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  1. SEGA: Announces sequel to the Sonic movie.
    Me, who just suffered through the mediocrity that was the first movie this weekend:


  2. So I finally watched the Sonic movie.

    Funnily, my favorite character was Mike Wazowski Tom Wachowski. Not because he was an interesting character. But because he was the least annoying of the 3 main characters.

    1. TheOcelot
    2. Jango


      I actually felt the same haha But I gotta give it to Jim, his Eggman was perfect in the post credits scene. 

    3. Tarnish


      Also, best part of the movie for me was the Tails scene at the end. He seemed determined, capable, and could fly super fast.

      So, everything SEGA/Sonic Team haven't portrayed him as for 15 years. Not that I think that portrayal is gonna last or get much screentime in a sequel, but it was nice to see for a change.

  3. Okay, so to prove everything I said is wrong, you used one example where I was partly incorrect (but not "completely lied" as the fact that your best move behaves exactly like in SOR 1, i.e. that you can only perform it a limited amount of times still stands), the Star move. Still waiting for how all the other things I said was "just completely wrong" and "fundamentally incorrect on every level". Do tell for example how you can run with SOR 4 Axel and Blaze, or do the dodge roll. And SOR 4 Axel's combo special can definitely be way more easily interrupted compared to SOR 3 Axel's. Just try them on the 1st boss. Some corrections from my previous posts tho: - the enemies bounce back from the edge of the fight arena, not the edge of the screen - when picking up items while holding a weapon, it's not the alignment that is the problem, you must stop on the item. If you try picking it up while walking, you just throw your weapon. Pretty counterintuitive, since you don't need to stop while picking up a weapon. - the only totally new thing is the SOR 4 cast can perform an air special as well. - the number of lives you start with is tied to the difficulty setting. You can add extra lives and star moves with aids, but at the cost of extremely reduced score. You can't set the difficulty and the lives separately without the penalty, as you could like in SOR3. I assume these are lies as well then: - no branching paths - no AI companion option - throwing certain weapons (like the cleaver) have like a second of delay for some reason - that charged attack is pretty useless, as it takes like a second to charge up, and you can't jump while holding it. You're not gonna have that much free time in big battles, should have been a separate button. - you can't see the durability of your weapon (in SOR3, they had a health bar for it), you only get a warning prior to breaking that you might miss in the heat of battle (especially with the small ass knife) when it flashes red - you drop your weapon when you do a dodge/lane change roll with SOR3 characters (it wasn't like that in SOR3) - you can't carry over your star move between stages in Arcade mode (would be useful when they only give you 1 freaking credit) - annoying sections where there is only one lane so you can't dodge anything, and your view is obscured (can't see the weapons/items on the ground) - the game just feels like an updated SOR2 or updated SOR3 when you unlock the SOR3 characters. I thought it was obvious, but apparently not: OBVIOUSLY the resolution had to have been lower, some visual effects removed or reduced but since it's a 100% 2D game with 2D assets, it could have handled such a game fine. What I meant was: there are no mechanics or features in this game that would require 2020 tech besides the online multiplayer. No ragdolls, no destructible environments, no complex 3D modells, no complex physics, nothing. Just a mostly static background with some animations with sprites on top of it.
  4. Beaten Streets or Rage 4 and unlocked every character.

    Overall, this game is a pretty mixed bag. It's like one step forward, 2 steps back for the franchise.

    They definitely improved certain things (no time limit, no 'autopilot' at the end of sections so you can collect items/weapons at your own leisure before continuing, enemies bounce back from the edge of the fight arena so you don't have to wait for them to come back, being able to catch weapons in midair and perform the 'landing on feet' after not just throws but getting knocked over as well is cool). And thank GOD there were no damn flying enemies/bosses.

    But then they changed certain things for the worse. No running (except for 1 character) and dodge roll? Really? Not only is that a regression for the franchise, let alone the genre itself, it's very counterintuitive, since they throw so much shit at you and expect you to avoid it all, AND they made a combo system that rewards you points the bigger combo you achieve. Well, good luck racking up that counter with characters that are slow as shit so it takes them ages to catch up with enemies, unless you're jumping around like an idiot.

    After unlocking the SOR3 version of the characters, I don't want to play as the "new" versions ever again. They are inferior in pretty much every aspect. So as a "bonus", you finally get to play how the game should have played right from the start.

    Other annoying things:
    - no branching paths
    - no AI companion option
    - when trying to pick up an item whiel holding a weapon, you can accidentally throw your weapon if you are not 100% perfectly aligned with the item, as the pick up and throw is the same button
    - throwing certain weapons (like the cleaver) have like a second of delay for some reason
    - that charged attack is pretty useless, as it takes like a second or two to charge up, and you can't jump while holding it. You're not gonna have that much free time in big battles, should have been a separate button.
    - you can't see the durability of your weapon (in SOR3, they had a health bar for it)
    - you drop your weapon when you do a dodge/lane change roll (it wasn't like that in SOR3)
    - you can't carry over your star move between stages in Arcade mode
    - annoying sections where there is only one lane so you can't dodge anything, and your view is obscured
    - the game just feels like an updated SOR2 or updated SOR3 when you unlock the SOR3 characters. There's nothing really new here at all.

