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  1. Funnier than anything I seen of the movie so far.

  2. I think some of Crush 40's best Sonic related songs are not their original songs, but their covers of other songs..His World, With Me, Seven Rings in Hand, Un-gravitify...songs that aren't even featured in the games.

    1. TCB


      I much prefer the OG Un-gravitify over C40s; the vibe and cadence of the vocals flow better to me

      both versions of With Me actually compliment both sides of the right imo so there's that,  no objections on which on I prefer more

      His World...that one too is hard for me, but back then I really liked C40's original version over the Best of version (even though I still have that one on my phone  welp)

      Seven Rings in Hand...yeah I'd say I like that one the original but not by much

  3. To think we are living in a timeline where a Terminator movie with Arnold freaking Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton flopped hard and a lame, bog standard action-comedy with Sonic slapped on top of it can make money...
  4. God I wish that was the case...but unlike other famous movie franchises that are now starting to flop (Ghostbusters 2016, the Solo Star Wars movie, Terminator Dark Fate), this doesn't have enough ill will associated with it...yet.
  5. To be fair, isn't that the approach to almost every movie adaptation? Get the license, use the name but fuck using the actual source material, because we are motherf*cking Hollywood, and we know what's best for every IP.
  6. So, after the random use of Gangster's Paradise, we get a mediocre at best hip-hop/pop/rap song. Am I supposed to be surprised?
  7. Pretty much. It's not just the model, it's how they use it. Oh my bad. At least we got that Hooters promotion tho...
  8. Maybe that's why they're mostly only doing anniversary games now..."Screw trying to come up with anything new, we'll just call it an anniversary game so it gives us a pass for reusing old stuff."
  9. I wish SEGA put as much effort into making their Sonic games as Paramount is putting into marketing this damn thing.
  10. The Metropolis Zone remix you never knew you needed:


    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Haha, this is so chill

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