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  1. So, you like basically every evil scientist ever created. Crazy hair, labcoat, gogles and gloves..THE ORIGINALITY IS OFF THE CHART. Perfect way to sell a character that's supposed to be instantly recognizable.
  2. More like "super generic evil scientist" character.
  3. Fun fact: in Sonic Adventure 2's 'Live & Learn', to this day I hear 'the f*cking came back for more' instead of 'looks like it came back for more' in the first verse.

    1. DiamondX


      Me too. But the thing is, I didn't know until you said it that it's not what it's supposed to say.

    2. Tarnish


      @DiamondX Sadly Sonic Adventure 2 is not as edgy as you thought it was.

  4. Tarnish

    The Return of Hiroshi Nishiyama

    One man can't undo 15 years of bullshit, especially under a terrible leader like Iizuka. The mindset/approach to making Sonic games within "Sonic Team" (which as far as I know, basically only has Iizuka as the only constant member these days) drastically changed since he worked on the Adventure games. Iizuka seems to be fine with the way the franchise is heading and doesn't show any signs he wants to change course or go back. So what good could Nishiyama do if he's forced to adapt Iizuka's vision?
  5. It's a perfect analogy: animated medium with a bit tamer tone vs gritty, live action, super serious movies, yet both are based on the same franchise. The point is, 2 extremely different entries that belong to the same franchise. Just because someone likes one of them there's no guarantee that person will like any of the other entries, simply because these entries are so very different.
  6. Correction: they are going to introduce them to a VERSION of Sonic. I'm sure there will be people who'll like this movie Sonic, but will forever couldn't care less about the game version or the games themselves. Just like how I really like the Batman: The Animated Series, but couldn't give a rats ass about the live action Batman movies. At best they'll create yet another subsection of the Sonic fanbase...like we need another one.
  7. Can't wait to see how many shoe brands they can squeeze into that scene.
  8. This would be somewhat interesting if this was the first time they released something like this, not like the 10th time. And if there wasn''t a Genesis Collection released in every console generation. And the SEGA Forever thing on mobile..I can only see the same titles released over and over and over so many times before I can't give a rats ass anymore.
  9. Tarnish

    Streets of Rage 4 "Grand UPPAH!"

    Hate to be the negative nancy, but..this does not impress me at all. And that's coming from someone who loves SOR 2 and 3. I'm glad a new entry is finally being made, but I would expect a bit more, especially after all this time. This does not feel like an evolution in any way. You could say "Well, look at the visuals!", that's pretty much the only thing that seems somewhat up-to-date, but even that doesn't impress me at all to be honest. The envorionments just look kinda dull, not the vibrant look I'd expect from the series. Not blown away by the animations either. The biggest let down tho is by far the gameplay. So far the only new to the 'official' games is the ability to juggle the enemies in the air, but that has been done in various Beats of Rage mods over the years, so technically it's not new at all. I don't see anything here that couldn't have been done on the Mega Drive/Genesis almost 30 years ago. In fact, it looks a lot more like a SOR 2 HD Remake than anything new. They haven't even showed the rolling mechanic to quickly switch lanes, running or the running attacks they introduced in SOR 3. Is this actually gonna be a step backwards when it comes to the previous games or what? Now they might be holding back the new stuff for later reveals, but so far I played Beats of Rage mods that felt way more fresh and interesting, that actually added new things and built on the previous SOR games instead of just being a carbon copy of the old games.
  10. I'll never understand the appeal of these olympic games. I just don't see the point of having characters with their abilities totally nerfed. That totally kills the point of having them in the first place for me.
  11. I wouldn't say "is just for kids" is a good excuse for shallow, one dimensional characters. There are a lot of kid cartoons that explore a lot of different emotions and do a decent job at it.
  12. I meant an official game. They already had a game where there were firearms, a game where you had to beat the crap out of other characters with your bare hands, and a game where you had to slash everything to pieces with a sword. And just recently a ton of no-name characters in Forces with guns, not to mention the Wisp-gun-whatever-it-was-called weapon. An FPS would just be the logical next step. Or a third person shooter, either is fine.
  13. I want a Sonic first person shooter. You run around super fast collecting rings as ammo for your guns.
  14. That's pure genius right there.

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