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  1. Well they love making fun of Sonic on that account, don't they? So what's the difference for them? XD Oh man, after making fun of Mighty No. 9's pizza explosions, I hope they're ready to take some crap for this thing.
  2. I agree it will probably look better in motion, but only because you won't be able to see his entire body due to his arms/legs being a blur.
  3. I wonder if him eating chili dogs is gonna be a thing they considered a worthy and important element to keep. Somebody has to ask the important questions.
  4. The problem is, you can never be 100% sure. A few years ago a Star Wars movie, made and marketed by the studio behemoth Disney losing money in the theatrical run would have been a crazy, unimaginable thing to say. Yet, it happened with Solo. It happened with a cult classic franchise that made big buck after big buck upon every single release. So don't tell me that Sonic, an at this point almost washed up video gaming icon with it's first theatrical release this millennium is a sure seller when it doesn't even have the backing of its own fanbase.
  5. You would be a terrible creator/artist, I hope you're aware of that. Tell that to Disney then regarding the Solo movie.
  6. Just because someone wanted to make a movie like this doesn't mean there's an audience as well that wants it. Appanrently Disney thought there was an audience for a Solo Star Wars movie as well...wasn't actually the case. Your logic of "well they are making it, so there's an audience for it" is so backwards it's not even funny. Like there never was a failed movie in movie history, ever.
  7. Where you see 'brand awareness', I see 'subpar, uninspired, mediocre, all flashy and no substance mainstream gargage'.
  8. I hope you realize that while that would be a very noble goal, it never actually works? If something has an already established fanbase and you mutate the product so that the fanbase is not happy with it, your statement is already false. And that's still assuming everybody else besides the original fanbase of a franchise like it, which is never the case.
  9. I miss the days when I thought the werehog was the stupidest thing they could possibly think of. Interesting wording. I think 'knowing/recognizing it's Sonic' would sound better as a response from the audience than 'knowing it's supposed to be Sonic', but that's just me.
  10. Well they just pissed off most of the actual fans, so they better start praying mutant hedgehogs have a mass appeal among casual moviegoers.
  11. Not to put words into his mouth, but I wouldn't be surprised if his reply was something along the lines of "Who cares about the fans? This is not for them. This is to widen the appeal of the franchise to the mainstream!". Here's a thought that maybe hasn't been brought up: I'm real curious whether showing Sonic true to his actual design in both Wreck-it-Ralph movies, then changing his design so drastically in his own movie will backfire on them or not. Setting a false expectation for viewers in the Wreck-it-Ralph movies, only to then have this thing later.
  12. And you know this for a fact because...? Also, if it's split in two, it's not his "classic" eyes so at least try not contradicting yourself.
  13. I take this as: things that the fans expected to be important and unique elements of the movie from Sonic's world has been reduced to pointless little trinkets to score fan points with. I hope you're ready to eat your words in the case this movie crashes and burns horribly.
  14. Apparently "current Hollywood standards" are super low.

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