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  1. Finally watched Into the Spider-verse and...I really don't understand where all the praise is coming from. To me it felt like it was written like any modern day Sonic game: even tho it tried to tell a somewhat serious story, every attempt at seriousness was ruined by a needlessly shoehorned attempt at a joke.
    The movie tried to convince me there were lives at stake, but the characters acted completely otherwise, not missing any chance to make light of the situation, with Kingpin being the only character who took things seriously. They tried ramping up the serious tone towards the end, but by then the movie felt inconsistent with its own tone, unsure of what it wants to be. The clash of art styles was more annoying than impressive, the vocal songs were absolutely obnoxious, and besides Miles all of the characters felt one-dimensional.

    1. SonicWind


      Eh, that's fine. Not everyone's gonna like something.

    2. Tarnish


      @SonicWindI feel more and more that if something is universally praised, I should avoid it like the plague.

    3. Emperor Robrainiac

      Emperor Robrainiac

      Really? Huh. When I first heard it was mainly gonna be a comedy, i was worried about jokes being shoehorned in. When I saw it, it didn't bother me as much as I thought it would.

      Thats okay though. I can understand where youre coming from.

    4. Wraith


      The jokes are carefully placed to not undermine emotional beats. 

      Miles and Peter are the center of the film and they progress beautifully as characters. Other characters like Miles's dad Jeff and Gwen also take steps forward in their own ways. 

    5. Tarnish


      @WraithWell for me, they successfully undermined pretty much every emotional beat throughout the movie. It might be fine for you but for me, they went waaaaaaay overboard.

    6. Milo


      To each their own, but current Sonic stories is honestly the absolute last thing I would had thought of watching Spider-Verse. If there's a comparison point of tumbling tones between Spider-Verse and the likes of Sonic narratives like Lost World and Forces; I'd argue Spider-Verse is how you actually handle it in a way where it's much more natural in transitions between one or the other than what those games tried to do. (Although from what I heard, the extended / alternate cut and/or deleted scenes was way more jarring about tonal shifts/forced jokes, so in some sort of way the final film could had actually been worse about this.)

      As for the point about critical dissonance...I guess the most I can say is for future films that are generally well-received, you may want to put a lot of research into the film itself. If there's something about the film you don't think you'll like or care about it (the premise/genre of the film itself, the source material it's based on if it's an adaptation, the cast and crew making it, the points being made about why people like/dislike it) then you'll probably want to pass it up.

    7. Diogenes


      jokes are good actually

    8. Tarnish


      @DiogenesI think I chuckled maybe once, and that was at the "The good news is, you don't need the monitor." joke. The rest all fell flat for me.

  2. It definitely works in the sense that the characters themselves don't add anything at all to the game except banter. Literally words are their only contribution to the game. The rest is due to the setting of the game. You could have the cars have no drivers, say they are radio controlled cars and mechanically, the game would function exactly the same and it wouldn't look out of place. That's the point I'm trying to make here. So you already decided you don't want something like that, even if it could be a revolutionary concept, something that nobody ever made before? Cool. That definitely encourages SEGA to just use the same stale ideas for the rest of their days. And they made no sense even back then, so that's kind of a moot point.
  3. Although I haven't played Rivals, judging by the videos it seemed a lot more like Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 kind of versus racing, not a 3D racing with multiple character. Also, I don't see Shuffle being the same case. That's a board/party game, you can't really have Sonic just run through the board unless you want to make a broken game. The point of that game is to play those minigames, collect the precious stones and whatnot, not be the first in a race around a track. In that scenario, obviously he has to obey by those rules. When it comes to a game where the entire concept is racing around a track, he can do that without a car. The concept doesn't REQUIRE a car. They could drop the cars and actually make a unique racing game where the characters are on foot, instead of forever being a Mario Kart ripoff. Sure you can write it off as "well he's driving a car because he thinks it's cool", but that doesn't change the fact that at that point, the characters are pertty meaningless. You could swap them for Mario characters and they would fit perfectly. The characters are not an integral part of the mechanics or concept at all. Any character can sit in a car and talk smack, you don't need Sonic characters for that. The characters are basically just window dressing in these games, their skills and abilities play zero role. Which you could say about all the other racers, and that's exactly what I find sad. The other kart racers really can only work by throwing a car under their asses. Sonic could be unique in that aspect, but instead decides to be just another copycat.
  4. Holy crap, there are other people on this opinion?! I'm truly shocked. 'Stereotypical' might not be the best word, but definitely a copycat thing. And yeah, putting Sonic in a car just defeats the entire point and purpose of the character: that he's fast on his feet, without the need of cars or other vehicles. For Mario and other platforming characters it makes sense because they are NOT that fast on foot, so needing a car to go fast is logical. With Sonic, it's stupid. Apparently they realised this with Sonic R and tried going for a concept that made more sense for the characters, but in typical SEGA fashion, they took the failure of the execution as the failure of the concept and never revisited it ever again.
  5. This is purely personal preference, but I'll take a b-movie any day over a lame comedy film (i.e., Sonic games in the last decade.) It's more like a mixed bag. There are things they improved, then there are things they made worse. Improvements: + Addition of grinding was great, best grinding mechanic we ever got before they slowly turned it into a pointless, automatic conveyor belt mechanic. + Bounce attack as a move was a cool addition, just wish they did a bit more with it. + The fact you don't have to charge the 'light speed dash' anymore was a welcome change. + The fact you don't have to press A+B/A+X with Knuckles/Rouge to dig into walls and ground was good. Things they made worse: - The fact can't just start rolling in a ball anymore was stupid. - The fact you have to hold down B/X for a period of time to start the spindash instead of instantly starting it was stupid. - I find the whole somersault/sliding thing dumb and pointless.
  6. Can't tell anymore whether that's a popular or unpopular opinion these days.
  7. This reminds me I really should share the sprites I made ages ago where I was going for a Sonic Adventure 2 look and feel with the characters.
  8. I would say this is good news. By then, the poor bastards rushing to see this movie elsewhere will tell the world whether it's even worth wasting time on it or not.
  9. What I would like to see is a 2.5D side scrolling Sonic game, but mixed in with what they do in 2D beat em ups, i.e. the camera is somewhat tilted so the ground is visible and the character can move up and down along a limited plane, besides being able to move left and right. The game would mostly control like the traditional 2D Sonic games, with the exception of either the up/down directions moving the character up/down along the plane, or there would be separete buttons to move the character up/down the plane, with the down direction retaining the functionaliy of crouching/rolling. This could be used to add a bit of 'depth' to the stages. Having obstacles in the upper lane, so the player has to move the character to the lower lane, or there's a different path in the lower lane so the player has to move the character to the lower lane to access that path.
  10. I'm disappointed noone used the headline "How a hedgehog got run over by a bandicoot".
  11. The question should rather be "Least shitty Sonic (GAME) Story in last Decade".
  12. It's not the dev time that matters, it's what you do with it. And it's hard to do anything with it when you don't know what the hell you want to do.
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