was (At least that's how it always felt for me). So it might actually be a good thing it was underused in Generations. I can only recall 1 instance on Speed Highway where you were actually supposed to use it (and maybe Rooftop Run, but there you could just run to the edge and grind instead). I much prefer the 'air slide' approach from Sonic Riders, that felt way more responsive, and sounds like @iambitter21 is describing something like that as well.
  10. So I heard someone call The Last of Us Part 2 'Misery Simulator 2020', and now it feels right for it to get Game of The Year award, because it totally fits with 2020.

  11. Reading about The Last of Us Part 2 on Wikipedia: "While the second trailer was well-received, it drew some criticism for its violence. Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe president Jim Ryan defended the trailer, saying the game is made by and for adults."

    Well, thank God it's made by adults, and not by children...

    1. Kiva Fever

      Kiva Fever

      Children can make a better game

  12. Going back to Sonic Heroes (and Adventure 1 and 2), it's weird how much I preper the stages from these games.

    And I don't just mean the stage design. I mean that in those games, what you see is what you get when it comes to the actual play area of the stages. If there's a platform/ground rendered, there's a good chance you can actually go to it, jump on it, explore it. Having stuff rendered in the background was a lot less often, mostly it was a static picture as background and the path for you to follow/explore designed by the developers.

    Unlike from say the 7th gen Sonic games and onward, where what you get is a lot LESS than what you see. You see miles upon miles of a rendered world in all directions, but you're still limited to a narrow little path, basically only getting 10% at best of what is actually in front of you.

    I'm well aware the real reason for all this is hardware/technical, that in the old games they just didn't have the horsepower to render a 'real' looking world and that they would have done so if they could. But still, whatever the reason may be, the stages from the early 3D Sonic games feel so much more honest and 'real' to me because of this.

  13. SEGA should have made that Alex Kidd remake a Game Gear Micro exclusive, just for the lols.

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