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  1. Modernizing Adventure Era Mechanics

    Collecting ideas regarding this topic (the possible progression and improvement of the adventure mechanics) for at least 10 years now, yeah I have some ideas. You mention a few things I also considered, I might make a longer post later.
  2. Would be interesting to see how well someone who only ever played the boost games performed playing Final Rush from Sonic Adventure 2. I assume questions like these would come up:
    "No targeting reticle? How am I supposed to know when the enemy is close enough to homing attack?"
    "Sonic doesn't lock on to rails? I have to aim/land on them manually??"
    "I have to balance the character while grinding??"
    "I have to wait while Sonic builds up speed when grinding?!"



    1. TheOcelot


      Why isn't the game playing itself? XP

    2. Bowbowis


      Momentum? You mean I have to EARN the ability to take massive shortcuts?!

    3. Tarnish


      Thank god Sonic Team remedied these glaring issues in later games!

  3. In other words: Sonic is doomed either way. XD
  4. Sonic 4 Legacy

    Oh you mean like in Marble Garden Zone? So yeah, even that wasn't a new idea when you think about it. Barely anything in that game was new.
  5. Yay, good to know I'm not alone in this matter. The SA2 running animation is definitely the best we got so far, I think due to the fact it's dynamic: the faster his speed is, the faster his animation is. Not like what we got after SA2, which is the same animation speed regardless of the character's speed. SEGA/Sonic Team seems to possess the unique ability of getting things near perfect at first try, then slowly ruining it at every following attempt: - At least we had some remnants of the momentum based physics in SA1 and SA2 in 3D. Now, they can't even recreate that in 2D anymore unless they get an indie game studio on board. - Grinding: momentum based requirering actual player input in SA2, now an automated conveyor belt that requires no skill. - Shadow's running animation: energetic, dynamic in SA2, boring, generic in every other game. - English voice actors: we got pretty damn good voices for each character in SA1-2, but then they just got worse with each new voice actor. And I'm talking about the actual VOICES, regardless of their delivery of the lines.
  6. Well that clearly rules out Sonic Team tho. Even if we give them the benefit of the doubt and say they still have dedication and passion, they clearly lack creativeness.
  7. Positive Things About Forces?

    Free is my least favorite cover by Crush 40, (mostly because it lacks a guitar solo that they always nail) but I'll still take it any day over the synth garbage that was 'Reach for the stars'. Which is ironic, because I like quite a lot of Cash Cash's songs.
  8. They might have experimented with different/new things after the Adventure games for a few years, but in the last decade starting with Unleashed, it's hard to deny that for the most part, they played it safe, sticking to the boost formula. There were occasional experiments (Lost World) but then they went back to the boost formula right after that.
  9. Episode Shadow and Daily Bonus

    As someone who plays those stages almost daily just to relax a little and always get an A-rank, I don't feel they are hard stages at all, in fact they are the easier ones. Of course, you have to know where and how to get the bonus points to get a high enough score for the A-rank, and once you know those, it all seems a lot easier.
  10. If nothing else, Forces is perfect as an example of what not to do.
  11. Centered Mouth VS Side Mouth

    Centered mouth without a doubt. I have no problem with the mouth moving a bit sideways but only when the character is grinning. They did that in Sonic Adventure 2 in the scene where Sonic jumps off of the helicopter in the first cutscene, and when he is running next to the president's limo. That looks fine, but the moment he starts talking with a sidemouth, it's hideous.
  12. I don't really get what is your point by showing that.
  13. I admit I shouldn't have added Vector to that list, but that doesn't really change the fact the rest of the characters are an inconsistent mess. It's not even consistent between species, as Amy has a center mouth while still being a hedgehog like Sonic.. People love making fun of Sonic Adventure 1's mouth animations, but if I'm perfectly honest, the side mouth phenomenon for me is on the same level with that.
  14. That's what I was saying, Sonic Adventure 2 and Heroes had proper center mouths which I like far more than the nonsense that is the side mouth.
  15. I think you are reading too much into those dialogs. I doubt the original writers or the people doing the localization give enough of a shit about either Sonic or SEGA to inject hidden messages like that. They were hired, wrote some shit they obviously have barely any knowledge or interest in then moved on with their lives without a second thought or care. As for the side mouth vs center mouth...god I hate the side mouth thing, it's horrible. It works on still images from certain angles, but once you start moving the camera or character around while he's talking, it looks so stupid and it's terrible to watch. They have to move around his mouth to make sure it always faces the camera, otherwise it looks like he's talking without moving his mouth..plus it has no consistency whatsoever...Sonic, Shadow, Silver and Knuckles have side mouths, while Tails, Amy and Vector have center mouths...why, what is the fucking logic to that? Sonic Adventure 2 and Heroes are to this day my favorites regarding how the characters talk as they don't suffer from this awful morbidity.

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