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  1. This "Buy product first before criticizing" mentality is probably every corporation's wet dream.
  2. Gotta love these claims when they say "This is 70% improved over the previous version!" How the hell does that work when it comes to art which is totally subjective?
  3. The way I see it, the biggest fans are the harshest critics. Whereas fanboys/casual fans are usually satisfied with pretty much anything, as long as its official.
  4. You forgot that the title of the movie is an easter egg that references the character, the franchise and the first game in the franchise as well. 3 EASTER EGGS IN 1!!!
  5. You're saying that like a scenario where the designs they chose really are ugly beyond words and expectations is not possible. Sometimes reality is just cruel and shit really does happen. And I would say this movie is a case of that.
  6. With now Keanu Reeves set to appear in Cyberpunk 2077 as the latest high profile actor in a video game, I think it's safe to say the AAA video game industry is slowly but surely turning into the movie industry 2.0.

    1. Ferno


      the big guys in the game industry have been calling AAA titles "blockbusters" for years now if that further confirms this

    2. Blacklightning


      Celebs having likenesses in games isn't anything new by any stretch of the imagination - lest we forget Activision once wouldn't shut up about how they got Kevin Spacey in a CoD game, or how Tony Hawk basically had an entire genre to himself, or how we had Mike goddamn Tyson repping a goddamn boxing game during the goddamn NES era.

    3. KHCast


      Oh don’t forget Activision getting RDJ in a commercial for call of duty. 

    4. Tarnish


      @Blacklightning I would argue that having professional sportsman in sport games is a bit different than having the likeness of real actors in an adventure game. In a sports game, teams/players are a pretty vital element if they're going for realism. For a video game character that is not based on a show or movie, you can make that character anything you imagine it, there's no obligation to base it on any existing character/person.

      We already had Kevin Spacey, Norman Reedus, now Kenau Reeves likenesses in games. I think we're gonna see a new trend picking up in the following years: devs using the likenesses of existing actors more and more often. After all, it's a pretty powerful marketing tool to claim you have the face of this and that world famous actor/actress in your game.

  7. We may never know the truth, although I did found this interview back from 2005 (if it is legit): http://cube.gamespy.com/articles/654/654735p1.html GameSpy: Out of all the characters currently in the Sonic story, why did you choose to focus on Shadow for a new game? Naka When we took a look at which Sonic characters were popular among fans, Shadow was ranked right behind Sonic. We've also wanted to do a "gun action" game for a while now, and he seemed to be the best fit for that idea. He and Sonic have a very different identity, after all. Finally, as we've been building the Sonic brand, we've had ideas of doing a spin-off series, so perhaps that's what Shadow will lead to. GameSpy: Many people were initially surprised to see Shadow with a weapon, which is unusual for the Sonic series. Why did you decide to give Shadow the ability to bear arms? Naka Well, there have been some shooting sequences in the Sonic Adventure games before, but they've been more "stand-and-shoot" style bits. We really wanted to challenge ourselves and do a high-speed gun action game. We decided that Shadow would be the perfect venue by which to try our hand at this genre. (Well, Shadow definitely didn't lead to a spin-off series..)
  8. Well, what kind of evidence would you expect? It's either actual letters or emails sent to SEGA, both case it's in SEGA's posession, or it was on a website forum or something..which good luck finding 15 years later.
  9. This movie plot actually seems an awful lot like your typical "my first Sonic fanfic" when you're just a kid, doesn't really have a grasp on the universe/world of the franchise you like, but you still want to make your own story using the characters. I remember as an 8-12 year old I wanted to make my own Sonic game, but those ideas I sketched out on paper consisted of just a bunch of silly mish-mash of ideas..mostly putting Sonic in the world of 'Another World/Out of this world' or 'Heart of Darkness' where Sonic was using the laser gun to kill monsters and solve a lot of the same puzzles as in those games..fun memories, lol.
  10. I beg to differ. Even if the game was totally bug free, the story would still have more holes than a giant block of swiss cheese, the aesthetic of the whole game would still be very bland, Sonic characters next to realistic humans would still be weird, I'd still find the whole "Shadow using armed vehicles" idea stupid. The concept itself was kinda flawed to begin with.
  11. Looks too decent/acceptable to be official. And if it by some miracle is, just take that small 1 extra step and make the arms beige...this isn't a Sonic Boom origin story after all..
  12. If we used the "HEY, someone put some work into that!" argument as a reason to avoid criticism, you couldn't criticise a damn thing.
  13. I can only speak for myself, but bringing something new just for the sake of being new, while it going against everything previously established, is a stupid idea. Just because it's unique doesn't make it good either.
  14. Was this really a thing back then? I never ran into anybody online who complained about this. It was such a minor change that it never bothered me. I only ever felt it gave him more of character to actually have colored irises instead of the bog-standard cartoon black eyes. The Sonic Boom and this movie design especially however are a LOT more drastic changes. So obviously, feedback is gonna be a lot more vocal. If anything, this movie design feels way more like a parody, a deliberately ugly take on the character.
  15. They could have an animal shelter scene or something where there's a fox and echidna in the background and be like "SEE THOSE? AREN'T THOSE THE BEST EASTER EGGS EVER?" for all we know.
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