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  1. new sonic forces DLC could be on the way

    Can't wait for an Episode Tails DLC where each stage is gonna consist of him crying for help and/or doing absolutely nothing.
  2. At this point, Sonic Team screwed up the franchinse's storyline so much (willingly, which is the best part) that IMO it's not even worth trying to salvage or make sense out of the trainwreck they created for themselves. Why should we bother if they don't give a rats ass about it?
  3. Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    Then again, I really shouldn't expect continuity and logic from Sonic Team at this point. Just a bad habbit of mine that I'm still looking for such things in a Sonic game.
  4. Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    I assume someone already noticed and asked this, but don't really feel like reading through 150 pages. So anyway: at the beginning of the game, before Sonic is beaten to a pulp and locked up for "torture", Green Hill is already messed up, being turned into a dessert with giant Eggman robot wrecks at the end . If Sonic hasn't even confronted Eggman yet and Eggman hasn't taken over the world yet, with the 'resistance' not even formed yet, how does this all makes sense? When did Green Hill get turned into a dessert? Who defeated those giant robots? Or are we just gonna assume that is all the results of that ruby already?
  5. So, the reason why Infinite became evil...

    HOLY CRAP, someone remembers that show! =D
  6. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    Wishful thinking at this point that Iizuka will realize he is just screwing up the franchise more and more with his decisions.
  7. I know, but you would guess SEGA wants to 'wow' everybody with the introduction of the new engine and that's kinda hard with a budget title. I feel they did that with Unleashed: "Check it out people, new engine, new gameplay, EPIC story, state of the art CGI!"
  8. True, but still it seems they have pretty weird priorities. Pour 2 years and who knows how much money into a state of the art engine, then use said engine to quickly throw together a budget title? So do they want to save on money or not? I mean I guess the engine cost a pretty penny so they had to draw a line and not spend another fortune on the actual game, but they didn't do that with Unleashed where they also had the then brand new engine and still seemed to spare no expense on the game itself.
  9. I still think pouring 2 years into this engine was a waste of time, simply from a game design standpoint. What I mean by this, is the game not only encourages you to go fast, but pretty much forces you, so the likeliness that you'll get a chance to gawk at the technical marvels of the engine are pretty slim as everything goes by at blistering speeds. You pretty much have to go out of your way to slow down. Such engine would be much better suited IMO for slower paced games. But hey, gotta keep at least the image that they are in the forefront with SOMETHING..too bad that it's only graphics that will be outdone within a year and not game design that usually has a much longer lasting impact.
  10. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    To be honest, it seems to me that if there is one audience that likes Forces then it's the 'general audience', who is not well versed in Sonic, doesn't know how it's supposed to play (if we can even say that since I feel Sonic has been off the track more than it has been on it regarding gameplay) and all they are looking for is some fast, spectacle filled game.
  11. Believe what you want, but I will forever find it disgusting that they rather made Sonic a swiss army knife of a character who can do absolutely anything to fit every situation possible, but never even attempt to play a little catch up with other main characters who they haven't explored properly for nearly a decade.
  12. They have put all the effort possible into not using other characters, but still have their abilities: Unleashed: werehog instead of Knuckles for fighting/strong character Colors: wisps instead of Tails and Knuckles (Wisps allow flying/floating, climbing walls and digging, swimming) Forces: Avatar instead of freaking all of the existing characters, all of them supposedly involved in a war and thus wouldn't require any forcing into the story, plus the OCs pretty much had zero interesting ideas that would warrant absolutely sticking to it. Trust me, just like the boosting and the wisps, the OC thing will become mainstay as well. Maybe not in the next game, but it will return.
  13. Since the past decade convinced me that Sonic Team couldn't make a Sonic game that felt to me like a Sonic game even if their lives depended on it, Forces never 'had' me to begin with.(Sonic 2006 was the last Sonic game I was genuenly excited about.) But still, here we go: When the reveal trailer was showed, revealing that classic Sonic is gonna be in it, I knew they were doing exactly what I was expecting from them. Namely, like dbzfan7 said as well, further convincing my belief that they think Sonic is too cool to team up with anybody else than himself anymore, thus ruling out any chance that neglected other characters would get to shine. Then when the avatar was revealed in that god awful next trailer where physics is non existent (I mean seriously, you're telling me some wolf character that lets be generous and say weighs 100 kilogramms/200 pounds, can have ANY effect on not one but 3 GIANT robots that probably weighs numerous tons, all the while the 2 Sonics are just floating in the air?!), I knew Sonic Team officially lost it. If you value fan creations more than already established characters that has barely been explored in the last 10-15 years, to me that just shows you have no respect or at least no interest in the franchise that is in your hand. Infinite reveal, using red cubes as super power because...cube fetish? Character design screemed fan character approach already, more ridiculous than menacing (why does he have a speaker for an ear?). Classic Green Hill stage reveal, this is a doozy: 1: my god that noise they dare call music. 2: Green Hill...again..because no other stage ever existed in any of the Sonic games. 3: Physics, momentum...I mean the lack of it, very evident when you watch how classic Sonic moves. 4: Stage design: dash pads before every loop/curve, a sign that the physics is useless on its own. Also preventing going back on the stage. Classic villains reveal trailer..oh look, villains they know are popular but know nothing about, and even if they did, they don't care enough to treat them with respect.
  14. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    I don't see why reviewers shouldn't compare a game to other games that are within the same genre. Seems like a totally normal and logical comparison to make to me, it's not like you're comparing apples to oranges.
  15. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    Just the usual corporate PR garbage. I'm at the point I wouldn't even believe them if they said the sky is blue. They can talk the talk all they want, but can they walk the walk? Because apparently, not really,