    Maybe I've been spoiled by Streets of Rage Remake and Beats of Rage mods, but after playing those, this feels pretty lacking.

    1. KHCast
    2. Solister


      Do you have any opinion on the price? Because I feel it's pretty expensive here and I'm not willing to pay that much for the game. At least I'm expecting a sale, but after all you said, I'm seeing myself more likely to take SoR Remake (If that still exist and it's free) than pay a new full game.

    3. KHCast


      @Solister he’s been incredibly negative about the game since announcement, I really wouldn’t take his word as the end all be all. 
      He’s also flat out lied about some shit he’s complained about in the topic, so again. Grain of salt with him 

    4. Sean


      You've made your point @KHCast and by replying to this status you're just looking for a reason to argue. Knock it off and just ignore it.

    5. Jango


      Game's great, get it. It will always be expensive in Brazil anyways... What can we do?

    6. McGroose


      As someone who used to play the Streets of Rage Remake all the time, some of these features are kind of disappointing.

      The game at least looks good and it's a worthy addition to the franchise, so at least it ain't bad. I might pick it up eventually, but I'll stick with SORRV5 for now. 

    7. Tarnish


      @KHCast Who said my word should be taken as the "end all be all"? I sure haven't. I'm just sharing my own opinions on the game after seeing all it has to offer.

      And I'm still curious what I lied about. I will admit I might have been slightly incorrect about certain things, such as:
      - In SOR3, your directional specials CAN be interrupted as well, just like in SOR4. BUT in 4, it seems like enemies (and especially bosses) tend to interrupt it way more often and/or easily. Case in point: try doing your directional special with SOR4 Axel, then SOR3 Axel on the first boss. The SOR4 version can get interrupted by the boss' ground shock, the SOR3 version cannot.
      - You CAN get more lives to start with, but only by changing the difficulty, as the lives are now connected to your selected difficulty. Or (only in Story mode), you can select assists for extra lives and star moves, but this comes with the penalty of drastically reduced score. In SOR3, you could set the difficulty and lives separately, but now you can't. You CAN collect extra lives in Story mode with points, but it takes 8000 points each. The thing is, I was never able to get more than 1, since there's only so much points you can collect in a stage. Maybe you can get 2 if you are extra lucky, but since they reset the lives (and star moves) for every stage in Story mode, you can't build them up over the game. You can only do that in Arcade mode (and ONLY with lives from what I've seen, not with star moves), but since you only get 1 credit, that's not much of a help.
      - The only totally new thing is now you perform an air special as well. The rest of the 'additions' are just tweaks of the already existing formula.


    8. Tarnish


      @Solister I'd wait for a sale. Like I said, it feels like a half-step, a small update, or like they were just playing it extremely safe, whichever you wanna go with.

      The whole 'SUPPORT THE DEVS BY PAYING FULL PRICE' is nice and all, but I doubt it would result in them making another Streets of Rage after this either way. Seems like so far, they're just going through SEGA's old IPs and making 1 remake/sequel for each.

  5. Do enlighten me, what part of what I said was made up? Are there mechanics of the game I somehow missed or misunderstood? You really believe if someone has something negative to say about this game, it MUST be because he's making shit up for attention's sake, to make drama or something? That it can't POSSIBLY be my honest, genuine opinions? If you want praise that much, here are things I DID like about the game: - I like that enemies bounce back from the edge of the screen instead of flying offscreen. No more waiting for enemies to crawl back onscreen again (tho this means that every enemy alive is always onscreen...no few seconds of breather to handle other enemies until they get onscreen again). - I like that the character doesn't go on 'autopilot' at the end of a section, so I can pick up any health/weapons lying around I might not had time for before and proceed at my own leisure. - I like that there's no time limit for the stages. So this place must be an echo chamber of nothing but praise for the game, or what? If I wanted to get attention from clickbait, I'd have started a Youtube channel long ago. I think there are a lot of people so hungry just for another SOR game, they're willing to accept anything at this point. And I'm not saying it's a terrible game by any stretch of the imagination. But for a franchise with such a historic past, for a new entry after more than 20 years, this feels so...negligible. This game could have been easily on the Saturn, both graphics, mechanics and gameplay wise. If you just want to relive the past, it's perfect, but I was hoping for an evolution of the franchise after all this time.
  6. Well, I played through the story now, and...can't say I saw anything new. There are some new enemies mixed in with the old ones, but they act a lot like ones we've seen in older games. Enemies just shooting/throwing shit at you from across the screen while running circles around your slow ass character, enemies charging at you from across the screen. There are some new locations, but nothing spectacular, and like that matters in a beat em up when the locations are 99% just for decoration. Character wise, we get a young girl with a guitar instead of young kid on skates. Instead of the big burly guy and the old robot guy, we get a mix of the two. Technically new, but not really. Gameplay wise, there are no new mechanics. You have a 'star' special move system like there was in SOR1 and a special move system of from SOR2, with the tweak that you can steal back the life the move cost until you get hurt. And you have an aerial special move but I didn't find that too useful. The only somewhat new things is that enemies now bounce back from the edge of the screen instead of flying out, and you can juggle the enemies a bit more. But this also applies to you, so prepare to get your ass beaten more as well. Floyd's grapple move is kinda fun, but still doesn't make up for the lack of run or dodge, and it's useless against bosses. So you definitely don't have to learn anything new going into this game, because it's mostly stuff you've seen already. Except maybe that your special moves are a lot less useful. This game would have made a fun fan game or mod. But as an official game and continuation of the franchise, it's pretty disappointing and lackcluster. That opening animation is probably the best thing in the entire game.
  7. I didn't one day decide to hate the next Streets of Rage game whatever it might end up be like. I looked at what they were showing, and I am now even playing it (got to Stage 6 since my last post) to give it the fairest chance possible, and I'm giving my honest opinion about it. I guess excuse me for judging it for what it is and not kissing its ass and praising it to the high heavens just because it has the Streets of Rage name on it, like apparently everybody else. Were there a game exactly like this but with a different name, barely anyone would give a shit about it. This game isn't a spectacular return of a long dormant franchise. It brings nothing new or fresh to the table, it's just the exact same thing from 25+ years ago. Exact same characters, exact same moves, exact same enemies for the most part (that wear the exact same clothes, even tho 10 years have passed according to the game itself). In fact, it brings things back that should have stayed in the past, purely because of nostalgia. Heck, this game feels dated compared to SOR 3, the previous game in the franchise. The genre has moved on since then. Whatever few new things it brings, it's just cause for frustration. Some more stuff since then: yeah, having enemies with guns, especially multiple ones, or characters that constantly throw projectiles that can stun you for multiple seconds is just fucked up when your character moves like a snail. Also, you get 3 lives, and then it's game over, back to the beginning of the stage you go. Fuck...that...the credits system was so much better.
  8. I mean you just said noone liked Big, yet he's still around. So I don't see why that can't happen to Infinite eventually. Not that I want him to stick around. I'm sure if nothing else, he'll be in "Generations 2" down the road as a boss if that ever happens.
  9. Bummer we never got a Sonic & Captain Planet crossover..
  10. At the final scene on the Final Episode story, on the ARK as the credits start rolling. Amy even asks quickly after he says it "What's the matter Sonic?", to which he replies "Oh, it's nothing.". And from memory, Shadow even says something suggesting Sonic is the "ultimate lifeform" if you spend enough time on the final boss battle.
  11. That's what I've been saying for years too. At the end of Team Shadow's story in Heroes, Shadow and Rouge casually chat. (And ironically of something about that hints Shadow doesn't have amnesia: when Rouge says she might as well try to steal the Master Emerald, Shadow responds with "Some things never change, do they?". Now how else would he know about Rouge wanting to steal the Master Emerald when this is the first time it's brought up in the game, unless he remembers from Adventure 2?) But anyway, yeah, if you're so bothered by not remembering who you are or your past, you'd jump at the occasion of asking the people who talk to you like they know you.
  12. Can't argue with you there. Back when Shadow was introduced, I was hoping we'd get an explanation to this similarity in appearance in the following games. But we never did and now that the Shadow craze has long worn off, we never will. At the end of Adventure 2, Sonic muttered to himself something about "the ultimate lifeform", something that to me still sounds like "Could I be...the ultimate lifeform?", as if he was also wondering about the reason of their similarity. This always made me feel like this was hinting at a future plot line. But it never happened.
  13. To me that just makes it worse. "Oh, you're gonna remember these old characters in your low budget shovelware type game, but will never do anything with their actual franchise? Cool."
  14. I never understood what people saw in that game to begin with. Seemed like the typical shovelware mobile puzzle game you could probably find dozens if not hundreds of.
  15. I still can't help but laugh at how lazy they were in Sonic Adventure 2, having Shadow's shadow (lawl) on the ceiling throughout the entire scene, even while he's still in that pod/capsule.



    1. Kuzu


      Oh shit, I never noticed that.

    2. StaticMania


      I think he's suppose to be casting a shadow due to the container glowing...

      That's what assumed at least...

    3. Diogenes


      i think that's less laziness and more, they couldn't do real-time shadows like that so they had to bake it into the level

    4. Tarnish


      @Diogenes It's not like dynamic shadows already existed by then, like the launch title SoulCalibur, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, Dead or Alive 2 that all came before Sonic Adventure 2. Or if they really couldn't do it as a real-time shadow, at least animate a 2D texture (like the TV Eggman is watching later) and make it move in synch with the character model. Nah, it had to be a flat texture throguhout the entire scene.

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